The Deployment


I joined the Army when I was a seventeen-year-old, and it was the best decision of my life. Once I graduated high school, I went straight to basic training. I thought I was ready, but I was not as prepared as I thought I would be. The first three weeks were the hardest, but I got the hang of it after that, and I was the best soldier in my unit, making sure that I stayed out of trouble and did what I was supposed to.Everyone in my unit knew that I tried to embody the Army values in everything I did. After completing Basic training, I went to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn how to be a supply specialist in the Army. At AIT, we had more freedom and were treated like actual soldiers and not recruits. Of course, we still had curfews and rules we had to follow, but it was way more freedom than we had at basic training.In 2015 one Saturday while in AIT, some of the guys and I went out to the local town to see a movie. That was the day I met my future wife, but I didn’t know that at the time. She was standing at the register and was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen at the time. She was 5’5, brown hair down to her shoulders, brown eyes, C cup size breast, and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.“Oh my god, look at her,” I said to the guys that were with me.“Look at that ass,” one of the guys said.As I walked up to the register to purchase our tickets, she greeted us.“Hi, how can I help you,” she said with a smile.It was such a mesmerizing smile that I just stood there speechless, looking like an idiot.One of the guys came up behind me, put his arm around me, snapped me out of my trance that I was in, and said, “We will take four tickets to “The Martian.”Halfway through bahis şirketleri the movie, I went to get a drink, and she was still lovely as ever sitting on the counter. When she saw me, she jumped as if in trouble, but I couldn’t help but watch her boobs bounce as she hit the floor. “Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” I said.“It’s okay as long as you don’t tell my boss. He keeps yelling at me for sitting on the counter, saying I am being unprofessional,” she said.“It will be our little secret then,” I joked.“That sounds good to me, but I don’t even know your name,” she said.“How rude of me. My name is private Price, oh, I mean Trevor Price,” I said.“Nice to meet you, private Price. I’m Olivia,” she said.“Olivia, that’s a lovely name,” I said. I was shocked at how easy it was to talk to her because up to this point, I was never able to speak to a girl I thought was pretty. I would always stutter or say the wrong thing, and they would look at me with disgust and walk away. Olivia was different. I felt comfortable talking to her as if I had known her for years. We sat talking until my buddies came out of the movie.“There you are. We thought you got kidnapped,” the guys joked.As we left the movies to head back towards base, I asked Olivia for her number, and we started texting none stop. She was all I could think about when I was not learning to do my job in class. I asked her out on a date that following weekend, and to my surprise, she said yes. So for our first date, I took her out to go bowling, and that night we went back to my dorm.I kissed her and her hand traveled down my chest to my cock as we were kissing. She slid her hand down my pants, grabbed my bahis firmaları cock, and rubbed it. I came immediately. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t stop apologizing, and I had to confess to her that I was still a virgin at the time, and she was the first girl to ever touch me.After explaining to her, she reassured me that it was okay, and she understood. The next day she texted me saying she had a great time last night and hoped we could do it again. After a few more weeks of dating, we ended up back in my dorm, and this time when she started rubbing my cock, I laid her down on her back and started taking her pants off and her panties. As I looked up between her legs, I saw her gorgeous flower. I started licking it. Not knowing what I was doing, she gave me pointers, and before I knew it, her legs clamped around my head, and she yelled, “I am cumming.” I then got up, and she reached for my pants and removed them.She then looked at me and said, “Are you ready to become a man?” as she placed a condom on.That night I lost my virginity to Olivia, and what a night it was, I was immediately in love with her. We were always around each other for the next two months when I was not training. After only knowing her for two months, I decided to ask her to marry me. Knowing I was soon about to end my training and that I would be moved to my permanent duty station.To my surprise she said, “yes,” and I was so happy to finally find such a wonderful girl.We got married and moved to my permanent duty station. Olivia and I were madly in love and happy, but the Army has a way of messing that up. People don’t tell you that when you’re in the Army, the Army comes first, and everything else kaçak bahis siteleri comes second. It’s enough to drive a wedge between any marriage.We managed to make it work, and we both agreed that I should reenlist, so that’s what I did. I got promoted to sergeant shortly after my reenlistment. After being in the Army for four years, I got the call that I was being deployed.A month later, I was in Kuwait, where I would live for the next twelve months. I called my wife every day at first, but we only talked once a week after the second month since we both were eight hours apart and had jobs to do. However, I made lots of new friends while I was there, and one of those friends was Privet Jones. She was a cutie, and she had a boyfriend back home, which was perfect because I had a wife and didn’t have to worry about her hitting on me.We joked around a lot and would talk while we worked to pass the time. After a month of working together, we started hanging out, and one day we went to the pool together. She had a towel on as she walked towards me.“Hey, Private Jones,” I said.“Call me Emma. We are not at work,” Emma Said.“Well, in that case, you can call me Trevor,” I responded.Emma removed her towel, and I could not believe what was hiding beneath it. She had the most fantastic body, B cup size breast, a nice sexy toned stomach, and a sexy ass. Fortunately, the bikini she was wearing didn’t cover up much of her amazing body. She knew that all the other guys at or walking by the pool were looking at her. I never knew she had a body like that because the uniform we wear for work keeps everything coved and hidden.“Wow,” I said, standing there staring at her.“See anything you like,” Emma joked.“Hey, can you put some sunscreen on my back for me,” Emma said?I was doing all I could to hide the bulge in my swim trunks as I said, “yes, I can.”I started rubbing the sunscreen on her back as she said, “don’t forget the rest.”

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