The Desert Island


Hi! My name is Ethan, but then you knew that already because I’m, like, famous now. Famous for surviving 7 years on a desert island, all alone. Well, nearly all alone, we can’t forget Niamh can we? I’m getting ahead of myself. So, umm, yeah, I should probably start somewhere at the beginning.

I should probably give you some info on me. When all the fun began I was just shy of 30. I was working as a software developer for a small company. In my spare time I enjoyed life outdoors, walking and mountain biking and that sort of thing. The closest I ever got to survival skills was watching Bear Grylls on TV. I was a little overweight, but my 6’5″ frame hid a lot of sins.

Anyway one summer my employer sent me to South Africa to a conference. As usual, I enjoyed watching the crowds milling around the airport, wondering who I might end up sitting next to; hoping for someone cute. There was a decent contingent of fair maidens, but mostly they were with partners who kept a keen eye out for other men ogling their prize. At the gate my eyes fell on a tall, slim young thing. She was probably 6″ tall or just short of that, with gorgeous auburn hair down to her shoulders. Unusually for her hair colour she had well tanned skin and no freckles. Her eyes were a blueish green.

She was wearing baggy jeans and a thick jumper that left no hint of the curves underneath at all, but her face was delightful. She caught me checking her out and blushed, looked away, and then eventually moved away. That blush was so cute.

We boarded the plane and I took my seat at the window by the emergency escape in the middle. I always sat there due to the extra leg room. I wasn’t going to regret that decision! The plane was only about half full, and it was looking like it was going to be a lonely trip as my neighbouring seat was empty. Then just as I was settling in with my book someone sat down in the aisle seat. I looked out of the corner of my eye and was delighted to see it was the gorgeous redhead.

I let her get comfy and then tried to strike up conversation.

“Hey, I’m Ethan. What’s your name?”

“Niamh” was the one word reply.

“What are you heading to Africa for?” I asked.

“Ohhh stuff,” was her simple reply.

I could sense she wasn’t one for talking, so I settled down with my book to wait until the in-flight entertainment kicked in. As usual the time just after take off is busy as the attendants pass out drinks and food. I decided on a beer to go with my food. Niamh had water. I got stuck in to the fiddly business of airline food. Suddenly Niamh piped up:

“I’m sorry Ethan. I don’t talk much, and I’m terrified of flying. I’m Niamh, I’m 19, and I’m from Wicklow in Ireland”

We chatted a little but I could sense she didn’t really want to so I put my headphones on and half tuned in to the action movie showing.

We had been flying for a few hours when the plane suddenly buffeted quite considerably. A couple of the attendants lost their footing and there were gasps all round. Almost immediately the seatbelt sign came on and the captain ordered the crew to their seats as quickly as they could. They started stashing their trolleys as more turbulence hit the aircraft. An attendant came over the tannoy asking for calm. It was just a bit of heavy turbulence.

I looked around and there were a lot of worried faces. Niamh’s knuckles were white as she gripped the armrest hard. The turbulence got worse. One particular bit left us feeling as though we were dropping out of the sky. We probably were. The plane suddenly jolted heavily as it levelled off again. Someone who hadn’t bothered to belt themselves in found their head smacking in to the overhead lockers. There was quite a lot of blood, but nobody could do anything for fear of getting hurt themselves.

There was another heavy jolt followed by a very funny noise. I looked out of my window and was shocked to see one of the engines hanging at a very funny angle. It slowly disconnected itself from the wing of the plane and dropped off. Large chunks of debris flew into the other engine on our side causing it to smoke heavily and grind horribly. Then it burst into flames. We were going down, and fast!

An announcement came for us to brace. We did. As if our lives depended on it. It seemed like forever, but eventually we were close to the ocean. The pilot did his very best, but the crash was still very heavy and the plane started breaking up on impact. As soon as we hit the water I had the emergency door open. I got my life vest on and got the hell out. I could see flames at the front of the craft already, and the back was filling with water very quickly.

I leapt out – there wasn’t time for the slide. We were in the tropics I guessed, but even so the ocean felt cold. I needed to get out of the water as quickly as I could. I spotted a large section of wing floating nearby and swam for it. I hauled myself up onto it and lay back to regain my breath. I was aware of a whimpering voice close by calling for help. I looked out and saw a woman in the sea. I paddled maltepe escort my makeshift raft towards her as quickly as I could and hauled her aboard. It was Niamh. She had a bit of a cut on her forehead and blood was flowing quite freely. I took off my t-shirt and tore a strip off it and tied it around her head as tight as I could whilst she lay on the raft weeping.

This wasn’t a time for self-pity, so I shouted at her to pull herself together or I’d be pushing her off again. That did the trick. We looked around and I was amazed to see the plane had vanished under water already. All that was left was flotsam. I told Niamh to fish out as many floating bags and cases as she could, and did the same. She looked at me funnily.

“Who knows where we are,” I explained. “Chances are nobody knows where we are either and hopefully we’ll find some stuff in the bags to keep us going, wherever we are. I don’t plan on dying out here if I can help it.”

We did our fishing until there was nothing left to fish for and then I surveyed the surroundings. We were literally in the middle of the ocean. There was nothing to see all around. I needed to take stock of the situation. I was wearing jeans that were soaked. I needed to find something dry. Niamh was also wearing thick, wet clothes. We were also probably going to go into shock once the adrenaline wore off.

I picked through the cases I could get open easily. Most were wet, but one or two weren’t. I found a pair of shorts that would do, so slipped out of my wet jeans. My boxers came off too – I couldn’t help it. Now I was naked.

“What the hell are you doing Ethan,” shouted Niamh. She was staring fixedly at my cock!

“I’m sorry Niamh, but I need something dry to wear. I’ll catch cold as these jeans dry.”

“Ok, but did you have to get naked in front of me like that? At least turn around!”

“Prefer to see my arse crack would you,” I quipped, turning around, slipping on the shorts. Niamh’s fell silent. I slipped on a t-shirt as well – I didn’t want to get burnt.

“Now it’s your turn. You need to get changed too. I’ll look away if you like,” I said.

“No chance, you pervert,” she retorted. “You just want to see my boobs. Not a chance of that.”

We argued for a while but in the end I decided there was no use and left her to realise the consequences. Niamh lay down as far away from me as she could without rolling off.

After a while, she started shivering uncontrollably. I told her again she needed to change, but she flatly refused. Eventually she started getting weaker and eventually she wasn’t responding at all. I needed to act.

I worked the jumper over her head and struggled to get her arms out of it. Underneath she had a white vest top. I took that off too, as well as the plain black bra she was wearing. I probably shouldn’t have looked, but I couldn’t help it. She had small breasts with small pink nipples that were bullets from the cold. She was lying down so there wasn’t much detail, but my cock stirred in my shorts as I gazed at her. She had very defined tan lines from what I guessed was a good old-fashioned swimsuit. I found a dry t-shirt that I managed to get onto her, along with a cardigan. I was too big for her, but dry and warm enough.

Then I got to work on her trousers. They were hard to deal with as they were still soaking wet. I couldn’t decide whether to take her panties off as well. In the end physics took control as they came off with her jeans, leaving her naked from the waist down. What surprised me was the fact that her auburn curls down below were neatly trimmed. I decided though that discretion was probably a good idea and didn’t spend too long looking at this cute girl’s pussy. Instead I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on her.

After a little while she stopped shivering and came round enough for me to feed her a Mars bar and some water. When she realised what she was wearing she really perked up. She went absolutely mental at me for taking advantage of her. Apparently no man had seen her naked since she was 12 and I had no right. She went on and on but I tuned out.

Eventually she ran out of steam and I explained to her calmly the predicament she was in and why I’d done what I’d done. She curled into a ball and wept.

We spent the next 2 night and a couple more days floating on our raft. Niamh sulked mostly and I rashioned the little food and water we had. She hardly said a word to me. It started to get very hot and I was thankful to find some sun block in a suitcase.

On the third day I spied land. It was a long way off, but it was our only hope. We slowly paddled our way towards it. It seemed like it would never come, but eventually it did. We were lucky enough to paddle directly into a little cove with a sandy beach and a stream. We later found that much of the coast was rock-strewn and unwelcoming.

We landed our raft and Niamh immediately ran towards the stream to drink.

“STOP!!” I yelled.

Niamh froze and looked at me with thunder in pendik escort her eyes.

“What the hell?” she shouted. “I’m parched. You must be too! It’s water!!”

“Yes I know, but you have to be careful. How do you know there isn’t a dead animal up stream?”

Niamh nearly puked. I made sure our things weren’t going to float away and said to Niamh I was going exploring up the stream and was she coming. She agreed grudgingly.

We walked for a couple of hours in the sweltering heat. Not far from the beach the land turned into a forest of vines and exotic plants all trying to grasp your clothes and hair. We stumbled on, uphill, our clothes getting pretty shredded. In the end I took off what remained of my shirt and discarded it. Niamh’s t-shirt had some large rips in it too but she persevered with it.

Eventually we got near to the top of the hill in the centre of the island, and the source of the stream. We both drank thirstily. Then we sat back on a rock pretty exhausted.

Once I’d regained some energy I took the last few steps to the top of the hill and looked around. We were on an island, as I’ve already let on. There was no other land in sight. The island consisted of the hill we were on, plenty of the forest stuff we’d walked through, and a couple of beaches. The rest was rocks. I noticed that the sun was already dipping towards the horizon and told Niamh we needed to make shelter for the night.

We started our descent. We’d not got far when I heard a shout behind me:

“Ethan, help me please!”

I looked around and Niamh had managed to get a briar of some description firmly attached to her t-shirt from her left shoulder to her waist, much like the strap of a bag or something. It has evil looking thorns on it. I told her she’d just have to discard the shirt and she got really angry at me, so I used some thick leaves I found to grasp the branch and try to pull it off. It came off eventually but at the expense of a large tear, right across her left breast. Her torso was pretty badly scratched, as was mine.

Niamh was mortified at the exposure of her breast and tried to cover it up, but it’s not easy to cover something when you need both hands to walk safely. So I got plenty of glimpses of her left tit. Now that she was standing i could see it much better as well. It was nicely rounded, but small. Probably a large A or a small B cup. It had the slightest hint of a sag.

She caught me looking. I wanted her to. I wanted her to see the bulge in my pants too. I don’t think she saw that, but she went mental at me for looking. It didn’t stop me, in fact it made me want to look all the more.

We got back to the beach and our meagre things. I propped up our bit of wing by some trees and pulled as many soft leaves as I could find to line the floor for comfort. It wasn’t a great shelter, but it would do. We’d have to work out food and a more accessible water supply in the morning, but I was shattered. I ate a few of our remaining bits of chocolate and lay down. Niamh refused to come in to the shelter though. I told her it could be dangerous but she was a stubborn thing. She’d wrapped herself in as many layers as she could as it was already getting chilly.

I lay down to try and sleep. All I could hear for a while was some quiet sobbing. She eventually calmed down but I couldn’t sleep. All I could think of was food (I was hungry) and the delightful breast I’d seen earlier. I started rubbing my cock gently though my shorts. It was hard in seconds. In the end I decided it was dark and Niamh wasn’t around to see so I unzipped and unbuttoned and started rubbing myself.

I wasn’t far from climaxing when I heard some quiet groans and sighs coming from Niamh’s direction. I listened carefully and decided the little minx was masturbating also. This was all I needed to spray my load all over my tummy. I heard a particularly long, hushed sigh and decided Niamh had just orgasmed as well. I wiped the semen off my body as best I could and settled down to sleep.

I’d nearly drifted off when I heard movement outside. I was awake immediately. I had no idea what animals were on the island and the sounds worried me. They sounded like they were something quite big. I was ready to pounce, when I heard a whisper:

“Ethan, are you awake? It’s me! I’m cold and scared out there. Do you mind awfully if I come into the shelter after all?”

“No of course not Niamh. Come on in.”

She crept in in the dark and sat down at the other end of the shelter.

“Ethan, I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I’ve been a right cow haven’t I? You’re only trying to help. I’m scared and don’t know what to do and I’m intimidated by your masculinity. I went to a girls’ school, you see, and I’m an only child. Dad left when I was young. I find men intimidating and scary. Probably because my Dad beat my Mum. I shouldn’t have had a go at you for looking at my body the way you did. You’re a man and I’m a woman and we’re meant to have certain attractions and fascinations I guess. Can I confess something, kaynarca escort Ethan?”

I nodded.

“You probably heard me sobbing earlier. Well when I eventually calmed down I suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about your penis. I saw it when you changed on the raft and shouted at you. Well, I’ve never actually seen a penis in the flesh before. I was suddenly fascinated by it. And, well, umm, umm,… Well you see, I touched myself down there thinking about it. Is that wrong?”

“No not at all, Niamh,” I replied. “Of course it’s not wrong. If we’re in the mode of confessing, I masturbated too, thinking about your beautifully smooth breast.”

“Really? My pancake? You found it attractive? There’s nothing there really. Oh Ethan you are weird!”

“Niamh, you’re the weird one,” I said light-heartedly. “A breast is a breast, but yours are perfect. And maybe it was also the forbidden nature of it that excited me as well. The point is, you are stunningly beautiful.”

“Hmmm, well I’m not sure about that, Ethan. But each to their own. Look, I’m not saying I want to see your penis any more, or to have sex or anything like that. What I’m saying is I enjoyed thinking about it and I wanted to say I’m sorry for being a cow. I promise I will be more understanding from now on. I ask one thing, that you don’t take advantage on me.”

“I promise with all my heart, Niamh.”

With that I heard rustling as Niamh settled down. We slept fitfully until the sun warmed the air up.

Niamh wanted to go for a swim to clean up a bit so I went off to try and sort out the food situation. I’d spotted some coconuts at the other end of the bay so went to see if any were there for eating. I found that there were loads, and some of the trees were quite stooped making it easier to get them. I collected as many as I could carry into a pile and looked back to a our rudimentary camp. I was just in time to see a flash of sun off Niamh’s auburn hair as she rose up out of the water. She was too far away to see anything but it was pleasing to see that she was probably naked. My crotch stirred as I hoped to one day win her over and fuck the living daylights out of her.

I had a bit more of a look around and found a section off the cove that seemed completely given over to large crabs. I made a mental note where so I could return with a bag or something to carry some in. I didn’t want to get nipped! There was no point collecting any now as we had no proven way of making fire to cook them yet anyway.

I also found a big pool behind some rocks. It was connected to the ocean, but the rocks provided effective cover from the swell meaning it was calm and warm. In the pool were quite a few large looking fish. We’d have a go at fishing soon.

I gathered up the coconuts and made my way back to our camp. By the time I got back Niamh was practically dry and had clothed herself in a t-shirt from one of the cases and some shorts. I smiled at her and told her she looked nice. She smiled back.

I set about opening the coconuts with some rocks. Not the easiest of tasks, but we managed it without spilling too much of the water either. We sat back against a rock and ate the flesh hungrily.

“It’s funny,” said Niamh, “when I set off for Africa I had no idea I’d be sipping piña colladas in the sun on the beach!”

We both giggled. It was good to relieve tension.

That done I asked Niamh if she would rub some of the suncream into my back. I could feel myself burning a little. She looked horrified and refused initially. But after a little while she changed her mind and agreed. I passed her the tub and she got to work. Man it felt good having her slender hands rubbing my skin. I got hard very quickly and my shorts bulged. I wondered if Niamh saw. I wanted her to see what she was doing to me so I didn’t try to hide it. It would have been futile to try anyway as I’m around 9 inches when fully erect.

It was all over too soon. Niamh handed the tub back to me.

“Would you like me to rub some in for you?” I asked her.

“No thanks. I prefer to cover up,” she replied.

“That’s fair enough Niamh. Well in that case I think we should create an SOS sign here on the beach and another on the hill. We need to make them as big as we can. Hopefully they’ll be seen from the air. We should save time and do one each. Which do you prefer?”

“I’ll stay down here, Ethan. I don’t much like the forest. It’s creepy.”

I set off on the short hike up the hill. It was stiflingly hot and I was sweating into my already sweaty shorts. It wasn’t pleasant really. When I got to the top of the hill I took them off and washed them and hung them on a tree to dry. I then got to work breaking off large leaves and rotten branches to spell out SOS on the hillside. It was exhilarating working naked and feeling the air on my privates. I wished Niamh was close enough to watch.

I could see Niamh down on the beach working hard as well. She’d already laid out discernible letters and was now tying strips of bright coloured cloth to them. Genius idea. I finished working and reluctantly put my shorts on again. I didn’t fancy walking naked through the forest for fear of thorns and so on, plus I doubted Niamh would be too happy if I arrived back in the buff. Anyhow the shorts felt a lot more pleasant now they had been washed.

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