Subject: the-devil-lives-in-paris/the-devil-lives-in-paris-9-and-epilogue This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. Feedbacks welcome at ail. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to fty/donate.html … Seriously, do it. Thank you! De Vil and his diabolical sons will return in the new story “Il Commissario Bellandi / Caruso”. *** The Devil Lives in Paris *** � Part 9 and Epilogue Paris, France � 24 October 2020 It’s hot inside the Gal�rie De Vil. While the world around them is as if on a pause, Guerchard sets off in pursuit of little Vlad who, in the meantime, has got rid of all the few clothes he was wearing. When he reaches the top of the stairs on the first floor he stops in front of a wide open door: while his eyes get used to the dim light, he hears Vlad calling someone Father and someone else Dad. Raoul finally enters the room, the air around him is not only hot, it is almost scorching. The impossibility of the scene that appears in front of him blocks him, makes him short of breath. The red-haired white man who was lying this morning, dead and cold, on the side-walks along the Seine is there. Only… now he no longer seems dead… on the contrary… … He is alive… … naked and covered in sweat… and cum, probably… … and sitting on De Vil’s lap, who is also naked, his black skin glistening with sweat. The two twin boys that De Vil introduced to him as his sons just a few hours earlier have their respectable-sized black cock stuck one in De Vil’s mouth and the other in that of the once-dead man… Drago… Vlad’s father… a mix of saliva and cum trickles from the mouths of the two adults, dripping down their chins and then further down their sperm-drenched muscular chests. Vlad has meanwhile approached the obscene group of lovers and kisses everyone on the mouth, regardless of the sperm or spit. Indeed, he seems to like their presence. He starts with the two boys, whom he calls brothers, and then continues with Drago, Dad, and finally stops on De Vil, the Father, with whom he exchanges the longest and most passionate kiss. “Father, finally together again! I have missed you all and… and also the Beast… I want to feel it inside of me again, Father. Please!” “Welcome back my son! The Beast is now inside who used to be your dad and has now become your brother, The Seeder”. Guerchard’s brain is about to explode, a flash, an explosion of light goes through him like a lighting bolt. And he sees the same scene now in front of him happing in a far away past, when his brother Jean was still alive. He is in the same, scorching hot room… the same chair where De Vil sits… the same carpet, the same fucking everything. A chubby Vlad is impaled on De Vil’s colossal black cock as the kid’s father pushes his cock down the redhead kid’s throat. He and his twin brother Jean are crouched between the legs of the two black twins, De Vil’s sons, and suck on their hard, ebony cocks. The white man falls on the floor after cumming down his son’s throat. Raoul and Jean crawl between his legs and begin to suck the man’s cock clean, while Andras and Bael help little Vlad off of De Vil’s colossal black cock… De Vil’s voice snaps him out of his stupor. “Raoul, my son… you finally come back to me, after such a long time. Your brothers and I have been looking forward to you. I feel your thoughts, I know that you are confused and do not remember anything… look at me, my son. Look at me straight in the eyes” Guerchard looks around, now Drago has pulled De Vil’s hard cock out of his ass and stands beside him, as are the black twins. Vlad has knelt between the black giant’s legs and is happily cleaning his cock with his little pink tongue. The man turns to De Vil and looks him straight in the eye, as if to challenge him. Instantly, old memories painfully fill his mind… ******* Paris, France � 14 July 1979 It is the French national festivity, a big celebration that draws thousands of people to Paris. President Val�ry Giscard d’Estaing had just concluded the parade and speech under the Arc de Triomphe. Thousands of happy and joyful people swarm through the streets of Paris, crowding caf�s and p�tisseries, clogging the streets of the center and the subway stations. Raoul and Jean were busy, taking advantage of the situation to benefit their “business”. While Raoul was standing guard outside the Pigalle subway station toilets, his twin brother Jean was “working” inside them, busy sucking a middle-aged man’s cock. Five Francs for a blowjob, ten with swallow, and for twenty-five you could fuck one of the twins in their tight ass. While one “worked”, the other covered his back. Especially by the policemen, who wanted to do the kids without paying a Franc, in exchange for the possibility of prostituting themselves without too many problems. During the day their home was there, in the red light district of Pigalle, or “Pig Alley” as some loved to misspell the name of the famous French sculptor. For months, the two 9-year-old twins, blond Jean and red-haired Raoul, both thin and about 130 cm tall, had sought refuge at night şişli travesti in the abandoned Saint Martin station, closed in 1939 and never reopened. In a well hidden ravine they had hidden their few possessions, spare clothes and shoes, some photos of their not-so-far childhood. After being beaten and robbed a couple of times, they were now hiding their hard-earned money in a different safe place. Children of Madame Giselle Ton-Bite, a drug-addicted and sickly street prostitute, and without a father, the two boys had run away from home a few months earlier, when her mother was taken to hospital for an overdose. No one had ever reported them missing and no one seemed willing to look for them. But they didn’t care, they supported each other better than any adult had ever done in their young life. Like their mother, they too lived thanks to their bodies, selling mouth and ass to the perverts who populated Pigalle both day and night. Jean worked preferably with his mouth, while Raoul enjoyed a nice big hard cock both down in the throat and up in the ass. Due to their angelic appearance and low rates, the twins were highly sought after. Then, a week before Christmas 1978, a wealthy Parisian gentleman, living alone in a huge historic building on the Champs-�lys�es had sent his chauffeur to look for and hire them. They had been with him for a whole weekend: he had washed them, dressed them, brought them to the barber and looked after them as if they were his own children. In exchange for some photos of them playing naked around the house, he had given them 100 Francs and an open invitation to join him on week ends… After a Christmas and three weekends in a row, the two brothers had moved to Monsieur Nicolas Guerchard’s, who had freely made available to them a large apartment to be shared with Tristan, his trusted man. In exchange for the hospitality, Monsieur Guerchard asked only to have exclusive rights for the weekend: during the week the twins were free to “work” as they pleased in Pigalle, but from Friday evening to Monday noon they both were busy to satisfy Nicolas’s requests, obviously no longer limited to a few photos… Shortly before Easter, Nicolas had loaded the two brothers on a private jet and they had flown to Djerba, Tunisia, where a close friend of his had a luxurious villa right in front of the famous Plage de Sidi Mahrez. It was a week of total debauchery: Jean and Raul had sex several times a day with both Nicolas and his Tunisian friend, Youssef, and the men in his escort, two Nigerian giants with big, black cocks 10 inches long or so. Were it not for the superfine food, the twins would almost certainly have survived on just the sperm pumped by the four men into their stomachs. For Jean and Raul it was heaven on earth! After the first day, no one walked around with clothes on, apart from the cooks and the servants, all local male anyway. After the second day the boys freely had sex with anyone, wherever they wanted or were (politely) asked to do it, even on the beach at sunset or offshore, on Youssef’s luxury sail boat. On the fourth day blond Jean was able to accept Youssef’s thick 9 1/2 Arabian cock in his ass as Nicolas thrust his 8 3/4 inch deep down his throat. Raoul was experimenting with double penetration with Nicolas and the Nigerian with the smallest cock… “only” 10 inches long, but not too thick. His goal was to be able to take into his accomodating ass the two thickest cocks that belonged to Youssef and the second Nigerian, who also had the longest one, a hair under 11 inches. At the same time! Objective achieved by the red-haired boy at dawn on the fifth day, after a whole night of trying and thanks also to a special locally produced ointment that promoted muscle relaxation and made a cock as slippery as an eel. Jean happily settled for Nicolas in the ass and 10 inches of black Nigerian cock pushed down his throat. Before returning to Paris, and thanks to a close friend of Youssef working in the local police, Nicolas legally adopted the two brothers who, born Ton-Bite, now before the law became Jean and Raoul Guerchard. The bright new life of the Guerchard brothers lasted until July 14, the French national holiday. After a morning spent in Pigalle having sex with strangers in the bathroom of the subway, the two boys returned home to have lunch with their father Nicolas, which happened rarely but today was a national holiday so every one was expected to have lunch together. Nicolas did not come home for lunch, nor he came for dinner. He didn’t call and no one, not even Tristan, his trusted chauffeur, knew where he was. Finally, around 9 pm Nicolas called Tristan on the phone and ordered him to take the boys with him and go to the Gal�rie De Vil, in Quai Malaquais where he would join them. When Jean and Raoul arrived on the spot Nicolas was waiting for them standing in front of the Gal�rie with all the windows lit, his hands buried in the pockets of haute couture trousers, a sad expression painted on his face. The boys quickly realized that something was about to change once again in their young lives… and probably not for the better. “Guys… my children… I… I don’t know how to tell you, but… I… I lost everything. All I had is lost, except the apartment where you two live which belongs to Tristan… luckily I had given it to him two years ago… ” Nicolas was clearly distressed and his hands began to shake as he spoke. “Monsieur De Vil is… he’s a friend of mine, the last one I have left. Go to him and do what he tells you to do, without arguing. He… he will help you. He will take care of you two, my darlings! I’m so sorry…” Nicolas bent down to kiss them, tears streaming down his face. Then he quickly turned, got into the car with Tristan and disappeared beylikdüzü travesti in the direction of the airport, never to be seen or heard again. “It was too good to last… back to the life we had before, I guess… to the toilets of the Pig Alley subway… to the abandoned Saint Martin station, fuck…” Raoul said with undisguised anger. “Why does everything go wrong in our lives?” “Let’s stay optimistic Raoul… Dad said that this friend of his will help us, right?” replied Jean, the ever-optimist. “And anyway we can stay with Tristan a little longer, I think… and hidden in Saint Martin we still have more than 2000 Francs… we can get by for a while. And then now there are two of us taking cock in the ass, we can earn twice as much as before!” “Yes, of course… but it still sucks, my brother!… let’s go to this De Vil man and see what he wants…” “Probably your faggot ass, little scoundrel” Jean finally said with a giggle. “Or your super-deep throat, old fart!” Raoul answered, throwing a light punch on Jean’s arm. Which responded with a light kick on Raoul’s ass. The two brothers pushed the entrance door and entered the Gal�rie where they were greeted by a strong smell of old books, paints and solvents, wood treated with camphor and beeswax. And, strangely enough, also sulphur… They looked around, but there was no one waiting for them. “Monsieur De Vil? We are the sons of Nicolas Guerchard sir! ” Jean called aloud as his gaze fell on a painting of the naked body of a bald, 12 or 13-year-old black boy with a big, erect cock. “Nice guy, I’d like to meet him in the toilet of the subway station…” Jean said, unconsciously licking his lips. “Feel how hot it is in here, Jean…” From the nearest shelf Raoul took a very old-looking book and leafed through it quickly. “Histoire de Bahal zebub et des autres Anges de l’Enfer”, he read the title and put it back. Then he moved to the staircase that led upstairs. “Is anybody there? Monsieur? ” Almost out of nowhere a black boy, resembling the one on the painting that Jean had just seen, appeared in front of him, barefoot and half-naked, with his head completely shaved. “You are Jean and Raoul, aren’t you? I am Andras, one of De Vil’s sons. Follow me upstairs, our Father is waiting for you…” “Our father? But our father just drove away…” Raoul was confused. “No, not that, your new Father… you will soon understand, follow me now, allez allez gar�ons!” Andras turned and began to quickly climb the stairs, followed by the two Guerchard twins. When they reached the top, the boy stopped in front of a solid wooden door and removed the kind of thong that covered his crotch. “Undress, no clothes are allowed beyond that door” “I told you… either they want your ass or they want my throat…” Jean said with some resignation, starting to undress. “Or both… Well, iIf this new daddy pays well, there is no problem…” Raoul replied, getting naked quikly. Andras pushed the door open and the Guerchard twins gasped as they watched the scene before them… ***** “Do you remember what happened after you stepped into the room, Raoul?” De Vil’s deep voice brought Raoul back to the present. “Yes, but not exactly… I remember that man with the red hair, Drago, who was fucking his son. And then your two guys who double penetrated Vlad before you impaled his ass with your huge cock… ” “What about you and your brother? Jean? ” “I just remember Andras or Bael fucked me and cum in my ass, while Joel sucked the other black twin… and then… and then Drago and Vlad running away… and suddenly I woke up more than three months later, in my bed, next to Joel… dead… but this was 41 years ago… and the two of them disappeared 60 years ago… all this makes no sense… it’s not possible… ” “Undress Raoul, and sit on the sofa. You too, Seeder, and little Vlad, the Harvester… Andras, Bael, kneel by my side, as always ” When everyone was settled, De Vil started talking again. “As you have all understood by now, I am Lucifer, the Lord of the Underworld. I have many powers… just like my holy brothers from the “higher floors”… that allow me to do very interesting and funny things. In particular, for what concerns you now, I can manipulate time. I can speed it up or slow it down until it stops completely, at my absolute convenience. Raoul, when you arrived today did you notice something strange out there? ” “Yes… everything was still as in a photo… frozen, motionless…” “Exactly! At this time, every hour spent inside this room is less than a millisecond of normal time. But if I wanted to, I could do the opposite: an hour here might equal to a year or a century of normal time… and I can change the speed with which time passes as I please, at any moment, and revert back” “And how did it happen that Vlad and I found ourselves 60 years ahead in time, but the same age we were when we entered here? And why did I die as soon as I got out on the streets and Vlad didn’t? ” Drago asked. “Yeah, why did I age regularly and Jean died instead? Just why… I’ve lived with this weight on my conscience for 41 years… Why I survived and he didn’t… ” “Well, you see… You now have some… powers, let’s say, that normal humans do not have. Yet, you still are prisoners of a human body… you must be ‘protected’ by the Beast before you become part of my Family as my full-fledged children…” said De Vil. “What? The Beast? Is the Beast ‘protecting’ us?” asked Raoul. “In part… by accepting my Beast into your mortal body, you first demonstrate through pain and dedication that you want to be part of my family, and then you accept my seed within you. You see, my seed is what protects you from changes in the timeline and keeps you as you were when you accepted istanbul travesti the Beast. Andras in Bael accepted the Beast when they were about 13 years old and the Egyptians hadn’t built the pyramids yet… Drago and Vlad entered this room in 1960, when they were 32 and 9 years old respectively. I slowed down time in here, it seemed like only a few hours to you, but normal time continued to run at its usual speed. Only Vlad accepted the Beast and got the protection from my seed before Drago unfortunately cut it all off… 60 years later… but without any protection for him. That’s why he died almost instantly… uhm, well he screwed up things so much that it actually took 41 years for him to reach the Seine…while Vlad, now The Harvester, remained alive and is still 9 years old today. And he’ll remain 9 for a long, long time to come. Drago was brought back to life by me, and accepted the Beast and my seed. Now he is no longer in danger and he will remain an athletic young man of 32 forever and will be known as The Seeder”. “And what about me and Jean? What happened to us? ” “As I said, when Drago and Vlad first walked in here, I slowed down our time but let normal time run as it always does. When you and Jean joined us on the evening of July 14, 1979, a couple of hours at most had passed for us. Unfortunately neither of you had time to accept the Beast before Drago interrupted everything, escaping out of our “time bubble”, so to say. You, unlike Jean, had at least received Andras’s semen inside your body. Now his seed, and that of all my other children, is not as powerful as mine: it protects you from death, but not from ageing. Jean had not yet received my semen or that of one of my children, if not in part orally. This is why you survived and continued to age normally while he died instantly. The few minutes you spent with us moved the external clock by almost three and a half months, taking you to October 24, 1979… ” “… which is the date you have had engraved on my tombstone, little scoundrel!” Raoul almost jumped out of skin as he heard his nickname. He turned in the direction from which the voice was coming. And he saw him, a 9-year-old boy, blond, thin and with an impish smile on his face. “Jean? Are you?… are you… it’s that you, old fart? Is it really you? ” Raoul jumped up from the sofa and then fell tumbling to the feet of the blond boy, crying thick tears of happiness. “Yes, my brother, it’s me, old fart… I made Vlad tell you that I was fine where I was… and I was, and am, here waiting for you, my beloved brother!” The two brothers, abruptly separated 41 years earlier, hugged each other, happy to be together again. Between tears, Raoul said “De Vil… but… but how… why?” “Oh well… Yes, I am the Devil, but I was the Prince of Angels once… Come on, I could not bear that such a beautiful and fine boy had not had the opportunity to accept the Beast… So I did as with Drago, I resurrected him, and he accepted the Beast and my seed… and for 41 years of normal time he has been waiting to rejoin you, Raoul. Now, do you want to accept the Beast too, and become my new son, The Recruiter? ” Raoul was torn between the fear of rejecting such an offer, and the desire to conclude what he had had in mind for a long time now. “Can I call you Father, even though I haven’t accepted the Beast and your seed yet?” “Sure, you can call me Father like all of them do, Raoul.” “Father, I would like to accept, but not now… maybe in a few years. First I would like to end my career in the Gendarmerie… I have a deep fixation with an ever eluding “gentleman cambrioleur” that I want to arrest before accepting the Beast, Father” “I understand, my son. So be it, when you want to accept the Beast talk to The Seeder and I will know. But allow me to give you a small gift first… ” ****** Paris, France � Christmas Eve 2022 Ars�ne Lupin had finally managed to sneak into the Mus�e du Louvre without being noticed. In the last year he had worked for months and months as a cleaner, earning the pass to enter the museum after closing time at the end of the day, and the trust of the night surveillance staff. And now he was finally alone in front of the object of his desires. A “coup de ma�tre” that would have consecrated his career as a “gentleman cambrioleur”. And after that, the well deserved retirement in the sun of the Mauritius Islands! Lupin fumbled quickly around the armoured glass case. Thanks to the confidences of a suitably drunk guard after a dinner of Boeuf Bourguignon washed down with abundant Bordeaux red wine, the thief had spotted the weak point of the alarm system and intended to take advantage of it tonight, while everyone was celebrating Christmas. Mona Lisa looked at him, smiling, as he smoothly opened the case to remove Leonardo’s masterpiece. A blink of an eye and… just a moment before his hands were about to reach the most famous painting in the world, and a blink of an eye later the same hands were handcuffed by that stupid Commissaire… Commissaire Guerchard… may the Devil take him! “Dear Lupin… Sometimes, when you are busy with work, time seems… it almost seems to… pause, doesn’t it?” De Vil’s latest gift had finally been put to work: Raoul unpaused the time and, finally, The Recruiter was ready to join his Brothers. **** Epilogue **** Dear reader, if you have read this story so far, I’ve succeeded in my assignment. For I’m The Seeder. It’s my mission to plant the seed of perversion into your mind and let it grow, and nurse it with my lewd stories. The Harvester will reach you, once the seed has grown and deeply rooted into your soul. With his irresistible appearance and slutty demeanour, he will tempt you to take action on your perversion, pulling you further down the road to Hell. The Recruiter will finally come to you and either take you to prison for the rest of your regretful human life, or bring your soul to our Father, the Lord of the Underworld, the King of Hell. Forever yours, Drago, The Seeder.

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