The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 07

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When I woke up Saturday morning, I was alone, fortunately. I was feeling an enormous amount of guilt over what had happened with Bonnie the night before. I know that Rick had always treated her poorly, even taking advantage of her, and I know that we were both drunk that night, but that was still no excuse for what happened. Call it good old fashioned Catholic guilt, I guess. I had a hard time looking either of them in the eye over breakfast, even though Bonnie didn’t seem too concerned, and Rick was suffering from what appeared to be a hell of a hangover, not to mention all the grief that Bonnie was giving him.

After I said my goodbyes, I went home to prepare for Saturday’s party, or should I say, parties. I had to shower, clean my costume, and hopefully take a nap before the evening’s festivities.

Our football organization was having it’s annual end-of-the-season party for the players and cheerleaders, and for the first time ever, we had rented the back room of a local bar for a parents and coaches party. The kids party was being held in the park where we had our practice facilities, but the town would not let us have booze on public property, so the adults party had to be held elsewhere.

The kids party was a lot of fun. The usual ghosts and witches, and even a cross dressing pair of twins. The brother and sister switched uniforms. He came as a cheerleader, and she came as a football player. I’m not sure I would have had that kind of balls at 11 years old! We even built a haunted house for the kids, using a few rooms in the building. All in all, it was a big success. Except for the toddler who peed his pants when he got too scared, that is.

The adult party started at 10, and was better attended that we expected. The food was good, and plenty, and there were a lot of parents imbibing. There were even more coaches drinking, being the end of the season.

The adult costumes were, naturally, better than the kids. We had sexy witches, naughty nurses, cavemen and women, and of course, me as a Celtic warrior. Jennie, from “Football Moms, Ch. 1” came as a bar wench, showing off her fine legs, and ample cleavage, and Janis, from “The Shrew”, came dressed as a nun, which I thought was rather ironic. I was still seeing both women occasionally, as none of us wanted any serious relationship right now, so having both of them there was a little awkward. Fortunately, both women were getting nicely buzzed, so there didn’t seem to be a problem.

One woman that had my attention the moment she came in was the mom of one of my defensive ends, who is Japanese. At all of 4’6,” and 95 lbs, He was one of the best lineman in the league. It must have been the fact that he had been studying judo almost as long as he could walk. Mom came in dressed as a dragon lady, with the silk dress, heels, etc. I had never really seen her all season, as she usually just stayed in the car when she dropped her son off and picked him up. Now I was getting a very good look!

After I got a drink, I walked up to her and introduced myself. She told me, “Yes, I know who you are. My son, Jimmy, talks about you. He likes you as a coach.”

She had a heavy accent, but her voice was very sweet. I told her that her son was a pleasure to coach, and that I hoped he came out next year.

“I’m sorry”, I told her, “but I don’t know your name. After this whole season, I’ve never had the chance to talk to you.”

“Yes, I know”, she told me. “In Japan, where we are from, it is not the wife’s place to introduce herself to other men. My name is Sue.”

“Well, Sue, it is a pleasure to finally get to know you. Would you like a drink?” I asked her.

“Yes, I would like a glass of white wine, thank you,” She replied.

“I hope I’m not being rude,” I told her, handing her a glass of white, “but, if it’s not your ‘place’ to introduce yourself, why are you here alone tonight?”

“Jimmy’s father and I are getting divorced,” She told me. “He has decided to go back to Japan.”

“Without you, and your children?” I asked.

“Yes. Apparently, he doesn’t like this country, and has a girlfriend back home already, and misses her greatly,” She told me.

“So you are staying here?” I asked.

“Yes, I have a very good job in the consulate, and I can make enough to support us very well,” She answered.

“Well, good for you. It sounds like you are better off, if I may be so bold. He doesn’t sound like he wanted you to be much besides his wife, and the mother to his kids.”

“He was much more concerned about himself than he was about our children,” She told me. “I was just there to take care of him. I like America better, because I can be something besides a wife. I can be a woman.”

As we were talking, Jennie walked by us, giving me a smile. “I hope I am not keeping you from your girlfriend,” Sue told me.

“No,” I laughed. “Jennie and I are just friends. We’re not dating.”

“Oh,” She replied. “I heard her talking to some of the other mothers at a game once, and I thought that you two canlı bahis were… more than just friends. She said very… nice… things about you.”

“Well,” I told her, “We are more than just friends, but we’re not serious about each other.”

“I see,” She said. “That is very nice about this country. In Japan, a woman can not be so open at our age. It is not considered respectful for a woman.”

“Well, for all of our faults, we do tend to be a bit more open and accepting here”, I told her.

“Yes, I think I like that a lot. I can explore many things that I could not, either with my husband, or in Japan,” She told me.

I excused myself at this point, and proceeded to mingle and talk with others. While I was talking with Matt and Jane (The Taming of the Shrew), Janis came up, and the four of us talked for a short while.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Janis asked.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Who are you talking to? She’s kind of cute. Is she one of the moms?”

“Yes, she’s the mother of the Japanese kid on my defense. We were talking about her son, and how she’s adjusting to this country. Her husband just went back to Japan, because he doesn’t like the U.S.,” I explained. “Do you have a problem with me talking to her? After all, you are the one who decided that you wanted to explore your new found sexuality, and didn’t want to be tied down right now.”

“No, I don’t mind at all,” She answered. “Like I said, she’s cute. I just wanted to know who she is.”

With that, she walked off, leaving me a bit befuddled. What was she up to?

When I went back to the bar for another drink, Jennie came up for a refill also.

“You’re getting as many looks in your skirt as I am. I’m not sure I like that!” She teased.

“Oh, I think you’re getting a lot more attention than I am,” I told her. “Now, if I had shaved my legs…”

This made her laugh, and she said, “Yeah, you’re probably right. Thank god I decided to shave mine.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” I teased back. “So when am I going to have a chance to enjoy those legs again?”

“You know how to get ahold of me,” She replied. “My legs are always ready for a visitor of your talents.” She then turned and walked away, swaying her tight little ass under her short skirt.

“I think the Japanese lady is cuter,” I heard from behind me. I turned and saw Janis standing there, with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. “She’s cuter, and very nice, too. Her legs are nicer, also.”

She took her drink, along with a glass of white wine, and walked away, back towards Sue.

“What in the hell is she up to?” I wondered.

As our party was winding down, a group of us went into another room in the bar, which was a piano bar, with a Saturday night sing-along. Among the crowd that went in was Matt, Jane, Janis, Sue, and myself. By now, having low tolerances for alcohol, Janis and Sue were both happily buzzed. They were both becoming friendly, also, which had me wondering even more what was going on, since I was hoping to wind up at Janis’ house that night.

As we walked in, we dominated the room, since the piano player was on break. As we all took over the seats that were actually at the piano, Matt, who has a loud voice and like to be the center of attention AND an instigator, said very loudly, “Kurt, you’re the musical expert here, lead us in a song while we wait for the piano guy.”

Well since I was buzzed and horny, and I’m a bit of a Jimmy Buffet fan, the first song that came to mind was “Why Don’t We Get Drunk (And Screw).” As soon as I led it off, everybody started laughing, and soon enough, the whole room was singing along. Just before the song ended, the piano player came in, and he was laughing at the sight.

“I’ve GOT to add that song to my list!” He said, as he was sitting down.

At that point, Janis, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Well, we’ve got the first part of that song down. How about the second?”

“What about your new friend?” I asked, nodding towards Sue.

“Who do you think I meant by ‘we’?” She said, smiling. “Sue said that she doesn’t want to go home to an empty house tonight, and I REALLY like her.”

“REALLY like her?” I asked, my mind racing now.

“Yep,” She replied.” There are things that I’ve always been… curious… about, and tonight might be a good chance to explore a little. I’m sure the Sue would play along. She’s already told me that she thinks that you’re cute, and very nice, and after what she’s overheard about you, I think that she’s curious, too.”

I looked over Janis’ shoulder at Sue, and she just smiled at me, with a look in her eyes that pretty much confirmed what Janis was just telling me.

“Coach Kurt,” Sue asked right then, “could you get me one more wine please. Then I think I may need a ride home.”

“Not a problem,” I told her. I got up and bought one more round for the three of us, and we drank them down.

We all left together, and decided that I would drive Janis’ SUV, and would bahis siteleri come back in the morning for Sue’s and my vehicles.

As I opened the doors for the ladies, they both climbed in the back seat, and I got into the front. The ladies sat right next to each other, and were cozying up rather nicely.

When I was on the road, headed for Janis’ house, I adjusted the mirror so that I could see the backseat, and saw Janis with her arm around Sue’s shoulder, and Sue was snuggled up tightly. “Tonight has better potential than I thought!” I said to myself.

When we got to Janis’ house, I helped both women out of the truck, and into the house. Sue immediately excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Janis cornered me, and started to give me a hot, wet, passionate kiss.

“I am going to have SO much fun tonight,” She whispered into my mouth, between kisses. “She is so beautiful, and I’ve wondered for a long time what it would be like to be with another woman, ever since my ex brought one of those movies home.”

The only thing that I could think of was “YOU’RE going to have so much fun?!?!? This could very well make me forget about last night!!!”

As Sue came out of the bathroom, giggling and staggering a little, she saw Janis and I kissing, and asked “Are you two ‘just friends’, also?”

“Yes, we are,” I explained. “We are both newly divorced, and neither one of us wants to be tied down right now.”

“Ah, I see,” Sue replied. “You are very popular, then.”

“There’s a good reason for that,” Janis interjected. “Kurt is very nice, very gentle, and VERY talented.”

“Oh,” was Sue’s only response, as she blushed.

“If you ladies will excuse me, I need to use the bathroom,” I told them.

“Sure,” Janis giggled, looking at Sue. “I’ll try and explain it a little better to Sue while you’re gone.”

When I came out of the bathroom, I didn’t see either of the women, and as I looked around, I saw a dim light coming from Janis’ bedroom, so I headed up there.

As I got to the doorway, I saw both ladies laying on the bed, Sue on her back, with Janis kissing her, both ladies wrapped up in each other.

“Damn,” I thought, “Janis must be damn good at explaining the situation!”

This was a sight that was pure beauty to my eyes. Janis, still in her nun costume, and Sue, still dressed as the dragon lady, kissing gently and passionately. Janis was running her hands up and down Sue’s back, and Sue was holding tight to Janis.

Soon, Janis pulled back from Sue, and they both let out a big sigh. “Wow!”, Janis said softly. “I’ve never kissed a girl before. If I’d known it would be like that, I would have done it sooner.”

“I have only kissed a girl once before,” Sue told her. “It was nothing like this, though.”

“What do we do next?” Janis asked her.

At this point, I knew that neither one of them even realized that I was there, so I just quietly sat down in a chair in the corner, and watched.

“I think that we don’t stop,” Sue told her. “That was too nice to stop now.”

Janis looked at me, and asked “You’re the expert at seducing women here, what do we do?”

“I’m far from an expert,” I told her. “But all I can tell you is that nun costume has to go. It’s TOO distracting!”

“Oh, yeah,” Janis giggled. “I forgot that I was wearing it.”

She stood up, and, facing Sue, slowly unzipped her costume, revealing her body. As she let it drop off of her shoulders, and it hit the floor, Sue and I both gasped. Janis was standing there wearing only a pair of thigh-high stockings, a thong, and a half-cup strapless bra, all in black.

“You like?” She asked, turning towards me.

“I certainly like, but you should get Sue’s opinion, too,” I told her.

“Oh, yes. You look very beautiful, and very sexual, like that,” Sue told Janis.

Janis smiled, and walked over to Sue. She stood Sue up, pulled her in tight, and gave her another passionate kiss, but this time, with a little more force.

As she was kissing her, Janis found the zipper to Sue’s costume on the back of her dress, and slowly pulled it down. When she had it to the bottom, Janis backed off a half-step, and let Sue’s dress fall of her shoulders and hit the floor.

This time, Janis gasped along with me, as we looked at Sue standing there. She was wearing only her heels, a cream colored thong, and a matching camisole. As beautiful as Janis looked, I think that Sue just topped her. Even Janis whispered “Oh, my god!”

“This is my first time ever wearing clothes like this,” Sue told us. “Does it look OK?”

Before I could say a word, Janis took her in her arms, and resumed their passionate kissing. They soon fell back onto the bed, and I sat there, mesmerized.

“I think you just got your answer,” I told her.

Eventually, I started to undress, while watching them, taking off everything but my kilt.

After I watched Janis remove Sue’s camisole, I watched Sue’s face as Janis kissed and licked her nipples, which looked like two brownish bahis şirketleri gumdrops just sitting on top on two slightly bigger mounds. Sue’s face was pure ecstacy and pleasure.

Janis eventually started kissing lower, going down Sue’s belly, and heading towards her panties. When she got to Sue’s panties, Janis planted a kiss right in the middle of Sue’s covered pussy, and Sue gasped and sighed.

Janis looked up at me with a pleading look, that told me she wasn’t sure what she should do next.

I stood up, and walked behind Janis. I stood behind her, leaned in, and whispered in her ear, “Just do to her what you like done to you.”

Janis smiled, hooked her fingers into Sue’s panties, and slowly pulled them down off of her hips. As they reached her ankles, she removed them from Sue’s body completely, and leaned in between Sue’s legs, looking at her wet pussy.

Even I was amazed at how Sue’s pussy looked. It was lightly covered with fine black hair, and almost looked like the pussy of a teen-ager, only her legs were splayed apart, and you could see all of the moisture forming on her lips.

Finally, Janis leaned in, stuck her tongue out, and licked the length of Sue’s pussy lips. Sue let out a loud gasp, stiffened her body a little, and then collapsed onto the bed. Janis kept licking up and down, obviously getting the hang of eating pussy.

I slowly and gently climbed on the bed, near Sue’s head, and softly took Sue’s pert, firm little tits into my hands, gently squeezing and pulling on her nipples. This caused her to moan loudly, and stiffen and collapse again.

I bent in, and gave her nipples a kiss and a lick, and then moved up to her face, leaned in, and gave her a kiss, playing with her nipples again.

After we kissed a short while, and Janis really starting to get into eating Sue’s pussy, I got off of the bed, and went back behind Janis again. I knelt down behind her, unclasped her bra, and pulled it away. As she was licking Sue’s pussy, and sucking on her clit, I started playing with Janis’ tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples, the way that I knew she liked it,

I leaned in, and whispered in Janis’ ear, “Slide a finger into her. Fuck her with your finger, while you suck on her clit.”

So she did just that. I saw her wet the tip of her finger with Sue’s juices, and then slowly slide it all the way in, causing Sue to gasp and moan even louder.

“Oh, my, yes,” Sue moaned. “I like that. That feels good. So goooood!”

I kept playing with Janis’ tits as she got Sue closer and closer to an orgasm. Soon enough, Sue started to moan and shake, and breathe harder.

“Oh, my god! Yes! Right there! Please don’t stop!!!,” Sue started yelling.

All of a sudden, Sue shrieked almost at the top of her lungs, and collapsed on the bed. As soon as she could talk, she said “I think that I just orgasmed! I have never felt like that!”

Janis just licked her lips, smiled, and asked Sue, “Did I do good, for a first timer?”

“Oh, yes! You made me feel SO good!,” Sue told her. “Now, I would like to do that for you.”

As she said that, they both switched places, and Sue started by giving Janis a deep, passionate kiss, and worked her way down her neck. She seemed to know the right spots to hit, because she soon had Janis squirming and moaning doing nothing more than kissing and sucking on her neck, and softly playing with her nipples. I made a mental note as to where she was concentrating her attention, so that I knew the right spots for next time.

As she worked her way down Janis’ body, Sue spent time flicking her tongue over Janis’ nipples, which looked rock hard by now, and she slid her hand down to Janis’ panty covered mound.

When Sue’s hand cupped Janis’ pussy, Sue clamped her lips down over one of Janis’ nipples, and Janis moaned loudly. That was probably the hottest, sexiest scene I had ever witnessed, watching Sue work over Janis like she was.

Sue finally resumed her way down Janis’ body, and replaced her lips on Janis’ nipples with her hands. When she got to Janis panties, as she removed her hands to pull them down, I slid in behind Sue, took her hands, and placed them back on Janis’ tits.

“Let me help you,” I told Sue. “She looks like she’s really enjoying the attention that you’re giving her.”

I reached over Sue’s shoulders, softly grinding my kilt covered, hard-as-steel cock into her ass, and hooked my fingers into Janis’ panties. Sue let out a quiet whimper as she felt my hardness press against her ass. As I pulled the panties down, Sue’s lips moved just long enough to let the silk slide past, and then resumed her loving assault with her tongue.

Janis looked like she was having a mini-orgasm the second that Sue’s tongue reached her clit, and she moaned and almost screamed. She was really enjoying the work-over that Sue was giving her. I was really enjoying the view that both women were giving me.

Sue dove in, and started eating Janis’ pussy like she had been waiting all her life for it. I stood, and as Janis’ eyes opened back up, she looked at me with lust in her eyes, looked down at the tent formed in my kilt, and told me, “Bring that thing here. I want to feel your cock in my mouth, right now.”

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