the Dom and the slave

the Dom and the slaveThe Dom le d the slave through the streets with a wrist lead on her. She was made to wear a strapless dress with no underwear beneath it. the Dom made her sit on a wall with her legs slightly apart, so all passers by could see her hair covered pussy. Several passers by took the time to ensure they got a very good view, both men and women. The slave found this totally humiliating, but it was only the beginning .After what felt like hours the Dom made her move and once again led her by her wrist restraint through the streets. She was then led to a private field with a public footpath going through it and made to slide her dress down to expose her small breasts and lift the bottom half of the dress to reveal that hairy pussy. She was then positioned in such a place that any one walking past could not miss her sat there tethered by one hand to the ground by hey wrist strap. After five minutes an elderly gentleman walked towards her, and the slave produced the piece of paper the Dom had left with her explaining to any one who passed that she had been a very naughty girl and that person could either do as they pleased with her or release her from her bonds. The elderly gentleman read the note and considered his options for a few seconds. But feeling his penis harden quicker than it had done for years he made his mind up. He quickly removed his troucers and white y fronts to reveal his erect penis to the slave. Modest in size he pushed it towards the slave s mouth and she obediently open it to take his penis in to her mouth, licking his gland and sucking the first two inches in wrapping her tongue around his penis she started to suck hard while he moved his hips backwards and forwards making love to her mouth. His fingers found her nipples and made them stiffen in his grip, making him even more excited, by know he had made her take nearly his whole five and a half inches in to her mouth, feeling her tongue wrap around his length while her cheeks sucked in to help his growing need to shoot his cum. After only a few minutes his salty load was shot in to her mouth and following his instruction, she retained it in there not swallowing a single drop. When he withdrew his penis she was instructed to dribble some bahis siteleri canlı of his seed down her chin, and he proceeded to lick it off, then he opened her mouth with his tongue and she passed his spent load in to his own mouth, watching him swallow the lot. Her Dom was hidden in the near by bushes capturing the whole scene on a cam recorder. Once the elderly gentleman was finished he pulled his y fronts and troucers back up told her she was a dirty slut and carried on with his daily walk. The slave was left tethered in the field, feeling very vunerable and very exposed. After a considerable time when the slave thought no one else would walk through the field, she caught movement on the far side of the pasture. Feeling very nervous she shrank as low as she could hoping she would not be spotted.But it was not to be, coming across the field were a couple, a very good looking man and a very attractive lady. The women spotted her from a little distance away and made a straight line for her, asking her what she was doing tethered to the middle of the field. The slave showed her letter to the women. Hoping that the women would show some solidarity with her fellow female. But she had put her hopes on the wrong women. She immediately dispatched the man to the side of the field where there were some bushes growing, with instructions to cut a small branch, remove all twigs and buds so it could be used to chastise this naughty useless slave. On his return switch all prepared the slave was made to kneel on her shins face down and her exposed bum up in the air, along with the backs of her thighs and her little anus bud. The women asked the slave why she was being punished what crime she had carried out or what thing she had not performed properly The slave was unable to answer as she had not been told, but the women saw this as a lie and brought the switch down hard and fast on her tight bum cheek, making her flinch from the pain. But she made no sound. For which she was congratulated for. She was asked the same question and again she gave the same honest answer, only this time she received two hard strokes across her bum cheeks. Leaving hard swelling red marks and a stinging pain, that was strangely arousing. canlı bahis The women was stroking the switch along the slaves lips an up across her slightly open anus hole, when she noticed moisture on it. This caught the womens attention and she asked the slave if she enjoyed being punished. To which she replied yes. This angered the women and she told the slave she was there for punishment not enjoyment .And she promptly delivered four very hard strokes to the slaves bum, and then with out warning one hard stroke up the length of her bum crack and on to her moistened pussy. This made the slave gasp with both shock and pain. Making the women even more angry, and she promptly delivered two fast hrd strokes to the back of the slaves thighs and one to her actually bum hole. This was nearly to much for the slave as her nipples hardened and her juices flowed down her legs. The women saw this and made the man remove his clothing so he to was naked, made him kneel in front of the slave and delivered two hard whacks to the front of his thighs, leaving two very red marks. This only made the slave even more aroused. The mans penis had become erect and the women quickly flicked his gland and it shrank back to a flaccid penis very quickly. The women then made both of them stand and face each other, she then told them to walk towards each other until there bodies were touching with there faces along side each others. She could feel his chest against her breasts, and his penis stiffen against her belly. Then with no warning the switch came down upon the back of her thighs once more, making her stiffen her back. She could feel the switch being rubbed over her legs and across her buttocks, up the crack of her bum and then trying to go between her legs. But her legs were to close together and she felt the crack once more across her bum cheeks, the women telling her to open her legs for access. She obediently opened them, feeling the switch rub her pussy and her swollen clit. Then it was with drawn and she heard it delivered to the mans body, feeling her arousal rise with each stroke he received. She knew he was getting excited to as she could feel his penis swell and push harder against her belly. The man was then made to step back bahis siteleri and place his hard penis between her legs so it ran the length of her very wet pussy slit but not to enter her. To do this he had to bend his legs slightly as he was taller than her. Which must have made for a very uncomfortable position for him. The women came around behind the slave and told her to open her legs wider, and then smacked the switch hard between her legs catching the length of the mans penis and also his balls. She felt him flinch back and he nearly entered her but managed not to at the last moment. The women asked the slave if she had felt any of the mans pain from the switch and she replied no, so two hard smacks were delivered along the length of her exposed and open bum crack, landing on her anus. By know her juices were flowing and she was close to an orgasm. She also noticed that the womens light weight troucers had developed a moist patch, and had a secret smile to her self. The man was then made to put his penis inside the slave, she could feel him enter her hard and swollen. He was instructed not to move just keep his penis still, the women then proceeded to whip his buttocks and up his crack on to his anus hole. The slave could see and hear the switch land with venom, feel the man flinch with every stroke, feel his penis move slightly inside her. She was getting excited but jealous by the mans beating, she wanted some. The women concentrated on the mans anus, making him whince and flinch until eventually the slave felt his cock grow and explode inside her, his sperm gushing, running down her legs while he was still inside her, this made the slave even more desperate to cum. The women noticed the mans spunk and told him he was a good boy and to remove his penis. She then told him to dress, threw away the switch and walked of, telling the slave she was not to play with hers self. Leaving her desperate and frustrated, she had made two men cum and had failed to have an orgasm her self. The Dom stay hidden for another twenty minutes but no on else came along , he had recorded it all.He went and released the slave and took her home allowing her to bathe and treat her marks with soothing oil.Later that evening the Dom left the house and went to the local pub. Inside was and elderly gentleman and a women with a young man all having a drink together. The Dom joined the and thanked them for there help today. The slave was at home with her husband unaware of what wa happening.

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