The Dress Shop


The Dress ShopJose was new in town having moved in with her husband Steve and Gia and Tess her two daughters after Steve got tranfered here from Texas. Jose has always been a woman that dressed smart and went to KATY’S a dress shop in town the windows had her style types in them going in a woman tall and leggy came to her HELLO MY NAME IS KATY CAN I HELP YOU? well yes I need a few things and as the two women looked around they talked and Jose’s story came out she really liked the store and Katy too, Jose found some things to try on and Katy showed her where the dressing rooms were as she tried on the sundresses Katy helped telling her how they looked on her and making adjustments here and there lightly her hands ran over Jose’s body. Jose a woman who normally finds it hard to make friends felt at ease with Katy and invited her to her home for a 4th July cook-out Katy said OK and they parted.The day of the party Tess the oldest daughter and Jose got the yard ready and she asked her mom who Katy was as Jose told her daughter her face shined and eyes gleamed Tess noticed this but said nothing. The people started to arrive and Jose and Steve greeted them but, when Katy got there Jose went to the street and hugged her kissed her cheek and gleamed at her , again Tess noticed but let it pass. the party was going great the food and drinks flowed people talking when Katy asked Jose to show her the house they went from room to room looking and were talking about household things and changes to be made when they got to the master bed room Jose walked in first Katy followed and once in shut the door and locked it Jose asked why she did that? Katy says SO I CAN DO THIS and gently kaçak iddaa eases Jose up to the wall and kisses her on the lips Jose head spins she knew it was wrong she knew she was not like this she was married a mother and this was wrong but was it? it felt great it made her feel great about herself that this woman who she was perfect wanted to kiss her and it was just a kiss why not? Katy stoped and says I wanted to do that when we meet… Jose face flush but other wise feeling on top of the world opened the door and says we need to go downstairs the rest of the night was ok and as Jose walked Katy to her car she quickly looked over her back to see if her hubby was looking and kissed Katy bye.A few days go by and Jose enters the shop seeing Katy and asked if they could talk please? Katy nods and they go to her office as the door closes Jose has tears start to run down her cheek Katy hugs her and says what is it honey? Jose says I’m not sure I have these feelings that I never have before and its scary see when I was here the first time and we meet I got this rush that I never felt and my daughter says whenever your name comes up eyes spark and that kiss in my room my panties get wet when I think about it. Katy smiles and lifts Jose to her feet looks her in the eyes and leans in and kisses her long and hard warping her arms around Jose and holding on tight Jose melts in her arms they move to the chair and the next two hours are spent kissing licking rubbing on each other till Jose’s cell rings and her k**s need her.The feelings grow between them but still they have not went all the way. one month later the phone rings ” Jose get your ass over here” but why, when ” NOW illegal bahis I’ve got the answer the prefect answer come on get here. 30 min. later Jose walks in and Katy grabs her arm and they ran to the office. OK NOW LISTEN FIRST LISA QUIT SO I’M HIREING YOU but I can’t work here Steve doesn’t want me to work he’s old fashion that way. WELL WORK ON HIM SEE IF YOU WORK THEN YOU AND ME CAN GO TO OHIO IN THREE WEEKS AND BE TOGETHER FOR THREE NIGHTS. Together you mean as in bed together? YES YES we will have three whole nights to make love baby cause I LOVE YOU HONEY and I want so much to show you how much in bed to make love to your sweet body all night and wake next to you in the morning… O I Guess oh GOD YES YES I WILL GO I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND. Scared and worried she went home got the k**s took them to the movies made Steve a meal to beat all and dressed in only a bra and panty set used all her womanly charm on him had him ready to say or do anything she wanted so the next day she started work and for the next couple of weeks she was in haven kissing and feeling Katy up at work and taken to her limits in bed at home.Then the buying trip came the first day fast and busy that night realty set in and as they went to dinner Jose’s hands sweat her head spinning she scared and wanting all at once in the room her body shanking her panties soaked her heart beating out of control as Katy hugs her the two lovers able to complete there sex dreams for once Katy slowly lowers Jose’s gown and licks her nipples for the first time fireworks go off in Jose’s head her body quacks and shivers as fingers trace her cunt lips then enters first one then two making Jose moan bahis siteleri and groan and cum over and over her body has never been taken so completely she has already cum more then ever before and no end in the near future. Katy a woman who knew what she was doing had Jose in every way she teased her puss with fingers and mouth sucked nips and pussy fucked Jose till the poor girl couldn’t take anymore and passed out. Katy laughed and cuddled went to sleep.The next two nights more of the same when Jose came home Steve and the girls meet her at the shop so it was hard to kiss Katy bye in the office they tried for a short one but that was out of the question once they started it was hard to stop and cause of that Tess saw her mother being kissed by another woman who was also rubbing her ass and tits her mom moaning then lower her head and suck Katy’s hard nipple shocked she turned and ran to her father ready to tell but seeing the big smile on Jose’s face didn’t the happy family went to dinner then home.Over the next five years KATY’S became a big thing and so did Katy and Jose’s love affair the women getting together as offen as they could. Tess now a growing 18yrs. walking dream came to her mother “mom we need to talk I need a job and I want to work at KATY’S” her mother started to say something when Tess stoped her just call Katy over Saturday for lunch so we all can talk. When Saturday came Katy arrived and Tess looked at both women says I been keeping a secret of yours over the years you two are lovers I’ve seen it more times then I can count and before you say anything I think it’s great moms happy so good for you but I need a job I need money so put me to work PLEASE looking at each other they said OK. Oh yea by the way Katy you know that tall redhead at the shop the one you just hired she has a yum-yum pussy they all looked at each other and started laughing……..

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