The Early Years: Frat Party

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Hello Readers. This is not a traditional story where you need to read chapter one to understand chapter two. Each post can be read separately. I am simply using this system to organize my stories. ~Janet


“Oh forget that, I don’t want to go to her party.”?

“Why not?”?

“Um … she’s a bitch! Anyway, I’m just going to crash. Tomorrow is a big day.”?

“For me too. I hate these curfews, babe, but tomorrow is a big game. I’ll be looking for you.”?

“I won’t be hard to find. G’night.”?And with that I hung up.

I paused for a moment to think of him. My boyfriend is older than me, and plays tight end on our football team. During the fall, he has curfews on Friday nights. I know he hates this. Secretly, I enjoy it.

I enjoy it because sometimes on curfew nights, I go out. And when I do, I go alone.? I don’t fear being on my own, mostly because don’t fear men. I understand that many of them are ‘goal’ oriented, but if you share that goal, then men can be very, very sweet. For me, going out alone usually means going to a frat party at Merrimack College.

It dawned on me that I had been completely honest on the phone. I didn’t want to go to that party, the girl hosting it *is* a bitch, and I am planning to crash — a frat party at Merrimack. Although completely honest, I might have been just a tiny bid misleading.

But just thinking about it — just the possibility of hitting the frat party — was too exciting to let me sleep anyway. These parties can be so much fun! I’d been to three so far. The guys tend to be pretty crazy — and very friendly.

Not that things have gotten crazy — they haven’t — I have been three times and only twice have I left with anyone. And even those times were tame, ending with kisses and nothing more.

Of course, I do kind of set it up that way. I have found that it is best to be upfront about having a boyfriend. Most guys are cool with that. And to be honest, the guys that aren’t cool with it either don’t matter (that is, they are unattractive) or are excused (that is, they are attractive). I usually hope to run into one or two guys that can be excused.

Phi Kappa Theta was hosting the party, and I just hoped that none of the sorority girls would be a problem. Seriously, I have way more trouble with the girls than with the guys. The guys ask if you want a beer, the girls ask for details, like, for example, if you go to Merrimack!

And if you lie, which I do, you better be convincing. So here are my ‘lies’. (I put lies in quotes become some are true, but misleading.) I’m a sophomore, live off campus, and am considering majoring in biology. I am taking Bio 1027 — part 1 of the intro course — a year late and like everyone in the class, I hate it. But it is necessary if I want to go to medical school, which I do, so … by that time I’ve usually lost anyone who cared to ask in the first place.

I practiced these lies as I got ready. It was one güvenilir bahis of those perfect October nights, when a harvest moon rises during an Indian summer. The weather was warm, the night alive with light from the moon. There was no way I could stay in, but you might have been able to convince me to forgo the party for a long walk in the woods. There was, however, no one to entice me into the forest.

I decided to dress casually, but I purposely tried to be hard to categorize. I wore a short blue jean skirt, a tight, light blue tank top, a black denim jacket, and a pair of black combat boots. I braided my blonde hair into pigtails, applied light blue eye shadow (with a hint of glitter), and wore a thick coat of high gloss pink lipstick.

The look was good for me — but I wouldn’t want to be seen by any of my friends! The boots brought me a little closer to 5’6″, the tank top — playing peek-a-boo beneath my jacket — showed off my breasts, and the combination pigtails and lipstick always attracts attention. No, I wouldn’t want my friends to see me, but I definitely wanted to be seen!?

I left the house quietly and enjoyed the short trip to the college. By the time I had arrived the party was in full swing. I met a few people that were also going, so we went as a group. None of us were 21, so we avoided the ID checker and invaded the party from the rear.

Once inside, I quickly lost my new friends and was quickly discovered by even newer friends.?The party was loud, the beer flowed, and everyone was having a great time. I had only two light beers, as I like to remember events. And I definitely wanted to remember my conversation with Lee!

He introduced himself to me early, and seemed cool with the idea that I had a boyfriend. I was, in my way, very honest with him. I told him I was a sophomore and didn’t get out to many parties, which was very true. He was a senior, played basketball, and, in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, was a very, very funny guy.?

He joked about our differences (sophomore vs. senior, blonde vs. brown hair, 5’5″ vs. 6’8″, curvy vs. lanky), but it was our similarities that were more interesting: we liked the same kind of music, laughed at the same kind of jokes, we even preferred the outdoors to being inside. It was this last similarity that he pounced on.?

“Would you like to go for a walk?”?

“Ya! What did it take you, like, a million years to ask me?!”?

“Well, you said you had a boyfriend. I didn’t know if it’s cool.”?

“It’s cool. We’re just friends, right? Anyway, we can stay in the shadows so no one sees us!”?

He laughed at my suggestion, but seemed to take it pretty seriously. We walked all around campus. We passed the Ash Center, the Volpe Complex, the Rogers Center, and so many other places. The fall is a great time to walk outdoors — the leave crunch under your feet, and blow around your ankles. Each step seems to release the scent of the Earth.?

Time türkçe bahis passed too quickly, but still it passed.?”Hey Lee, I gotta head home.”?”Yea, I figured. Can I walk you?”?”You can walk me part way!”?And he did. In a roundabout way, we walked toward Elm Street. We passed the campus center and made our way toward the health center. And there, near the bushes at the edge of campus, I planned to say goodbye.

Just before I did, I noticed, in the shadows, a picnic table. I ran toward it, and Lee followed.?I stood on the bench. “Check it out, I’m taller than you!”?”No, you’re not.” And as he walked closer he was proven correct. Even on the perch, he was taller than me. We shared a very short, quiet moment.

Lee stood close, our eyes were fixed on each other. I broke the silence with a kiss. I hadn’t expected to, but I couldn’t do anything else — I don’t know why.?”You ok with that?” He asked.?”Definitely.” I replied. And Lee moved back in.

He kissed me hard and deep. I hardly noticed my jacket sliding off my shoulders, and when I did, I didn’t resist. I didn’t resist his hands on my ass, or on the sides of my breasts. I didn’t resist when he held me close, and I didn’t resist when he rocked our bodies together.?

And he didn’t resist when I broke our embrace to sit on the bench, my face now inches from his jeans. He held one of my pigtails while making not so subtle rocking motions with his hips.

My heart was racing, this was an absolutely perfect moment, and my mind was full of questions. Inappropriate questions. Personal questions. Dirty one. Ones with answers he would let me discover for myself.?

I was curious about his size, given how tall he was. I reached for his zipper, and he reached for my other pigtail. I pulled his zipper down, unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his waistband.

I pulled his jeans and his boxers from his hips, and watched as his penis sprung forward and upward. I expected him to be long, which he was, but I was surprised that he was so thick, when his body was so lanky.?

“No one can know, right?”?

When his head slid into my mouth he either said “right” or he gasped. I was happy with either answer. The entire moment was very sexy. From the corner of my eye I could see a shadow of myself, a shadow made by moonlight, pulling my head away from his body and then pushing back down. I loved the scene!

I was totally turned on by the idea that I was somehow spying on myself, or maybe spying on someone else, or even maybe being spied upon! Regardless, being able to watch the shadow of my movements was a huge turn on, and it made me want to be … amazing.

I grasped him firmly, and used the pace of my stroke to direct my mouth. I took as much of him in as possible, and then pulled back rapidly until only the tip of his head was pressed between my lips, and then I’d push back down. His moans were telling, if quiet, and what I could not infer from his sounds I understood by güvenilir bahis siteleri his hips.

As he rocked forward more quickly, I worked to counter his movements. Together we hit perfection, and in that moment, he released into me. I accepted him fully.?

The night for me could have ended then, and I would not have been disappointed. It was an amazing moment, shared with an amazing man. Lee, however, wanted the night to continue.?

“Your turn.”?

Those two words led to another string of loving behaviors. Lee pulled me up from my perch, and laid me down on top of the picnic table. I let him remove my panties, and then gave my body over to his mouth. I rested my boots over his shoulders, and he rested his tongue on my body.

Lee ran his tongue up and down my legs, coming close, but not touching, or tasting, my wetness. Slowly, almost too slowly, he made his way upward. When he finally ran his tongue across my clit I jumped, and when I jumped he began to probe. His teasing, and his pleasing, were too much for me, and when I caught a glimpse of our moon-shadows, intimately entwined, I exploded.?

Lee didn’t stop there, as he now stood. With my left calf against his chest, and my right hip angling toward the darkness, Lee had complete access to my body. And he took it! He stroked my clit with his right thumb and inserted his left into me. His thumbs worked in concert, as he brought me back to ecstasy.

“Think you can handle more?” He whispered from between my legs.

I had barely replied, honestly, that I wasn’t sure, when I felt him enter me. With his thumb still rubbing me, Lee pushed into my body. I did not stop him. And when he met no resistance, he began to make love to me, and when he recognized my pleasure, he fucked me.

The moment is burnt into my memory. I watched our moon-shadows, mine barely visible on the top of the table, his perpendicular to mine, rapidly driving forward and pulling back.?Between quiet gasps, I begged. “Be careful.” And he was. I was close when he pulled from me and came on my tank top. Pulling up onto my elbows, I could see a few small pools of cum on my belly.

The beauty, however, was his penis in the moonlight. His penis, still hard, had two distinct threads of cum spanning its length, and the head appeared to be cum-covered. He looked at me, smiled down upon me, and began stroking my clit some more. My body responded quickly, and just before I exploded, with our eyes locked on each other’s, he thrust his penis back into me.

I screamed as my body erupted with orgasm, and he showed me no mercy. With long powerful thrusts, and constant thumb action, my body exploded repeatedly. Eventually, my body exhausted, and when it did, Lee — still deep within me — bent forward, and in doing so, lifted my knee toward my shoulder.

“You’re beautiful.”?It was a perfect moment.

Afterward, we dressed, but chose not to clutter the moment with words. Together, we walked toward the road. I said I had to leave him now, and make my way home on my own. He looked disappointed, but he understood. I waited, though, to kiss him. You should always be kind to your memories, and Lee would now have to be just that.

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