Subject: The Education of Jed – Part 1 The following is a work of fiction: Any resemblance to persons living,deceased, or imaginary is purely coincidental. It depicts sexual situations between adult and minor males including incest. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without author’s permission. Educating Jed “Heres the lube, the towels and the toybox. Did the files open up ok?” Rafe turned around from his laptop, pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. He still had on his socks and trainers. His dick was starting to get hard and the foreskin was just beginning to retract a bit. “Haven’t opened any of them yet. There’s quite a few. Ed says its some really hot stuff.” He turned on the TV. The mirror image of his computer screen appeared. I loved these bate sessions with him. We’d discovered shortly after we started dating that we had very similar interests, especially when it came to porn. And some of our hottest sessions were when we’d strip down and bate together, watching vids or even just looking at pics. He had a filthy mind, with a mouth to match. And I loved hearing his fantasies and experiences as we’d stroke our cocks. We’d been together almost five tuzla eve gelen escort years, and married for two. And the more we discovered about each other, the stronger our bond grew. There was nothing we couldn’t share. I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and dropped it on the floor as the phone rang. “Damn. Hold on, it’s my sister.” Rafe turned back to the computer, connected the external drive and opened one of the folders. A list of subfolders appeared. There were a lot of files, meticulously labeled and organized. “Hey Spike. What’s going on?” Jen had been calling me Spike for as long as I could remember. It was a nickname that came from the hair on the top of my head sticking up, due to a cowlick. Since I could never get that little patch of hair right at the crown of my head to lay down, I’d use gel to make it all stand up. And even though my hair was much shorter now, I still spiked it up to hide the cowlick. But Jen was the only one who called me Spike. Well, her and her son, my nephew Jed. But he always added “uncle” to it. I was Uncle Spike to him. “Hi Jen. Rafe and I were just about to see if we can find anything good to watch on TV.” I grabbed my crotch as Rafe looked at me and grinned. “Hi Rafe.” “Jen says hi.” Rafe walked over and leaned in to the phone. “Hi Jen.” Then he tuzla otele gelen escort reached down and started undoing my belt. “Listen, I need a favor. I’m wondering if you and Rafe would like to have your nephew visit for a while.” With the belt undone, Rafe unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them below my hips. He retrieved a black leather cock ring from the toybox and snapped it around my cock and balls. Then he pulled out another and did the same to his own beautiful penis. With his dark bush, I could hardly see the cock ring. But the way his dick stuck out in front of him, it was apparent he had it cinched tight. “We’re always up for Jed coming to visit. What’s the occasion?” Rafe got a huge grin on his face as I stepped out of my pants. I was fully erect. My dick had changed from its usual pink to a bright red, framed by my ginger bush. “James got us a cruise for our tenth anniversary. We thought Jed would stay with James’ parents while we’re gone, but he asked if he could stay with you and Rafe instead. I thought this might be a good chance for you guys to see what being a parent is all about before you have a kid. And before you answer, you should know it’ll be for 6 weeks starting the last week in June. So we totally understand if you can’t or don’t want to. Or if you just want to let tuzla sınırsız escort him stay with you for part of the time.” “Like I said, Jed is always welcome. We’d love to have him stay with us!” “Don’t you think you should run it by Rafe first? He may have other plans for the summer.” “Hey Rafe, James bought Jen a six-week cruise for their anniversary. And Jed wants to stay with us while they’re gone. Cool?” Rafe winked and pointed to his erect cock, as it bounced up and down. “Rafe is shaking his head yes.” “Thanks Spike. Jed will be so happy. There’s one more thing – he’s supposed to go to camp the week before we leave. And we wouldn’t be able to pick him up as our flight leaves the night before. Any chance you guys could drive down to the camp and get him? It’s just about three hours north of us, so it won’t be too far for you guys.” “Absolutely. Just send me the details and we’ll take care of him.” “Yay! I thought it’d be better to make sure you were cool with all this first. But I know Jed will want to talk with you about all he wants to do while he’s there. He’ll probably want to face time you this weekend. He and James are out on a bike ride.” “Sounds good. Saturday morning would be great. Tell Jed that Rafe and I are really happy that he’s going to be staying with us, and we’ll talk to him on Saturday.” “Perfect! Thank you Spike. I’ll let you guys get back to TV. Talk soon.” As soon as I hung up the phone Rafe planted a hard, wet kiss on me. His hungry tongue filled my mouth. I could feel his lubed up cock next to mine. “Are you ready to get nasty and have some fun now?” he asked, as he turned and started the video.

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