The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 03

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– Watching Mom and Dad Fucking

Exactly ten minutes after Jane gave him the signal, Jeremy was lounging on the fire escape landing just outside his parents’ bedroom. As desired by his mother, he was naked except for a t-shirt. The wooden slats of the floor felt hard and cold on his exposed butt. He rested his back against the railing and was hidden in the darkness except for his penis’ bald head which shone in the moonlight, proud and erect like the Washington monument.

The boy anxiously peeked into the room, noting that his mother had partially opened the blinds so that everything inside was clearly visible. He saw that the bathroom door was ajar and he could hear voices inside.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Jeremy saw his father emerged totally naked. It was easy to see why the nickname Grizz was so appropriate – Joseph Blake’s entire body was covered with thick black hair except for his prick. The boy marveled at the extraordinary length of his father’s tool which dangled down low like a long snake, swinging from side to side as he walked. Jeremy felt a real sense of pride in the fact that his own dick was thicker and more formidable than his father’s.

Joseph appeared to be pulling on a leather leash, like a dog’s, the other end of which was attached to some animal that was still inside the bathroom.

Jeremy was surprised because he was not aware that his parents had bought a pet. And where was Mom?

Grizz tugged hard on the leash, cursing loudly, “Come on, move your fat ass, you fucking bitch!”

Jeremy’s mouth dropped open as he saw his mother coming out of the bathroom crawling on all fours like a dog. She too was stark naked and wore a red dog collar around her neck with a silver ring for the leather leash which his father was pulling.

The boy’s throbbing cock jumped in excitement as his gaze lingered lustfully on every curve, bulge and crevice of his mother’s naked white body. The sway of her heavy tits that hung down, their dark brown tips grazing the floor; the swell of her wide hips and thighs; and the fuckably generous ass that could put JLo to shame.

The boy watched rapt as his father viciously tugged at the leash, bringing his mother’s face within inches of his prick which was growing rapidly until it almost touched her lips.

“Why is my fuck-bitch slow tonight?” Grizz taunted.

“Fuck bitch is hungry,” Jane hissed, “I want to eat thick, hard meat!”

She raised her eyes and looked at the window. Jeremy knew that his mother was talking to him – because his father’s dick was anything but thick.

“Papa has hot meat for slut-bitch; here, eat!”

Joseph tugged hard at the leash so that Jane’s face was buried in his crotch. She started tonguing his dangling balls with long licks, her head moving up and down like a dog’s.

She paused a bit to first pop one ball into her mouth and suck it; and then, the other one. She quickly returned to Boldfinger, licking the pre-cum from the prick-head and nibbling at the knob, before swallowing the cock.

While his mother performed her oral arts on his father, Jeremy noticed that she was staring at the window – her gaze fixed on her son as he fisted his tool.

He noted that with her hard sucking thrusts, she was cleverly pushing Grizz back until his naked buttocks were pressed up against the window. And she was within an arm’s length of Jeremy who was on the other side of the glass pane.

She pushed back her head to momentarily withdraw the cock as she whispered.

“Baby, I want to see you cum hard. Splatter your hot seed all over Mama, over my face, my lips, and my body!!! I want to swim in your cum-juice!”

Jane was speaking to her son.

Grizz pushed his cock back into her lips – fucking her mouth harder until he could feel his penis sliding down the snug, slippery length of her throat. One hand pulled viciously at the leash so that Jane could not move her head too far back to withdraw the tool. Her face turned red and her head was spinning with exertion and shortness of breath.

But Jane wanted to put on a good show for her son. She sensed Joseph’s cock swelling and tensing for the climax – she couldn’t let that happen yet because her husband usually did not want to continue having sex once he had come. She wanted her son to see her fucking his father for a prolonged session – so that he would have a good idea of the goodies in store for him.

“Ouch! What are you doing, fuck-slut?”

Grizz yelped as Jane bit the stalk of his penis, making him loosen his hold on the leash, thereby allowing her to pull out his cock from her mouth.

“Mama wants to be fucked! I want you to stuff your ten inches into my smoking cunt and then shove it up my ass-hole!”

Jeremy was now almost touching the window pane.

As he vigorously stroked, his cock head brushed against the cold glass, leaving streaks of cum stains.

This gave the boy a devilish idea.

Using his leaky cock like a giant, obscene paint brush, the ümraniye escort bayan boy drew a big heart with the words ‘JER LOVES MOM’ under it. It was difficult because he had to write the words in reverse to counter the reflection effect.

The object of the boy’s lust – his randy mother – had now swung around to assume the classic doggy position. She reached back to part her large butt cheeks and expose her ass-hole and hairy cunt to her husband; and especially, to her son.

“Fuck your bitch, baby! Give it to me now!”

The command rang with passion as the naked woman whipped her head around to look at the window. She saw the message that her son had inscribed on the window with his cum and smiled at him, licking her lips with her tongue.

Jeremy briefly turned his back to the window to show off his naked butt – aping his mother’s move of spreading his slim ass cheeks to expose his virgin bung-hole.

Conflicting emotions of jealousy and excitement overtook the boy as he watched his father violently drilling his mother; his dangling balls slapped against her shuddering butt cheeks and his cock squished like a hungry eel darting in and out of her hairy cunt. His lusty mother matched the fury of his father’s thrusts by shoving her ass back into his crotch with every beat, to take in every inch that he could give her.

She kept glancing back to gaze through the window into Jeremy’s eyes so that he could see the raw desire in hers.

His parents reminded Jeremy of two chimps that he had seen copulating at the zoo – the female had been more sexed up than the male. Just like his Mom!

The boy’s hand was now a blur and he could feel the semen welling up in his balls.

Grizz had now started to slap Jane’s large buttocks as he plundered her pussy – the alabaster white flesh turning red with the punishment.

She was starting to make low pitched moaning and whimpering sounds.

Jeremy found it difficult to distinguish whether it was due to the pain or mounting excitement.

“Ooooh, baby… harder… mmmmm… harder… fuck me harder! Ohhh…fill me with your meat…baby, fuck me. More… gimme more… unnhhhhhh!”

Jeremy’s cock was now rapping against the window pane – he fisted it hard, the cold surface of the glass oddly excited his stiffness. He etched another message for his mother.


The meaty instrument had barely finished writing, when it erupted wildly – splattering ropes of thick, white semen. The boy gasped with joy and kept smearing his gooey cum all over the glass pane with his still-erect cock. His mother smiled lewdly at him as she saw his tool gushing out copious quantities of cum.

“Mom knows I’m cumming for her!” thought Jeremy.

Jane was now gasping hard – seeing her baby boy ejaculating his seed all over the window had pushed her to the crest of her hedonistic gallop.

She saw his new message and felt his hunger in the depths of her maw. She felt her husband’s cock bucking inside the hot, humid portals of her cunt as it expelled its seed in powerful surges.

She desperately wanted it to be her son’s cock and seed filling her up – impregnating her with their forbidden progeny!

Grizz groaned loudly as he clutched at her ass globes – continuing to pour gobs and gobs of semen into her vagina.

Jane shook as the first wave of ecstasy washed over her. She continued to grind her buttocks into his crotch, milking his cock for all the pleasure she could take from it. Imagining that it was her son she was fucking. Not her husband.

“Ohhh, god… baby… you fuck me so good. Fill me up with your loving cum……. …mmmmm… give me more of your hot seed, baby… more…more…yes, that’s it.”

“Fill my cunny till I overflow with your sweetness!! But honey, save some for me to suck!”

Jeremy’s father’s tight, hairy buttocks were mooning at him – flattened against the glass. His mother knelt at Grizz’s feet, holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. She expertly squeezed and pulled at the fleshy tube as her hollowed cheeks sucked up the remnants of his seed.

Jeremy had positioned himself to the right of his father and was rubbing the sensitive underside of his erect cock which was slippery with his cum, up and down the window pane.

Entranced by her son’s formidable and seemingly tireless instrument, Jane sucked harder at her husband’s rapidly deflating cock. She greedily gulped down the final dribbles of the salty, sustaining elixir and then released his dangling, empty balls to plunge her fingers into her dripping pussy.

Mother and son looked into each other’s eyes as they continued to masturbate, each one telegraphing to the other the same forbidden message – I WANT YOU!

The youth came again with such force that his seed splattered with such a loud splash against the window that Jeremy was afraid his father would hear him. Almost simultaneously, his mother shuddered and shook, her body hunched forward and kartal escort she had to hold onto her husband’s legs for support.

Massive orgasms rocked her. Jane had never cum with such force before and she knew that it was an emotion that she wanted more of.

Her feet sticky and slippery – she looked down to see that a pool of juice had collected on the floor under her pussy which was still dripping. She dipped her fingers into the juice and stuck her tongue out to lick her fingers.

Jeremy’s cock continued to gush out an endless supply of youthful semen.

The lust-filled mother stared into her son’s eyes to say, “This cum’s for you!”

She knew that they both wanted to fuck each other badly and that she would have a tough time restraining him until his nineteenth birthday – which was still three weeks away.

But, in the meantime, she was dying to get her lips on his fat, virgin cock.

Yes, it was time that she introduced her baby to the pleasures of fellatio and oral sex.

– Overcome by Oral Sex

Jane was awakened by the pleasant sensation of her breasts being sucked. She lifted her head to see her son kneeling at her bedside and sucking her tits. He had pulled down her comforter and pushed her negligee up over her bare breasts while his hand caressed her soft naked flesh – squeezing the bulge of her rounded belly and moving lower to play with her pubic hair.

She noticed that Jeremy was naked and he was rubbing his stiff member on her bed as he nibbled her nipples. She could hear the shower running – Grizz!

Jane panicked.

“Jeremy. Are you crazy? Your father is in the shower – and you still have to get dressed for school!”

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school. I just want to be here with you; looking at you, feeling you, touching you, sucking you…”

The boy mumbled in between sucks. His deft fingers were now opening and closing his mother’s moistening pussy lips while diddling her stiffened clitoris.

“I haven’t slept– I’ve been jacking off the whole night. All I could think about is your body and your sex. Mom, I want you. I need you so bad, it hurts. My balls ache for you and no amount of wanking will relieve my desire for you. I hunger for you, Mom…I must have you…I want to be inside you!”

Jeremy had now climbed onto the bed and mounted her. His strong arms pinned hers to the side, and his enormous cock was poised at her swollen nether lips.

“Baby, Mommy knows… and Mommy wants you too. But remember, we can have fun only if your father doesn’t find out. I promise you, when you come back home from school, Mommy will have a special treat for her baby.”

For what seemed like an eternity, the lust-driven boy stared into his mother’s eyes. In addition to the raw desire there, he also saw a look of fear at being found out.

Jeremy let out a deep sigh and got off her body. With a final caress of his mother’s wet pussy and a firm kiss on her lush, soft lips, he began trudging out of his parents’ bedroom.

Feeling sorry for him, Jane held him back momentarily as she moistened her hand with her pussy juices and gave her son’s hard cock a few quick parting strokes before he left.

“Go now, baby, think of Mommy and jerk off now in your room. You’ll have to hurry or you’ll be late for school.”

“OK, Mom, you’re the boss – I’m leaving only on one condition,” he said with a sly smile.


Jane could not hear the sound of the shower anymore, which meant that Joseph would be coming out at any moment.

“I want you to greet me totally naked when I come home from school.”

“Hush now, wicked boy, OK, OK… go now, quickly!”

Jeremy had a hurried breakfast and received his usual “special” gift before he left, a pair of his mother’s soiled panties for him to sniff.

All through breakfast, the randy mother and son continued to indulge in their ‘dirty games’ of playing with each other’s privates under the table, making sure that they had gotten enough personal juices on their hands and fingers to enjoy sniffing through the afternoon.

As his father ate his breakfast, Jeremy’s mother saw the boy to the door. She was wearing her white, front-open silken robe and Jeremy could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples and ‘V’of her pussy bush through the sheer fabric.

Seeing that the position his mother was standing in blocked him from his father’s view, Jeremy boldly put his mouth on his mother’s and his hands darted inside the top of her robe, squeezing and pinching her nipples.

In reflex action, even before she realized what she was doing, the surprised mother opened her mouth to admit her son’s tongue.

She could feel his erection insinuating itself between her thighs and roughly pushed him away.

“You remember your promise, Mom – you must be naked for me,” he whispered in her ear.

Not one to back down, she replied, “Only if you are naked too when you come to me, sonny boy.”

“You’re on, Mom,” he kartal escort bayan grinned and marched off, taking a deep breath from her panties which he was holding up to his face.

Jane smiled to herself wondering how the boy would manage that. Although there was less traffic near their house in the afternoons, her next door neighbor, Katie Henson was always peeking over the hedge to see what was going on.

Jeremy would certainly give her an eyeful today.

While Jane was from the buxom, full-figured Anna Nicole Smith mold, Katie was the petite, Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘All-American Sweetheart’ type with a slim body and 36B perky-nippled breasts.

Both women were the best of friends and had a lot in common. They were both in their late 30’s; were mothers to boys – Katie had two, Brad, 19, and Chris, 18; and shared similar interests especially when it came to sex. It was Katie who had introduced Jane to the theory concerning the magical properties of cum.

Jane returned to the breakfast table with a wistful expression, her husband was waiting for her with his slice of toast extended for her special ‘sauce’.

The day crawled at snail’s pace for Jeremy. His mind kept replaying the scene of his parents’ fucking over and over again and he was brimming with curiosity about the special treat his mother had promised.

The absence of underwear kept him in a permanent state of arousal forcing him to repeatedly relieve himself in the toilet. And the special pocket lining-free pants didn’t help matters because he kept touching and playing with his cock every time he put his hands in his pockets.

The girls would cast blushing, sly looks at his tented trousers and whisper amongst themselves. The female teachers markedly avoided even a casual glance at that part of his anatomy but their reddening cheeks gave them away.

His persistent friend Amy was more direct and asked him the reason for his pronounced erection.

Jeremy just brushed her off saying that it was because he had recently seen a porn movie last night that was on his mind.

“Which one?” she asked.

“TABOO,” the boy replied.

Amy had a funny look on her face.

“Isn’t that the one about incest – where the mother fucks her own son? Jer, don’t tell me you’re lusting for your mother.”

She had met Jeremy’s mother quite often and had admired her full body especially her large breasts which put her own little apples to shame.

“Not that I blame you, Jer – your Mom’s hot!”

Jeremy blushed and stammered, “Don’t be crazy, Amy. It’s just these that I fantasize about.”

His hands gently brushed her blouse front where he knew her bra-less nipples would be.

“Well, boyo, you know where they are – just come and get them!” she leered.

“I will, Amy, promise. Have to rush now, see you later.”

Jeremy could hardly wait to get home to his mother – he found himself running excitedly.

As he raced down the driveway, his heart was pounding so loudly he was sure the whole neighborhood could hear it. On reaching the door, he remembered their pact – he had to be naked to greet his mother.

The boy anxiously looked around to assure himself that no one was watching – and then pulled down his trousers. He noticed that the door was ajar and he heard his mother call.

Jane heard the running footsteps and she knew her son was home – she had made elaborate preparations to welcome him.

“Lunch is on the table, honey.”

In his anxiety, Jeremy failed to notice Katie Henson peeking over the hedge. The curious neighbor gave a knowing smile as she saw the boy going into the house butt-naked.

The boy entered the house and the sight that greeted him made him gasp. The shades had been drawn so that the entire area was in darkness except for the kitchen where the lights shone brightly on the dining table – starkly illuminating the figure on it.

Then, the full impact of his mother’s words of lunch being on the table suddenly hit him.

She was lying naked on the dining table- her lush body shimmering white as she stretched out across the table. Seeing Jeremy, she propped herself up on her elbows to look at him.

The horny mother noted with glee that her son had kept his end of their bargain and his rampant erection was stiff and upright as he tore off his shirt – running into her waiting embrace.

“I can see that baby is hungry. Mommy is hungry too, honey. Come, Mommy has a hot lunch ready for you. ”

To make her point, Jane opened her thighs for her son.

Jeremy’s senses were running in over-drive – the sight of his mother’s slavering pink grotto and the musky odor of her excitement, made him dizzy and light-headed.

“Today, Mommy will teach you all about oral sex or fellatio – how we derive pleasure by eating each other’s privates – your Dad and I enjoy it just as much as fucking.”

She moved closer to the edge of the table and spread her legs wide to allow her son easy access to her burning pussy. Her fingers pried apart the swollen pink lips and she pulled the boy’s head into her crotch.

“Go ahead, baby, lick Mommy’s juicy pussy. I know you love its taste. And once you drink the juice straight from the source, you will never enjoy it any other way.”

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