The Emma J Chronicles – Part Three


The Emma J Chronicles – Part ThreeChapter SevenEmma was dumbstruck here she was her tits and pussy in clear view of her lecherous boss, who was wasting not a single second in checking her out. She was conscious of her smeared lipstick and the silvery trails of her own dried cum running down her inner thighs. She placed an arm across her breasts and lowered her other hand to cover her exposed shaved pussy. Then realising the futility of her defensive actions she lowered her arms by her sides and hung her head in embarrassment.“I think I need to leave”, she said to no-one in particular.She started to walk across the room to the door.“Miss Emma, a moment please”, said Mr X.“Do I understand you are acquainted with Marcus? Dear me, what an unfortunate happenstance. But surely if you know each other, if you stay you will merely be extending your acquaintance into somewhat newer areas, surely that is not necessarily a bad thing”?“Fuck no”, I’ve been trying to get in her knickers for years”, quipped Marcus as he wiped blood from his chin and split lip.“Mr X, in different circumstances you might be right. But Marcus…………” She hesitated to frame the words. “Marcus is my boss”!!!!!Mr X stood and ushered the near naked Emma into the bathroom. Closing the door he held her by both of her hands. “Oh dear, you poor thing how embarrassing for you. But perhaps all is not lost”.He paused briefly weighing the situation. “Think my dear, it may be all so very embarrassing to you now, but you need to think clearly. You have been discovered by your superior partaking in, ah, shall we say, an alternative lifestyle. One from which you derive great personal pleasure and from which you receive generous remuneration. You must not forget however, your boss, my good friend Marcus has also been discovered by you having what at best could be described as an illicit affair, consorting with ladies of slightly different sexual attitudes to those regarded as the norm in our society. So you see my dear, if I may use the vernacular, you have him by the balls”!Emma threw her arms around X and hugged him tight to her chest. A surge of relief swept over her as she realised that he was absolutely correct. She then paused in her thoughts and said aloud, “But I can’t stand him, I certainly don’t want to fuck him or have him fuck me or even see me fucking anyone else”.“Ah, but if you recall, we agreed to pay you a very generous sum of money to be here tonight and do whatever we wanted of you. We named no individuals nor was anything excluded. Might I be so bold as to suggest that you treat it more as a business transaction and possibly a little less of an affair of the heart”?Mollified by his wise words Emma nodded dumbly and said, “You’re right X, I am being silly, actually it might be quite horny fucking my boss, knowing that the next time I see him in the office he will be able to look but never touch me again. You never know he might even give me a raise. Plus of course I will know so much more about him, how big his cock is, whether he’s a good fuck, if his arse is as educated as he seems to think it is”. Emma laughed. “Thank you X, you’re a poppet”. She kissed him tenderly on the end of his nose and was horrified to actually see him blush. “I suppose we’d best get back to the party, who knows what they think I’m doing in here with you, naked and alone”.X smiled a wistful smile and opened the door for me and followed me into the bedroom.Emma walked across the room to Marcus and said,”Marcus. It is so nice to see a friendly face amongst all these strangers, is Caroline joining us later”?“Er, actually no, she’s back at our hotel, we’re in the Hotel de Vendome, she’s got a bit of a headache. I hope that as colleagues I can rely on your discretion. Where’s Mark, does he know you’re here doing this”?“Actually Marcus, yes he does, it’s something we like to do, we both get off on it big time”.Marcus’s jaw dropped in amazement.”Caroline and I don’t really have relations much anymore, not since the k**s came along”.“No, they’re such hard work; I bet she’s too tired after a day at home waiting for them to come home from school”.Caroline was known at the office as a really ‘High maintenance’, stay at home wife. Always phoning to check-up his whereabouts and demanding that he phone her immediately. To the point that he had become almost a laughing stock as a hen-pecked, subservient husband, but not of course in a sexual context.Emma had also picked up on the fact that they were in the same hotel as she and Mark. Another issue she’d have to overcome as the weekend progressed.“Yeah, there is that”, he replied.Mr X approached them and offered them more of the Mumm vintage champagne.“I’m so pleased to see you both getting along so well, shall we retire to the dining room for a little light supper, before we resume our evening of pleasure”?The pair concurred and Emma joined Marie in the bathroom to slip on her dress and repair her makeup as the three men went into the dining room.As she stood at the sink, wiping the evidence of their earlier session from her thighs, Marie asked, “Is that Marcus really your boss, how fucking embarrassing. He’s actually quite good looking in an kadıköy escort out of shape, Flash Harry kind of way. If he would lose a couple of stone and sort his hair out he’d be quite fuckable”.Emma laughed along with her new found friend, “Yes, whoever would have thought he’d be here, it’s a small world isn’t it? Bet he couldn’t believe his luck his poor bitch of a wife having a headache. I bet if she’d not had one he would have made something up to get himself here for a couple of hours”.“Anyway, being late he missed all the action earlier”, Marie replied. “I must say you fucked me divinely, thank you. Shame about Joelle though, she was nice”.“I must say you reciprocated beautifully, that was so sexy, it’s such a long time since I played with a girl, and I’ve really quite missed it”.Marie continued, “I think we’ll have to watch out for Frank the Yank, he does get a bit carried away. He’s so big he could cause some damage if he does”.“Definitely, he’s a bit scary”, agreed Emma.Chapter EightGopal the short stocky Gurkha, waited on them as they stood making small talk in the dining room. He passed around trays piled with canapés, Sushi and Sashimi. In the centre of the table was a beautiful ice sculpture of a swan apparently landing on water, between its outstretched feet was the most enormous bowl of caviar sitting on a bed of crushed ice.Mr X informed them that this was merely a selection of appetisers and that the main course would follow later.Marcus turned to Mr X, “So X me ole mate, wot’s happenin now. You got a programme sorted”?X turned to him and indicating the ladies chatting to Frank. “My dear chap, it’s rather up to you, I imagine that you will no doubt want to enjoy a little time with your colleague in a more intimate style than you are used to, the other young lady Marie, is charming too”.“So do I just say come on darling, let’s go an have a fuck”?“Well, if that’s what you want to say, that is entirely up to you. One could phrase it a little more delicately I feel”.“Righto, I think I’ll fuck the Irish girl first, she’ll get me nicely warmed up for Emma later on, plus I owe her for that punch in the gob. After all the night is yet young eh”?He walked across to the other three, held Marie by the elbow and said, “Is it true about you Irish redheads being really hot in bed as well as hot tempered”?Marie giggled, “Why don’t you see for yourself Marcus”.She reached down between his legs and gripping his genitalia smiled broadly and said, “Mmmm nice big package, I bet it gets much bigger too”, she gave him a squeeze until he grimaced in pain.“You’d better believe it darling, never had a complaint so far”.Marcus gripped the top of Marie’s basque a thumb and finger on each side of the bodice and pulled it down exposing her pert, pink tipped nipples, starkly contrasted against the pure white skin of her breasts.“Mmmm nice tits, give us a suck then”.Marie leant forward and offered her breasts to him. He seized her left nipple greedily with his lips and started sucking on it.After a second or two, he released it and said, “Fuck me gently, look at the size of that, it’s a fuckin inch long”.Though exaggerating slightly Marie did have incredibly large nipples when erect.Marie led him across to the chaise longue under the window, still holding onto his, now erect cock through his trousers.“Come on Marcus; let’s get comfortable, oh and sorry for the punch in the mouth”.X stood chatting to both Frank and Emma. “Goodness they were uncommonly large nipples; I am rather a devotee of breasts and nipples. So fascinating, particularly when they are aroused and erect. My dear Emma, are you not too warm in all that leather, I’m sure you’d be more comfortable if you slipped it off again and of curse I’d love to examine your nipples again at closer quarters”.Emma now felt more at ease as she spied Marie slipping to her knees; her basque now around her waist gripping Marcus’s erect cock tightly with her hand as she drew it to her mouth.“Of course X, whatever you say, you’re the boss tonight”.Emma once more shrugged the straps off her shoulders and allowed the dress to slide down until she wriggled it off her hips.Gopal stood there with his mouth open staring at Emma’s exposed body, a bulge gradually becoming clearly discernible in his grey uniform trousers.Frank elbowed Mr X in the side and gestured towards the Gurkha.“Hey X, looks like Gupta has got a boner, why don’t you give him a treat. Let him warm up the little lady for us”.“Hmm yes Frank, but his name is Gopal not Gupta”. He continued “That would be entertaining; I do love to cultivate my voyeuristic tendencies. Gopal, if you please, kindly fuck Miss Emma. On no account may you ejaculate inside her though, that is reserved for the gentlemen”.“Namaste Sahib, Namaste”.Gopal rapidly shed his Tunic and trousers revealing an incredibly well defined and developed physique; most prominent was his enormous cock at least 9 inches long and pointing straight at the ceiling. His body had not a single hair visible apart from the short military-style haircut on his head.Emma fascinated by the small ripped üsküdar escort body and the comparatively large cock, sat on the adjacent sofa and lifted her leg onto the arm and beckoned to the manservant.She languorously slid her fingers down either side of her clitoris and throwing her head back started to gently rub herself. Gopal knelt before her, pushed her other leg wide and placed the head of his dark brown cock between her open lips. He teased it up and down; then spent some time teasing her dark pink clitoris with it, smearing it with his copious pre-cum. This quickly had the desired effect and the watching men saw her lubrication appearing around his cockhead. Seeing a droplet dribble down to her arsehole he visibly girded his loins and pushed it halfway into her welcoming cunt.Emma gasped as she felt him slide into her, then with a thrust of her hips pushed him in all the way emitting a small squeal as he did so.Mr X sat beside Emma and unzipped himself and slipped his hand into his fly and manipulated his erection; while Frank dropped his trousers, extracted his flaccid cock from his boxers and started to wank himself back to an erection slowly in front of Emma. Gopal meanwhile had started a smooth rhythmic fucking of Emma’s cunt, withdrawing his cock on every outstroke and sliding it smoothly back in until his shaved balls slapped against her arsehole. Emma felt so full but knew she needed more. She dropped her leg from the sofa’s arm and manoeuvred the Gurkha onto the seat straddling his legs, his cock buried deep inside her. She looked Mr X in the eye and said, “X please fuck my arse, I just love to have both holes filled”.“It will be my pleasure my dear”. He stood, unbuckled his belt and allowed his trousers to slide down his legs. Moving round behind Emma he rubbed the end of his cock in the slimy secretions around her pink crinkly arsehole, lubricating it thoroughly with the opaque juices. He nudged the tip just in to the point where could feel her sphincter resisting, then as she bore down on his cock, it suddenly released and he slid it further into her hot hole.“Nnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh, oh fuck that feels good. Come round here Frank, check out my USP”.Frank looked her with a bemused look on his face. “Girl what the fuck is a USP”? He asked.“It’s my Unique Selling Point; My USP is my ability to constantly take it in all holes! so come on boys let me feel you all fuck me”.On the other side of the room, Marcus was having trouble, having had Marie mount him in the reverse cow-girl position he suddenly realised that all eyes were on him and Marie, his erection started to wither. To the point where Marie opened her eyes and asked him what was wrong. He sighed and said, “I’m not used to having so many people watch me, it’s putting me off my stroke”.Marie chuckled and said, “Don’t worry about them love, just worry about fucking me, here turn around and let me suck you some more, don’t look at them”.They switched positions and Marie once more dropped to her knees and began sucking Marcus back to life.Back on the sofa, Emma was getting the fuck of her life, all holes filled with more than adequate sized cocks she as pounded from both sides and both ends rendering her ‘airtight’.With a gasp Gopal pulled his cock from her cunt and immediately started to cum, his thick white cum arcing in a stream over the expensive Persian carpet and all down the front of his master’s legs. Feeling him pull out Emma quickly pushed her hand down to her cunt and replaced the cock with all four of her fingers, rapidly continuing the fucking in her cunt. Seeing this, Frank issued his customary bellow and emptied a heavy load down Emma’s throat. Gagging at the sheer volume Emma gulped until she could swallow no more then allowed the residue to spill in a thick stream onto her perfectly formed tits. Mr X spurred on by his co-fuckers started to twitch, feeling his cum start its short journey up the length of his cock, he then pumped Emma’s bowels full of his first orgasm of the night. This was the final straw for Emma; as she felt the hot gush, her cunt and arsehole clenched and she felt a huge orgasm sweep over her. This was how she loved to cum, all holes filled and brimming with her own and the others cum.Chapter NineThey all now divested themselves of unnecessary clothing and sat at the table as Gopal, now re-dressed in his uniform once more, served them their main course.The choice was magnificent, plates of rib of beef, carved of the bone by the attentive Gurkha, for the non meat lovers there was a selection of succulent fish, plus of course a feast of freshly grilled vegetablesFrank pushed his chair back and let out an enormous resounding belch. “Ahhh that was just right, it should give me energy for round three. Come over here, Marie, bend over the table in front of me, I want to fuck you in the ass”. He said extracting his flaccid cock and pulling it into view.Marie looked disconcerted. I’m sorry Mr Frank, but I don’t do anal, I have a medical condition, a split colon, I really can’t do that”.Frank glared down the table at Mr X.Seeing the Texan’s irritation, Mr X looked at Marie and tuzla escort spoke softly. “Marie, at no time did you ever make mention of this er ….condition. Are you now saying you can’t or won’t indulge Mr Frank’s wishes?“I’m really sorry Mr X, but I really can’t, it could be life threatening if anyone, er you know ….did me anally”.“Waal, get your coat and hat honey, cos I’m damn sure if you can’t, then for you the evening is over. Pick up your check at the door. Fuck X, what kind of party have you fucking organised here, one whore leaves crying like a lil baby and now this one can’t do this or can’t do that”. He spat on his plate in disgust.“My dear Frank, my most profuse apologies, I had no idea, all the ladies came highly recommended, I do assure you”.Marie stood up and left the room a couple of minutes later she passed, now dressed again in her emerald green dress through the dining room on her way to the vestibule, tears streaming down her face.“Gopal”, instructed Mr X, give Miss Marie two hours salary and take her back to her hotel. You can then retire for the night; we will serve ourselves from now on”.Gopal followed the redhead out of the room.Emma sat in amazement at the exchange. “Excuse me Mr X, should I go as well”?“Only if you really feel it necessary my dear, we of course would be delighted if you could stay, though there are rather a lot of us for you to err……entertain”.“Yeah, don’t go Em”, added Marcus.“Lil girl I would be heartbroken if you desert us now, you are so much more fun those other two amateurs”, said Frank. “And we would triple your fee seein’ as how we are outnumbering you three to one”, he added.“Yes of course my dear”, added Mr X. “Triple your original fee if you stay and double your bonus too”.“Double” asked Emma in surprise at the generous offer.“OK, whatever you say, we’ll triple your bonus as well. Cash of course, if you prefer”?“Go on Em, you know it makes sense, that’s a nice little earner”, added Marcus.Emma sat in thought for a while, weighing up the pros and cons. She’d had a wonderful time so far and it was still only 10pm, 3 hours yet to go.“OK X, I’ll stay, but you must all understand that there is a limit to what I can stand with there being three of you”.“Hey no problem baby, we need a rest too, my fuck meat is plumb tuckered out, I need a rest”, guffawed Frank grabbing himself by his limp dick.“Hey Em, I’ve got an idea, why don’t you stay all night, we all love poker and maybe we could play with you as the stakes, that would give us all a sporting chance and it won’t completely fuck you up”.“All night”? Said Emma, “I don’t know about that, I thought I would only be staying till 1am”, she replied.“OK honeychile, How would it be if you get your fee times three, a triple bonus and what say we give you an extra 10 grand to stay all night and take care of us. My body clock is so fucked up; I don’t know what day it is anyway. So what does that work out to, let’s see 8pm till 1am that’s 5 hours at what were you going to pay X? £500per hour.” X nodded.“That’s £7500, plus, the bonus, which was your fee again, so triple that, that’s £22.500, so add that to your fee is 30 grand plus 10, is £40K. Fuck, you can fuck me in the ass all night for 40K”.Emma’s head was reeling, £40.000 was beyond her wildest dreams and she’d have her fill of three hard cocks, assuming Marcus could keep it up. Wow.“I need to speak to my husband first if that’s ok; he’s expecting me back at just after 1am”.“OF course my dear”, said X, “feel free to slip into the other room and call him”.Emma left the Dining room went into the bedroom picked up her handbag and went into the bathroom. She dialled her number 1 speed dial. Mark picked up on the third ring.“Hi babe, things are a bit changeable here”.“Why, what’s up Em are you ok”? Concern was clearly evident in his voice.“Yes fine, just that I’m on my own now, the other girls have left. Mark, they want me to stay all night”.“That wasn’t part of the deal Em; it was supposed to be just till 1am”.“I know, but they have offered me a huge amount of cash if I stay, it will buy that car outright. Plus I’m really having a good time, it’s so fucking horny. I’ve got three grown men all competing for the opportunity to fuck me; you wouldn’t understand how horny that makes me feel”.“So what have they said they’d pay you then”, disbelief evident in his voice.“Well it’s now totalling £40K.“Fuck off Em, you’re having a fucking laugh, have you been drinking”?“No, I’ve had a couple of glasses of champagne, but I’m getting drunk out of my head over the power I have over the three of them”.“Fuck me Em, £40k would be hard to pass up, are you happy to stay”?“Mark, I just don’t know, fuck it yes I do, with £40k we could get us both a new car, if you are ok with it, I’m going to stay, and one night of being fucked has got to be worth two shiny new cars. Yes, I’m going to stay, I’ll see you at breakfast, fucked, but loaded honey. You sure that’s ok with you”?“Whatever you say Em, what about me, though, my cock is fit to burst, I was thinking I could have sloppy fourths when you got back at 1”.“Seems you have two choices, go to bed with blue balls, or have a wank on your own”“Yeah ok babe, you have a good time, you can tell me all about it tomorrow, remember, I love you”.“Love you too Mark”.She hung up her phone and walked back into the dining room.“OK gents my husband said……………………………Yes! So you now have me for the next”, she looked at her phone for the time. “I make it 11 hours. Who’s going to deal the cards”?

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