The EMT Chronicles Ch. 01

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Deep Penetration

For those that have missed my stories… I’m baaaaaack!! For those of you who don’t know about me and are new to, enjoy…. can’t wait to hear from you all. You’re about to realize why I am the God of erotic story telling.


It was 11 p.m. and Celina was just walking into the door of the old firehouse on Sixth Street when she was grabbed and quickly thrown onto the foldaway couch by her co-worker and lover of the past five weeks, Tom.

Their sex life had been great so far; Celina was in the midst of a divorce, but that didn’t stop her from fucking the hell out of Tom whenever they pleased. They had sex in many different places at many different times, every time with mind-blowing results.

In the station where their ambulance was parked was just one of those many places.

Tom was always the aggressor in their trysts, taking the upper hand, being the dominant force in their sexual engagements. Celina was quite the little submissive, always up for whatever he had in mind.

As she was pinned to the foldaway, the pair started kissing passionately, their lips colliding in an accelerated fashion, their hands gripping at flesh through their uniforms.

“What a way to say hello,” Celina gasped after she wrenched her mouth away from her lover’s lips.

“I thought you’d like that,” Tom said, going in again for yet another sweet kiss.

Their kissing was usually deep kisses, starting as soft pecks that lingered into passionate embraces. It was the thrill of the first kisses that excited Celina; her marriage had staled because of too much seriousness and lack of sexual pleasure where kissing and cuddling came first and foremost.

She had found that in Tom, a passionate lover who knew her body better than she did. He knew exactly how to please her and exactly what made her tick.

As their tongues wrestled as other, Tom’s hands slowly moved from Celina’s back to her front, his palms lightly grabbing at her soft breasts through her uniform. Celina mewed into Tom’s mouth before gasping for air, as he continued his oral assault, now concentrating on her supple neck.

He slowly sucked and nibbled on the flesh, careful not to raise any marks on her flawless skin. He traced slow outlines of circles on her breasts while he kissed her neck, causing Celina to giggle at his caresses. Soon his fingertips were dancing to the buttons on her uniform, his lips puckering and placing soft kisses along her collarbone as they worked their way down her upper body. As he unbuttoned one of the pesky fasteners, his lips continued their southward march. Celina groaned slightly, arching her back, lifting her chest toward the sky.

Her arms were securely wrapped around his upper body and her legs were splayed under underneath him. But soon she wanted to feel all of his weight on top of her. As he continued to unbutton her top, Celina wriggled her legs from underneath him and began to raise them, not stopping until they were wrapped around the small of his back. When she had her ankles locked firmly, she slowly forced his midsection to lower itself, so his torso could grind against her abdomen. Celina felt herself getting wet in her panties as the friction started, as he rubbed his belly against her lower body.

While Celina was grinding with Tom, he managed to expose her deep cleavage from underneath the restraints of her bra. He started to taste the soft flesh of her 38d breasts as Celina ran her fingers through his soft, downy hair. She then grabbed the back of his head, clamping it onto her right breast. She gave him enough slack to move his mouth around the teat, and when he was able to tease the nipple that had already begun to harden, she quivered with delight, purring with anticipation.

Tom circled the nipple with his tongue, first working it clockwise before flicking his tongue at the hardened nub. Celina’s breast twitched as Tom’s tongue worked its magic, goose bumps rising on her arms. Tom began to massage the other breast through the bra, until Celina decided she didn’t want to be teased: she wanted her left breast to receive the same attention.

With her left hand, she grasped the lacy material and swiftly pulled it down, with a hard nipple popping out from underneath its prison. It felt the cool air and straightened for inspection. Tom’s hands began the check up, his palm caressing the underside, rubbing back and forth. His overlarge hands worked the breast, pausing every few strokes to trace a circle with his fingertips. Then, he took his thumb and forefinger and pinched the nipple while he sucked heartily on the other. Celina cooed with the pleasure her man was giving her.

After a while, Tom felt her nipples had canlı bahis received plenty of attention and, coupled with the fact Celina’s hands were on his shoulders and trying to shove him toward his knees, he decided to please her in other ways. With Tom on his knees, Celina removed the top of her uniform and discarded her bra, leaving her naked from the waist up. But Tom wasn’t finished. Looking up at her with his warm eyes, she didn’t resist when he began to unsnap the clasp of her pants. With his left hand, he nonchalantly began to lower the zipper and with his right, he ran it up her body to feel the warm flesh of her breasts again.

Celina had on a pair of lacy boy shorts, and Tom could smell her arousal. Her pussy had gotten extremely wet from his mouth working her breasts, so wet to the point where it was soaking the crotch of the fabric. He began to rub the crotch, getting it wetter, feeling her hips rotate, her legs spreading seductively. He felt the vertical hood piercing jutting through the panties, so he concentrated his efforts just below that spot, his fingers working tirelessly over her clit. Celina allowed several moans to escape as she ran her tongue across her dry, parched lips. She wanted to kiss her again, to feel his tongue slowly invade her mouth, so that she could take a slight bit of control.

But he didn’t let her. Tom hooked his fingers into the hem of her panties, inching them down over her supple thighs. When the panties were pulled down and bunched up with her pants, he began to rub her pussy, running two fingers up and down the crease. He grazed his fingernail against the clit and fingered the piercing that looked to be a mini barbell attached to her. He tentatively licked her clit, his tongue coming in contact with the small piece of metal protruding above her pussy. She stifled a moan.

“Scream if you want to baby, no one is going to hear you,” Tom said to her, winking at her and looking up at her just under the hoods of his eyelids. Celina was looking at him with lust and began to groan deeply, rubbing her breasts and fingering her nipples as he began to lick her.

He worked his tongue inside of her, touching the sensitive folds with deft strokes, getting a reaction every time he reached an area of pleasure. He tongued her with such precision that she began to scream, her body tensed up as he drove his tongue deep inside her.

“Oh my God Tom! Lick me baby, please, I need you to make me cum!” Celina cooed, pinching her nipples and arching her back as Tom’s tongue danced inside her.

He began to nibble on her inner pelvis, sending sharp but intense rockets of pleasure throughout her nervous system. Her hands abandoned their vigil on her breasts and shot directly for her hair, running her fingers through her long, dirty blonde tresses. Her eyes were closed, but she was seeing fireworks as the pleasurable sensations that made her body ache ran wild with reckless abandon through her.

Tom’s tongue was darting through her, twisting and turning as it explored her tasty crevice. Celina couldn’t stifle the moans that threatened to break the silence. She was extremely wet, and the sounds of his tongue parting her silky folds were driving her absolutely insane.

He then attacked her clit, which was sticking up and ready for attention. He bathed the clit with his saliva, using the same oral ministrations he used on her very erect nipples only minutes before. His tongue worked clockwise, and then he switched the motions and reversed his tongue. He flicked his tongue at the clit, even licking the piercing that hovered above. He was starting to clamp his mouth down to suck his lover’s clit when he slid two fingers inside her and began to pump them in and out of her drenched pussy. Celina couldn’t take much more pleasure as her partner stroked her pussy knowingly.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Celina cooed, her hands grasping the sheet on the foldaway. “That’s right baby, finger my pussy, finger it hard!”

Tom did as he was told, and soon he was jamming his fingers deep inside her, wiggling the tips about as she continued to moan. Her hips bucked slightly, but the trooper Tom was keeping control of his sucking. He didn’t stop once; it was like he anticipated Celina’s hips churning and rotating as his fingers dived deeper. He then pulled the fingers out of her pussy, licked the juices off his digits and resumed licking her. He buried his tongue inside her, making her slam herself back against the couch. The pleasure was so intense that Celina let out a piercing scream that seemed to fill the room. The sweat was starting to pour off her face.

He then made his tongue stiff and used it like a cock, holding the folds of her pussy wide open so he could ream bahis siteleri it with his mouth. In and out his tongue repeatedly went, driving inside her, his tongue brushing up against the clit. She was soaking wet and he knew he wouldn’t need any additional lubrication when he was ready to slide his cock inside her.

Then Tom added a third finger, and after several minutes of fucking her sweet pussy with his fingers, she was nearing climax. Her hips were bucking, her moans becoming louder. Her hands seemed to grip his head tighter as he sucked her clit. Her pussy was squeezing his fingers like a vise.

“Oh Tom, oh God baby! I’m going to cum! Lick me baby, fuck my pussy with those fingers! Oh God yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Celina screamed, her pussy spasming around his digits, filling his mouth with sweet, sticky cum. Tom hungrily lapped up her juices, not finishing until his tongue inspected every nook and cranny of her pussy. He did this for several minutes and soon, he had his fingers back inside her, continuing to prod her as Celina again came closer and closer to going over the edge.

She climaxed again and one more time, Tom’s tongue worked overtime to clean up the mess, stopping when Celina told him she couldn’t handle it anymore. Reluctantly, Tom stood up and began to unbutton his uniform. Underneath he wore a white t-shirt that clung to his sculpted chest. Before he could get to his pants, Celina seemed to have a rush of adrenaline: she leapt forward and quickly got his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. She looked up into his eyes with her baby blues and yanked his pants down, revealing a pair of grey boxer briefs and the bulge she desired.

Many times she pictured herself doing this; usually he wouldn’t let her take the offensive like this. But she wanted to repay him for pleasing her, for making her cum twice. She rubbed the bulge with her right hand while she sent her left around to caress his firm ass. She liked the way his ass felt: as she cupped his right cheek, he began to flex it responsively. She allowed herself a cooing chuckle as she felt his ass tighten. She then ran her hand up and down the bulge, feeling his hot cock grow harder underneath her touch. Celina started to get firmer with her stroking, gripping his cock on the downward stroke. Tom groaned as she put pressure on his cock. A slight dampness appeared on his underwear, as pre-cum seeped onto the fabric.

She started to kiss the bottom of his bulge, feeling his balls tighten as her lips made contact. She kissed upward, lightly tonguing his cock through his boxer briefs. Tom’s fingers became laced through her long hair, pulling it behind her head so he could see her pretty face manipulating his hidden cock. Soon she was kissing the top of his shaft and in one quick motion, pulled his underwear down, freeing his beautiful cock. It was extremely hard, at least eight and a half inches long and several inches thick. She loved this cock, worshipped it nightly in both her dreams and in person, when she had it in front of her. Her small fingers could hardly wrap around the shaft, but she managed to get a good hold of it. She began to pump it, stroking it and feeling the veins underneath his skin. His cock felt hot, the blood was pumping through it. She took her left hand and cupped his balls, caressing them and loving them with her hand. Soon she lowered her head and began to suck on them. Tom winced in pleasure as his balls were kissed and tongued by the lovely woman in front of him.

Celina then dropped to her knees so she could have better access to the sight in front of her. She loved to orally please her man, using her tongue ring on his cock. Using the tip of her tongue, she traced a line of saliva from the base all the way up the underside. When she got to the sensitive ridge just below the head, she changed tactics, using her piercing and swiping the ridge with it. Celina repeated the strokes on the ridge, swiping back and forth until she had Tom groaning, begging for more.

“You want me to suck your cock, don’t you baby? You love my mouth loving your dick, don’t you? You like my piercing running up and down your shaft. Say it, I know you like it,” Celina said seductively.

“Yessss Celina, I need your mouth all over my cock baby. Suck it like the good girl you are,” Tom responded in between gasps.

Celina snickered; she loved having him like this. She made an “O” with her lips and slowly slid the head of his cock between her lips. Tom moaned.

With his cockhead in her mouth, she started to use to expert tongue to its fullest abilities: she started to coat the head with saliva and, when she had the head wet, used the piercing on the ridge on the underside. Tom was writhing bahis şirketleri with pleasure.

Celina then started to take the cock into her mouth, getting at least four inches into her mouth. Tom never forced her to take the entire length of his cock and he wouldn’t do it this time either. She sucked on the cock like her favorite popsicle while she slowly jacked off his cock, working it with both hands, her left on the base. She used enough pressure to hold off his orgasm. She loved giving head, especially to a well-endowed cock like the one in front of her. She knew not to use her teeth; she simply let her lips and tongue do all the work, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

She continued to keep her eyes on Tom’s face, looking for signs of enjoyment. He was clearly enjoying it: his eyes were closed and his face was scrunched in a pleasurable grimace, moans coming his deep inside him whenever she hit a sensitive area with the tongue ring.

She started to take him gradually in deeper, and amazingly she got up to five inches into her mouth before her gag reflex took over. Celina backed off slightly before she started licking his cock again. She wanted to tease him so he could enjoy her oral work. She took her tongue off his cock and started to very slowly jerk him off.

All of a sudden, Celina stood up and got on tiptoes to kiss him. She wanted to taste herself, taste the tangy juice he extracted from her. Their lips met and she caught the sweet smell of her cum on his lips. She licked his lips before swishing her tongue into his mouth, letting his tongue lead hers.

She continued to stroke his cock as they kissed, dragging her fingernails up the underside. Celina pulled away slightly, looked up into Tom’s eyes with hers and said, “Baby, I want you to fuck me. I need this cock, I want this cock. I need this cock deep inside me honey. Please, take me now!”

Celina didn’t wait for Tom’s response, pulling him down onto the floor with her. Within five seconds, Tom was imbedded inside her before he started to rock his hips. There was no pain, she was used to his girth by now. Tom got a good rhythm going, his cum-filled balls started to slap against her tight ass. They locked eyes as Tom continued to pound into her. He slowed his strokes as they kissed, and when the kiss broke, he started pounding into her again. The head of his cock ricocheted off her cervix, making her moan deep. Her eyes closed as his cock assaulted her womb, preparing for the loads of cum that were about to flood her groin.

To get more comfortable, Tom grabbed Celina’s ankles and pushed them above her head. She grasped her ankles, holding them so Tom could pound her pussy harder, just the way she liked it. Soon, Tom was fucking her like a man possessed, Celina was screaming, and Tom was grunting as he began to unleash a flood of his semen into her well-fucked pussy.

Tom collapsed, spent, on top of Celina. She released her hold on her ankles and let them fall to the floor, and then pulling them up slightly so her knees were bent and her feet were flat on the floor. She wrapped her arms around him and rolled him over onto his back, then began to kiss and suck down his body, trailing a line of saliva down his chest, swirling her tongue around his own nipples, feeling his muscular chest with her hands. She coated his abs with kisses before she got back down to the cock that she adored, the cock that just fucked her hard. It was half-hard, covered in a mixture of his cum and her juices. She started to stroke it before sliding it into her mouth. Within minutes she had it erect again, ready to go. This time, the fucking would last longer.

And she would be in control.

She straddled his waist, sinking her pussy down to the hilt with his rock hard dick. Celina began to ride him, slowly rising and falling on his cock. She controlled the pace of this fucking, rubbing her hands on her chest, pinching her nipples as she rode him. After a few minutes of riding him, she picked up the intensity and fucked him hard. The muscles inside her was pulsating, squeezing his cock, making it harder for her to move. But she compensated for that by plowing his cock harder and faster inside her.

Tom finally recovered from the first fuck and put his hands on her hips to guide her. She was riding him and he was loving it. Soon both would cum, with Celina cumming first. He wanted to cum inside her pussy again, but she wasn’t having it: she hopped off his cock and crawled down his body, sliding his hardened shaft deep inside her mouth. After several strokes inside her mouth, he pumped his load into her throat, Celina swallowing every drop of cum.

The pair kissed, Tom tasting the cum on her lips. They wrapped themselves in a passionate embrace for a few minutes before they cleaned up and got dressed. The two lovers then made the couch up, laid down together, and awaited the next emergency call of the night.

To be continued…

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