The End of Summer

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At the end of a day of too much sun and water, the sun starts to set. Although the day was hot, the air cools off quickly as the sun sets over the far edge of the lake.

We walk hand and hand, at dusk, down to a secluded spot in the rocks. There, just as stones throw from the waters edge, I have pre-built a fire for us. I bend to strike a match to the dry kindling, you spread out the blankets that we have brought with us. As the wood takes flame, I watch you as you tug the corners of the blankets, trying to tease the wrinkles out of the material. I lovingly watch your jeans go tight across your butt, as you kneel and reach for a stubborn corner, your breasts straining the rough flannel of your shirt.

With our backs against a large rock we can feel the heat of its rough surface on our backs and the dampness of the evening air on our faces. As the sun starts to set, the birds start to roost and their calls of good night create a symphony for our enjoyment.

Now that the fire is well engaged, we sit on the blankets, hip to hip, one of your legs over mine, my arm around your shoulder, your hand in mine, resting on our thighs.

Night descends up us.

As we sit our bodies mold together, the birds cease their score, the crickets take over and the night air is pierced by their chirps, harmonized with the gentle sounds of the lake lapping onto the shore.

The stars start to emerge, slowly at first then more and more until the sky is ablaze with the twinkle of diamonds.

The fire has burned down to embers, casting a red glow, spreading its warmth outward and dispelling the coolness and dampness from our little circle.

I rise and put fresh logs on the fire, causing a little cyclone of sparks to circle upward, the smell of wood smoke swirls mingling with the smell of the lake. The parched heat of the embers is blistering on my hand and face causing me to draw back.

Newly alight, the light of the flames casts shadows of light and dark across your face. Your eyes are sparkling and the tip of your nose is lightly brown from the days sun. The wind and water has your hair all tussled and mussed so you have it pulled back, framing your face.

I regain my seat beside you. My hand seeks out yours and we look into the flames as sparks soar skyward.

I lean over and kiss the top of your head and taste the scent of sunshine and wood smoke. My hand leaves yours and touches your chin, tilting your head back, letting me look deeply into your eyes. I kiss you gently on the tip of your sun burnt nose. I draw back and see a look of contentment in your eyes, a look of desire, of yearning. I lean down again, and brush my lips against yours. My lips part slightly and my tongue darts out, only to find your tongue. They tease each other, tasting, illegal bahis sampling, and wrestling each other. Your lips close around mine and you inhale, trying to draw me deeper into you.

Our hands start to unbutton each others shirts, we shrug them off carelessly. Unzipped jeans have us laughing at each other as feet become stuck in the legs in our rush to discard them. We struggle to keep our balance as we keep kissing each other.

Under the light of the new moon now in the sky, I see you in your lavender bra and panties, contrasting against your newly tanned skin, enhanced by the red glow of the dying fire.

Kneeling now, I’m behind you and wrap my arms around you and draw you close, your skin warm from the fire. Nuzzling your neck, I take in your scent of rose and sunshine, my hands resting on your hips. As you lean back in to me, I reach up and undo your bra, slip the straps from your shoulders and let it fall to the blanket. I trace the outline of your breasts. Under them, around them. I cup each one, lifting it, feeling its weight. Your nipples are pink rosettes that start to swell in the cool evening air.

I drop my hands to your hips again and run them up and down your sides and along the sides of your butt, looking to find those magical dimples. Then they travel across your stomach and downwards, across the little triangle of material that cups and holds you. I tease my thumbs under the lacy material to find you warm and moist. I hook my thumbs over the straps and pull them down to your knees. You stand and they fall to your ankles and you step out of them as you turn around. I’m still kneeling so I’m looking right at your breasts as you cup them yourself, and then you step towards me, and push your hips towards me, letting me feel your smoothness against my upper stomach. You hold your breasts in your hands and offer them to me, so that I may savor their taste, the texture of your skin, the sweetness of you nipples. You hold my head in your hands, your fingers entwined in my hair as you guide my mouth from one to the other, as I lick, nibble and tongue them. As I gorge on your breasts, I rest my hands on your hips and pull you tighter against me, feeling your pubic bone, grinding into me. Feeling you move in small circles trying to grind your clit against my breast bone. Suddenly you kneel and as you do so, you cover my chest with small kisses and bites. You reach down to cup me in your hand, through the thin white cotton of my briefs.. but I’m very aroused and my cock pokes about the elastic of my waist band. Deciding to end the wait, you grab my briefs at my hips and pull them down to my knees, releasing my cock to the cool, damp night air, where it bobs in its newfound release. As you are already now on your hands and knees, you tease illegal bahis siteleri its head with your tongue as it bobs, twirling your tongue around its tip. You lick the small cleft on the bottom of my cock head as you hold my balls with your hands. You run a fingernail along underside of my length to the crown. As I get even more aroused the skin grows taut, yet it’s still spongy, like a mushroom. Gently you take me into your mouth, wetting my cock, drawing me in. I feel your teeth scrape along me, your tongue cradles me. You hold me in your mouth, not moving, feeling my pulse on your tongue and your lips. Slowly you back off, leaving my cock shiny and wet. Leaning back and sitting on your bum you look up into my eyes. The fire has died down now to a hot bed of red coals, the heat washes over us in waves as the breeze drifts in from the lake. You cup a breast in each hand and rise to your knees. In the moonlight your nipples, long and soft, are the softest shade of pink. Holding your breasts slightly apart you place my erection between them and then close the gap, sandwiching me between them. Rocking gently on your knees, I travel between them. Once in a while you look down and lick the top of me as it peeks from between your breasts.

Finally I can stand no longer and drop down to kneel on the blanket in front of you, our knees touching. I cup your face with my hands, and draw our faces together and kiss you. I trail kisses across your cheek, to your neck and downward to your breasts, tracing along the tiny freckles. I sample your nipples, now very red and hard in the cool night air. You lean back and I travel down to your flat stomach, tease your bellybutton and its diamond with my tongue. Now you recline all the way back, straightening your legs, framing me between your knees. I continue downward, lowering myself onto the blanket to rest on my stomach. My hands go underneath you to cup your ass and you lift your knees upwards and hold them so I have access to your pussy. It’s so smooth looking under the moonlight, with just a hint of red from the coals glowing just inches from our bodies. My tongue finds that it is a smooth as it looks, as I make a long slow lick along its length, my tongue moving along the soft folds of your pussy lips to the tiny pink pearl that is nestled at the very end of them. My lips on yours, I suck gently on the pink lips, stretching them, drawing them into my mouth, rolling them with my tongue, and savouring your taste.

A French kiss, my tongue slipping between your gently parted lips, draws an appreciative gasp from you, your hands are now in my hair, pulling me closer.

A sudden gust of wind sends another cyclone of sparks upward to join the already spark filled night sky. A handful of rest coloured fall leafs canlı bahis siteleri makes a rustling noise as they dance over the rocks and skitter along the water edge dipping their toes in the wetness then swirling away.

Your hands tug my face up from your lips and encourage me to trail a trial of kisses upwards letting me suck briefly on your hard button, which makes your hips push up against me. More urgent tugs on my ear let me stop there only briefly, then I continue my licking, nibbling and kissing journey. Across your flat tummy, lingering briefly at your belly button where I probe with my tongue. As my lips travel up your body, your hand leaves my ear, travels down my chest as I continue upwards to the globes of your breasts the deep valley between them. Your hand traces along the sides of my body as my mouth finds the base of your neck, rambles to the edge of your ear. A soft hand flits across my stomach, finds the swollen tip of my cock and squeezes. I feel the inside of your thighs on my sides as you pull my hardened cock downwards and rest the tip between your now softly parted lips. Your legs wrap around and you use your heels in the small of my back to pull me into you. Caressed by the pink lips, my cock slips between them in an erotic French kiss.

I can feel you take me into you, stretching, fitting tightly along the length of my cock until all of me resides deep inside of you.

Suddenly, you move under me, rolling off to one side and I follow until I am on the bottom and you ride me cowgirl style. Your hair is falling over your face and you lean over me so it brushes my chest. The red glow of the coals lets me see your full breasts, punctuated with your long nipples. I reach up and tug on then, feeling how they have gone from soft pink nubs to long hard red points. My hands travel to your shoulders and pull you down to me. My lips crush yours and my tongue slips between your lips as yours darts into my mouth. I manage to get my legs spread apart and wrap them around you. I can feel your hard button hot against my skin as you wiggle against me, pulling my cock even deeper into you. Your breasts are tight against my chest, hot nipples burning into my skin.

Nose to nose, looking into your eyes, feeling your breath on my face. The soft sounds that only you make take on a harder edge as we move with more urgency against each other.

Short thrusts.

Adamant thrusts.

Sharing our breath.

You cum loudly. Your body shaking as you cum. I can feel your orgasm tighten on my cock, I can feel your wetness. Your passion escapes as a loud moan entering my mouth. Feeling you, hearing you sends me over the edge. I cum deep inside of you. Eight hard spurts.

Breathless, we roll onto our sides. My cock still buried between your thighs, your breasts still tight to my chest, our arms around each other as we catch our breath.

“I love you Chantal Rose”

“I love you David”

We look upwards and see the night sky ablaze with stars as never-ending as our love.

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