The Eros Project Ch. 02

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This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“Are you okay, honey? You’ve been awfully quiet today.”

Mark glanced over at his mother who sat at the opposite end of the sofa from him. She had her long legs drawn up and tucked under her delectable, round ass that was clad in a skin-tight pair of yoga pants; her arms were folded under the swell of her massive tits that were currently encased in a tight T-shirt; her blonde hair was tied back in a loose pony tail; her gorgeous face was currently frowning slightly at him.

“I’m okay, mom,” he said, turning back to the TV that was showing some documentary his mother was interested in. He sighed, thinking back to the conversation he’d had with his cousin earlier that day.

“Come on, honey, you know you can tell me anything,” Angela said. Since Mark’s father had died ten years before, Angela had done everything she could to be there for her son. First and foremost, of course, she was his mother, but she tried as best she could to be his friend and confidant whenever he needed.

Mark sighed. “It’s nothing — just — Luke said there was a girl who liked me, that’s all — and I don’t think he’s right.” He shrugged away his comment, pretending to watch the documentary.

“A girl, eh?” Angela asked with a big smile. “Well, I hope he’s wrong. I don’t like the idea of you dating.”

“Come on, mom,” Mark said with a laugh. “I’m 18 now, and you never had a problem with me dating before.” There had been a succession of girlfriends over the last couple of years — cheerleaders, mostly — but none of them had lasted long.

“Exactly, you’re 18. You’re a young man and if you’re dating now, there’s an expectation you’ll do more than just kissing and cuddling, and I’m not comfortable with that.” Angela said.

“Mom, are you saying you don’t want me to have sex?” Mark asked. Because you’re telling me too late! he thought.

Angela shrugged, her big tits jiggling softly in her T-shirt. “I know you have your needs like any other young man.” She smiled at him. “After all, I do the laundry, remember?”

“What — what do you mean?” Mark asked, his smile fading.

Angela giggled. “A couple of days ago, I found a pair of my panties that you’d — you know — finished off in,” she said with a big grin that got wider as Mark blushed a deep red.

“Oh Jesus, mom, I — I’m sorry — I — “

His mother waved her hand, dismissing it. “Please, I’ve got plenty more, I didn’t mind.” She smirked at him. “Though you might want to make sure you — you know — release yourself a little more often. It looked as though there was a month’s worth in there!” she laughed.

Mark thought back to the other day when he’d found a pair of his mom’s lace panties and jerked off in to them, thinking of her the whole time. He’d found them late in the afternoon, after spending a day looking at porn. He didn’t have a panty fetish or anything like that but all the porn he’d watched had featured busty MILFs just like his mom and when he’d caught sight of her small, lace thong he hadn’t been able to help himself.

“Actually, mom, that was the third time I’d done it that day,” he said before he could stop himself. As his mother’s eyes went wide, his face burned scarlet.

“You mean — it was the third time you’d — done it in my panties that day?” Angela asked.

“No — I — I mean it was — the third load — that day.” He’d jerked off twice that day watching porn and then, on his way back from the bathroom, he’d spotted her panties.

“But — there was — so much of it!” she said in surprise, thinking back to the cum-sodden panties she’d found in the laundry hamper. They’d been soaked through, globs of fresh cum covering the lacey material, the wadded-up panties actually dripping as she’d lifted them up, the salty smell of fresh jizz wafting over her.

Mark shrugged, still embarrassed. “It’s — it’s like that every time,” he said, half ashamed, half proud. After filling her panties up, he’d planned to wash them out so she wouldn’t know but — as he’d heard her car pulling in to the drive just moments after he’d finished shooting his load, he’d had no choice but to stuff her panties back in the hamper.

“Really?” Angela asked quietly. She licked her lips unconsciously and swallowed as her mouth filled with saliva. The fresh cum in her panties had been so warm and tempting — even though she knew it was wrong at the time, she hadn’t been able to stop herself from scooping some up — and sucking her finger clean. And after the first taste of her son’s göztepe escort delicious, rich cum, she’d eagerly drank down the rest, cramming her panties in her mouth so she wouldn’t miss a drop. “You — produce that much — every time?” she asked him, licking her lips again.

“Uh-huh,” Mark said, thinking back to his conversation with Luke. Holy fucking shit, he thought. Was Luke right?

His mother stared at him for a moment before she abruptly stood and left the room, leaving Mark confused and more than a little horny.

So much for Luke’s theory, Mark thought.

A moment or two later, Angela walked back in to the room and sat back down on the sofa, not looking at him, her cheeks red, her hands clenched in her lap. She and Mark sat in silence for a few minutes, both of them pretending to watch the TV, Angela’s hands working in her lap, gripping whatever it was she had in them.

After a while, Angela turned her head and looked at him.

“Mark? I’d — I’d like to ask you — to do something for me,” she said after building up her courage.

“What’s that, mom?” Mark asked.

“It’s — it’s not something — a mother should ask her son,” Angela said, blushing furiously.

“Come on, mom, you know I’d do anything for you,” Mark said and he meant it. No-one else in the world meant as much to him as his mother.

“Would you — would you — finish off in these for me?” she asked, holding up a pair of tiny, black lace panties.

Mark’s eyes went wide. “You want me to — cum in your panties?” he asked breathlessly.

“Oh God, I know I shouldn’t have asked you,” Angela cried, burying her face in her hands. “I’m sorry, you must hate me, think I’m some terrible kind of deviant for asking you to do that, forget it, just forget it!” she said in a rush.

“Hey, mom — it’s okay — it’s okay,” Mark said. “I don’t think you’re a pervert or anything — or if you are — well, maybe I am, too.”

Angela looked up at him. “What do you mean?”

“I mean — I’m willing to do it — you know — cum in your pants,” Mark said, blushing himself. He had no idea what had come over his mother, or if his cousin’s theory was true — he just wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity. He pushed his sweat pants off and spun round, sitting on the sofa so that he was facing her, and pushed the waistband of his boxer shorts down below his balls, hoisting out his half-hard cock for her to see.

Angela gasped, her hand flying up to her mouth. “Jesus, Mark,” she said, staring at her son’s rapidly hardening prick as he jerked on it slowly. “That’s — that’s a really big cock,” she sighed. “And look at the size of your balls. No wonder you produce big loads.”

Mark’s huge cock stood upright in his hand as he slowly stroked it, the bulbous head spurting out pre-cum which he used as lubricant. He watched his mother as she turned in her seat, her feet drawn up into her crotch, her knees dropping wide giving him a perfect view of her yoga pants stretched tight over her pussy, her huge tits straining against her T-shirt. The whole time, she stared at his mammoth prick. As if in a daze, she licked her lips as she watched more pre-cum drool from the head of his shaft, one of her hands — still holding her panties — cupping one of her big tits, the other rubbing at her pussy through her yoga pants.

“You like watching me jerk off, mom?” Mark asked quietly.

“I shouldn’t,” Angela said, her eyes almost glazing over with lust, “but I do — especially — as it’s so big.”

“Do you like my big dick, mom?” Mark asked her. She nodded, staring at it, moaning as more pre-cum dribbled from the head. “Why do you want me to cum in your panties, mom?” he asked. “Do you like cum?”

Angela grabbed at her big tits, rubbing at her pussy at the same time, almost as if she was unaware of Mark, transfixed as she was by his big cock.

“Shouldn’t — shouldn’t be telling you this,” she sighed, “but I — I have something of a — hmmm — cum fetish.”

“Really?” Mark asked. “So tell me — what did you do when you found those panties I’d filled up?”

Angela licked at her lips again. “I — I really shouldn’t tell you,” she said.

“Come on, mom,” he said, stroking his big dick at her. “Tell me what you did.”

Angela moaned at the memory. “I know it was wrong but — I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Couldn’t stop yourself from doing what?” Mark asked her.

“It was so fresh — so warm — I had to — to taste it.”

“And did you like it?” Mark asked.

“Hm-hmm — it was soooooo goooooood,” Angela sighed. “I took a little at first and then — then I couldn’t stop myself from — tasting it — drinking it all down.”

Mark grinned, still stroking his cock, the slick sounds of his hand moving up and down filling the room.

“You ate your own son’s cum? You ate my cum?”

“Don’t hate me, honey,” Angela said, still watching him jerking off. “I know it was wrong.”

“I don’t think it’s wrong, mom — I think it’s hot as fuck.” He glanced at her hand that kurtköy escort was grabbing her big tits. “Toss me those panties, mom.”

Angela did as he asked. Mark held his prick steady and, with his other hand, wiped up a thick, clear line of his pre-cum with his mother’s panties. It lay across the lace in an unbroken line, glistening in the light from the TV that still played, forgotten by both of them.

“Show me,” he said, tossing her panties back over to land in her lap.

For the first time since he’d taken his cock out, Angela looked her son in the eye. She slowly lifted her panties and licked up the line of pre-cum he’d left on them, closing her eyes as she swallowed.

“Mmmmmm — so good,” she moaned.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” Mark whispered. When his mother looked at him again, he smiled. “You want some more, mom?” She nodded. “Then come get some,” he said, waggling his cock at her.

“Oh — oh, Mark, I can’t,” his mother said, staring at his big dick again. “I mean — we shouldn’t.”

“Just like you shouldn’t have eaten my cum from your panties?” He aimed his cock at her and ran his fist up it, squeezing out a thick line of clear pre-cum that ran out of his knob and down on to the meaty shaft. “Don’t you want another taste?”

His mother paused for just a few seconds before leaning forward, bringing her knees in and crawling between her son’s legs.

She looked up at him, past the throbbing meat in front of her.

“We really shouldn’t do this, Mark,” she said.

Angela looked at her son’s enormous fuck stick and slowly reached out, taking hold of it at the base, allowing him to let go. He gasped at the feel of her fingers around his shaft, marvelling that they didn’t meet around his girth, her fist slowly travelling up and down, using his pre-cum to slide her hand along her son’s cock.

“We really shouldn’t,” she said to herself. “But I really want to.”

She snaked out her tongue and lapped at the stream of pre-cum that slid from his knob, savouring it for a moment before swallowing it down.

“Mmmm — oh God — need more,” she sighed, leaning forward and taking the whole of her son’s knob into her mouth.

“Holy fuck!” Mark gasped as he watched his mother slurp and suck at his cock head, moving down, taking inch after inch between her lips, her hand stroking at his shaft, milking him into her mouth.

“Mmmmllpppp — so good,” Angela said, coming up for air and sucking on his knob. She bobbed her head again, taking more of his cock this time, the head nudging at the back of her throat. Undeterred, she forced herself down even further, her mouth wide, drool spilling from her lips as she gagged on his fat prick — “Glluuukk! Glluukk! Gacckkk! Thhlllipppp!” — the sounds filling the room.

“Shit, mom,” Mark groaned. Despite his conversation with his cousin priming him for this, he couldn’t believe his eyes: his own gorgeous, big titted MILF of a mother, was eagerly stuffing his cock into her throat.

“So good — mmmmmm — so big,” Angela moaned as she stopped sucking him for a moment and licked his cock from base to tip. “Are you going to give Mommy some more cum, honey?” she asked him.

“Sure, mom,” Mark said. He caught sight of the panties she’d left on the sofa. “But I’m gonna need a bigger target than those panties of yours.”

“Like what?” his mother asked, rubbing his cock over her face, smearing the mixture of saliva and pre-cum over her gorgeous features.

“Would you — take your T-shirt off?” Mark asked.

Angela smiled at him. “Do you want to see Mommy’s big titties, honey? Do you want to cum all over them?” She didn’t bother waiting for an answer but knelt up on the sofa, grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it off. She cupped her huge tits in both hands, presenting them. “I really shouldn’t be showing you my big boobs, Mark,” she said. “You know that, don’t you?”

“Sure mom,” Mark said. He wondered if his mother was trying to rationalise her actions each time she said she shouldn’t do something, as if by admitting it was wrong, it somehow allowed her to do it.

“And you know you can’t tell anybody about this?” she said, hefting her huge boobs in her hands.

“Definitely,” Mark said, nodding as he watched her.

“Good, because I really shouldn’t do this,” she said again. “But then I really shouldn’t do this, either,” she said, leaning forward again and trapping her son’s enormous fuck meat between her huge tits, wrapping the fleshy mounds around his cock. Instantly, Mark began thrusting his hips, his spit covered cock sliding between his mother’s big jugs.

“Oh my God,” Mark gasped, watching the head of his cock poke up out of her cleavage. “I’m tit-fucking you, mom!”

“I know, honey,” Angela said, holding her tits around his thick length as he fucked them. “Does it feel good?”

“So fucking good!” Mark moaned. None of his girlfriends had ever had big enough tits to smother his cock.

“Would you like to hold them?” she asked with a smile.

Mark hesitated pendik escort for less than a second before reaching down and taking hold of his mother’s massive mounds. He groaned as he filled his hands with the spongy weight feeling her stiff nipples against his skin. Her tit flesh spilled over his fingers, too big for him to contain, the objects of his fantasies finally in his hands.

“Oh my God, mom,” he gasped. “They’re so fucking big!” He pumped his cock between her melons, pre-cum dribbling from his cock, lubricating the incestuous tit-fucking. “They feel so good!”

“You like that, don’t you, honey?” Angela asked. “You like tit-fucking Mommy’s big tits?”

“Oh Jesus, yes!” Mark gasped, watching his prick slide up and down in the valley of her jugs, his mind awhirl, still unable to comprehend that this was happening.

“I bet you’ve thought about doing this for a long time, haven’t you?” Angela asked, laughing as her son nodded, still sliding his cock between her mounds. “I bet you’ve thought of other naughty things, too, haven’t you? Really naughty things — like fucking Mommy’s tight pussy, huh?”

Mark’s eyes went wide at her words and he nodded eagerly.

Angela moved backwards, his cock falling from her tits and slapping against his muscular belly. She rolled on to her back, pulling her legs up above her so she could whip off her yoga pants and the black G-string she wore beneath. At the same time, Mark threw off his clothes, both of them naked in record time.

“Come on, honey,” Angela said, holding her legs behind her knees and pulling them wide apart, exposing her shaved, sopping pussy to her son, the lips glistening with her juices. “Come fuck Mommy.”

Mark moved between her legs, holding his throbbing cock in one hand, guiding the engorged knob between the slippery folds of her cunt before inching forward, his shaft disappearing into his mother’s pussy.

“Aahhhh — fuuuuuck, yes,” Angela sighed as she felt her son slide his big cock inside her. “Ohhhh — fuck that’s good.”

His cock safely inside her pussy, Mark put both hands on the arm of the sofa above her head, looking down at his mother. He moved his hips forward, sliding more of his prick into her cunt.

“Fuck — mmmm — fuck you’re big, Mark,” Angela moaned. It had been a long time since she’d had a man with a dick anywhere near as big as her son’s.

“Is that — is that okay, mom?” Mark asked, looking down at where his big dick was sliding into his mother’s juicy twat.

“Oh — oh it’s fucking perfect,” Angela sighed as she felt him finally bottom out. “Mommy loves your big cock. Aaahhhhh — are you all the way in?” He nodded. “Mmmmm — goooood — now — fuck Mommy.”

Mark grinned as he started moving his hips, pulling his big cock from her clasping pussy almost all the way out before sliding it back in, watching her big tits move in time with his thrusts. It was happening — after years of fantasising about it, he was finally fucking his gorgeous, big titted mother.

“Oh yes — fuck Mommy — uuuhnnnn — fuck Mommy’s horny pussy!” Angela sighed. She let her legs go, wrapping them around his waist, and grabbed at her huge tits again. Mark watched amazed as she pushed one up, clamping her lips around her own nipple and sucking hard on it.

“Fuck, mom — you’re so fucking sexy,” Mark sighed, stuffing his prick into her pussy again and again, loving the feel of her wet love hole gripping the length of his cock.

“Ooooohhhh — uuhhhh — we shouldn’t — mmmmm — be doing this, Mark,” Angela said, pulling him down and kissing him deeply. “But Mommy really — uuuhnnn — really needs a good fucking!”

Angela pushed his head down, letting him suck on her nipples as he fucked her, his huge cock sliding in and out of her tight, horny pussy. He moved from one tit to the other, sucking and gently biting at her hard yet pliant nipples.

“That’s it, honey — uuhh — fuck Mommy — hhahhhhh — fuck Mommy’s tight little cunt!”

Mark fucked his horny mother faster and harder, encouraged by her moans as he sucked on her huge tits. Her cunt clasped at his prick, trying to keep it inside, and Angela could feel the familiar tingle of an orgasm building.

“Fuck Mommy — uuuhnnnn — fuck Mommy faster, Mark!” she moaned. “Fuck Mommy — uuhhnnn — Mommy loves your cock — mmmmmm — Mommy loves your huge — hhuuhhh — fucking cock! Oh God — aahhhhhhh — Mommy’s cumming!”

Angela’s cunt rippled with spasms that sent pleasure pulsing through her body, making her hairless pussy suck and clench around the throbbing shaft of her son’s huge cock. Feeling his mother cum from his fucking her was too much for Mark and he felt his balls tighten all too soon.

“Gonna cum, too, mom,” he managed to grunt.

“Uhhnnn — not in me,” Angela gasped. “Cum on me — hhhahhhhn — want to taste it — uuuhnnn — need to — mmnnmm — taste it.”

Mark lifted himself up and pulled his cock free of his mom’s pussy as she dropped her legs to the side, allowing him to straddle her belly, his huge cock throbbing above her massive tits.

“Do it, mom,” he said. “Jerk me off.”

Angela reached up and grabbed his cock with both hands — marvelling at just how much still stuck out from them — and stroked it, using her own pussy juice as lube.

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