The Eros Union

 Book V: Serving

By Ganymede


Walking gingerly, Daniil and Simon descended from the attic in the slow-moving elevator, not saying a word, sharing shy knowing smiles.

“Aunt Claire used to be my mum before you came along. Now, I’m ’schmoozed, bruised and abused;’ that’s what she said. Can you believe it? Totally unsympathetic!” Simon grumbled. “I got bummed nonstop, and she makes it sound like it’s my fault.”

“I’m not so sore with L’ Entraîneur,” Daniil admitted.

“The ever-present L’ Entraîneur, indispensable to catamites the world over, before and after shagging,” Simon asserted with a smirk.

“I hate itching back there all the time. Mum said wearing it and lots of ‘Lila’ would help.”

Claire’s ‘Lila’ (Lidocaine and Lanolin) helped take the edge off the raw feeling inside, the catamite’s curse, as she called it.

Wise to the world, Simon rolled his eyes, patted Daniil on the shoulder. “Poor Skippy. After a workout like you had, plus staying plugged, you won’t tighten up like before.”

“My hole’s really big. Is that why it feels like stuff’s leaking out?” Daniil whispered.

It was hard not to worry; the slightest sense of gas, even a pang of discomfort and he clamped on the plug.

Simon smirked. “Just be glad most EU men are as old as Grampa. When a little goes in, little comes out.”

“That count from Venice…” Daniil began.

He had to think; pictured a face, suave and sophisticated, a mesmerizing voice; so many names to remember.

“… Conte Morosini; he squirted and squirted. Way more cum than my dad makes.”

“He’s Italian, A lot of them are gushers. If it’s not in your bum, there’s cum all over.” Simon peeked behind him. “No wet spot, so far.”

“Claire flushed me really good.”

“I was there, remember?”

“Four times with her baking soda douche; I thought it’d never end.”

“Either flush or poop cum all day; your choice.”

Daniil grimaced. “It’s not much of a choice.”

“You know from now on, Skippy, you’ll be as big as me back there.”

“Finally, something to look forward to.”

“What a pussy! You know you like it,” Simon laughed. “It’s fun when it slides in easily.”

A bell tinkled. Simon unlatched and opened the Art-Nouveau-glass elevator door to a glossy chessboard of black and white marble. Over-sized plastic chess pieces, naked chubby boy-toddlers each with discriminating head ornaments, were arrayed in formation, or grouped in skirmishes.

Daniil stared, intense liquid eyes taking in the world of the wealthy, a world he’d only just started to appreciate. Glorious potted palms, bamboo chairs and couches with floralized cushions, two boys still in regulation-pink catamite panties, more boys naked in the indoor heated pool, a half-dozen men, no longer in robes, business casual.

“Here’s our newest catamite.” Lord Handley waved from across the room. “Hip hip…”

“Hooray!” “Hoorah!” “Whatever!” “Skippy, the cum boy.” “I’m surprised he can still walk.”

It went on and on, garbled cat calls from sleep-deprived boys, and mostly exhausted men. Unlike Daniil and Bruce, they had the weekend to party.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon. When the men play chess, we move the pieces, naked. All sorts of naughty things happen.” Simon giggled, and confided, “Last time, my grandfather buggered Prince Christoph on the bishop. His father did me in the pool. He’s great at getting way up there.”

“Seriously?” Daniil giggled at himself, shaking his still-befuddled head.

“Hey Skippy,” a boy shouted from the pool. “How many times did they bum you?”

“Seven,” Simon shouted. “He fell asleep around two a.m. His dad didn’t want to wake him up.”

“No point when he’s as big as ankara escort he was. Like Edwin, I’m saving my turn for when he’s fresh,” Prince Johannes called.

“Where’s Mr. Ed… Master Edwin?” Daniil asked, looking around.

He remembered Edwin waking him for a goodbye kiss. Funny, he couldn’t remember any thing else.

“Master Edwin was upset with your father,” Simon whispered. “He gave you a nice two-finger fuck to make up for it before he left for the airport,” he added almost gleefully.

Daniil panicked. “Upset… what about? Was it something I did?”

“Edwin’s old school Eros, without a catamite. You know how that goes,” another man replied.

He was chubby, and bubbly. According to Simon, he owned a chain of grocery stores, a big one.

“He poked you, right?” Simon whispered.

Daniil nodded. The man wasn’t big, not like his dad, not small like his last partner, not precision like Lord Handley, not inept like Roland. However, he liked how the man pumped inside him. He had staying power, and lots of preseminal fluid, puddling his juices into a frothy mush. He remembered quivering, the looseness afterwards. Different was good.

“Why was Mr. Ed upset?’ he pressed, a vague recollection of ‘snarling’.

“He thinks your father was too gentle with you,” Simon whispered. “With parastatheis, the erastês is supposed to bonk his erômenos so it sets the standard. Ideally, as high as possible. It’s why your initiation into Eros is such a big deal. If you scream in ecstasy, all other men are inferior lovers compared to him. They’ll respect you.”

“But my dad did it exactly how I like,” Daniil murmured.

“It’s for your benefit, too. You play around less if he gives you really good orgasms,” Simon added.

“Edwin also desires you,” Prince Johannes said quietly.

Daniil was on it instantly. “That’s really why he left, isn’t it? He didn’t want to see me.”

“Envy makes a man say things best left unsaid; if he’s in love, even more so.”

“What he means is Mr. Ed loves you… Really loves you,” Simon emphasized.

“I love him, too.” Daniil pursed his lips, frowning. “But I love my dad more, way more.”

“One does not preclude the other. However, what you do about it is not entirely up to you,” Prince Johannes said quietly.

“Mr. Ed’s fun to be with, and I love him a whole lot; only he’s not the person I think about all the time.”

“Poor Mr. Ed,” Simon teased.

“Don’t be an ass! I’m serious! I think about my dad from when I wake up in the morning to when I fall asleep.”

“You serve the Union of Eros, now. You have a responsibility, even before the principal. Men will always fall in love with you. A catamite who’s in love with someone else…” Prince Johannes shook his head.

“But what do I do?”

“Before he left, Edwin said he’d be training you at Lake Hallstatt,” Prince Johannes continued. “We’ll talk about it at Èze.”

Simon leaned in and whispered in Daniil’s ear. “My advice, don’t tell your father. If he doesn’t already know, it’ll just make him mad.”

Daniil followed Simon on a beeline for the breakfast table, unaware that Lord Handley and Bruce watched them every step of the way, leaving no doubt which boy was of primary interest.

“Last night, one of the members said he’s no different than any other catamite, just more exuberant,” Lord Handley confided.

Bruce shrugged it off as jealousy. ‘Exuberant’ didn’t come close to defining his son.

“Not to depreciate the physical aspects of Eros; we have an abundance of beautiful sexy boys who thrive on being sodomized. However… just between us, Daniil’s smarter by far,” Lord Handley whispered. “He’ll go far, too. With the right principal, the right attitude; there’ll be no holding him back.”

“Edwin said something about the right opportunity,” Bruce posed.

“Assuming Daniil takes advantage of the situation, certain avenues will open to him, and you, too. Money will never ankara genç escort be an issue.” Lord Handley smiled warmly. “Of course, I’ll distract Kate for as long as it takes.”

“What takes?”

“You’ll have to be patient a while longer. I imagine Edwin will explain everything at Lake Hallstatt. Even as perceptive as he is, it’ll still take a while for him to adjust. You’ll need to be understanding, before and afterwards.”

Beyond superficiality, Bruce couldn’t put his finger on what bothered him; not devious, disingenuous perhaps.

Daniil’s most-outspoken admirer, Roland, teasingly cupped his crotch as he approached. No longer shy, or embarrassed, Daniil diverted, pivoted with a cheesy bum wriggle. Roland winked back, beckoning him closer.

“You’re a very beautiful boy. Truly incredible, even for a House catamite.” Envious, but what man wouldn’t be; looking the slender boy up and down. “Versace brings out the real you.”

Everything new, Le Pop Classique hooded jacket, Medusa track-pants, nothing underneath except a pouch on his privates—Daniil’s boy-bump was blatant. Sexy-smooth chest with the zipper down to his bellybutton, flaunting as much bare skin as he could get away with and still wear clothes. Men liked boys who pushed the ‘hot’ button.

“Luckily, your dad’s better at bumming you than I am,” Roland confided. “Be careful you don’t wear him out in Èze.”

Daniil grinned, lovesick and looking at his father. “After last night, he’s safe for a few days.”

Roland chuckled. “Your beautiful little body is better than a cardio machine.” He caressed Daniil’s face, and confided, “You wore me out. I’ve never bedded such a sexy boy.”

Daniil grinned as the man licked his lips. What the man lacked in endurance and technique he made up with wit.

“My son put a picnic basket in your Aston; a few delicacies in case you get hungry on the trip.” Roland lowered his head. “Try sucking him with some truffle pâté on his cock. It’s delicious. Just don’t forget and bite him.”

Daniil giggled. “Biting can be fun if you don’t break the skin.”

Roland chuckled, leaned in and kissed his head. “I bet you don’t know they found a very interesting hoard of silver phiale at Èze; Greek, 3rd century BC.”

“What are phiale?”

“A libation bowl; for holding wine and water.” He smiled strangely. “The collection is in the British Museum. Several phiale have men and boys, catamites from their positions.”

“You mean they were having sex… Mr. Ed showed me photos of the Warren Cup.” (Warning: X-rated images on Wikipedia)

“Well, of course he did. It’s the Grail of the Union of Eros. Next time, we’ll give you a private tour of the Secretum. Lots and lots of things to see in the British Museum for a sexy boy like you.” He lowered his voice. “You’re a fabulous little cocksucker. I’m going to miss your tongue.”

Daniil opened his mouth, his tongue wriggling, not wetting his lips, savoring. Roland gaped, utterly intoxicated, nervously looking around.

“I’m sorry I kept missing your magic spot.”

Daniil sucked up, anyway. “It was still really good. Next time your cum goes in my bum, okay?”

Roland beamed. “Perhaps we could try some of the phiale positions, if you like. There’s one where boy bends over with his hands tied to his ankles. The man stands behind…”


“You look happy?” Bruce whispered as his son came up to him.

Daniil couldn’t help worrying about Mr. Ed. He needed to talk, yet this wasn’t the time or place. Besides, Lord Handley was talking, about him, no less.

“… he still has a great deal to learn before then. Claire will resume his instruction at Èze after your honeymoon.”

“Three days isn’t very long,” Bruce remarked.

Strangely, his hand now rested on Daniil’s slim shoulder. He had no memory of putting it there.

“After last night, three days will be long enough; trust me. There will never be a better chance. antalya escort Your goal is the complete and utter acceptance of his role. It must happen soon, before the word gets out.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Nothing less will do. The rule is as often, as long, and as hard as you can manage. And keep him plugged as much as possible. If you’re not in him, L’ Entraîneur should be.”

Bruce swallowed saliva.

“Boys like Daniel and Simon thrive with men like us,” Lord Handley continued.

“The change in him already is… well, it’s remarkable,” Bruce concurred.

“Indeed it is. Thank the Gods that Edwin was able to nurture the Spirit while he was young.”

He caressed curls behind his son’s ear. “Thank the Gods,” he said quietly.

Daniil managed a smile. “If you’re done thanking Zeus, I’m nutrition starved.”

“I’m surprised. Roland said he filled you up?” Bruce teased.

It was past midnight when an exhausted Roland gave up trying to give Daniil an orgasm, or get one for himself. He’d withdrawn, turned Daniil onto his back, and straddled his thighs, knee-walking and holding his erection with both hands. He had stopped over Daniil’s chest, leaning, directing his penis forward and down. Inept with a boy’s bottom, Roland was skilled in the oral traditions of Eros; in fact, so skilled that Daniil had willingly, even wantonly taken the man’s glans into his throat. A minute later, he gulped every last drop. Uncircumcised and still slick with lubricant, the taste didn’t bother him at all.

Mr. Ed said…” He stopped in time. “Claire said cum isn’t filling, or fattening.”

I’m no longer the fountain of youth that I once was; however, you can have as much of mine as you want, Skippy,” Lord Handley teased.

He tooted an old-fashioned brass bicycle horn to get attention. Men and boys gathered around him.

Last night, we witnessed our friends, Bruce and Daniil of the House of Stirling, commit to each other. By sharing their love and lust with the Union of Eros, they have joined with us. Let us join hands, master with catamite.”

Hands connected, small with large, forming a circle, beginning with Simon and ending with Lord Handley.

“Each pair shall speak the sacred oath that bonds us,” Lord Handley intoned.

He nodded at Daniil and Bruce, standing to his right.

Turning sideways, Daniil looked up adoringly, meeting his father’s steady gaze. Profoundly happy, he smiled; no longer nervous, so much in love that his heart fluttered. Overcome by emotion, he quivered slightly, endearing smiles all around. Anyone could see he was proud to serve the man who made him.

“I am your parastatheis. I will stand by your side, now and always.”

Bruce and Daniil spoke the rest as one voice.

“We join together in timeless union with Eros,

a spiritual, noetic, and bodily melding of man and boy,

We are erastês and erômenos,

Blessed with the divine love of Zeus and Ganymede.”

Then, the next pair, Prince Christoph and Prince Johannes, turned to face each other…


Now fully fledged members of the Union of Eros, and having taken the edge off their hunger with fruit salad and fresh-from-the-oven whole-grain-oat rolls, Daniil and Bruce said their goodbyes and departed in the Aston Martin Vantage.

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