Subject: The Escort Club The Escort Club. By ail (Please donate to Nifty Stories and keep this site free for others) Roger had been with the firm for twenty eight years. The stocks had gone down and so had his 401k. If things weren’t bad enough; the company was bought out by a larger firm and Roger found himself a victim of a corporate take over. He was 54 ; a meager 401k in the bank and a house and car still not paid for. There was no places for him to turn now. His wife had divorced him eight years ago. He had a 26 year old son, but he was gay and Roger told him he didn’t want to see him anymore. Now the times had changed and so had the job market for 55 year old men. He did manage to land a job as a night watchman with a security firm, but at minimum wages and no benefits. One of the men he worked with, John who told him about a side job that could make him some money. “It’s called the Escort Club.” Roger looked at him. “You mean escorting women around town?” John shook his head. “No. It’s a prostitution club. Not for women but men.” Roger looked surprised. “You mean sex with men?” “Yeah. They suck you. You suck them. Jerk you off. You know?” “That’s disgusting! How do you know about this club? Are you a pervert?” John laughed at him. “Hey! Money is money. It’s part time and you can probably make three or four hundred a week.” 3 or 4 hundred a week? Roger was having a hard time believing that. “That sounds preposterous.” John shook his head. “I did it for nine months. Got me out of debt. Now if I need a little extra. I just go see them.” John wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to Roger. “Here. That’s the address and the guy you wanna see.” Roger threw the paper in the waste can. “I’m no a homosexual! I don’t have sex with men!” John shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not either. I’m marred. Have been for eighteen years. But, money is money no matter where it comes from.” John went on about his nightly rounds to the back of the plant. Roger took his flashlight and went to do his rounds at the front of the plant. Before he left, he quickly grabbed the note from the waste can and put it in his pocket. As he made his way along the cat walk, Roger kept thinking about the money. 3 or 4 hundred a week would help him out tremendously. However, he could not stoop to homosexuality to do it. He kept thinking about his son, William. When William told him he was gay and was sleeping with men. Roger had a fit; wondering why he had not seen it. What did he miss? He told William to leave his house and go live his perverted life somewhere else. The phone was ringing just as Roger got in the house. “Hello? Hello? Yes this is Roger. Twin city finance company. Yes. Yes, I know I have missed two payments on the car. Look I’m just trying to get my feet back on the ground…You can’t take the car. I have a job. I need the car to get to work. How much? Six hundred? I’ll get the money to you somehow.” Roger slammed the phone down. He couldn’t afford to lose his car. That was not an option. Roger pulled the paper from his pocket and looked it over. The door was open, Roger walked it to be met by a tall husky man. “We’re not open yet. Come back tonight.” Roger handed him the note. “I need to see Dugan.” “Follow me.” Roger was led down a hall to the back. The man knocked on the door. “Dugan! Got a client for ya!” Roger walked into the office. A chubby, bald man sat behind a desk smoking a cigar. “I’m Dugan. What can I do for ya?” Roger swallowed before he spoke. “A friend of mine gave me your name and address. He said I could make some money as an escort.” “You’re friend got a name?” “John. John Talbot.” “Ya know what kind of escort service I run here?” Roger swallowed again. “John told me a little.” “It’s for men only. Young men; old men. I got clients for all.” Dugan stood up and stepped from behind his desk. He took another big puff from his cigar. “Take your clothes off” Roger stared at him for a moment. “Is that necessary?” Dugan waved his cigar at him. “It is if you wanna work for me. I need to know what merchandise you have. Now, get your clothes off.” Roger slowly undressed, placing his clothes on the empty chair. Dugan puffed his cigar and stared at Roger. “Turn around. Face me. Spread your legs. Not bad. Know how big are you hard?” Roger was feeling really embarrassed about then. He slowly shook his head. Dugan took another puff off his cigar. “Maybe you’re seven inches hard. Maybe more. Nice hanging set of balls. Not too much hair. How tall are ya? How much ya weigh? How old are ya?” “I’m 5′ 11″ I’m about 180, 181. I’m 54.” Dugan made Roger turn around again. “Well groomed; good muscle tone; circumcised; nice round muscular ass. I like the silver gray hair and mustache. Gives you izmit rus escort that distinguished gentleman look. Put your clothes back on.” Roger quickly dressed as Dugan sat back down behind his desk. “You got any nice looking suits?” Roger nodded. “Yes. I have several.” “Good. I got some Japanese clients that like American men in suits.” Roger stared at Dugan. “We haven’t talked about money yet.” Dugan took a puff from his cigar and blew the smoke in Roger’s direction. “You get a hundred a client. Japanese business convention this weekend. I think you could make about six hundred or even more. Depends.” Rogers eyes opened wide when he heard that. “Depends?” “Yeah. You gotta go see my doctor. Here’s the address. Needs to make sure you won’t keel over from a heart attack.” Roger removed his clothes and sat quietly in the exam room. The doctor began his examination. Checking Roger over for everything including the prostate exam. “You seem to be in good health. I’m going to give you an erectile enhancer.” Roger quickly replied. “I don’t have an erectile problem. I don’t need any drugs.” The doctor reached in the cabinet and pulled a small bottle out. “That may be true when you are with women. You may have a problem with men.” He handed them to Roger. “You take one of these about an hour ahead of time. You’ll discover your erections will be much stronger and last longer. You’ll also be able to have orgasms at a quicker rate. Only take one per evening. Never two! I’ll see you next week for a check up on how your vitals are doing.” Roger left the doctor with his bottle of pills. Roger made his rounds at the plant that Friday evening. He would be off the week end, working his part time job for Dugan. John came up and slapped him on the back. “Hey! Hundred buck a client. Pretty good, huh?” Roger nodded. “Yes. I guess so. How much did you make?” “Best they gave me was sixty-five a client.” Roger poured himself another cup of coffee. “They gave me these pills to take. Suppose to make you hard. I never took anything like that before.” John laughed. “Yeah, they do! After my nut; it Usually took about ten minutes before I could get stiff and have another.” Roger took a sip of coffee. “You didn’t have any side effects?” John laughed out loud. “Yeah! My orgasms were really intense. Better than ever before. If you wanna call that a side effect. I call it a plus.” Roger received his instructions on the phone from Dugan. “Hotel Wainwright. Your room is under the name Walter. Room 422. Wait in the room. You’ll hear four knocks on the door. That’s your client.” The room way quite big. Beautifully tiled bathroom and king size bed. One round table and two chairs by the window. Suddenly there were four knocks on the door. Roger opened it. A young Japanese man stood in the doorway. He was short, wore glasses and was wearing a fine suit. He quickly stepped into the room and locked the door. Roger looked at him. “Is there something I should do?” The Japanese man looked up at him. “No. I will do everything. You just do what I say.” Roger nodded his head and stood there while the Japanese man undressed. He knelt down naked in front of Roger; his fingers unzipping Roger’s trousers. He reached in and pulled Roger’s cock out in the open. Roger was already hard from the pill he took earlier. The Japanese man was very pleased with Roger’s cock and balls. He fondled and kissed them for almost a minute before taking the cock in his mouth. Roger’s wife was the only person that ever suck on his cock and that was many years ago when they were first married. Roger had forgot how great it felt having a warm mouth over his cock, even if it was a man. The Japanese man ordered Roger to sit on the edge of the bed. He knelt down and opened his legs. “Play with my cock while I suck you.” Roger reached down and took the Asian man’s stiff cock in his hand; slowly stroking it. The Japanese man was moaning and groaning as Roger stroked. Roger was thinking to himself; what a horrible way to make money. Suddenly, Roger felt himself coming to the edge and a few seconds later; he was ejaculating in the man’s mouth. It was an orgasm that made Roger shiver and shake all over. The Japanese man pulled away. “Faster! Faster! Make me cum!” Roger quickened the pace, sliding his hand up and down the stiff cock. Suddenly he felt his hand was wet with the young man’s sperm. The Asian man stood up holding his cock. “We take a shower now. Remove your clothes.” Roger stripped down and they went into the bathroom. The Japanese man adjusted the shower and they both stepped in. The Japanese man gently rubbed his hands all over Roger’s naked body. It was the most humiliating thing Roger had ever experienced. This gay Japanese man izmit escort feeling up every inch of his body. The humiliation got worse when the young man poked his fingers up Roger’s ass. To add to the disgrace, Roger’s cock was quickly swelling up and hard again. This delighted the Japanese man who quickly knelt down and began licking and kissing it. Roger wanted to get it over with but his staying power was very good after taking that pill. Again, the young Asian took Roger over the edge. His orgasm was even greater than the last one. He held the Japanese man’s head while forcing his cock in and out of his mouth. The Japanese man was masturbating himself while Roger ejaculated in his mouth again. In less than an hour, it was all over. The Japanese man dressed and quickly left the room. Roger put his clothes on and turned the television on. A half hour passed before another four knocks came on the door. He opened it and another young Japanese man entered the room. The young man removed Roger’s cloths and was quite delighted to see Roger’s cock was already stiff as a board. The humiliation would continue for Roger until the evening was up and he was paid. Sunday morning Roger was back at the hotel; this time in room 518. It was going to be a repeat of Saturday night, or so Roger thought. The four knocks came and Roger opened the door. This time two Asian men were there. Roger was completely caught off guard. The two Asian men had brought restraints with them and a few bondage items. Ball gag, nipple clamps, butt plug and cuffs. They bound Roger’s arms behind his back and fastened the ball gag into his mouth. Roger was still trying to understand what was happening while they stripped him of all his clothes. Naked and bound like an animal; Roger lay on the floor at the feet of his captors. He had never been so frightened and helpless in his life. The men threw him across the bed. One of the men quickly began playing with Roger’s hard cock, stroking and rubbing it. The man lightly slapped Roger on the balls and Roger grunted loudly. They rolled him over on the bed, applied some lubricant and forced the butt plug into Roger’s ass. They rolled him back over on his back and the Asian man began playing with Roger’s cock again; rubbing and twisting the swollen head. The other Asian man was playing with the nipple clamps they had put on. Pulling and twisting them and making Roger squirm around on the bed. Suddenly, the orgasm came over Roger like nothing he had ever experienced before. The Asian man was rubbing the glans of the cock over and over and as fast as he could. Roger was thrashing on the bed like a wild man. It was so intense; Roger thought he might pass out if he didn’t stop. After the orgasm, Roger’s cock became flaccid for a short while. It perked right back up when the men began to play with the butt plug. The plug was removed and Roger was mounted from behind. There was nothing he could do but lay there and let himself be sodomized. It would turn out to be the worst night of his life. They left Roger in a naked heap on the floor as they left the room. Roger pulled himself up and went to the shower. He stood under the hot water, letting it run down his whole body. The water from the shower head was gently dropping on his cock, and that made him hard again. His cock was still red and sore from the rough handling Asian man had given it. The next client did not show him any mercy either. Roger’s arms and hands were tied behind his back and he was given a painful spanking. Roughly yanked to his knees and a hard cock shoved down his throat. Roger was gagging and choking on the man’s large cock. Roger wanted to protest, but the big man just slapped his face and told him to suck. It was the first taste of male sperm Roger ever experienced. The man ejaculated into Roger’s mouth, squirting sperm everywhere. Some of it Roger even had to swallowed. Roger crawled into the shower once again to wash the seamen away. His cock was hard and twitching. He was aroused more than ever. There was nothing else he wanted to do but kneel on the shower floor and masturbate. It was such an intense feeling, he shivered all over, groaning and grunting as loud as he could. That night Dugan came to the room to pay Roger. Dugan tossed the money on the bed. “There you go. Four hundred.” Roger sat down on the bed. Dugan slapped him on the arm. “How did you like that bondage? Pretty exciting, huh? The Japanese are pretty good at it.” He wanted to tell Dugan he was quitting. Roger was emotionally confused; he didn’t know what to do or think. Dugan dropped his pants and his thick hard cock popped into view. He grabbed Roger by the head and pulled him into his crotch. “Go ahead and suck it! I’ll give ya another hundred right now.” Dugan forced kocaeli escort his cock into Roger’s mouth. Roger felt his own cock swelling up hard as a board. Roger had been so degraded and humiliated that day; he didn’t care that Dugan was ejaculating in his mouth. Dugan tossed another hundred on the bed. “I need a bondage daddy! You’re it. You can make a lot more money when you’re into bondage. Real popular. Twice as much.” Roger looked up at him. “I can’t do that.” Dugan leaned over. “There is no choice. I said you’re my bondage daddy. End of story.” Dugan lit up his cigar and puffed the smoke into Roger’s face. “By the way. Those guys won’t be calling you anymore about your car. Me and them had a little talk. Seems they’re happy to settle your loan.” Roger parked the car in the garage, then walked into the house and locked the door behind him. He grabbed a beer; switched the remote on to a movie channel and sat back on the sofa to relax. It was a slasher movie playing. Naked women chased around old spooky buildings and that always led to being caught and of course forced sex. Roger felt his cock growing again in his paints. His thoughts were about being bound naked and tossed across the bed. Butt plug jammed up his ass and forced into anal sex. By now his cock was rock hard. He was becoming more easily aroused now days. Masturbation was the only thing that would satisfy him. He was ashamed of the pervert he had become, but he realized he was in too deep to quit now. Even more humiliating; was the fact he knew it too exciting to quit now. As the weeks turned into months, Roger was doing much better than he ever did working 9 to 5 at his old company. He drove a brand new car now. He was selling his old house and moving to a better place. Things were going very well for Roger, but there was still a big surprise coming. It would happen on a Saturday night at the Wainwright hotel. Two of Dugan’s men were getting Roger ready for the evening. They bound him naked in a chair; gagged and blindfolded. Dugan’s men waited in the room until the knocks came on the door and someone walked in. Roger heard the door shut and lock. Being blindfolded even added to the excitement for Roger. His cock was stiff and throbbing. He heard foot steps coming across the room. Fingers began to play with his hard nipples. A deep voice spoke. “What a fine specimen of a man you are. How big and hard your cock is. Looks like it’s even wet on the tip. What a good whore you are.” The fingers toyed with Roger’s cock, stimulating it even more. The voice asked. “Do you suck cock’s really good?” Roger nodded his head. The voice asked. “Are you a good fuck?” Roger nodded again. Suddenly, the blindfold was removed and Roger’s eyes became adjusted to the light. He stared up in horror. It was William his son. Roger grunted through the gag. William smiled down at him. “My, my how the mighty have fallen.” William flicked his father’s nipples with his fingernails. “Look at you so helpless all bound up tight. Almost anyone could take advantage of you.” Roger grunted and fought against his restraints. William slapped the head of his father’s cock. “No use to struggle. You’re at my mercy now.” William walked over to the door and opened it. Two of his young friends walked in. All three of them huddled around Roger. William smiled down at him. “We’re going to have every hole in your body dripping sperm. You’re even going to drink my sperm. The sperm of your son!” William took his father’s stiff cock and began slowly milking it. “Think about your son masturbating you. How fucking humiliating is that?” The other two guys laughed; still pinching and pulling on Roger’s nipples. Once again the pill gave Roger a most powerful orgasm. His sperm shot into the air; his body bucked and twisted as William milked his overly sensitive cock. The other two boys wasted no time moving him from the chair to the bed, and tying his legs wide open. William leaned down to his father. “What a nice hairy pussy you got, daddy. I’m going to breed you now. Fill your ass with my seed.” William shot his nut and rolled off his father. His friend jumped up on the bed and shoved his hard cock into Roger’s bowels. The third young man removed the gag and shoved his cock into Rogers mouth. The boys laughed as Roger gagged on the hard cock. William pulled the belt from his pants belt and began spanking Roger across the bare ass. “Com’on, daddy. Suck that cock like a good homosexual. Oh, I forgot. You threw me out for being a homosexual.” William struck his father’s ass several more times with the leather belt. “Lay there and think about that. Me, my lover Brad and you are all going to live together. You can be our nice slave daddy. We’ll keep you naked all the time. So any of our friends can come over and fuck you whenever they like. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes, I think that sounds wonderful, daddy.” William picked up the leather belt. “The red has gone out of your ass. Looks like I’ll have to put it back in.” END.

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