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Subject: The Evaluation – Chapter 3 The Evaluation A young boy gets sexually initiated into a religious cult by his father. If you enjoy this story, please make a donation to Nifty (no matter how small). This will help ensure stories like this continue to be fty/ Chapter 3 Pop immediately ushered me out of the study and into the car. My boy cock was so stiff thinking about Brother Smith’s wide flared head pumping in and out of my mouth that I found myself incessantly squeezing it through my pants on the ride home. Pop kept glancing over trying to watch me while driving, as I rhythmically squeezed my boy cock thru my pants. I could see his angular cockhead starting to tent his trousers. “Pop?”, I asked. “Yes son?” “I can’t stop thinking about Brother Smith’s was so wide and thick. Can I take my cock out and cum Pop?”, I asked. Pop noticed my hand squeezing the mound of boy cock stretching out my pants. He reached over and lovingly placed his istanbul travesti hand on top of my boy bulge and squeezed. “Wait till we get home son. It’s important that you learn self discipline”, he replied. “I’ll give your boy cock a nice fatherly blowjob when we get home. You can dry cum in my mouth. Would you like that?” “Golly would I! I would love that! Can I suck yours too Pop?,” I asked. “‘May I’ son. `May I’. It’s important to use proper grammar, even when asking to suck on your fathers cock”, he sternly replied. “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir. May I suck your erection Pop?” “That’s much better son. Yes you may.” Pop reached over, grabbed hold of my wrist and placed it on his growing bulge. My small hand could barely cover the huge mound of cock pressing up thru his pants. I felt the spongy pronounced head ridge trying to push out of his trousers and started squeezing it with my small boy fingers. Then I gripped his thick flat shaft through kadıköy travesti his trouser material and squeezed firmly. “Mmm. Atta boy,” Pop said as he writhed his hips in response to my squeezing. “You’re going to get a mouthful of this meat when we get home son. “I can’t wait Pop,” I responded. I had experienced Brother Smith’s mature cock meat pumping in and out of my mouth only a few minutes ago, and soon my father’s cock would be plunging in and out of my boy mouth too. Two big mature cocks in one day. What more could a preteen boy hope for. “Pop?”, I asked again. “Yes son?” “I was wondering…do you think Brother Smith would like me to lick his asshole?” “I’m sure he would son. Men love getting their assholes licked. I always love it when you lick my asshole.” Pop paused in thought for a moment, furrowing his eyebrows together. He seemed to be troubled. “But if you’re going to ask permission to lick Brother Smith’s asshole, you’ll need bakırköy travesti to learn the proper the technique, do you understand?” “What do you mean Pop?”, I asked. “Well, whenever you lick my asshole son, you lap my anus vigorously like a good son should. But you never push your tongue into my hole,” Pop explained. “If you are going lick Brother Smith’s asshole, he will expect you to probe your tongue deeply into his mature rectum. This will show him how willing you are to come to Bethel.” But Pop, I’m scared. I don’t think I can do that,” I replied getting a bit defensive. “You’ve come this far already. I will not have my son be rejected from Bethel just because he doesn’t know how to properly lick a man’s asshole. You don’t want him rejecting you do you son?” Pop fumed. “No sir!” “Well then, you’ll need to learn the proper technique for probing the inner depths of a mature man’s asshole with your boy tongue. As soon as we get home I’m going to teach you how to properly probe my asshole with your boy tongue.” Pop said cavalierly. “Oh thank you Pop, I feel so much better now!” With that we beelined home, both of our cocks stiff in anticipation of my father teaching me how to tongue his asshole.

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