The Event (A treat for Misty) Part II

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The Event (A treat for Misty) Part IIA continuation from The Event: Part IMuch to my dismay, the jerk who had been clinging onto Misty returned. After Misty’s brief but affectionate kiss and our brief flirtations, I had hoped to get better acquainted with this fiery, freckled redhead.Misty had on a form-fitting tank top which defined her full breasts nicely and which gave just a hint of her nipples. She also wore a knee-length loose skirt that billowed just enough to gently sway as her hips moved when she walked. I imagined it like a slight breeze that caused her skirt to gracefully swish and sway. She also wore just a dash of perfume, the light scent certainly adding to her allure. Her red hair was natural, a rusty red that was wavy, not curly and shoulder length. Misty captured every male eye around and yet I knew from our earlier meet-n-greet introductions that Misty was not here to capture only male eyes but those of some females as well for without a hint of shame, Misty had claimed that she was bisexual.At the moment though, the jerk had Misty surrounded. She stood with her back against a wall while he stood in front of her with each hand firmly planted on the walls beside her. Not only was she trapped but no one else could approach without dealing with this jerk who was trying to melt Misty with his insincere charms.From my past experiences with redheads, I knew that they usually could handle themselves and so I decided to grab a drink from the small kitchen area the club offered. It was BYOB and the club had provided some snacks, chips, water and sodas. I had brought a fifth of Maker’s Mark whiskey and after just sucking a guy off in front of everyone, I needed a stiff one. I mean a stiff swig of whiskey, that is.As I poured myself a half-n-half (half whiskey, half water), I overheard one of the regular couples talking with a cute college-age girl with medium length dark brunette hair and dressed in a black corset with cleavage almost up to her chin. She obviously knew the couple and appeared both nervous and excited at the same time. As I sipped my whiskey and water, it turned out that this couple were a couple of the officers of the club and had invited their friend to try it out. This was her first time and she was trying to decide on what she wanted to try first. The St. Andrew’s cross? The flogging horse?Without wanting to eavesdrop too long, I finished my drink and decided to check out any action going on in the dungeon room. Amber, the same woman from Part I, was bound and fully naked on the St. Andrew’s cross. I stood back and watched as her male friend was furiously rubbing her smooth cunt. Quickly, Amber began to tremble and then spasm in the throngs of her orgasm. She rode her waves of orgasmic delight, her body tensing in her restraints until eventually, she went limp on the cross.Then her male friend allowed Amber to recover for a moment but soon started in again. This time he plunged two fingers deep in her cunt and without any hesitation, finger fucked her fast and furious. Amber instantly threw her head back, arched her back and closed her eyes as another climax began to build. Amber’s naked body soon was twisting in her restraints, her large boobs swaying as she let out little guttural sounds.Thrashing about, it appeared that she was trying her best to fend off her orgasm as if it would devour her totally. It was a battle that she soon lost as her body tensed rigid on the cross and her mouth let out a scream.Of course, I was rock hard in my black denim jeans by then. As Amber’s friend released her from the cross, I approached the two of them. Since less than an hour ago I had fulfilled one of Amber’s fantasies by sucking off a guy (Part I) for her, I had no worries about her friend getting jealous or perturbed. Amber smiled wide when she saw me. I smiled back and asked, “How many?”“How many?” Amber queried back.“Yes, how many orgasms does that make for you today?” I replied, mostly trying to be humorous.“Oh, thirty or so. I lost count actually.” Amber gingerly volunteered.Her male friend chuckled and said, “I think it was more like ten times.” to which bursa escort Amber winked at me before responding with, “Hey, a gal should know better how many orgasms she’s had. Better than any guy would know.”He looked at me and I looked back him. Neither of us could argue with Amber’s reasoning.Amber then took her friend’s hand and said, “Let’s go back to the social room. You promised to fuck me. Remember?”As they swept by me, Amber turned and softly called out to me, “You’re invited to come watch.”“After I get another drink.” I replied not wanting to appear too eager.I quickly made another half-n-half and proceeded to the social room. Amber, still nude, was already laid back fully on one of the sofas with her friend on top of her and his pants down around his ankles. He was thrusting away, already pounding her hard.All of the seats on the other sofas were occupied and so I simply stood watching. Several couples were on the other sofas groping, fondling and kissing each other and so for the moment, Amber and her friend were the main attraction.As I watched Amber’s boobs undulate to the rhythm of her friend’s thrusts, I tried to focus on sipping my drink instead of my raging hard-on. I then noticed that Amber had her head turned and was watching me intently as I watched her intently. We both smiled as if we were sharing some secret together. That was until I heard a groan and realized that her friend was releasing his pent-up load in Amber.I recall having a most bizarre thought watching him thrust into Amber with each spurt. I wondered if his semen and Amber’s juices would soak the sofa. I had not seen any towel and Amber was totally naked. My curiosity was soon satisfied as he dismounted Amber and I saw that he had on a condom.He left for the restroom, I suppose to remove the used condom, while Amber lay there naked. She grinned up at me and politely asked, “Would you mind fetching my clothes for me. It seems that people here do not stay undressed for very long.”I quickly snatched up her clothes from the floor and handed them to her. As she stood, she gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my cheek and said, “See ya soon.” before wandering off to the ladies restroom with her clothes.As I waited, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood Misty. I quickly scanned around and was glad to see that she must have finally dumped the jerk who had been trying to attach himself to her. Misty smiled and I asked, “So, what happened to your companion?”“I came here single.” was all Misty replied. Her answer was good enough for me.“You might want to stick around.” Misty said with a naughty grin.“”Gladly.” I quickly replied, not knowing exactly what Misty had in mind.I looked around and saw the buxom brunette in the black corset from earlier. She was undressing near the square table in the middle of the room. It was more of a large ottoman than a table as it was knee high, padded and covered with a white fake leather vinyl fabric. The couple she had been with earlier were at her side, whispering words of encouragement.As the brunette shed the last of her clothes, she stood there a moment with her eyes closed while every one silently ogled her smooth body. She had wide hips and a freshly shaved, smooth pussy. She was a little pudgy but not over-weight. Yet it was her breasts that held me mesmerized. They were not only huge but so, so firm looking. She had not met Mr. Gravity yet, that was certain. Her erect nipples protruded enticingly from large rounded areolas that made my mouth water. She then opened her eyes, a hint of embarrassment in them, as she tried awkwardly to smile. I approached to where she could hear me and said in all honesty, “You are gorgeous.”Her face quickly relaxed and beamed as other guys followed suit and fawned over her beauty as well. Soon her face was radiating and her eyes were sparkling, completing a true beauty to behold.It was then that Misty pulled her tank top off, releasing her own set of boobs to drool over. Then, with her skirt still on and without a word, Misty casually strolled up to the brunette beauty and embraced her. Misty waited a moment to bursa escort bayan let the girl accept her boob-to-boob hug and then kissed her fully on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, a delicate kiss that lingered but did not push for passion. The thought then hit me that Misty was offering this brunette goddess her first taste of sapphic delight.I downed the last of my drink and held my empty cup, not wanting to miss any of what was about to happen.Misty released her kiss and embrace and talked softly to the brunette as she gently fondled her breasts in the sensual manner that only women seem to be able to do. Soon, Misty was gently guiding the brunette to lay on the ottoman, her legs dangling off to the floor and her head barely resting on the square ottoman. Misty knelt down and slowly pried the brunette’s legs apart using her hands on the brunettes knees to reveal her glistening delicacy.I inched closer and to the side to get a better view. Misty then began gently kissing the inner thighs and the smooth mound of the brunette while making sure that she did not move too quickly to the girl’s savory sweets. The brunette closed her eyes and seemed lost in the sensual pleasure Misty was giving. Then suddenly she arched back and gave out a soft guttural sigh. I saw that Misty had let her tongue run slowly up the brunette’s moist slit. It was not long before Misty’s tongue was flicking fast between the girl’s petals and dancing on the girl’s clit. Her tongue also probed and lapped at the girl’s flowing vagina. Misty certainly knew what she was doing as she licked and lapped with passion and fury before returning to gentle kisses and ever-so-light licks.The brunette was quickly being driven insane with desire as I watched her boobs softly sway and her body and hips writhe in mounting ecstasy. Dropping my empty cup, I knelt down at the brunette’s side and whispered in her ear, “Is it ok of I kiss and fondle your breasts?”“Oh yes!” the brunette moaned.I bent down and being on her left side, took her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked ever so gently as my tongue ran slow circles around her areola and brushed her nipple around lightly. My hand began to gently caress her breast like I was massaging it instead of grabbing it. She swooned as I sucked gently on her nipple and let my hand lightly roam from her breast to her stomach and chest.I ceased my tender affections for a moment to watch Misty munching on the brunette’s pussy. The brunette seemed almost in a trance, her breathing heavy and gasping as Misty’s tongue worked its magic. Misty was lost in a world of her own, devouring the girl’s squirming cunt with a look of shear lust. It was obvious that Misty was relishing her delicacy. I watched in amazement as Misty’s fingers held open the brunette’s labia while Misty’s tongue darted, licked and danced on the girl’s swollen clitoris in a furious frenzy.Misty was doing everything she could to push the girl over the edge into orgasmic bliss. Yet I noticed that the brunette seemed to be having some difficulty letting go and allowing her climax to wash over her. I returned to caressing her left breast and began to lightly kiss and nibble on her neck. I then whispered into her ear, “Yea, that’s it. I want you to cum.”For a few minutes, I continued to caress her breast and nibble on her neck while she writhed on the table. Like a mantra, I kept whispering in her ear, “Cum, cum, cum.”It was not long before her body started bucking wildly and a long, loud moan escaped her mouth. “Yes.” I kept whispering in her ear as the bucking stopped and was replaced with twitching jerks as each wave of her orgasm hit. The brunette’s face was tense but radiant in the throngs of her bliss. Then with one last sigh that let out every bit of air in her lungs and a shudder that seemed to run through her body, she collapsed.Exhausted, her face now glowed and beamed and I could only imagine that she was savoring her afterglow.I glanced down at Misty who was looking up at me with a wide satisfied grin and her lips glistening with female nectar. I stood and so did Misty who immediately came over to me and planted escort bursa a big soppy kiss on me. I smelled the sweet aroma of female arousal and tasted the familiar taste of a female’s tangy juices on Misty’s lips. Our tongues danced together as the kiss lingered and passion built. The perfume and taste on Misty’s lips instantly aroused me to no end. It took all my self-control not to spontaneously cum in my pants.“I told you that you should stick around,” Misty playfully said after our kissing lips had parted.“That was amazing.” was all I could think of in a lame reply.Misty merely smiled and took my hand and said, “Let’s get something to drink. I worked up a thirst.”Before Misty could lead me out of the social room, I glanced over at the still nude brunette. She was sitting up on the ottoman, mostly recovered but still a glow. I smiled at her and told her how beautiful she was, especially when she was climaxing.She almost blushed as she replied, “Thank you. Your attention and encouragement really helped me relax.”Misty suddenly jumped in and in a playful manner, asked, “What? Didn’t I have something to do with it also?”The brunette blushed some more, stood and gave Misty a brief kiss. “Oh yes.” she said, “That felt amazing. Thank you for introducing me to what lesbian sex is like.”“So, what do you think you will try next?” I blurted out to the brunette, forgetting that Misty had wanted to get a drinkThe brunette thought for a moment and then relied, “Well if I am going to be naughty tonight, a couple guys taking turns with me would be lovely.”It was then that I noticed the couple she knew was standing right next to Misty and I. The woman introduced herself and her husband and thanked Misty and I both for making Tina’s experience so wonderful. I then shook Tina’s hand saying, “Well, it’s good to finally know your name.”As Tina gave a little giggle, the husband put his arm around Tina and said, “Let’s go round up some guys who strike your fancy.”I suddenly remembered Misty’s thirst and said to her, “Let’s go get that drink now.”Misty picked up her top but remained topless as we headed for the kitchen area. I asked what Misty wanted and she in replay asked what I was drinking. I told her half whiskey and half water. She wrinkled her freckled nose as if to say, “Yuck” but then grinned her devilish grin and said, “Whiskey it is then but I warn you. If you think that you can get me drunk and have your way with me you’ll be disappointed. Us Irish redheads can hold our whiskey better than any guy.”I laughed and replied, :The thought never crossed my mind. I do however wonder what happened to your bodyguard.”“Bodyguard?” Misty paused before adding, “Oh you mean that guy who was hanging all over me earlier.”“That’s the one.” I answered.“Oh he finally got the message that I really was here for the tacos and not the sausage. I think his ego got bruised and so he left.” Misty related.I laughed again and said, “Let’s take our drinks outside so we can chat.”“Sounds good.” Misty replied as she handed me her drink and pulled her top back on.As we leaned against the outside wall and sipped our drinks, she and I shared some tidbits about ourselves. As we did, Misty interrupted and asked, “Aren’t you going to miss Tina’s gangbang?”“If you’ve seen one gangbang then you’ve seen them all.” I lied in jest.Misty roared with laughter. “Spoken like a true gentleman after a girl’s heart.” she responded.Eventually our conversation turned to the BDSM theme of the club. I was surprised to hear that Misty enjoyed bondage. She said that her breasts were sensitive and had been bruised several times from bondage play. She then told me that a little pain aroused her but nothing too, too harsh and no blood.Misty certainly was turning out to be a handful, I thought. “So you really do bite?” I playfully inquired.“Yes but only if you bite back.” she replied with a twinkle in her eye that had me wondering if she was telling the truth or being playful.As the evening wore on, I learned a whole lot more about Misty’s sorted interests not to mention, Amber’s continuing escapades and Tina’s journey into sensual flogging and multiple studs. I even managed to service another sausage and have mine serviced by the three single girls (Part I).But this has gotten wordy enough and so the rest of the story will have to wait.Comments most welcome.

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