The Ex Olympian (Part 2)


The Ex Olympian (Part 2)As we fished we talked. I assured Gail there was no necessity to change any of our behaviours. We didn’t know them and if it became apparent they didn’t like what we doing then too bad. She agreed it was best to wait and see; meanwhile we caught a couple of extra fish to offer them as a good neighbour gesture.It was soon obvious to us the new arrivals were a man and woman. It was also obvious that they’d shed their travel clothing soon after opening up their house. We performed our usual post fishing chores which included Gail putting six fillets on a plate for our neighbours. Gail debated with herself about whether our visit should be nude or clothed. In an act of courage she decided naked would answer questions about them and, I thought, about her new persona.We didn’t have to knock. The couple saw us step onto their front patio and came out to greet us. There was nothing false about them at all. Much to my pleasant delight neither of them took any apparent notice of our nudity; but then they were naked too. No doubt that indicated much about their attitude. Both of them were happy people. And they were most genuinely grateful to accept our fish fillet offering, promising to return the plate later. We talked for a while before we left them to complete their move into their accommodation. As Gail and I strolled home she was over the moon that she’d met another two people who showed no obvious negative response to her physicality. I was pleased too. It vindicated my efforts.Over lunch and our siesta we discussed our neighbours. Tina’s age we guessed was somewhere between Gail’s and mine; possibility around thirty. She was a Filipina, short in height, with a rounded plump figure. Her complexion was olive, small round breasts tipped by dark brown areolae and nipples. The short vertical stripe of black pubic hair matched her colouring. We guessed John was an Australian, in his late thirties, in reasonable physical condition. He too had black hair, massed on his chest and belly, above an uncut cock. We decided both were easy to look at. And, if our first meeting was any indicator, both were pleasant happy people. Gail and I were setting ourselves up on the beach for our afternoon lay in the sun when we noticed Tina and John walking along the beach towards us. They carried towels and a small bag. “Do you mind if we join you?” Tina asked. “Of course not; in fact we’d welcome your company,” Gail replied. Good I thought. When they noticed our use of an old double blanket under our beach towels John suggested that’d be a good idea for them for next time. Like us they each applied sunscreen to the other, though they used oil rather than lotion. We chatted incessantly, with plenty of good humour. Their beach house booking was for two weeks. Like us they were surprised the other cottages were empty. I noticed that neither Tina nor John stared at us; perhaps, like us, their appraisal was hidden behind their sunglasses. But their subtle approach did wonders for Gail. Her demeanour grew more confident, and she grew less careful with her modesty. By the end of the afternoon her differences must have been obvious to them. Good! For my part I certainly enjoyed looking at Tina.As we packed up for the day they invited us to their place for a barbeque. We agreed just before sundown sounded perfect. No they didn’t want us to bring anything.During our afternoon jog, now three return laps of the bay, Gail told me how good it was for her to be able to relax with this couple. I was pleased for her and she took on board that maybe there were more people out there in the world who accepted people for what they were. She only needed to meet them with confidence. We ignored Tina’s request that we go to their place empty handed; we took a six pack of beer and a bottle of red wine. The late afternoon was cooling prematurely so we wore shorts and shirts. Our evening together was relaxed and comfortable, full of laughs, and of course some sexual discussions and stories; nothing too personal; just friendly. It was late when we finally departed, not before Gail invited them to our place for dinner the following evening. As we walked hand in hand along the hard sand on the edge of the water Gail told me how much she’d enjoyed their company, and confirmed with me that I didn’t mind her invitation to them. She was pleased she’d pre-empted me anyway by only a few seconds. Content, happy and glowing from the wine and beer we made slow gentle love in bed.Sure enough next afternoon Tina and John brought their own blanket. And at dinner that night they appreciated our liberal serves of crayfish.It was on our third afternoon together on the beach that the first small but most interesting change in our new found friendship occurred; a change that would benefit the four of us, as events transpired over the following days and nights. We’d all sun tanned our backs and been for a swim. We dried off and, as was our practice, John coated the front of Tina’s body with oil and I applied sunscreen lotion to Gail. It had been obvious from our first afternoon together on the beach that John enjoyed this task with Tina as much as I did with Gail. This afternoon though, John’s oil application to Tina’s pussy was erotic. Tina’s responsive groan of pleasure caught our immediate attention. Gail was just as interested as I was. I paused in my task to watch. Tina spread her thighs and John’s fingers caressed her slit and penetrated her pussy. Given our immediate proximity to each other it was close up voyeurism at its best. Tina rocked her pussy under John’s fingers. Her climax came quickly. She was loud, vocal and frenetic. It was lovely to see them grin mischievously at each other when she returned to reality.John passed his oil bottle to me. “Your turn,” he challenged. I looked questioningly at Gail. Her answer was to part her thighs. Already her gash reflected her excitement from the scene she’d just witnessed; clitoris fully erect, fat lips swollen, pussy drenched. I dribbled oil over her pink crevasse and tossed the bottle back to John. Gently I caressed her fabulous flaps and long hard clit with one hand and penetrated her pussy with the fingers of the other. A quick glance at the other couple showed they both watched avidly, Tina’s hand wrapped around John’s erection. My own cock strained upwards, dribbling precum. I continued and Gail panted to a powerful peak of pleasure. I looked at her face. “Fuck me, fuck me now,” was her simple request. I knelt in front of her. She bent and lifted her legs until her knees were on either side of her body. I lent over her, arms straight so that our only point of contact was my cock in her cunt. I was vaguely aware of the two voyeurs beside us and wanted to enhance their view. My cock slid easily into Gail’s oily gash. I fucked her slowly, sliding my thick long length of meat all the way into her cunt until the sac of my balls rested in her crevice, pulling out until just my big fat knob remained inside her hot hole; then in again. Gail’s cunt grasped my tool. Her body rocked around me with each thrust. It seemed she too was conscious alsancak escort of our audience. She talked to herself and me, telling us all how good this fuck felt. “Oh! Oooh! This feels sooo goood! Go harder now, faster! Ooooh yeees! Harder! Ooooh please! Yeees! Yeees! Yeeeeeeees! Yeeeeeeeeesss!” as she exploded.I gave her no recovery time. Besides I was too excited by our unexpected situation. My thrusts firmed, became faster, harder, harder and faster. Again Gail chanted. “Oh! Oooh! This is sooo goood! Sooo goood! Ooooh yeees! Yeeesss! Ooooh please! Yeees! Yeees! Yeeeeeeees! Yeeeeeeeeesss! Aaaaah! Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!” The spunk burst from my prick. Gradually my strokes slowed. I looked down to where our bodies were joined together. White foam bubbled around and drenched the taut skin of my shaft. I looked across at Tina and John. “Your turn,” I challenged.Both accepted the challenge. Tina lay on her back and drew her legs up in a pose similar to that just held by Gail. John held himself over her so we could easily see his hard cock enter her pink pussy. He slid all the way in then drew out until only his knob remained inside. The tight skin of his shaft shone with her juice. They found their rhythm quickly. It was incredible to be so close to a couple and watch them fuck. It did wondrous things for the voyeur in me. It thrilled and excited me. Even my cock showed immediate involuntary interest. John displayed amazing control and only when Tina was in the throes of her second climax did his muscles clench, his head go back and he groaned and shuddered inside her. Each time he pumped and pulled partially out of her spunk seeped from her cunt. They finished and looked over at us. Our laughs were contagious. What a highly charged event we’d participated in! We swam and washed in the sea. Just before Tina and John headed home they invited us for dinner. Of course we accepted. John suggested we bring our tooth brushes and stay overnight; after all they had plenty of beds. Gail agreed on our behalf.As we completed a few chores prior to our afternoon jog we talked about events so far, and our enjoyment of the other couple’s company, particularly in light of the events of the day. We agreed it was all leading somewhere, where we didn’t know, but we each assured the other we were happy to see where the journey would take us. No doubt excitement over rode any other sensible concerns. In Gail’s case I thought this was a positive outcome.Again it was cool enough to wear shorts and T-shirts. In addition to our contribution of alcohol we carried a small toiletry bag. We saw they’d rearranged their one large communal bedroom. Two double beds were now side by side near the window. The bunks were pushed out of the way to one corner of the room.Dinner was good and the company was excellent. There was plenty of laughter. At a reasonable hour we shared the dish washing and clean up tasks. The women used the small bathroom first. When John and I joined them in the bedroom they were naked and shared one bed where they lay side by side talking. A small table lamp on either side of the bed lit the room in a soft creamy light. John commented to me how lovely they both looked and how ripe for the plucking they obviously were. I agreed! The women laughed at us. “I think we should fuck them,” he suggested. I concurred with that sentiment. “How about you follow my lead?” he asked. “Okay.” John went around to Tina’s side of the bed. Both women lay back and waited the inevitable, apparently languorous but the warmth of their welcoming smiles was evidence of their willingness to participate.John knelt between Tina’s spreadeagled thighs. I did the same to Gail. Her pouting pussy was open to my assault. John placed his mouth on Tina’s quim. I pressed my lips into Gail’s wet wafting crevasse and, temporarily at least, forgot about the other couple as I showed my adoration and appreciation of my lover’s excellent attributes. Not until she rocked and shuddered against my mouth did I come up for air. Tina and John watched us.He suggested both women move onto their hands and knees side by side, but facing in opposite directions. Gail seemed to want to get on with things. She acted like she wanted it badly, now, right now. As my cock touched her gash I felt she was ready for immediate penetration. My tool slid easily all the way inside her. I fucked her fast and hard. Gail rocked her body back against me. My balls slapped against her. Beside us John and Tina fucked furiously. The women looked across at each other. It seemed everyone’s frenzied lust fed off the others. It was exciting. The scent and sounds of heavy hard sex filled the bedroom. Gail rocketed to an enormous quivering orgasm. As she passed her peak I continued my deep thrusts at a slower pace. Tina exploding beside us distracted me and allowed me to get my mind off the intense pleasure flowing through my body. I noticed Gail watched Tina too. Her small round body humped back at John’s penetrating prick until she collapsed forward on the fold of her arms on the pillow, her arse in the air.John looked over at us and called time. We all went to the kitchen for a drink. This sex was thirsty work. The brief break probably helped all of us.But we soon returned to the bedroom where John had the women lay on their backs with a pillow under their backsides. Both women embraced us. We all watched each other as we went through a nice slow start that gradually and inevitably built into a frantic, panting, groaning, moaning, heaving, cunt clasping and cock spurting fuck. The four of us lay in our respective embraces as our perspiration covered skin cooled. It was some considerable time later when John wearily asked us if we’d had enough. We had, and moved to the other bed. They turned the lights off. Gail and I pulled a sheet over ourselves and wrapped each other in a hug of intertwined arms and legs. They didn’t mind us leaving for our morning run before breakfast. As we left Gail reminded them that we’d see them for our afternoon swim, and that dinner and stay over was at our place that night.+It wasn’t until we were quietly fishing over the edge of the reef that Gail and I discussed the previous evening. She’d found the experience incredibly erotic, far more exciting than she’d ever imagined, a total turn on. I was surprised that Gail agreed with my sentiments that Tina and John were leading us down the path towards swinging with them. That thought had been in Gail’s mind since we’d each witnessed the other couple’s exhibitionism on the beach, and our reciprocal performance. My question was what she thought about that possibility. It was interesting that she was more concerned about me than she was about herself. It pleased her that my thoughts too were of her. We concluded that it might be better for us to take the initiative rather than be led. And yes, tonight would be as good a time as any to put our plan into action.After lunch we carried the two double mattresses, our own and the spare from the second communal bedroom, into the lounge area, moving lounge chairs so the mattresses comfortably escort alsancak fit side by side. We got out extra pillows and made up both beds. The end result looked cosy. For once we used our siesta wisely, and dozed. We met Tina and John at an indentation in the dunes between our cottage and theirs. There was a lot of talk and laughter. All of us were developing great tans. Gail and I were quite brown now but we still looked after ourselves. The touch of our hands on each other was an added bonus. After our first swim Tina decided she and Gail would take the initiative. She ran her tongue over John’s cock. Gail followed her lead and ran her tongue from the crack of my arse to the tip of my knob. My skin goose bumped when she sucked me. Each time she used her mouth on me she managed to get more and more of my shaft past her lips and into her throat. I certainly appreciated her feat. I was so captivated by her efforts I managed only an occasional glance at the couple beside us. It was reassuring to see Tina’s lips around the base of John’s cock. I hoped, when the opportunity came, she’d be able to do the same with me in spite of my size. We’d just have to wait and see.The afternoon remained warm. We parted company with Tina and John promising to arrive just before sun set. Gail and I had our usual jog and swim before we returned to the cottage to shower and prepare for the arrival of our guests. Crayfish tail entrees and fish grilled on the barbeque followed by cheese and biscuits were on the menu.Tina and John brought two bottles of champagne so we gave cold beers a miss. Tina put their toiletry bag in the bathroom. We enjoyed our collective good humoured fun. The warmth of the night made the evening was even more pleasant. We were all naked. It was nice to be able to cast one’s eye over the differing but most interesting attributes of the four of us. It added to the chemistry of the atmosphere. Over coffee and liqueurs Tina finally broached “the subject” and asked Gail “do you two swap partners?” When Gail replied that we did there was no more discussion, though I noticed Tina and John exchanged a brief glance.Later everyone helped clean up. It was a pleasant change to have no passengers. As before we two gentlemen gave the women first use of the bathroom; and as before they were side by side on one bed, talking, when we arrived ready for bed. Even though we’d discussed and planned our approach I was still partially surprised when Gail asked John to lie beside her. And I was perfectly happy to experience Tina’s exotic charms, and watch Gail in action with someone else. I lay on my side against Tina and caressed her body with my fingertips, happy to start slow. “Would you be happy to wait and watch the other two first?” she asked. “Yes, that would be good.”John lent over Gail. His hands and mouth wandered over her ample assets. Gail wasn’t passive. Her mouth sought his, her hands moved over his back and arse and between his legs. As his head moved down over her stomach she manoeuvred his body over hers, his knees on either side of her head. Her lips touched his sac. Her tongue trailed along the underside of his erection. John’s mouth settled over her gash.My fingertips caressed Tina’s nipples, round belly and slit. The view of the other couple’s performance right beside us on the bed certainly excited me. There was no jealousy, simply voyeuristic eroticism. My seeping erection stretched tautly fat and long in Tina’s grasp. I obviously wasn’t alone in my feelings. Tina’s juicy snatch was awash beneath my fingers.Gail and John did not pursue their sixty nine for long; it seemed they both treated it as exploratory foreplay. I didn’t blame them for changing positions. It would have been difficult to maintain any semblance of control in that situation in a first time encounter. Gail bent her legs and lifted them up alongside her body as John’s cock entered her cunt. He thrust his length completely inside her and rested there briefly. She drew his torso down onto hers and embraced him in her arms. He fucked her. She fucked him.I bent over Tina and kissed her mouth, breasts and nipples. She manipulated her body over mine and assured me she neither wanted nor needed any further foreplay. What she wanted, she told me, was to fuck and fuck right now. My position underneath her made compliance easy. Tina straddled my body. She grasped my cock in a hand and held it upright from my belly. I watched her as she fed my knob into her pretty pink pussy. What a tight fit! It was so tight I wondered if she’d ever get the rest of it inside her. Tina demonstrated that where there is a will there is a way. She used her natural lubrication to advantage. Her initial upward rises and downward drops were minimal. Slowly, but surely, the muscles of her cunt opened up around my thick intrusion. On each downward drop more and more of my cock slipped inside her tight twat. She resolved the problem of my thickness with persistence. Now I wondered how much of my length would fit inside her snatch. Not too long later we had the answer; all of it. But what a tight fit it turned out to be. Tina sat on my loins with my entire tool buried in her cunt.The noise from Gail and John beside us was more interesting and exciting than distracting. The musk and sounds of sex filled the air. As Tina began a slow lift upwards I turned my attention to her, my eyes focused on the spot where our bodies met. The skin of my shaft shone with juice. Her small pink lips dragged along my tool. She rose up until only my knob remained embedded inside her. Then down she sunk once more. Gradually, very gradually, Tina picked up her pace. Her small round tits began to sway and jiggle with her movements. Faster and faster she rose and fell over me. Her mouth hung open as she sucked in air. She began to groan and moan and talk to herself. Her vocalisation reached fever pitch. Tina orgasmed mightily. Her body heaved, rocked and bounced around me. It was too much for me. My cock quivered and shook and pumped. She collapsed on top of me. I held her against my body, my cock locked inside her twat.Eventually we became aware of our partners. They lay in a tight embrace, both looking at us with smirks on their faces. We all rested, just as we were, for a long time. Finally I got everyone a cold drink. We chatted before deciding to call it a night. I turned the lights off and moved to the other bed where Tina waited for me. It was interesting to fall asleep with someone so physically different from Gail.During the night John and Gail woke us with their noise. It was wonderful to lay there in the semi darkness and watch them. It was even better when Tina stirred, looked at the scene beside us, and then reached for me. Again Tina was too anxious to get it on to let me engage in any foreplay. I knelt over her, took plenty of time getting my prick completely inside her tightness, and my care and patience was rewarded with a long slow fuck before we slept again.The sun was well up when Gail shook me awake for our morning exercises and jog. Both of our bodies were smeared with dried alsancak escort bayan white stains. But she surprised me during our swim. She embraced me, wrapped her legs around me and kissed me passionately. Of course my cock responded. We made love in the water. Gail was incredibly enthusiastic. She acted like a sex starved woman. Her hunger defied belief given her activities throughout the previous night. Oh well, who could reasonably complain!By the time we returned to our cottage Tina and John were both up and had breakfast ready. We certainly appreciated their thoughtfulness. They left us later in the morning, promising to meet us for an afternoon suntan, and reminding us it was their turn to host us that evening. Naturally as we went about our usual daily routine Gail and I discussed the events that had so unexpectedly unfolded in our holiday. The one good thing we didn’t do was compare notes on the respective abilities of our new temporary partners. It was unnecessary to go there; it was obvious to both of us we’d enjoined the experience of both performing and being watched.That evening, only because John led the way, I got to have my foreplay with Tina for the first time. He organised the two women on their backs on the same bed. He worked his mouth and tongue over Tina while I did the same to Gail. Then we swapped places. Tina’s gash gaped pinkly open, her small delicate lips parted on either side of her tiny hole that dripped with clear threads of clear mucus. It did not take much skill or work on my part before she quaked into a climax. As I lifted my head from between her thighs Gail rocked and shook under John’s tongue. He gave the women little opportunity to recover. We swapped places and he arranged both women kneeling side by side, myself initially behind Gail, and him behind Tina.There is something special about group sex. It was just so erotic pleasuring one’s partner while right beside you another man and woman did the exact same thing. The contrast in styles and physiques, skin and hair colour, the response and performance of the people, the sights and sounds and smells were all the ultimate in collective excitement. People responded to the performance of their neighbours.Gail rocked her whole body, on the pivot of her hands and knees, back and forth as I speared my prick into her gash. Tina rested her head on her folded arms; her arse poked up in the air; she rhythmically undulated her lower body and enveloped John’s cock in her cunt. Our recent sexcapades had certainly given John and me endurance. That obviously benefited the two women. He and I took our time, slow and steady, stroke for stroke. Tina hummed and groaned her way into a body rocking peak. Gail took off beside her, thumping her arse into my belly as she met each of my firm deep thrusts. As soon as they got there John nudged me. He took my place and slithered his tool into Gail’s pouting dripping quim. My knob found Tina’s cunt. After a few firm strokes back and forth her muscles opened up around my shaft. I impaled her completely. It was also interesting to have a different view of Gail. Her musculature was magnificent and her breasts swayed as she rocked back and forth beside me on John’s cock.Both women responded readily to the frequent change of partners and positions. But Tina’s energetic pleasure peak around my prick sapped any control I thought I had. My tool erupted. Sometime over the next day Gail and Tina obviously conversed and conspired against John and I. Tina took control of the following night’s activities at our cottage. She positioned John and me on our backs adjacent to each other on one mattress. She knelt over my face and Gail over John’s. It was easy to like the view with Tina’s brown thighs on either side of my head. Her pink pussy deliciously gaped above me. She lowered her snatch to my mouth and my tongue pushed into her wet musky tunnel. I felt her lips surround my knob and she sucked it. My nerve endings jangled and my tool throbbed in excited anticipation. Yet somehow as we sixty nined each other I managed to maintain some sort of control; perhaps my focus on Tina’s tiny clitty helped. She rocked her herself on me and drenched my face with her juice. As she eased her body upwards off me I encouraged her to change positions.I rolled her round curvaceous body under me and rammed my hard prick deep inside her snatch. I fucked her hard; I fucked her fast. Tina humped her body around the circumference and length of my cock, and she urged me to greater effort. My prick pumped its gelatinous load and I rested my body on hers, her breasts mashed against my sweaty chest. The other couple rested beside us on the bed. I was surprised that I’d temporarily forgotten about them.Occasionally we talked before we all agreed sleep would be welcome. John and Gail moved to the other bed adjacent to ours. Tina and I folded our bodies together. I touched her here and there and kissed her now and then. My hand slipped between her legs and I gently caressed her love button and slipped a couple of fingers inside her hot gooey hole. Slowly but steadily my cock reawakened. Tina moved over me, knelt upright and fed my tool into her cunt. I pulled her down onto my chest, bent my legs between hers and used my feet on the mattress to rock my cock into her twat while I grasped the round globes of her arse in my hands. She kissed my face and sucked my tongue. Our fuck this time round was long and steadily slow. She ground her belly over mine as she came and I still my rocked my tool into her gash. On and on we went until my prick pulsed and my spunk spurted inside her. I held her to me and dozed off into a deep tired sleep.The noise from the other couple woke me. Tina slept on. I contented myself watching John fuck Gail in the dawn light. It was an exciting way to start the day. They noticed I was awake and seemed to put extra effort into their show. I was surprised after a brief rest that Gail got out of bed ready for her morning jog. John took my place next to his wife. I was even more surprised after our run and swim that again Gail wanted to make love to me. I was starting to think she needed the reassurance that all was okay between us. Of course it was. How could it not be? After all I wasn’t missing out on anything in our newfound and unexpected arrangements.And so the days pleasantly drifted by with our neighbours. John went into town and made a phone call to the owner of their cottage and extended their stay to coincide with ours. The rest of our holiday was spent in their company.The four of us continued to meet only in the afternoons on the beach and in the evenings at either cottage. That gave us time with our own partners. I continued to be surprised that Gail’s sexual appetite was enhanced rather than diminished by our collective encounters. As soon as we were alone Gail needed to be fucked, and fucked urgently. From my point of view this enhanced what was already an excellent situation. Naturally my endurance became sensational.All too soon the holiday came to an end. We departed with a reasonable supply of fish fillets and crays. Back at work people commented favourably on my fitness and tan. And Gail and I managed to maintain our physical relationship for some months until we both met people closer in age to ourselves. But our experience came at the right time in our lives and is something to be treasured, and now shared.

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