The Ex sister-in-Law…Part 1


The Ex sister-in-Law…Part 1I had been divorced for almost three years when Cheryl, my ex sister-in-law called one evening to say she was coming to town for a week-long business seminar, and wanted to get together for dinner and drinks. I asked where she would be staying, and she replied she was bunking with three other women in a hotel downtown. She and I had always been very good friends, and remained close and in contact following the divorce – which she blamed squarely on her sister. I suggested she stay at my home in one of the four spacious bedrooms, and that she could use one of my vehicles. The deal was struck, and she arrived the following evening. I BBQ’d steaks, and we sat and talked until almost 2 A.M. I got her settled in her room, and went to bed thinking how gorgeous she still was, and how we seemed to be able to converse freely. I had coffee and a light breakfast ready when she entered the kitchen, and my eyes widened as I took in the way she looked. She was 42 with shoulder length brunette hair, fair skin, large opal eyes, and like the rest of the sisters, had at least 38D breasts. She was about 5′-8″ barefoot, and with her 3″ heels, looked regal. Since her divorce five years before, she had watched her weight, and now appeared to be in the 140-150 pound range. She had curvy thighs, a flat belly, and a perfect ass. Spot-on hairdo, makeup, and kadıköy escort accessories complimented the lightweight pink business suit she wore, as did the dark hosiery and matching heels. I sent her off in my Cadillac, and told her we would go to the finest restaurant in the city for dinner and cocktails later. She called me twice that day at my ofice during breaks, and said she was excited about our “date.”She got back to the house before I did, and when I came in, she was in the shower. I mixed two cocktails, brought them up to her room, and left a note saying I was next in the shower. I couldn’t help noticing the clothes she wore that day neatly arranged on the bed – the pink suit, the dark pantyhose, the pink nylon bra, and her rather short pink nylon half slip with a 4 inch band of lace at the hem. The pink heels stood neatly alongside the bed, and my loins started to stir as I looked at her clothes. I went to my room, stripped down, grabbed a towel, and got into the shower when I was sure she was out. I fought a persistent erection as I showered, and finally emerged wrapped in my large bath towel. I had to pass by her door, and as I did, saw it was open. She was sitting at the makeup vanity brushing her hair in the large mirror. Her breasts were bare, and I saw she had large dark aereolas with prominent reddish-pink üsküdar escort nipples which were at least an inch and a half long. She was wearing a very shiny black half slip which was tight across her ass as she sat in the chair. I stopped in my tracks at the sight, and realized she saw my reflection in the mirror. She turned in the backless chair, crossed her legs – which were covered by charcoal hosiery and patent leather high heel pumps, and said, “Hey…haven’t you ever seen a pair of naked boobs before?” I felt my face redden, and my penis start to grow, and replied, “Sure, but not like those.” She laughed and asked, “Weren’t my sister’s this nice?” I shook my head, and turned to walk away, but the towel let loose, and my now rock-hard erection pointed directly at her. She gave it and me a long look, then said, “My sister is really a dumb shit for walking away from you.” I agreed, and reached down to pick up the towel. “What the hell are you doing that for?”, she asked, “Come over here…I want to get a good look at that.” I slowly walked over to her and she fixed her gaze on my penis and balls. “Mmmm…those look SO damn good…celibacy is getting old.” She reached up and wrapped her soft warm hand around my penis, and began to very slowly stroke it. “Please touch my boobs”, she said. I placed both hands on her tuzla escort breasts and gently caressed them and her nipples. She stood up and said, “I should get this slip and stockings off, eh?” I told her to leave them on, and she said, “Oh yes, I forgot…my sister told me you like slips on a woman, and this one is brand new…I bought it for this trip…do you like it?” It was a beautiful slip…very shiny nylon with lace trim, and it stopped about 4 inches above her knees. “Touch it,” she said. I rubbed her ass, thighs, and belly, and that turned both of us on. She smiled and said she was going to wear a black dress and bra to dinner. I stepped back and got a better look at her. Her nipples were rock-hard and stuck out like thumbs. “All I have under this slip is my stay-up nylons,” she whispered. She pulled me close, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a long tongue-in-the-mouth kiss. My penis was against her slip, and I wanted to explode against her, but she gently pushed me away.”Tell you what,” she said, “Let’s get dressed, go to dinner, have drinks, maybe dance, then come back here and finish this off.” I kissed her, gave each of her nipples a flat-tongue which made her shiver, and said, “You have ten minutes to get dressed.” She smile wickedly and said, “Wow…you ARE a cool head, aren’t you.” I smiled, walked to the door, and said, “The head you want will be plenty hot later.”I went to my room, sat on the bed until my erection subsided, dressed in a suit, and exactly ten minutes later collected her at the door to her room. The night went as planned, and we got home at 12:30 A.M.I was soon to learn just how “close” we really were…..

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