The Exchange Student

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Female Ejaculation

This is my second erotic story. Any comments and criticisms are encouraged so I can improve the writing. Please do feel free to drop me a line after the story. That said, enjoy….

* * * * *

Jim Thompson lay back in the plush bed luxuriating in the cool silky feeling of the satin sheets beneath him. Overstuffed pillows lay everywhere creating a soft playground of red and black. He smiled dreamily as Jennifer, the captain of the cheerleaders’ squad, crawled up from the foot of the bed and knelt at his lap. She was a petite girl, only a bit over 5 feet tall but well built and filled out in all the right places. Her body was muscled from years of cheerleading practice and her dark brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way of the stunts she did on the field. Her blue and white cheerleading uniform was damp with sweat from the game but that seemed to only add to the excitement in the room.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day lover,” Jennifer said huskily as she unbuckled his belt. “I’ve been wanting you all day,” she continued. And then her voice dropped lower and she locked gazes with him. “I need you. Right now.” She reached into his pants and gripped his semi rigid cock tightly. Her small hand was warm on his flesh and he groaned as she began to stroke him to life.

“Yes…” Jim’s voice trailed off as he shuddered in pleasure. He pulled his quarterback uniform off quickly and helped Jennifer slip his pants off in a frenzy of arms, legs and discarded clothes. She leaned back and pulled her own shirt off. Her firm breasts bounced as she tossed her shirt aside and reached back to unclasp her bra. Jim reached up and cupped her breasts feeling their weight and thumbing her dark brown nipples. They hardened to taut nubs of flesh and he bent forward and licked at them much to Jennifer’s delight. She pulled off his boxers and squatted over his hardening penis. Her white cotton panties were wet with her juices and she rubbed herself over his shaft as she rocked back and forth in his embrace. He continued to nuzzle at her breasts and her nipples glistened in the soft lighting of the bedroom.

“Please, I need you inside me now,” she rasped at him. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she held his face in her hands for a moment before kissing him fiercely and hungrily. Standing up on bed, she slipped her panties off and threw them over her shoulder. Her pussy was shaved clean and gleamed wetly.

Jim gulped, suddenly nervous. “Wow, you’re really wet Jen.”

“I’m so horny, love. I need your cock now. Don’t make me beg.” She began to kiss him again while she reached between their sweaty bodies and grasped his firm shaft. His cock was throbbing now, fully erect at about 8 inches in length.

“Okay…” his voice was trembling with excitement now. She pushed him back into a prone position and raised herself up on her knees. With one hand she raised the front of her little blue skirt to give him an unobstructed view as she held his cock with the other. Then, without warning she dropped unto his shaft with a wet slurp.

“Ahhhhhmmmm…” she let out her breath in a long loud moan as inch after inch disappeared into her dripping pussy. This exclamation was punctuated by a little yelp as her engorged clit bumped unto the base of his thick rod. Abruptly she was racked by a tremendous orgasm as her pent up desire spilled over. Screaming incoherently she began to ride Jim’s penis wildly as wave after wave of bliss washed over her.

Feeling her muscles contract and grip his cock in their wet grip Jim felt his own orgasm explode and arched his back lifting Jennifer off the bed as cum jetted out of his cock into her warm depths. She was so tight that he distinctly felt each jet spurt out of his penis and splatter alongside the inner walls of her pussy then squish down his shaft and squirt unto his stomach. Then the room went hazy and Jim felt his cock slip out of the cheerleaders hot cunt and drop with a wet plop unto his stomach.

A nagging beeping sound was edging in on his consciousness. Suddenly Jim sat upright in his bed and glanced around in confusion. Jennifer was gone and in her place was a very rumpled and wet pillow. The beeping that had rudely brought him back to reality was his alarm clock. “Damn,” he mumbled to himself as he slammed the snooze button. Looking down at the sticky mess that was his pajamas he decided that going back to sleep was most definitely not an option and reluctantly rolled out of bed. The first day of school was here.


Jim Thompson, high school senior, computer club treasurer, and general pocket protector wearing geek extraordinaire dragged himself into his bathroom. Tossing the wet sheets and pillowcases into the laundry hamper he shucked off his pajamas and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. About 5 foot 9 inches tall, he wasn’t the tallest guy around but his long limbed lanky frame gave him the appearance of height. Sadly, this made him feel even more awkward; “gangly” seemed to be the proper word. His disheveled hair was a dull black and did nothing to distract from the slight acne illegal bahis blemishes on his face. A scrawny mustache completed the image.

As he stepped into the shower and lathered up he thought about school and finishing the last year of his miserable high school career. And he thought about Jennifer Richards, the captain of the cheerleaders’ squad. He had nursed a crush on that beautiful brunette since the 8th grade but never said more than three sentences to her in the entire time. To make things even worse, those were usually stumbling and graceless while she had politely watched him struggle to form basic sentences. He felt more and more sorry for himself as he reflected on the dream that he had just awoken from. He’d never had a chance with Jennifer. Just about the only things in the dream that were accurate were her beauty and the flaccid penis that hung between his skinny legs. Even limp, it hung almost six inches down his thigh. Though no one would ever know because he had never had the nerve to even talk to a girl he was attracted to, let alone ask for her number. Jim Thompson, though well endowed, was a virgin. “…and likely to stay that way,” he ruefully thought to himself.

Fifteen minutes later, he hopped out of the shower and threw on some clothes that he plucked from the piles of laundry strewn about his room. Grabbing his backpack he hurried down the stairs and out the door to catch the bus. He heard his mom yell out something about visitors later that afternoon but brushed it off as he saw the bus nearing the stop a block away. Breaking into a run, he just made it to the stop as the bus pulled up. Breathing hard he got in line behind a few other students. As he climbed up into the bus he saw Jennifer sitting just behind the driver. She smiled at him and he was about to smile back when he tripped on the step and crashed to the floor in a mess of clothes and limbs. Amid the laughter he hurriedly plopped a few coins in the machine and avoiding eye contact with anyone made his way to the back of the bus where he deposited himself in a chagrined heap.

The day went by slowly as usual. He registered for his courses and tried to blend into the background as much as possible. Jennifer was in three of his classes and he made sure to get a seat just behind her in all three. Once she had even looked back at him as though she were going to say something but he had quickly buried his nose in his textbook.

When he got home late in the afternoon, he noticed a cab just pulling away from his house. Curious, he walked a bit faster to see who was in the cab but as it passed he realized there was no passenger. Shrugging to himself, he walked to the back door and let himself in to the kitchen. Hearing voices in the hallway, he stuck his head out to see who was there. His mom and dad were talking to someone in the living room and there was some luggage piled up near the front door. His mom turned and saw him. She gestured for him to come over. Dropping his back, he walked over to see which one of his four irritating aunties had come to visit.

He was surprised to see that instead of one of his aunts in his living room there sat a young blonde woman about his age, 18. “Jim,” his mom began as he stood there gawking, “I’d like you to meet Alexa Romanov. She’s an exchange student and will be staying with us to finish her senior year of high school here in the United States.”

Alexa was beautiful in the very classic sense of the word, breathtakingly beautiful. Her hair was a pale blonde, nearly white and fell straight like a platinum waterfall past her shoulders. She was slender and even sitting he could tell that she was probably a bit taller than he. Her eyes were a startling blue that twinkled with enthusiasm and friendliness. She was well built and tanned slightly which seemed a bit unusual since her features indicated a northern European ancestry. She smiled radiantly and extended her hand, “Nice to meet you Jim.” Her accent was light but obvious as she spoke.

Jim stared at her hand. “Jim!” his mom startled him out of his reverie, “Your manners, Jim,” nodding at Alexa’s outstretched hand. Flushing with embarrassment, he took her hand and shook it quickly not failing to note how soft and warm it felt in his grip. “Alexa is from Iceland and part of a two year exchange program here in the United States. She is on the swim team…”

“That explains the tan…” Jim thought to himself as he continued to look over Alexa. Her skirt was a creamy white and contrasted with her long smooth legs showing off the bronze of her skin invitingly. She wore a blue blouse that showed off just enough cleavage for him to guess that she probably filled out a c-cup easily. He licked his lips unconsciously and was surprised to see a mischievous smile on Alexa’s face as she watched him ogle her supple body. Caught staring he averted his gaze and tuned back in to what his mother was saying.

“…After spending the last year in Florida, she’s been transferred here on a swimming scholarship to finish her senior year.” Jim listened to his mother prattle on about the benefits of the foreign illegal bahis siteleri student exchange program and he couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly as he looked over Alexa’s lithe form. As his gaze traveled from her silky legs past her trim waist and over the stretched fabric of her blouse he drank in every detail hungrily, trying to memorize the curves and valleys for future “reference”. When his eyes met Alexa’s he stopped. Her eyes narrowed like that of a predator, his widened like that of an innocent deer with about two seconds left to live. Jim could have sworn he heard a growl emanate from that blonde beauty’s and like a good little boy he was decided that it was time to retreat and regroup in the face of what was obviously superior firepower.

“Nice to meet you see you later okay bye.” He blurted out in a quick burst of words and slipped out of the room with his mom in mid-sentence and Alexa’s intimidating eyes watching his withdrawal with amused interest.


Later that night, Jim stood in his shower soaping himself down. He was still blown away by the beautiful bombshell that practically dropped into his life and would be living two doors away like a tantalizing treat just out of his reach. Images of beads of sweat glistening off her breasts danced through his head and he leaned back in the shower. He stroked himself slowly imagining Alexa’s long legs wrapped around the small of his back. Just as he began to get a rhythm going there was a loud knock at the door. “Yeah hang on a second I’ll be right…” this last was cut off as he slipped on the soapy floor, grabbed the curtain and splashed down unto his butt in a painful mess of limbs and shower curtain rings.

“Jim? Are you okay?” Came Alexa’s muffled voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think.” He replied and tried to put the wrecked shower curtain back together. He wrapped a towel around himself and walked up to the door. “Wha-what is it?” he tried to say in as masculine a voice as he could manage though it sounded painfully shrill in his ears.

“The light in my bathroom burnt out and I was wondering if I could shower in your bathroom instead…just this once?”

“Uh. Uhmmm. Yeah, sure. Okay. I guess.”

“Great!! Will you be done soon?”

“Uhm, yeah. Gimme a sec.” Jim tried to stash all his laundry in the hamper and hung the curtain lopsidedly back on the ruined curtain rod. Just the thought of Alexa showering in his bathroom brought his semi rigid dick throbbing back to life in a nearly painful erection. He tried to think of something else to get it to go back down but everything that came to mind inevitably led back to images of hard sweaty bodies slamming together in wanton sex. A minute passed.


“Yeah, sorry. Just a second.” He thought he heard a giggle from the other side of the door. Giving up, he wrapped a terry robe over his skinny frame and tented towel before unlocking the door. “All yours…” he trailed off when she came into view, clad scantily in a towel wrapped over her ample breasts and falling just barely over her tight rear.

“Yes, I see.” Alexa said with a twinkle in her eye as she brushed by him into the bathroom. Jim looked down and realized that his towel was still peaking out a bit between the robes folds revealing his embarrassing state. He turned quickly and mumbled something like an apology then walked over to his closet to get something to throw on.

“Thank you for letting me use your shower. Tomorrow I’ll get a new bulb for mine.” The bathroom door swung to a crack and stopped. Jim held his breath. The door stayed open just a bit.

“What is she doing? Does she know it’s open?” he whispered to himself. He nearly bit his lip when he saw her walk into view and stand at the shower entrance. Clucking to herself she gently removed the broken curtain rod, rolled up the wet curtain and stood the cluttered plastic in the corner of the shower. Then she stepped back. And dropped her towel.

“Ulp.” Jim exclaimed and then clamped his hand over his mouth afraid that she had heard him. Opening his closet door he pretended to be rummaging for clothes but left the door mirror at just the right angle to see into the slightly ajar door. “Oh my…” her body was a work of art, a masterpiece of sensuality. Long well toned legs, firm heavy breasts that swung as she stepped into the shower flashed by the little view-space. He could barely contain himself. “Ahh, I’ll just wait outside.” He said out loud and then berated himself for saying anything as the door closed softly a few seconds later.

Twenty minutes later, just as Jim was slipping into bed, the bathroom door opened into his darkened room. Steam flowed out through the open doorway illuminated by a soft yellow shaft of light. Alexa emerged wrapped in her towel. “Thanks again, Jim. Let me know if I can do anything for you.” She said with a smirk, tossing her wet hair over her shoulder. Her supple body glistened in the light. Jim shifted uncomfortably raising a knee to hide his growing erection.

“Uhm, okay Alexa,” Jim replied attempting to sound cool and nonchalant though his heart was canlı bahis siteleri racing and he longed to reach out and touch her. She stood there for a long moment, looking at him, sizing him up. He felt self conscious about himself, his lanky frame and goofy features. He smiled weakly.

“Goodnight,” Alexa said softly and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Jim leaned back in the bed and groaned in frustration. Then, looking down at his throbbing cock, he resignedly slipped out of bed, opened his drawer and picked up a bottle of lotion and walked into the still steaming bathroom.


The next day was a busy day for Jim. He spent hours sketching out ideas in his notebook and actually managed not to daydream about Jennifer. After classes were done, he spent the whole afternoon walking back and forth between the garage and his room. When his Mom noticed his odd industriousness he mumbled something about a presentation for his science course and she accepted that without much thought.

At dinner, Alexa chatted pleasantly with his parents and only once looked in his direction. Jim ate quickly and excused himself early, retreating to his room. Unable to do his homework or even to concentrate on the TV he paced his room impatiently. Time and time again, he disappeared into his bathroom only to emerge a few moments later even more edgy and anxious.

It wasn’t until nearly midnight that he heard what he had been waiting for. The shower began running in Alexa’s bathroom next door. By now he had nearly worked himself into a frenzy and his hands shook as he tiptoed into his own bathroom. He opened his towel closet and listened to the activity in the adjoining bathroom. He heard the sounds of muffled humming and then the shower curtain rings jingle as the curtain was drawn and then closed. Hurrying back to his room. He clicked his mouse and started the video capture program.

Jim’s bathroom was separated from Alexa’s by two layers of drywall and open metal framing. That afternoon, he had removed a portion of drywall inside his towel closet and installed a small digital camera in her bathroom between the mirror frame and light fixture.

Overflowing with anticipation and clearly nervous, he clicked the activate button. The little window blurred for a second then came to life. He had never done anything like this but was painfully attracted to the exotic blonde and this created a burning curiosity and desire for her. Alexa was just stepping into the shower. Her long blonde hair darkened and ran in long strands over her smooth shoulders and down her back as the steaming water showered down on her. Slowly, he pushed the direction button and the camera panned to the right centering Alexa’s lithe form on the screen. Jim’s cock throbbed to life painfully in his pajamas. He watched, glued to the monitor, as she shampooed and soaped herself down. He bit his lip as her hands glided over her full breasts and tried to memorize every curve of her body. Then, Alexa stood up straight and turned the showerhead towards the wall.

“What is she doing?” Jim wondered as he watched her move the shampoo bottles over to the other end of the tub. Squatting down so that she was only partially under the water, Alexa reached between her legs and began to stroke herself. The digital camera had great resolution (Jim spent a good portion of his summer earnings that afternoon) but the steam in the bathroom was beginning to cloud the lens. Jim was so shocked as he watched Alexa begin to masturbate that he sat gaping at the computer screen for five long minutes as she continued to caress her breasts and rub her pussy in the next door bathroom. Almost absentmindedly, he began to stroke himself through his pajamas.

Alexa moaned softly as she slipped a finger between her pussy-lips. Her clitoris was throbbing with need and she shuddered through a small orgasm. She felt herself lubricating and quickly inserted another finger. The running water drowned the noise of the squishing fingers slipping feverishly in and out of her dripping cunt as she rapidly approached a more powerful climax. Her pinkish nipples were erect and she tweaked one savoring the little tingles of sensation.

Unable to see much detail now, Jim continued to rub himself as he watched Alexa arch her back and tense for a long silent moment before slumping to the floor of the tub. He stared at the curvature of her long legs and tight round buttocks and imagined slipping in from behind and pumping away at her like some maddened mining machine. In seconds he gritted his teeth and felt the warm spurts of cum against his leg.

Satiated for the moment, Alexa stood and rinsed herself off. Her orgasm had been powerful yet she didn’t feel fulfilled. She needed more. She hungered for a deep soul wrenching fuck and the intensity of her desire surprised her. She had always been a sexually uninhibited person though her actual experience was not extensive and largely unfulfilling. This resulted in her avidly devouring romance novels, movies and every bit of sexually oriented research information she could find in her spare time. These fueled her frequent fantasies and often resulted in little stolen moments where she would finger herself to varying degrees of pleasure. Feeling alone and a bit frustrated she turned off the light in the bathroom and closed the door.

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