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Subject: The Family J – Chapter 2 The Family J – Chapter 2 By: Proxy Story Adult/Youth M/b This story is fiction, written by an author over the age of 18. All names, places, descriptions, and events are purely fictional and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and youths if that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. If you enjoyed the story, or any other stories, please donate to so that we can all enjoy more stories in the fty/donate.html -Weekend Chores- M/b, oral, anal After my brother dropped the bomb on me I turned to look at him. I must have had a complete look of shock and something like a ghost. Jorge smiled at me and said, “Jeezz, little brother you don’t think we are blind do you? We’ve been watching you two flirt with each other for years. Also, I’m pretty sure Jeremiah is gay, I mean he has been showing the signs and I have spied a lot more gay porn and stuff on his computer than straight stuff. All that being said, it isn’t like we want to see you two making out at the dinner table. Keep it clean and hidden for not only our sakes, but also for yours too okay.” I still couldn’t come up with words and I was looking around till I spotted Jeremiah laying on top of his mother in a inner tube. He may be getting older an bigger, but he is still his Momma’s boy. Jorge then dunked me again, but this time I came up grappling and we splashed around for a minute more before we were both attaked on all sides by our other brother and all the kids. The mayhem was broken up by the laddies yelling that it was time to get cleaned up and prepared for dinner. Back at the cabin the kids were stripped together and thrown under the shower. I only had eyes for Jeremiah. I never cared for girls and little Jacob was way too young for me at only five years old. After the kids were ushered in to get dressed the adults took their turns. As dinner was being prepped by the ladies the rest of us were variously lounging around or playing games. I was sitting on the couch when Jeremiah came in and sat next to me brushing his warm arms and legs against mine. I looked over at him and he grinned at me too. I wrapped my arm around him and he sunk all the way into my side. Jorge sitting across from us smiled back at us and then mouthed “get a room.” After dinner, it was more of the same we played dominos and then at various points more and more of the group turned in for the night. Finally, Jeremiah and I retired to the bunk room and there wasn’t even a question of who was going to be in the bed with me. I was glad that neither of the girls had already climbed into the bed, but were already passed out in their bunks along with little Jacob. Jeremiah and I stripped down to our underwear and got under the covers as he cudeled into me I stroked his back. He turned and faced me and I leaned in and we started kissing. I ran my hand down and into his underwear finding his sticky little cock. He did the same to me and we both moaned quietly. We continued to slowly jerk each other until I pulled his underwear down and he then did the same to me. Jeremiah then scooted down and moved till both of our cocks were rubbing together. My pre-cum was slicking us up. After we did that a few minutes I had him turn around and I fit my cock between his legs and began humping into him as I started jerking his cock with gusto. We were both stiffling grunts and groans. Neither of us seemed interested in a long drawn out make out session. When Jeremiah began squeaking, I actually had to put my hand over his mouth and then at the same time my cock began erupting between his legs. As were both calming down we heard thirteen year old Elizabeth giggling. I held my breath till she finally said with a clear sarcastic tone, “You two are so gross, if you are going to make out get your own room geezz.” Both Jeremiah and I relaxed and then he finally turned and whispered in my ear, “Ummm… your stuff is all over me do you have something I can use to wipe it off.” I found my underwear and slipped them back on and then slipped out to the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and returned to clean up my little lover. After cleaning him up and re-dressing him we both drifted off to peaceful sleep. I woke the next morning to the sound of the hustle and bustle of the cabin. Jeremiah was still in my arms and as I looked around I saw that the rest of our bunk gaziantep escort mates had already rolled out to breakfast. Jeremiah sighed and then said, “If I didn’t have to pee so bad I would have asked if we could just lay here all morning.” He pulled himself out of my arms and trotted off to the bathroom. As he was leaving, I smiled to myself as I watched his cute little bum bounce out the room. I too needed a piss and I got up and entered to the bathroom as Jeremiah was leaving. When we entered the dinning room the entire family turned as looked at us. I felt like a deer in headlights. Jorge finally spoke up, “So, the sleeping beauties decided to join the rest of us huh?” Neither Jeremiah or I responded, we both sat down and loaded up our plates with eggs and bacon. The chatter of the family resumed. After everyone was full and each person began moving around and preparing for the days adventures. For most of us we also need to prepare to head back to the city for work on Monday; however, in my case I had planed an extra day off so that I could get a few chores around the cabin completed. They were little chores, but noisy or messy so I had planned to do them on my own and after everyone was out of the cabin. As I took the last of the plates and platters into the kitchen I found Jeremiah’s mom washing them. I placed them dishes down and started to turn and walk away when Amy spoke up, “Where do you think you are going?” I turned back around, “Ahhh, my bad would you like some help?” Amy turned and smiled at me, “Yeah, you can dry and besides we need to talk.” Fuck, not another lecture or worse a scolding. I grabbed a towel and began drying and putting away stuff when Amy finally spoke up, “So, Jorge tells me you and Jeremiah finally ummm… well you two finally found each other.” I found my voice deep down in my chest and nodded and made a little “Yeah, I guess.” There was a long pause as I could feel her staring at me. “Jerry, I can’t say that I really agree with you two being physical you know. I have to admit though; that just like Jorge, I have been thinking that Jeremiah was showing some signs and I obviously couldn’t ignore how you two have been flirting with each other. Honestly, it was kind of amusing how neither of you realized how obvious you were. The whole family has been talking behind your backs about it for a year. I guess we were all prepared for it.” Amy continued to stutter and ramble a little till finally she added, “Why doesn’t Jeremiah stay with you till you come home tomorrow and you can drop him off then, it won’t hurt him to miss one day of school.” We decided to wait to spring our little surprise on Jeremiah till after everyone else had left. This meant that as the day drug on and as the crowd thininng down you could see the depression starting in his eyes. Jeremiah’s parents were getting ready to leave when finally she turned to me and said, “Alright, Jerry I expect you to make sure he brushes his teeth and you also return him in a clean state. Also, don’t take it easy on him, he is getting to skip a day of school, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help you with the chores around here.” Jeremiah was looking at his mother and then at me with a curious and questioning look. Finally the little light bulb lit over his head and he ran up to his mother and hugged her and then back to me and said excitedly, “You mean we get to hang out here all by ourselves?” “Yep, but just like your mother said you have to help me tomorrow with some stuff around here. Go throw you bags in the big room on the left.” Jeremiah ran off to do as asked and then Jorge grabbed me by the back of the head and within ear shot of Amy said, “Remember what I said, if you hurt him or so anything…well have fun, but don’t you know do anything I wouldn’t or…” He pulled me closer till we were headbutting he then released his grip slightly till he kissed me on the forehead as was our tradition ever since we were young. I looked at Amy and she was smiling,but I could tell she was still a little uncomfortable. Jeremiah and I escorted his parents out to the car and watched them drive off. “Well, my little man we do have some work to do, but that can wait till tomorrow what do you want to do now?” Jeremiah thought for a second and then said, “I want to go swimming, but I want us to do it naked, like when I was little.” It is true that as a rule we don’t make the kids wear suits till they reach about five years old and are completely potty trained. I responded suriyeli escort by running towards the lake while stripping off my clothes and yelling, “Last one in is a rotten egg!” Jeremiah was yelling, “No fair!” while trying to catch up to me and also get his clothes off. I actually tripped slightly while trying to kick my shoes off allowing him to get a bit in front of me and when we got to the waters edge he was still just an arms length ahead so I jumped at him as we both entered into the water wrestling into the shallow water. We continued to splash and wrestle, giggling and tickling each other. Generally we played like two little boys, but I know I was also enjoying the freedom of feeling his naked skin. After a short while I was half hard, but he was fully so. “Uncle Jerry this is going to be so cool, we get to you know play and stuff without anyone else being around so we can make all the noise we want!” We enjoyed the cool water and fore-play for about 45 minutes, but it was starting to get dark and also I was aware that I was going to need to prepare something for us to have for dinner. As we exited the water, he asked if we could stay naked the rest of the night he added, “I like looking at you.” Flattered, I added that I really liked looking at him too. We picked our trail of clothes and walked back to the cabin smiling and bumping into each other. I began preparing something for us to eat while Jeremiah sat on a stool watching. I finally asked, “So, Jeremiah what is it you like about looking at me?” He stared at me thinking then he said, “I don’t know I like how you look. You know you have muscles and stuff and your penis is all nice and well you are not like Daddy and Uncle James or even Grandpa.” I nodded, but I pried more, “What do you mean I am not like them?” “Well, you don’t have a lot of hair like them, I mean the hair is kind of cool, but… And, you treat us kids different. You don’t, I don’t know you don’t ummm treat us like we are different and you play with us and well… you take care of us differently.” I knew what he meant, I did in fact have a lot less hair than the rest of my family, but I also worked out more than my brothers so therefore; I didn’t have the beer belly and flab either. Jeremiah turned the tables and asked, “So, what do you like about me. I mean you arn’t really supposed to like boys are you. I mean I know you are gay and I know that Steven was you boyfriend before and he was old like you.” He added a sarcastic tone to the word “old.” I was in fact only 38 years old. “Hey, watch the old stuff little man. And, you are right. Most people would say I’m not supposed to like you like that and you arn’t supposed to like me either. They would also say that we deffinetly should not be you know ummm doing sexy stuff together, but well.. you are just the cutest boy I have ever seen. I like your body and your butt and your penis and your arms and your legs and everything about you. You are just ummm…cool!” We cleaned up the dishes and put everything away when Jeremiah asked what all we had to do the next day. I pulled out my list of chores and we both looked over it. Jeremiah complained some about none of it being fun stuff, but then he added “Well, I guess we better get to bed early then.” I looked at his mischevious grin and nudged his shoulder, “Mmmmhmmmm, I guess we better.” He did wait for me he ran off to the bedroom, but before he left my sight he wiggled his little ass my direction and then turned and licked his lips. The little flirt. I had one stop to make on the way to the bedroom. I went to the medicine cabinet and went to the “emergency adult” box and found the lube and condoms, of course I only grabbed the lube. I can only imagine that I had the brightest widest smile on my face as I thought that when Jorge suggested and provided that box he never thought it would be used by me to fuck his own son. I entered the bedroom to find Jeremiah sitting on the edge of the bed and looking curiously at me. “What’s in your hand?” I looked down at my hand and then back at him. “Ummm… well, it is stuff to make, well, make us slippery.” He smiled at me, “You mean to make your penis slippery don’t you. I told you Uncle Jerry, I’m not stupid I have seen and read stuff on the computer before. That means you want to fuck me doesn’t it? You wan’t to stick you big ol’ penis in my ass don’t you?” He continued to smile, but I could also hear a little aprehension in his voice. I walked rus escort over to the bed and leaned down and kissed his head then pulled his face up towards mine and stared into his eyes, “No, my little man I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you okay?” At that I pushed him back onto the bed and then started kissing his little mouth and all over his face and then his neck and then his little nipples and then onto his navel. I finally reached his cock and took it whole into my mouth. He let out a sigh and huff and as I continued to work his tool in my mouth I also uncapped the lube and got some on my fingers. I slipped my finger into his crack and began massaging his sweet little anus. Jeremiah began rocking back and forth. Forcing his cock into my mouth and then helping to rub his anus against my invading finger. Finally my finger broke his resistance and was quickly half way into his hot furnace. “Damn, Uncle Jerry I never knew playing with my ass hole could feel so ummmm cool.” I pulled off his cocklet and continued to work my finger in as I leaned over and began kissing him. When he was concentrating on how to work his tongue against mine I shoved the remainder of my finger into his ass. He paused and his eyes shot open, but then I began massaging his little prostate and he was humming into my mouth. I stopped kissing him, but continued my finger probing of his sweet little ass. I was starting down at his beautiful face and was amazed out how pretty and handsome he was. When he opened his eyes and saw me starting at him, he spoke softly, “Uncle Jerry are you going to fuck me now?” I smiled back, “I would love to, but it is up to you.” “Ummm, I’m scared. Is it going to hurt much? I read it does, but only at first.” “I’m not going to lie to you it probably will at first, but if it is too much I promise I will stop.” Then, almost pleading with him, “Okay?” He bit his lower lip then smiled and said, “Okay! Go for it!” I pulled my finger out his steamy ass and he rolled over and shoved his ass up in the air. I quickly lubed up my cock and then squirted some more onto and into his ass hole. I lined up and began massaging my head up and down his crack. It was so hot and smooth I might have cum just doing that. I then centered and began pushing my head into his ass. The first part went in quickly and we both oohed, but then the head popped all the way through his lips and he grunted and I grunted and paused. He didn’t pull away and then when I pushed another inch in he sighed or maybe it was me I don’t know. I kept up slight preasure and once I was half way in I paused again. Finally I pulled out slowly and then back in to the same point. “Is this okay little man?” “Yeah, it hurt a lot at first, but now I just feel full, kind of strange like.” I started picking up speed and then on my 10th or 12th pass I kept pushing in till I bottomed out. I paused again not only to let him adjust, but because I was in danger of cumming quickly it was so tight, hot and smooth. “Damn, Jeremiah you got it all in you babe and shit you feel good.” I started deep punching his guts and then he started pushing back and gyrating. “Yeah, you are hitting that spot…keep doing that.” I wasn’t going to last much longer so I reached around and grabbed his hard cock and began jerking him while I started pulling out more and then picking up speed till I was jackhamering his tight little ass. The sound of balls and pelvis slapping against ass and the combined grunting and panting of man and boy was filing the air. Finally I could hold back no longer and my nuts began sending their cargo up the chain and then I began emptying the load deep into his ass. After the second shot Jeremiah began shaking again and fell flat against the bed with me putting my entire weight into my hips pumping another three shots deep into his bowels. I rolled off of my little lover and was trying to catch my breath when Jeremiah scooted over and laid his head across my chest. “Wow, that was fun Uncle Jerry. I mean I was a little scared at first, but once you got it all in me and then you were ummmm hitting that spot, you know it felt really cool.” I petted his back and ran my fingers through his slightly damp with sweat hair. We laid like that for a several minutes until Jeremiah got up and ran to the bathroom. I heard him yell with a slight concern in his voice, “Uncle Jerry come here!” I ran into the bathroom to see him squatting over looking at his ass hole in the mirror. “Oh, shit baby did I hurt you?” “I don’t think so, but your stuff is coming out.” I tried hard to hold back a laugh as I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned him up and then told him I was sorry, but that was just part of it. He gave me a weak smile and I got us both into a warm shower.

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