The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 15


Nathan decided to go for a swim. He had such a crazy morning he had forgotten about his daily exercise and decided a few laps around their Olympic-sized pool would do him good.

He put on his swimsuit, which was a full-body, skintight one-piece that covered everything but his hands, feet, and head. Nathan had bought it himself with his own money, not really wanting to have to ask his Dad (who he didn’t like talking to for any length of time anyway) or anyone else because he was embarrassed about not wanting to be seen in anything too revealing. He had some issues with his body, to say the least, and was too shy to even show off his muscular chest if he could help it.

Because he bought it himself with what little money he had at the time, it wasn’t made out of the best material, and he had it for a few years at that point, so a few strands and strings were sticking out from general wear and tear.

Once Nathan had his suit on, he went out to the pool. He started swimming, and as he did, he started to feel better. All thoughts of his mother and sisters drifted away from him as he gave in to the feeling of the cool water as he swam even harder than before.

As Brooke showered, she could still taste her brother’s cum on her tongue. She thought about how she gave her brother a blowjob as she soaped her body. Wow, Nathan, she thought as she licked her lips at the thought of it all, I can’t believe what a fucking stud you are, but you’re such a loser you don’t even know it. She soaped her big tits, pinching her nipples as she stimulated herself thinking about just how big of a cock her brother had, Sucking your dick was probably the hottest thing I’d ever done, so taboo and arousing as fuck. Even if you are a loser and a dweeb, Nathan, I know you and Mom have a thing going on, and I’m going to exploit it to get what I want… Brooke wasn’t sure in that minute if what she wanted was her mother or her brother, though Liz was her obsession, the thought of fucking Nathan was turning her on just as much.

Brooke thought about masturbating, but then remembered that James was there and she probably didn’t have a lot of time before her mother became his love-sick puppy dog again. She shut off the shower and quickly dressed.

In her room, she glanced out the window and smiled when she saw Nathan was swimming out there in his dorky, full-body swimsuit. She changed into one of her own suits and then ran out of her room to join her brother by the pool.

Liz sat in the car for a very long time by herself. At first, she wanted to just leave Bri at the mall out of punishment, but as her anger subsided, she realized that Bri really wasn’t to blame.

True, Liz thought, She did take advantage of me when Nathan was massaging me. But I wanted my pussy to get licked then, even if I didn’t know she was the one licking me. None of this is anyone’s fault but mine, or more specifically my Sex Demon. Liz sighed as she thought of how much trouble her overpowering libido had caused her in such a short amount of time, Jesus, if I don’t get rid of her forever, I’ll probably end up fucking up everyone’s life, especially my own. And that’s what Liz decided to do, lock all her sexual urges away in the back of her brain and throw away the key.

Bri checked four other stores before thinking to check the parking lot and was relieved when she saw that Liz didn’t leave without her. She got in the passenger seat, and Liz started the car and drove out of the lot without saying a word.

Bri wasn’t sure what to do so she just said, “I’m sorry.”

Liz didn’t hesitate in replying. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, sincerely, “But it wasn’t very nice of you to pretend to not know about Nathan and me when I really needed to talk to someone about it.” Liz didn’t sound angry about this, just mildly annoyed.

“Well…” Bri said, her voice trailing off, but after a moment she found the words, “Okay, I’m sorry but I saw an opportunity, one I wasn’t sure I’d ever get again. I mean,” she looked at her sexy friend, “I’m sorry that I have this infatuation, but you are just so beautiful and loving and caring and I just can’t help it. You’re the kindest person I’ve ever known and catching you with your son like that, well, I couldn’t help but try something.”

“So,” Liz replied, “You saw me when I lost control.”

“If you mean when Nate ate your pussy, no, but I was there.”

“Where were you?” Liz asked out of curiosity.

Bri smirked, “I might have been under the massage table, sucking your son’s dick.”

Liz gasped, “You did?” She took a moment to consider this, “Did he cum in your mouth?”

Bri chuckled, “Yeah, almost immediately. That kid has a hair-trigger.” Bri tilted her head to the side as she remembered, “He cums like a mule, it was almost impossible for me to swallow it all.” Bri was started to feel horny as she recalled Nathan’s sexual prowess, “He was still hard after too.”

Liz bit bahis şirketleri her lip and moaned as she remembered, “Yeah, I guess he needs to cum many times in a row to be satisfied. He gets that from me.” Liz felt her Sex Demon start to awaken as she thought about her son’s cock, but then thought of her husband and felt her horniness disappear, “He probably gets the hair-trigger from James.”

“Maybe someone should teach him to hold his loads better?” Bri suggested, “Like his mother?”

Liz glanced at Bri angrily but then Bri started laughing. “Don’t even joke about that.” Liz said and Bri shut up, “Nothing can ever happen between me and Nathan again, between any of us.” Liz quickly added that last part, it was important to let Bri know that they couldn’t fool around.

Bri was disappointed to hear that but she said, “That’s probably for the best,” anyway.

“Good, I’m glad we’re in agreement.” Liz pulled into another parking lot.

Bri recognized it right away, “Liz, we’re back in front of that abandoned shop…” She said noticing they were in the parking lot they had come to accidentally earlier.

“I know,” Liz explained, “But I think I should tell you everything before we go back home. It will make me feel a lot better if you knew.” Liz took a deep breath, Bri tried not to notice how much she stuck her tits out as she did so, “Okay, well, it all started when I caught my father coming out of the shower shortly after I turned 18…”

Brooke came down the stairs and ran into her father, James, and Rosa, their gardener who had never once gardened. She was surprised to see Rosa, who she saw out of the guest house in the back so rarely she usually had to remind herself that she was even there.

Rosa was beautiful, which everyone in the Slope family assumed was the reason James even hired her. She had brown hair, green eyes, tits at least as big as Brooke’s, and legs for days. Brooke often thought of her in her sexual fantasies, even though she had only talked to her a handful of times

Brooke noticed that James and Rosa seemed to be heading out, “Where are you two going?” She asked.

“Out.” James blurted without looking at his daughter.

“We’ll be gone for the evening,” Rosa explained, more politely than James, “tell Mrs. Slope it’s business-related. We will not be back until tomorrow.”

“Um, okay,” Brooke said, suspiciously as she watched them leave the house. There was a limo waiting in the front outside the gate. Well, I guess if you’re going to cheat on your wife with your gardener, you might as well cheat in style. She thought, bitterly, knowing that she would never cheat on her mother if she was married to her, even with someone as beautiful as Rosa.

That reminded Brooke. She had put on a not-particularly attractive one-piece because James or Rosa might see her as she tried to coerce her brother into helping her seduce their mother and figured it was best to keep things as low-key as possible. But with both of them gone…

Brooke ran back to her room and a few minutes later she was walking out to the pool wearing a swimsuit she found particularly sexy. It was a v-shaped one-piece that held her boobs out and stretched down and over her pussy but hugged hit cunt so that it gave her a bit of a camel toe. From behind it looked like she only had the letter “V” drawn on her back from the top of her ass to her shoulders because the straps were so small.

Nathan saw his blonde older sister coming over in her red swimsuit and nearly choked on the water by what she was wearing. Her breasts were pushing out the material so far he could clearly see both sides of her tit-flesh on both boobs, and the V of the suit only parted just below her belly button revealing her sexy stomach. It was a sexy outfit, and something inside Nathan wanted nothing more than for her to take it off, even though he didn’t think he really wanted that from his sister, no matter what happened in his bedroom earlier, but the outfit was just too sexy for him not to think about Brooke sexually.

He coughed on water and swam to the side of the pool so he didn’t drown. He held onto the side and let his legs dangle in the deep part of the pool. Mostly he didn’t want to get out at all because Brooke was so sexy in her revealing suit that he already had a huge boner that he was sure he couldn’t hide in his skin-tight outfit.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Brooke said as she stood above her brother as he looked up at her in the pool. She spread her legs slightly as she stood there, wanting him to notice her camel toe.

Nathan did but looked away from his sister’s pussy in her swimwear, “What about?” He asked but he thought he could guess.

“Well, about how you and I are going to seduce Mom.” Brooke licked her lips slowly and sexily as she thought about it.

Nathan was looking away so he didn’t see this action, “That’s messed up.” He said, “And you shouldn’t want that. She’s our bahis firmaları mother.”

“And yet you want it too,” Brooke was angry now, not willing to let this loser tell her what she should feel, “And that’s why we’re going to help each other out until Mom is a total slut for both of us. I mean, what kind of a loser are you that you can’t even recognize an opportunity like this? I bet you’ve never even had a blowjob before I came into your room earlier. I bet you’ve never even kissed a girl. I bet-” She stopped talking because Nathan then grabbed her leg and pulled her into the pool.

Nathan hated it when Brooke was like this. He didn’t really see her treating anyone else in the family like she treated him and was never sure why she felt like she could just pick on him all the time. Of course, he never really put up much resistance and tended to just ignore her, but he was under a lot of stress lately and saw the opportunity.

As Brooke’s head came back up above the water, Nathan saw that his sister was even more pissed than she was before. “I’LL KILL YOU!” She shouted as Nathan tried to swim away.

Nathan thought he was faster in the water, but Brooke did yoga and jogged with her mother almost every morning and was just as in shape as he was. Combined with the extra adrenaline from her anger she caught up to him in no time at all. She grabbed him by the hair and proceeded to dunk his head under the water.

Nathan was taken by surprise and didn’t take a breath before he was being held under the water. Feeling he might drown he grabbed her and pushed her away so he could get air again.

Brooke was on him again within seconds. She grabbed at his shoulder, but all she got ahold of was one of the many loose fibers hanging off of his full-body swimsuit. As Nathan tried to swim away, the string was pulled off and kept coming as it took out a full seam going the full length of the suit and effectively ripping it in half.

Brooke cringed, her anger leaving her as Nathan’s one-piece fell away from him. He turned back to his older sister, looking betrayed, “Um, whups,” Brooke said lamely as she held up the string still in her hand.

“Ugh, you win again,” Nathan said meekly as he grabbed what was left of his suit floating near him in the water and started swimming towards the shallow part of the pool so he could get out.

“Wait!” Brooke said as she swam up beside him, feeling guilty, “I can fix it.”

“What?” Nathan asked, “You’ll fix my suit?”

“Yeah, dummy,” Brooke said with a laugh, “What do you think I do with all my time? I make and fix clothing.” She held her hand out for Nathan to give her the suit.

Nathan did so, reluctantly, “So I’m just going to skinny dip until you get back?” He asked.

“Well, you could,” Brooke said, “But it’d probably be smarter to hang out in the jacuzzi.” As she said this she nodded to the corner of the pool area where their outdoor jacuzzi was, “If someone comes by, you can turn on the jets and they won’t see that you’re naked.” Brooke didn’t suggest waiting inside because she liked the idea of her brother being stuck out there, totally naked, until she came back for him.

Nathan glanced around before swimming to the side, getting out, running over to the jacuzzi, and hopping in. Brooke licked her lips, feeling horny, as she saw that Nathan’s cock was rock hard as he got out, and also admired her brother’s tone ass as he ran. She wondered if she could convince him to fuck her later, but thought that might be pushing him too fast.

Brooke noted as she got out that Nathan immediately turned the jets on in the jacuzzi even though she only said he should do that if someone came by. Meh, he’s just a shy loser, after all, she thought as she took his broken suit into the house, but maybe I can fix that…

“-and that’s when Nathan started rubbing my tits and, well, I guess you know the rest,” Liz admitted. She was just finishing up her story to Bri and had mostly told her friend everything. How her Sex Demon first awakened when she started lusting after her father, how she had locked her sex drive up after she married James, how James was terrible in the sack which kept her libido locked up for so long, how her Sex Demon woke up again by catching Brooke sniffing her panties and then how she molested Nathan in his sleep.

She skimmed some of the details after that. She didn’t tell Bri that she sucked her son’s cock that night, just that she gave him a handjob and only licked his cum off her hand after. And she didn’t mention more about the visit to Dr. Scots outside of Nathan mentioning that he needs to cum several times throughout the day, and Liz still felt that justified her actions to some degree. She also didn’t mention the handjob she gave him in the diner (or even mention the diner) and decided not to mention that she caught Lexi, or that Lexi then caught her the next day, or, for that matter, that she had told Nathan she had kaçak bahis siteleri feelings for him the night before which turned into a handjob-make-out-session. She just didn’t want to sound like the slut she felt like doing all those things so she kept quiet about everything she felt she didn’t have to mention.

Bri had listened quietly as Liz went through the whole story. When she stopped talking Bri asked, “So that’s why you aren’t angry at me? Because you think all of this is caused by your ‘Sex Demon’ as you call it.”

“Right,” Liz said, glad that Bri understood. “She’s basically the cause of all my problems.” Liz sighed as she thought about it, “And now I don’t even know what to do. I can’t run away as I did before, I suppose I could send Nathan and Brooke to their aunts but-“

“Why would you need to send Brooke away?” Bri asked, interrupting Liz, “just because she sniffed your panties?”

Liz bit her lip as she realized she wasn’t going to mention that part, but she’d already let that much slip… “Okay,” she sighed, “I wanted to talk to somebody about it and I thought Brooke might understand but in the process, she kind of tried to seduce me.” And nearly succeeded, Liz thought bitterly to herself.

Bri was shocked by this, she had never thought of Brooke as to do anything like try to fuck her own mother, she felt her pussy pulsate as she pictured Liz and her oldest daughter in an intimate situation, “Wow,” was all she could say.

“What do you think of all this?” Liz asked. She was dying to know at that point after bearing her soul to her best friend.

Truthfully, Bri had been really horny when Liz began her story and had only gotten hornier as her story went on. But when Liz asked her question, Bri became lost in thought, just what do I think of all this? I mean, it’s not every day your best friend who you’ve known your whole life tells you that she’s been fooling around with her children, who you’ve known for their whole lives… She remembered sucking Nathan’s cock yesterday, a boy she practically raised by herself, was that just as dirty as a son licking his mother’s pussy? Am I as much at fault as she is, I mean, I’m basically his step-mother…

“You think I’m a freak, don’t you?” Liz said, feeling miserable as Bri stared off into space, and the car filled up with silence.

Bri looked into Liz’s beautiful, brown eyes and said with total sincerity, “No, I don’t. Truthfully…” she paused, not sure if she should tell Liz everything, but Liz had been honest with her so far, “It turns me on a lot. I mean, I didn’t think it would, something as taboo as incest, but when I heard the sounds you were making yesterday when Nathan went down on you. Holy fucking shit, that was probably the hottest and horniest I’ve ever felt in my life.” As she said it she knew it was true and was too horny in that moment not to ask, “Is he good at giving head? With all the noises you were making, I bet he is.”

Liz stared back at her friend, noticing her pouty lips and stunning eyes. She was feeling very sexually excited as she remembered her son’s influence on her pussy with his talented tongue, “Oh my god, it was amazing!” She exclaimed, but then thought to add, “I mean, I’ve only ever had my pussy eaten by you and Nathan so maybe I’m not an expert, but Nathan is obviously naturally talented at eating cunt.” A thrill went down Liz’s spine as she talked about it.

“James has never gone down on you?” Bri asked, believing it but it was still surprising after Liz being faithful to him for so long.

“That man wouldn’t know what foreplay is if it was a snake trying to bite him,” Liz said, annoyed. Thinking of James made her pussy dry up really fast as she locked her Sex Demon in the back of her skull again. “Let’s just go home, thank you for listening.” Liz started the car and drove to the parking lot’s exit.

“Are you going to send your kids away?” Bri asked. She was not a big fan of Liz’s sisters and, though they’d often send the kids to sleepovers over there while they were growing up, she didn’t like the idea of any of Liz’s children staying with either of them permanently.

“No,” Liz said without hesitating, “I can’t kick Nate or Brooke out because of my problem. But things are going right back to the way they were before. I’m just going to pretend none of this happened and I’m sure everyone will take the hint.”

Somehow, Bri doubted that but she agreed with Liz anyway and they drove the rest of the way home in silence as Bri thought naughty thoughts about Liz and her son.

Erika was in her room most of the morning. Mostly she was practicing her stretching and poses, thinking about how much she wished she could continue cheerleading over the summer. Would it be too weird to practice outside where the rest of the family could see me, she thought as she glanced out the window.

All the windows to the bedrooms looked out into the backyard where the pool was. So when Erika looked outside she saw that Nathan was swimming in the pool and decided that she’d rather not be around her perverted brother any more than she had to, she was about to close the curtain but then saw Brooke come out to him.

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