The Family


The entire family sat around the kitchen table, having a light breakfast of fruit and tea. They were all nude, clothing was only worn for outings. This family consisted of Michelle. Michelle is called Mom by the children, whom was originally Dad of the family. After their youngest daughter, Beth, graduated high school, she transitioned over to female, from Michael to Michelle. So, Dad is now known as Mom. This family has two moms, with the exception that one mom has a penis. A long penis that thickens near the head. A shape that her son Blake quite enjoys. During her transition, Michelle had considered having reassignment surgery, but they all had come to a silent agreement that it may negatively change their sex life. With great love and appreciation from her family, she decided not to. To differentiate the two mothers and respect their genders, Michelle was called Mom, instead of Dad and Melinda was still called Mommy. Michelle, Mom, had a very tall and athletic body. Toned muscular legs, toned arms and faint six pack abs. This was the byproduct of bicycling, jogging and swimming with two of her athletic children, Bethany and Blake. Her face was smooth, feminine and masculine at the same time. Sandy blonde hair fell to her mid back and bangs covered her forehead. Blue, calm and happy eyes complemented full lips, that always seemed to be smiling.

“Mommy, may I have some cream with my tea please,” asked Bethany?

Melinda, Mommy, is the biological mother to all her children. Even after birthing three children she is still a beautiful voluptuous lady. Large firm breasts, full long legs, skin white as milk, pouty lips and hips that swayed causing her ass the shift nicely. Her body would have been used as a model had she been born in ancient Greece.

This was Beth’s real motive, to get Mommy off her seat and admire her mother’s beautiful figure.

Bethany, the runt of the group. She was the smallest and youngest of her two siblings. Despite her age and size, her libido is more than her entire family combined. Her body, though compact, was also athletic. Her body being the result of running track at the local college. She was busty like her mother, Melinda, but slightly smaller, perkier and beautifully in proportion to her body. Her skin had a nice overall tan. Except for places covered by athletic clothing where she was as pale as her Mommy. A badge of honor for having fun in the sun. She had a cute elfin like face with shoulder length sun blonde hair. When she smiled her face would light up a room.

Now perhaps in a normal family, cream would mean sweet cream from milk. But in this family cream only had a sexual connotation. What Beth wanted was cream from someone.

Her mother was eyeing her from across the table and knew exactly what she wanted. Beth was too busy licking her lips looking at the twins. Their Mommy, Melinda, was grateful for her daughter as a sexual catalyst, without Beth, they might have never grown as close as they are now.

Beth’s siblings are fraternal twins. One twin was born a boy and the other a hermaphrodite, Blake and Brandy.

Brandy identifies as a girl. It was something she was uncomfortable with until her Mom, Michelle, transitioned and helped bring about the families sexual awakening with much encouragement from Bethany. Brandy learned that within her family she was accepted and loved as she was. Loved in body and soul, as a complete person. It was something she had never experienced outside of her home. Brandy had a long functioning penis that met up with her body just above her outer labia. Directly below her penis, at its base, was a small clitoris. And below that was a functioning warm and wet vagina. It used to bother her to have a dangling penis. Even when completely soft, it still maintained its full length, but was very flexible.

Beth became her savior after the family became sexually aware of each other. While playing and talking to each other she found out that Brandy, would sometimes feel ashamed because being a lady and having a penis was a bit cumbersome. It made it hard to have a feminine silhouette. Even when she tucked it back, it would constantly fall out of her panties.

Beth was moved by her older sister’s tearful confession. Luckily for Brandy, her little sister has a good combination of intelligence and perversion. Beth found that she could tuck Brandy’s penis downward and into her vagina, keeping it out of the way and flat enough to maintain a feminine silhouette. It was not easy going the first time they tried it, but once in, they pranced and played around her room naked enjoying Brandy’s new figure. Having to help her sister with the task brought them close as family, sisters and best of all lovers. So, from then on, this is how Brandy kept her genitals, even while nude in the house.

Brandy shared a similar physique as her brother and Mom. Tall and lean with a slight muscular build. Brandy’s face was angular and elfin features like her sister Beth, but without as much “baby fat.” Her hair sincan escort was long, down to her mid back, dark brown and straight. Her hair was now covering he small breasts.

Her brother, Blake, had the same color hair, but with a short pompadour haircut. Blake, unlike his twin sister, would let his cock, his large cock, just hang and fall where ever it may. A welcome sight to the family. Blake had a very lean and muscular build, traits he inherited from his Mom, Michelle. Beth, Mom and Blake would often go jogging together. His face was masculine, bordering on boyish.

At the time of his sister’s request Blake was focused on outfits that he wanted to see his sister’s wear. The family loved to dress each other in sexy outfits. While doing so his cock was fully erect and leaking precum down the shaft. He was daydreaming of how to dress up the family and did not hear the question.

His Mommy, Melinda, broke him out of his daydream, “Blake, would you mind if I help your little sister out? You know how she’ll get…”

“Oh, what? I’m so sorry, I didn’t hear.” Mommy reached over and began rubbing his hairless genitals, smearing precum all over the head of his cock. She did this without shame and in a loving way. The way a mother would care for her children.

“Your little sister is asking for cream in her tea.”

“Oh, yes of course,” said Blake with a wide grin. They both got up and walked over to Beth’s part of the table. Blake stood there at the edge of the table and showed his little sister what he was looking at on the pad. It was a purple strapless romper, a kind of strapless tube top with shorts attached.

She grabbed the pad from his hands to have a better look at the outfit. She moved the picture and enlarged it to better pass judgment. The family over the years had become so comfortable with each other that she pushed his cock down onto the table to get an unobstructed view of the pad, which smeared little dabs of precum on the table surface. “It’s beautiful Blake. I’d love it. Think we can go get it today?”

“Sure, hopefully after breakfast,” Blake said giving a pleading eye towards Mom? Michelle gave him a playful wink in reply. “The real question is, what kind of shoes goes with it? That’s what I’m having trouble with.”

Brandy leaned over to have a look at the outfit, which Beth cheerfully showed her. “I think a nice pair of summer sandals would go great. Let’s see,” she took the pad from her sister and started flipping through the items on the pad.

Beth, now having a pair of empty hands, grabbed her brother’s balls and started to play with them absent mindedly. She loved cupping his smooth hairless hanging testicles just as her brother enjoyed her little cool hands caressing them like stress balls. Beth kept her attention on the pad watching Brandy scrolling on the pad.

“Hey look, they have the same outfit but in different designs, let’s get the same outfit,” said Brandy excitedly. They both smiled and at each other the way sisters do and looked up at their brother standing with his penis over the table creating a small pool of clear precum.

He rubbed his hands in mock, menace, “Excellent, now I will have you both in the same outfit.” The three of them laughed. “Of course, I’ll buy this for you too Brandy. You’d look lovely in it,” he said pointing to the outfit.

Mommy, now finished gathering some items, stepped behind Blake with a tall wooden bar stool. “Ok sweetheart, have a seat.” The purpose of the stool was to seat him so that his penis was above the height of the table and over hanging it. Once he was seated, she brought over a small white porcelain creamer pitcher on a white saucer and placed it below his penis. “Who wants cream?”

A chorus of excited, “me, me, me,” came from all around the table.

“I’d love some cream myself,” said Mommy. “We might have to get your sister into this as well to be sure we have enough to go around. We’ll see how you do first,” Melinda kissed her son on his neck.

“Would you two also be interested in something like this,” Mom chimed in and passed across the table another pad to Beth and Brandy. To Blake’s left was Beth and to his right was Brandy, so all three of them could see the outfit that their Mom, Michelle, was talking about.

Mommy turned to Beth, “Open wide Beth.” When Beth complied, her mother shoved her hand into her daughter’s mouth. Shoved, with enough force that it caused Beth to gag. One would think this was rude, but mouth play was a favorite of Beth. Having her mouth used by the family brought her great joy. When her hand was nicely lubricated, she used her spit soaked hand to lube her son’s cock.

In a playful manner, Mommy cupped her hands under Beth’s chin, “The rest of it young lady.” Beth drooled out a generous amount of spit into her mother’s cupped hand. Mommy then smeared the rest over both of her hands and over her son’s hard cock and balls. Blake’s Mommy positioned herself behind him, reached sincan escort bayan around, and grasped his large cock with both hands. “Do you think you have enough for the whole table?”

“I think so Mommy, just go slow at first,” he said, turning back to kiss Mommy. Mommy knew that Blake loved feeling his Mommy’s full red lips suck on his tongue. The air shimmered a bit as his body temperature rose a couple of degrees. Blake broke the kiss so as not to cum so quickly. He wanted his orgasm to build slow and large, so that all the family may have some cream this morning. To get his mind off his Mommy’s slow, slick hands, he went back to the subject of outfits with his sisters. “What do you think of the rompers?”

With both hands, Mommy began slowly working her son’s rock-hard penis, carefully squeezing his precum into the little creamer pitcher. Her goal was to milk as much precum as she could and then go for gold when he could hold out no longer.

Mommy looked down at the pad, “I think it’s cute,” she said while stroking her son. “I’d like to see the purple one on Beth. The pink one would look beautiful on Brandy. And I think that Mom and I could wear opposing colors. Like if I wore the black floral print and Mom could wear the white floral print. My pale skin and her tan skin would look great in those colors. But Brandy is right,” she paused a second to make sure she wasn’t missing the creamer pitcher, “it’s now a matter of what kind of shoes go with what outfit.”

The family talked on about the outfits and what shoes to go with it. All the while Mommy kept milking precum out of her son’s throbbing cock. She did so until her hands dried and then repeated the process of lubing her son’s cock, with her youngest daughter’s slobbering mouth. The milking and clothing discussion went on for nearly 30 minutes until Mommy noticed Blake wasn’t producing as much precum as when they started. “Scoot back some Blake, you’re starting to dry up.” She playfully tickled the opening of his penis while kissing his shoulder. “It’s time to milk you directly.”

“Oh, of course, Mom,” he obliged over enthusiastically by scooting back on the stool and thrusting his hips back exposing his asshole. He playfully wiggled his butt at his Mommy.

“Beth,” Mommy said smiling at her daughter, “would you please help me out with your brother?”

“Gladly.” Beth jumped out of her seat, and kneeled behind her brother and began rimming his puckering asshole. The wet noises she was making could be heard around the table. On the opposite side of the table, Mom moved her chair back and placed both skinny, tanned legs on the table and began playing with her throbbing cock. Both Brandy and Blake, licked their lips, thinking of fond and pleasurable memories Mom elicited when they were treated to her tender thrusting.

Blake couldn’t help but moan out loud. “My God Beth, why are you so good at that? One day you’ll make me orgasm from just your tongue alone.” He couldn’t help but break his gaze from Mom’s cock, as his head tipped back, with his mouth forming a silent, “O,” into the ceiling.

Beth laughed a bit to herself but continued prepping her brother’s asshole for Mommy. Whom now took charge, “Now open wide Beth.”

Melinda once again forced her hand into her daughter’s mouth coating her hand and fingers with her saliva. Once her fingers were nice and slick, she gave her insatiable daughter a thank you kiss.

With her attention now on her son, Mommy slowly stuck two fingers into her son’s asshole, probing tenderly until she felt the small semi squishy bump that was his prostate.

Blake’s body suddenly stiffened and shivered on the bar stool, “Yessss. Mommy, you’re right on it.” He opened his eyes to the sight of his Mom across the table, legs spread, with her long hair covering her full B-cup breasts. She was holding her cock with both hands, mockingly offering herself to him.

Blake, Brandy and Mom were the only people in the family whom could truly enjoy the feeling of a good prostate massage. They would often play games with each other in a 69 position so see who could get the most precum out of the other before, the loser cums first. Given how much they enjoyed the game, there were no real losers. His Mom smiled at him in envy at the pleasure his body must be feeling to produce such a steady flow of precum.

Beth, now back in her seat, held the creamer pitcher carefully admiring the constant stream of precum her mother was milking from her brother’s throbbing cock and balls. The prostate massage was so pleasurable to him he had to brace himself from falling forward by placing both his hands on the table surface, but still maintaining eye contact and a smile with his Mom.

“What about these Beth,” asked Brandy? Breaking the moment, she passed the tablet so Beth could look through her choice of sandals. While Beth was looking, Brandy took the moment to swirl her finger in the creamer and have a small taste for herself. escort sincan “Tasting good this morning brother,” she said smiling to her brother’s pleasure tortured face.

“Thanks,” he said in a shaky voice caused by his shivering body. Mommy massaged his prostate with one hand and kept his penis above the pitcher with the other.

“Excellent choices Brandy. What do you think?” She showed the pad up to her brother, but he couldn’t focus.

“I’m sorry…ahh. Mom’s uh…working me over…like a champ. I…mmmm…can barely see.” Blake was on the edge of orgasm. Beth loved seeing her family members in heat. She admired the look on his face and his squirming.

Beth showed Brandy’s choices to Mom and said, “I think these would work great on you Mom, you have such tiny feet, with slim legs, these Roman sandals would look downright sexy.” She reached over and began to play with her Mom’s tiny painted toes.

Mom was still slowly playing with the tip of her cock, knowing how much it turned Blake on. She hoped it would get the family more cream. “You know I’ve always wanted sandals like that, but never had the guts to get them. If we can find them at the mall, I think I’ll get a pair.”

“When you do, I’ll gladly put them on you,” Beth said mischievously while meshing her fingers into Mom’s toes.

“It’s a real turn on when you do that to me. Who’d of thought that I’d have a such a foot fetish,” said Mom, relishing the sensation.

“I guess that makes two of us,” Beth replied. She leaned forward and began kissing and licking Mom’s toes.

“I’ll take that,” Brandy said snatching the pad from Beth and watched her little sister make love to Mom’s foot. “You know, you should work in a shoe store. I think you’ll really like it. Just make sure it’s a high end one. If you could behave yourself.”

Blake said, “Mommy, I’m ready, I can’t hold back any longer.”

“Brandy, will you hold the creamer.” She was fingering her sons’ asshole with one hand and jerking him with the other hand. “I’ll aim and you catch.”

“You got it, Mommy. Just let it rip brother,” she said kissing him on the hip. Both Mom and Beth watched as Mommy’s hand slowed to let Blake’s orgasm grow. Brandy held the creamer pitcher up aiming the head of his penis into it.

Blake could no longer hold back, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cum…ahhhah”. He blew his load into the creamer. His spurts could be heard splashing with the precum already in the creamer. His body bucked in on the stool. His mother braced up his thrashing body with her shoulder. As his penis kept spurting, Brandy would tip up the creamer pitcher so not to spill any as it filled up. Right before it got to the brim of the little pitcher, he stopped, exhausted, panting, sweating and smiling.

He took the time to catch his breath, “Thank you so much Mommy,” and they kissed passionately.

“Anytime,” said Mommy breaking the kiss.

Beth had been waiting eagerly for this. “No, thank you both,” she said as she slowly poured some thick, fresh and milky white cum into her morning tea. “Creamer anyone,” she said offering to the rest of the table?

She passed it to her left, to Mom, with one hand stroking her rigid penis she grabbed it with the other hand and poured a generous amount into her coffee. “Would you like some dear,” she offered to her wife, whom just sat down after wiping down her son and washing her hands at the sink?

“Thanks, Mom,” she grabbed the small pitcher and poured some into her coffee and added two sugars. “Anyone else?”

“Right here please,” Brandy poured a bit too much into her tea. Then she poured a spoonful and gulped it right down. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of your cum. Thank you,” she said to her brother.

Blake was still on the stool catching his breath. “Don’t thank me, thank Mom, she’s the best at milking me. Man, that was good, what a way to start the day.” He then hopped off the stool, wiped his sweat off it, placed it back at the kitchen bar and sat back down at the table. Pouring some creamer into his morning tea.

“Sooo…who wants to go to the mall, pick up these rompers, dress up and have a family picnic,” asked Beth? “I think it’ll be great, today is too beautiful to spend indoors.”

“That sounds like a great idea. It’s good to spend some time outside of the house,” it was Mom that agreed. She still had both her legs on the table, spread wide, stroking her cock. “Dear would you take care of this, please? Watching you two, plus the creamer and Beth licking my toes has become too much for me.”

Mommy slid off her chair and went under the table with a wicked grin. She crawled over to her wife and took her cock fully into her throat.

“Thanks sweety,” replied Mom dreamily throwing her head back in pleasure. The sounds of sucking and slurping served as background noise as the three children looked over the pad wondering what shoes would go best for whose romper.

“Why rompers,” asked Brandy?

“Well, I saw this girl the other day wearing one and she looked, so sexy in it. I’m sure that’s not what she was going for, but you know. Sometimes odd things really turn me on. And I thought, what if I could a have all the members of my family in rompers at one time. The idea got me rock hard.”

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