The Fantasy

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It is a hot summers night. A cloudless sky above Zandra allows the stars in the sky above to shine through her open window and cover her in a blanket of twinkling lights. She lay’s there on top of her bed, in just a white transparent nightgown, thinking of the stranger she met the other night. His strong arms, handsome face, muscular body, all make her shiver with excitement from the thought.

Zandra can feel his lips on hers as they kiss deeply. His passionate lips slowly working their way over her chin to her neck. He lightly nibbles her neck, causing all kinds of feelings to flood over her. His hands slowly caress her body through her nightgown, sending shivers of pure pleasure all through her. At twenty-one Zandra had never been sexual with a man, she was saving herself for just the right guy, or so she thought. She closes her eyes and lays back and enjoys his attention to her body.

He slides his hands up the sides of her gown, then across the front. Slowly his powerful and masculine hands cup her breasts. Zandra’s breath catches güvenilir bahis in her throat as for the first time he begins rubbing and caressing her hard nipples. She feels the warmth between her legs start to increase as he slowly slides her nightgown up over her arms then her neck until it is lying on the bed above her. She feels the warmth of his mouth and the softness of his tongue slowly working across her breast. He reaches the nipple of one of her breasts and gently begins flicking it with his tongue while one hand caresses the other breast and gently tweaks the nipple, sending waves of pleasure through Zandra.

He takes her nipple in his mouth and gently nibbles on it for a moment before beginning to suck on it. His hand continues to caress and excite her other nipple, causing her to shudder from the excitement. His other hand slowly works its way down across her belly, stopping to tease her belly button before sliding down across her finely trimmed mound, of golden pubic hair. His fingers begin to explore her nether regions, türkçe bahis teasing her pussy’s lips, occasionally his fingers slide across her hard clit, making her shudder at the thought of things yet to come.

His mouth switches to her other breast and begins sucking on that nipple while his hand goes to explore and tease the breast and nipple his very talent mouth just left. Zandra feels as if she could explode right now, from the pleasure but knows she has to hold off, because then the orgasm will be even more intense. His other hand slowly parts the lips of her pussy, causing a small bit of her juices to escape. He slowly and maddeningly slides a single finger up inside her, up where no one else has ever been before. Zandra feel his finger lightly brush against her enraged clit and feel the first stirrings of the upcoming orgasm build deep inside her.

He begins slowly moving his finger in and out of her, her breath catching in her throat with each thrust of his finger. She is so enraptured by the movements of his fingers in and around güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy she barely notice his mouth leaving her nipple. He slides his tongue down across her belly until it to reaches her bald mound. He slowly works his tongue around the outer lips of her pussy before stopping on her clit. He slowly and gently flicks his masterful tongue across her clit causing her to moan in pleasure she has never felt before.

He takes her engorged clit into his mouth and begins sucking on it slowly and gently, every once in awhile flicking his tongue over the tip or nibbling on it. Another finger joins the one finger already deep inside her, she has never felt such pleasure before, and begins moaning loudly and passionately. Her body begins to thrash against his mouth and fingers of its own accord as the first feeling of the earth shattering orgasm erupts from deep with in. She arches her back trying to take more of his deliciously talented fingers deep inside herself. A scream of pure ecstasy escapes her lips as the most earth shattering orgasm She has ever experienced consumes her body.

Zandra awakens a few minutes later and look around and realize it was only a dream. If only her mysterious lover would show himself to her. If only…

The End?

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