The Felt Resort and Spa Ch. 03

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Ellie enjoyed sleeping in, as much as she enjoyed the late night show across the way. The resort’s activity schedules started at eight in the morning, it was a doable time. Knowing that she’d probably doze back to sleep Ellie had checked a box on the form for an early wake up call for six.

Breakfast was served at six thirty for those who didn’t feel like walking to the dining room at six which was when breakfast was cooked and served from the kitchen staff to those readily waiting.

There was a small knock at her. Ellie rolled off her bed groaning, she didn’t want to walk right now. Ellie ignored it at first wanting to shower and brush her teeth, comb her hair a bit before anyone came in. After a few minutes Ellie slid on a fresh pair of panties and a matching bra. Refreshed for the morning she strode to the door opening it.

Outside was another man, this one was nude while holding onto a food cart which he pushed into the room.

“Miss Stevens, my name is Trent and I’m here for your six…well six o ten wake up call.” Trent pulled the cover off the single tray, a cool glass of orange juice, five crispy strips of bacon, three pancakes with dripping butter and thick globs of syrup, and last was a croissant in the shape of a penis.

She took the croissant and bit the tip off, the buttery bread roll was soft and crispy against her lips.

“While you wait and you eat may I bring your attention to the T.V?” Trent asked, Ellie gave a nod. Trent picked up the small remote sitting on her dresser and clicked it on “On your form you checked that you enjoy watching real live sex, so we have willing participants who love being caught on camera.”

The first image that popped up on the screen was the front desk. There Ted was again, his member was being consumed by a hungry mouth underneath the desk.

“How can he keep going like that?” Ellie wondered out loud. He screwed another girl constantly yesterday morning while answering phones and guests. His stamina was incredible.

“Oh, Ted.” Trent looked at how he shoved the brunette’s head down onto his shaft repeatedly as he spoke on the phone about a platinum package that let the guest stay an entire three weeks, giving them full access to rooms with red stars, offering an entire day of riding, and there were no minimal or extra fees to pay.

“He’s pretty good, he can last all night-

“That’s impossible.” Ellie said watching the woman choke on his cock, Ted just rammed her throat harder.

“I mean that’s what someone told me.” Trent admitted “I switch shifts with him during the day.”

“Oh so you work the front desk as well?”

“Sometimes. I mainly help with the yoga and fitness routines. Speaking of I have a class to teach.”

Ellie blinked twice “You’re the yoga instructor?”

Trent smiled “Yes, and I need to go soon and get ready for class. I’ll see you around Miss Stevens.”

Ellie grinned looking at his sculpted ass, ass of a roman gladiator, walk out of her room so she could finish breakfast as fast as Ted just finished into the brunette’s mouth. That was truly delicious.

Ellie soon took her regular bra, she needed her sports bra and shorts for the class. After slipping out of the room she locked the door. Again 285 was moaning and groaning, a few Yes’, some Oh YES’, and quick Ah!s. 285 must held some sort of secret remedy for getting off, or on. Either way one day Ellie would have to see for herself.

With her small gym bag to she made it to the yoga room. This class was mostly women, she spotted two or three men somewhere in the crowd. Trent was setting up his mat like everyone else. When he met her eye he smiled.

He was well toned, not built like a monster, but muscular a bit around his arms that were now in a black tank, his Johnson now hid in a pair of workout shorts. Ellie found a spot in the corner up front and laid her mat on the ground.

“Now to get started lets stretch out a bit.” Trent stretched out his arms and the class followed and then his legs. Trent faced everyone “Now this is my class, and I don’t allow sex here. So if you’re here for sex or you just can’t take it, I’d advise you to leave.”

About five women got up to leave “Anyone else? No? Then lets change directions. Clothes off.” Ellie sighed, didn’t she just put clothes on? “Only your tops for now.”

All the men and women took canlı bahis off their shirts or tanks, the women took off their bras, the men were drooling at them.

“Lets stimulate your chests lady.” Trent said “I want you to take both breasts in your hands and squeeze them together, guys I want to you stretch your legs more to loosen the muscles in your groins.”

As the men stretched many women clamped their small hands down onto their breasts.

“Now knead them a bit.” Some of the women didn’t get what he meant. They needed a demonstration. Trent went behind Ellie, his warm breath tickled her neck as his hands started to crush her breasts. Ellie hid a groan.

“Like this ladies.” Ellie felt her nipples start being pulled “That’s great keep at it.” Trent encouraged the class before he released Ellie’s mounds. She was wet from his touch, and yet he had moved to the front of the class once more.

Stretch, stretch, stretch. “Alright shorts off.” Trent said “Underwear too.” It didn’t take long before everyone was naked including Trent.

“Everyone watch me.” Trent started to bend over onto the mat, his arms stretched, his ass striding into the air “And hold this position for ten minutes.”

As Ellie bent down she felt her vagina stretching a bit, the cool air caused her warm hole to leak more. Then there was the sound of heavy breathing. Moving her head just a bit Ellie saw one of the men rubbing his fingers against a cute blonde’s crotch.

“Ahh.” She gave a small light groan and then his finger penetrated her. His finger was sucked into her pussy like a whirlpool. Some women were already fingering themselves as they held their pose. The wetness was gliding onto the floor.

Trent soon released the pose and they went into another, then another, and another until there was just three remaining people in class. One man, an eager girl with sandy hair, and Ellie who had lasted until the last pose. No one else could take it, so they left. One woman already had her hand on her vibrator as she ran out of the classroom.

“Well done.” Trent clapped “That’s all for this morning, I’ll see you guys again day after tomorrow.” The other two people had already packed up and left. Trent smiled again as Ellie slid back into her clothes.

“Miss Stevens.” Trent greeted her again.

“You can call me Ellie.” She stared back at him, his eyes were hazel and his member was protruding through his shorts.

Trent wrapped a towel around his neck “Ellie, I was wondering if…” He paused again “If you would join me for dinner tonight.”

Ellie smiled back at him “Uh sure.”

“Great, I’ll meet you in the dining area around…”

Ellie thought at her day’s schedule “Eight, eight would be good.”

Trent nodded “At eight.” Trent helped her with her bag before he started with his next class.

Ellie was sweating, but soon she’s be wet again. She refused to miss more of this morning’s show by riding the elevator down before she went to her art class. Ted was there at his usual place, at the front desk. He was bending the brunette over placing his cock head at the entrance of her ass.

He had only been able to squeeze the head in before he caught sight of Ellie and waved. “Morning Miss Stevens, going to art class?” He asked.

Ellie nodded “Modeling.” With another push his cock was lodged up her ass.

“Ahhh.” The woman gripped against the desk as Ted pushed his cock higher into her ass.

“It’s a great class.” Ted told her “The models are very patient.”

“Oh have you taken the class before?” She asked. Ted pumped harder into the woman.

“No, but I visited once during my break.”

“Do you ever take a break?” Ellie smiled pointing at the woman he was thrusting into. Ted smiled.

“I mean it’s hard for me to relax when beautiful gems always enter the lobby. I assure you I do take a break for about twenty minutes.”

“So you can’t last the entire day?” Ellie shifted her eyebrow up.

Ted laugh “No, have you been talking to Trent?”

“You know Trent?”

Ted nodded “Kind of hard not to when everyone comes in for staff meetings, we often run into one another. And then there’s that other thing.”

“Other thing?”

“He’s my older brother.” Ted said continue to grind into the brunette who was groaning loudly.

Ellie blinked again “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” bahis siteleri Ted picked the woman up and bent her down onto the floor, sitting in his chair he penetrated her rampantly.

“Hey, that class starts in another five minutes. If you get there early you can see the models get into place.” Ted winked.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Ellie started walking down the hall.

“You’re welcome Miss Stevens enjoy the rest of your morning!” Ted called as he came deeply inside the brunette.

“You are so uptight Miss Landry.” Ted bent down and pushed his cock up and down her cum filled anus.

“Just keep fucking me, Ted. I want to be on a limp by the time you’re done.” She breathed.

“No problem.” Ted grinned.

Ellie had made her way down the hall. She was the third person who made it to class. She sat on a stood near an easel and soon enough a woman and man, completely in the buff made their way into the room.

“Looks like we have new students today.” The woman said, the man only nodded. The woman smiled “I’m Mrs. Hinds and this is my husband Mr. Hinds, we teach the modeling class together. This is an hour class, but try not to rush, details are important.”

“Honey, lets get locked so that they can get started. Today you sketch.” Mrs. Hinds smiled “Me and my husband, his genitals, by genitals, anywhere you think you can get the most detail from.”

Mr. Hinds bent his wife over and started fondling her ass cheeks before placing the tip of his cock into her swatch.

“Ohhh.” She groaned as he kept descending until he hit a small wall. “That’s good.”

Soon enough more guests entered the room looking at them, they didn’t move but stayed completely still or as still as they could be.

Ellie focused on Mr. Hind’s balls rubbing against his wife’s ass cheeks. She like many other had to walk around to get a better view some taking their sketching pads with them to draw in the details. After an entire hour passed everyone walked around the room staring at the drawings.

“This is very good.” A man muttered about Ellie’s drawing, but some of them had more advanced details, the folds and wrinkles, the divots and creases.

Mr. Hinds pulled out once and Mrs. Hinds cum came down like a roaring rain storm. They both wandered around for a second admiring the details.

“This is the best.” Mrs. Hinds tapped an easel. “Missy is it?” Mrs. Hinds looked at the young woman standing in the corner.


“As a reward for such a lovely drawing you can come by after class to claim my prize or my husbands.” Mrs. Hinds winked. “The next class is only thirty minutes so please swing on by.” Mrs. Hinds kissed her lips before turning to everyone “Class dismissed!”

Ellie felt relaxed, so far she was horny and wet, but she wasn’t craving cock at the moment. Ellie walked out of the room and went to where the actual spa was. She knew she didn’t have to be naked, but she chose to be when she walked in.

Her masseuse was female. And after she had laid onto the table she felt delicate finger run down her body, down her back and over her pussy lips, she was being touched and that made her crave Trent’s cock, as the masseuse started to finger her heated cunt she imagined Trent’s cock in it’s place, the further the finger went the harder she imagined Trent would be inside her, pressing against her.

She had cummed at least trice in her fantasy as she was being massaged, but only once after the finger left her.

For the rest of the day Ellie combed over what to wear for her date with Trent tonight, she settled on a red backless dress, a thong and a bra that matched it. It was already seven fifty five when she ran from her room down to the dining area.

Trent had on a blue dress shirt, black pants, even without a suit and tie he was an amazing specimen to gaze upon. Trent sat at the center table drinking water when he caught a glimpse of Ellie his entire being froze. His eyes scanned her up and down.

The red made her pop out she thought as she sat across from him.

“What a dress…” Trent smiled.

“Thank you.” Ellie hadn’t been on a date in over two years, so this was a bit odd for her. Trent called for menus, and after looking over choices Ellie chose to pick the same as Trent, grilled salmon with lemon sauce, a red wine, and a side of broccoli.

As they ate Trent started bahis şirketleri talking about himself, where he came from, his relationship to Ted. Ellie couldn’t help but giggle as he tried to make a joke, but it fell flat. Ellie began mulling over about her life, she didn’t think would find it interesting, but his eyes leaned on hers as if she was the most interesting person there.

After dinner Trent walked Ellie to her room. “No good night kiss?” She smiled.

“No good night.” Trent kissed Ellie, his tongue and her tongue wrestled with one another as they walked back into her room. Trent slammed the door. Trent trailed down her neck with small shallow kisses.

“Where?” Trent asked pulling her dress down. He kissed her stomach and her sweet lips that lay beneath her thong.

“Anywhere.” Ellie smiled pulling off his shirt, Trent took no time in undressing the rest of him, his cock was eleven inches at best, and he was stiff already. Trent slowly pulled off the rest of her clothing and laid her onto the bed.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Trent asked kissing her.

“You hopefully.” Ellie arched her back when he spread her legs, pressing his head against her vagina.

“Good answer.” Trent pushed himself inside her, her pussy was accepted of his girth, tightening as he pushed further.

“Ohhh.” Trent kissed her lips as he started to sink into her inner sanctum, his head was pressing hard against her cervix wall. Her tightness urged him on as he began thrusting.

“Ah!” Ellie moaned wrapping her legs against his waist “You’re a monster.” Trent laughed.

“I can’t help with what I was born with.” Trent slammed into her again, pulling back only to hit her cervix again. The wetness of her cunt made it easy for him to slide back into her even thought she was tight.

“You feel so good.” Trent groaned as his dick started to slam into her repeatedly, back and forth, back and forth.

“Fuck me hard.” Ellie groaned. Trent loved hearing that, so he turned her around and placed her on all fours and began fucking her roughly.

“Oh! Ahh!” Trent’s hard rod pushed at her cervix over and over again feeling her walls start to give against his width, he was pounding her with speed and ferocity.

“Ahh! Yes!” Ellie screamed into her pillows as Trent’s hips bucked along with hers, she pushed when he pulled and vice versa as he filled her pussy.

“Where do you want it.” Trent whispered.

“Inside me.” Ellie groaned. Trent pumped her once more and let his seed and her seed mix inside her.

“Want me to stop?” Trent whispered. Ellie shook her head, this time she pushed him down onto the bed and began lowering herself down, inch by inch.

“Mmm.” Ellie had sunk down onto his balls and began grinding against them.

“Mmm.” Trent groaned, her tightness was taking him in again.

It must have felt like minutes, but in truth their sex romp lasted until two in the morning, Trent bent her over the bed, lifted her legs, let her ride him. They never disconnected during the entire time. After cumming so hard, multiple times, and feeling their strengths return. Trent kissed her goodnight, he had to sleep before he held his next class. Ellie agreed as much fun as it was, she needed some sleep too.

So she slid under her jizz soaked covers smelling his scent all over the bed, closed her eyes and smiled as she knew only wet dreams would ensue that night. There would only be two more nights, but she could always extend her vacay if she wished.

Down stairs in the lobby a sleepless Ted serviced another happy guest, he invited himself into her warm vagina an hour ago before answering the phones and checking people in. He had to cum early though. He was tired and officially he was supposed to be off the clock, but the woman he was screwing was the one taking over. So had to cum too for either of them to continue.

“Valerie, I need sleep.” Ted groaned.

“Fine, be that way.” She bucked against him a few more times furiously causing herself to cum. She removed his cock from inside her “Good night.” Ted rubbed his eyes.

“Night.” His dick still out he sluggishly walked to the elevator and entered. A man approached Valerie and smiled.

“I’m Don, Don Shredder, I have a reservation.”

“Of course sir.” Valerie smiled shifting her skirt down, cum still dripping from her wet clove onto the floor. Valerie turned to him before checking him in, flashing him a huge grin before saying:

“And may I say Welcome to the Felt Resort and Spa. Remember our motto will always remain: Cum As You Are!”

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