The Final Fling

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Sitting in her car, Claire stopped to pause, her head resting on the steering-wheel as she absorbed the significance of the evening’s events.

It was over at last, that much was certain. In all honesty, she admitted reluctantly to herself, it had been over for a long time. It had been good, of course; it had always been good, but tonight however, Claire realised, that it was finally time to close the door on that particular episode in her life firmly and finally.

This particular episode had lasted now for three years. He had a girlfriend, of course, and it had become clear to Claire very early in their relationship that he was never going to leave his girlfriend for her.

As she had done countless times since she’d met him, Claire cursed herself for getting involved with an attached man. Although she had come, reluctantly, to accept her position as ‘the other woman’, she had always hoped it would come to more. Time after time, she had told herself to walk away, to forget about him and chalk it down to experience. It hurt her too much, to give herself to a man who, as much as he enjoyed being with her, would never give himself entirely to her.

It wasn’t just the sex that kept her coming back for more; if it had been, ending it would have been so much easier. The truth was that Claire had fallen in love with him, despite the risk and despite the pain. She knew she should never have let it happen; but it had, and for that reason, she had kept it going.

So, for three years they had carried on their affair; meeting just for sex. Sometimes he’d be ‘working late’ and spend the evening at hers. At other times, she would sneak round to his when his girlfriend was away. Occasionally, they would book a hotel and get away together for a weekend of serious sucking and fucking. Despite the fact that it hurt so much when he returned to his girlfriend, Claire admitted that the illicitness of their situation had added a spice and excitement to their situation that she had found intoxicating.

They enjoyed many things together, but most of all, he loved having his cock sucked by her. Time and time again he told Claire that he had never met anyone like her; someone who could turn him on just by thinking about what she could do to him with her mouth.

This suited Claire perfectly. As much as he enjoyed the attention of her mouth, she loved to suck his cock. She loved the feeling of power over him that it gave her as she worked his long, thick shaft between her lips, letting her do all the work, lying there as she worked her magic, moaning with pleasure until he lost control, crying out her name as he flooded her mouth with his rich, thick load. Sometimes, however, her ministrations would get the better of him, and he would fuck her mouth hard, roughly pulling her hair with his hands. Few as those occasions were, Claire enjoyed them most of all for the confirmation of her skills.

At first, Claire had often thought it a bit unusual that, instead of being simply a form of foreplay, for him, having his cock sucked by her, was, more often than not, the main event. Strange or not however, she didn’t mind. She had always been justifiably proud of her cock-sucking skills and she enjoyed having such an appreciative recipient for her talents. Although he never said as much, Claire had often assumed that his girlfriend had, at best, a reluctance to employ her mouth as part of their sex-life, and that had, perhaps, been a part of what had kept him returning to Claire.

In the end, however, it simply hadn’t been enough. Although neither of them had wanted it to end, the truth was that it was hurting them both too much, and so, reluctantly, they had come to the decision to end it.

The wise thing to have done would have been to have ended it there, canlı bahis the last time that they had seen each other but, as she lay in his arms, her head resting on his chest, feeling his heart pound, her fingers gently stroking the cock that had so recently emptied yet another large load of cum down her throat, he had suggested an alternative. While accepting that they couldn’t go on, he offered her an alternative, an IOU. If she ever wanted one last night she could have it, no strings, whenever she needed it.

Claire had been torn. While the idea of having one last time, taking pleasure in the way she made him feel had its appeal; having finally steeled herself to the inevitability of getting out of this situation, the idea that she could see him, only to leave him once more was almost too much for her to bear.

That had been three months ago.

In the end, the need to see him was too strong. While Claire had tried to deny it, she had missed the gratification that came from being with him. She missed the intense satisfaction she felt every time she’d taken him to boiling point, feeling his body stiffen and shake as he struggled to hold on, his thick cock swelling then pulsing as his cum flooded into her mouth.

When he had given Claire the IOU, he had known that, sooner or later, she would use it. Deep down, Claire had known it too, and that was why she had seen him tonight.

There was no surprise on his face when he opened the door to Claire, just a look of longing mixed with hunger. Without a word, Claire stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Without any hesitation, her lips were on his. Their bodies pressed firmly together, their hands roaming all over.

Feeling his body against hers, his breath hot in her mouth, Claire felt a sudden pang. If this was to be their last time, she wanted to make it memorable.

Without removing her lips from his, Claire began pushing him in the direction of the stairs. So many of their best sessions had taken place on that very staircase, when the urgency of their need had been too strong, the heat of their passion so intense that they simply couldn’t wait to get started.

He sat back heavily. Claire knelt in front of him and began undoing his belt. He lifted himself up as she tugged his trousers and shorts down off his hips.

His cock, thick and hard, sprang free. Claire wrapped her fingers around it, feeling it twitch in response to her touch. “I’ve missed this,” she said softly.

“I’ve missed it too,” he admitted.

Gently pulling his foreskin back, Claire leaned forward to kiss the swollen head of his cock. He sighed softly at her touch; his hips gave an involuntary jerk. Claire smiled to herself as she slowly worked her fingers up and down his veined shaft.

“Oh Claire!” he groaned as the tip of her tongue flicked lightly over his cock. Claire used the tip of her tongue to tickle the underside of his shaft, working her way from tip to root then back again. His hips thrust again as her tongue swirled over the swollen head.

Claire was in no hurry. She knew that if she wanted, she could bring him off in only a few minutes but she wanted to make it last. She teased his balls with her fingers as she worked her tongue over his shaft, alternating the strokes of her tongue with a series of light kisses.

With his cock slick with her saliva, Claire paused and smiled up at him. “I’m going to suck your lovely big cock,” she purred huskily. “I’m going to take your cock in my mouth and suck it. I’m going to suck it hard and make you cum. I’m going to suck your cock and you’re going to fill my mouth with cum!”

“Oh fuck yes, Claire,” he groaned, “Suck my cock. I love it when you suck my cock.”

Claire smiled again; she loved being told how much he enjoyed the bahis siteleri attention of her mouth. She leaned forward again. Stretching her lips around the head of his cock, she slowly took him into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned as Claire’s lips slid slowly down his length, savouring the warm confines of her mouth.

Holding his shaft lightly with her fingertips, Claire slid her lips slowly back and forth along the length of his familiar cock, swirling her tongue over its head every time she reached the top.

“Oh fuck. You… You’re sooo good, Claire!” he moaned, “You’re the best fucking cocksucker I’ve ever known! I just love what you do with your mouth.”

Claire purred contentedly as she slid her mouth along his cock. She knew she was good but she loved it when the beneficiary of her skills complimented her mid blow-job.

Rocking her head back and forth, Claire’s lips slid up and down along his cock. Sliding her head forward, she swallowed as the swollen head lodged in the back of her throat and heard him gasp with pleasure. “Oh fuck, Claire!” he groaned as her throat tightened around him.

Claire wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft and began to stroke lightly, her fingers moving in tandem with her lips. His hips began to thrust, driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

As she sucked and stroked his cock, Claire became increasingly aware of her own need. As much as she wanted to make this special for him, she needed something for herself too.

She let his cock slip from between her lips. “I need to cum too,” she said in reply to his unspoken question. He simply nodded as Claire slowly and deliberately moved up the stairs, positioning her knees on either side of him.

Claire hitched up her skirt and pulled the damp gusset of her knickers to one side. Reaching back between her legs, she took hold of his cock and guided it into her warm, wet pussy.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she sighed as she lowered herself on to him, savouring the sensations as her pussy stretched to accommodate him. She leaned forward to kiss him as she began to slowly rock her hips, grinding herself against him.

His hands reached up, under Claire’s top to caress her breasts through her bra as she slowly rode his cock. Sliding one hand behind her back, he deftly undid the clasp, pushing her bra up out of the way with his other hand, letting her breasts hang free.

“Oh, mmmm…” she moaned as his thumbs began teasing her nipples. A warm glow slowly spread from her pussy to consume her body as she began to ride him harder.

Up and down, Claire worked her pussy along his shaft, gripping him tightly inside her. Beneath her, he moaned as the warm wetness of her soft, tight pussy engulfed his cock.

In her heightened emotional state, it wasn’t long before Claire felt a familiar tingling sensation emanating from her clit. “Squeeze my nipples,” she demanded as her hips began to move with increasing urgency.

The tingling became stronger. Slow, rhythmic contractions began to grip her pussy, getting stronger every time she impaled herself on his cock.

As the sensations grew stronger, Claire ground herself even more firmly against him. The contractions grew stronger, spreading from her pussy to her womb. He squeezed her nipples and bolts of electricity coursed through her.

“Ohhhh, mmmmmm…” Claire sighed as her climax took hold. Her pussy tightened around his cock as her hips moved of their own volition.

Claire’s body shook as her orgasm peaked. “Oh… Oh fuck…” she murmured softly as she surrendered herself to its powerful sensations. She held herself there, savouring every moment of intense pleasure, not wanting it to end. When at last, her climax subsided, Claire paused briefly, storing up memories bahis şirketleri of how his cock felt inside her pussy, realising that she would never feel it there again, before slowly and reluctantly, she let herself slide off.

She moved back down. Her body still trembling, her pussy, still quivering, felt stretched but empty. She paused briefly then forced herself to smile. “Ready for the finalé?” she asked quietly.

He nodded.

Claire leaned forward, parted her lips and took his cock into her mouth once more. He gasped with pleasure as Claire’s lips slid slowly up and down his cock again.

Claire took as much of his thick, long cock into her mouth as she could, her hands stroking and playing with his balls as she sucked. At the bottom of each stoke she sucked him hard, at the top of each stoke she flicked her tongue around the head, driving him wild.

Up and down, up and down, Claire’s lips glided along the length of his shaft. He started moving his hips to meet her lips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

Claire could hear his breathing deepen. “Oh… Oh Claire! I… I’m getting close!” he moaned as her mouth slid effortlessly up and down his shaft.

Claire began to vary her pace; slow and gentle at first then hard and fast before slowing down again. She cupped and squeezed his balls, pressing her middle finger into the sensitive spot between his balls and arsehole.

“Getting closer!” he gasped as his hips began to buck more violently. He reached down and grabbed Claire’s head, entwining his fingers in her hair as he started to fuck her mouth, thrusting his cock hard between her lips, driving the head of his cock into the back of her throat.

Claire’s eyes watered. She almost choked as he brutally forced his cock into her mouth, tugging her hair sharply to emphasise every thrust.

“Claire… Oh Claire…” he cried, driving his cock into her mouth with every repetition of her name.

Claire could feel his cock begin to twitch. His breathing became increasingly laboured, his body tensed, pre-cum oozed copiously on to her tongue. With her lips wrapped firmly around his cock, she pushed him away. He let his hands fall away from her head and slumped back, surrendering himself to Claire’s mouth as his climax approached.

Claire slid her lips up until only the very tip of his swollen cock remained in her mouth. She gripped his shaft between her thumb and forefinger and began rub up and down.

With her lips securely wrapped around the head of his cock, Claire let her mouth relax. She tilted her head back until their eyes met as she gave his balls one final, gentle squeeze. His balls seemed to contract as, with a growl of sheer animal lust, he let go.

His cock erupted violently. Jet after jet of rich, thick cum surged into Claire’s waiting mouth. She swallowed it down quickly, savouring the sensations as it trickled down her throat.

As his climax subsided, Claire let the last of his stream pool in her mouth. His cock finally slipped from between her lips. A small trace of cum dribbled down her chin. Looking him in the eye, Claire smiled and made a show of savouring the cum in her mouth before greedily swallowing it down.

And that had been that. Claire had quickly tidied herself up and left, turning down his offer of something to drink before she went on her way. She would have loved to have stayed longer; enjoying his company as she’d done so often and, maybe, coaxing one more load from his cock. Deep down, however, Claire knew that if she’d stayed any longer, she might never have been able to break herself away. Although it hurt, it was better this way. The door, as it closed behind her, she realised, symbolised the final closing of that chapter of her life.

Returning to the present, Claire shrugged her shoulders and let out a long sigh. She had enjoyed her times with him but it was, at last, finally over. With that thought, she turned the key in the ignition and reversed, slowly, out of his drive.

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