The Fires

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Having been a fireman for over 20 years, we always look for new and exciting experiences. Living in the Mid Atlantic and never having been to the west coast, the request for volunteers to go out and fight woodland fires in Oregon and Washington was all I needed, I jumped at the chance. All of the volunteers packed up their gear and we all met at Andrew’s Air Force Base, as the government was willing to provide transportation to the west coast.

Everyone chatted about our new adventure and we were given assignments en route, I drew shuttle duty, shuttling water to the crews in the forward areas. There was more than one reason I chose to go, it just so happened that I had made contact with a very sexy lady in the area and after many hot messaging sessions, she had made my blood boil and here was a perfect opportunity to go and visit her in real time. It wouldn’t be easy to see her, not only was she married, but we had to work 12 hour shifts, which left little time for socializing, we were, after all, there to fight fires.

We were taken to the main headquarters in Portland, Oregon after we arrived and familiarized with the area and the fires now burning and then driven to a forward area where a makeshift tent city had emerged. They worked us for a week and then we were given two days off in Portland, a motel had graciously donated rooms for our use, and we were shuttled to town and dropped at the various motels. I called her cell phone and she freaked when she found out I was in town and made arrangements to meet in the afternoon.

I heard a knock on my door and there before me was the woman whose picture I had stared at for so long, in the flesh! We embraced and my hands circled her body as our lips met and a long soulful kiss ensued as I kicked the door shut. She was everything I had imagined, a typical “girl next door,” very vibrant and extremely sexy as our tongues fought each other for the control of the kiss. My hands went to cover her sweet ass as I gently squeezed her cheeks in my hands and I felt her begin to melt in my hands. I felt her hands as they worked to open my pants and grasp my hard cock as she lightly stroked its length and I broke our kiss to hear her softly moaning as my mouth sought out her neck and began to suck and kiss it, working ever farther down to her top button of her blouse as my hands left her sweet ass to fumble with the buttons.

I got her blouse open and my hands pulled the cups of her bra off to expose the delicious mounds beneath, her head rolled back as I sucked a nipple in and her hands worked at my cock as she moaned a little louder at the sensations my mouth was causing. She had confided in me that her breasts were very sensitive and my mouth was proving that fact, as I switched form one to the other and her breaths increased as she moaned deeper at each movement on her nipples. My hands went to her waist as I opened her jeans and slid a hand beneath her panties to glide over her smooth mound, dragging my finger sensuously over her bare pussy lips as she squirmed at my actions. I found her clit and just as we had discussed in all of our conversations, it was so hard and erect and my finger on it caused her to gasp in pleasure as I rubbed it.

My mind was in turmoil, I knew she didn’t have a lot of time to spend with me and I so wanted to give her all the things we had discussed online, “When do you have to be back?” I asked her as she groaned at my touch, “I took the afternoon off lover, we have 4 hours until I have to go,” and I decided right then that I would fill her four hours with everything I could work into that time frame. We released each other and stripped our clothes off, her body was so sexy and I knew I had to have it! I sat down on the bed and she got to her knees to please me, we had been in illegal bahis many conversations about how all we wanted to do was to please the other, but I also knew that she was submissive, so I used that against her as I pulled her up and across my lap.

She knew what would happen next as my hand resounded on her tender ass cheek and she yelped at the slap as my hand soothed the pinkish flesh it had created. I felt her shudder on my lap in anticipation of her spanking and each time her yelps got quieter and I noticed that my inner legs were getting wet from her excitement, she had always told me how much she enjoyed being spanked and I intended to give her much enjoyment today. I watched as her legs parted slightly and her cute, naked crotch was exposed as my spanks began to center on it, my hands rubbing through her wetness after each spank and then, when my hand connected with her clit, she exploded, her pussy gushing its juices onto my legs as she rocked on my lap and I continued my pussy spanking.

Her clit was so hard that it poked out now from its contact with my hand and I concentrated on rubbing it after each spank, driving her almost insane with need. Each erotic spank brought her belly down hard on my cock as I felt it nuzzle her belly button and her moans became gasps as my hard cock drove into her tender flesh and I moved one hand to cup her beautiful tit as I rubbed and pinched and squeezed her nipple, getting her even wetter as she bucked on my lap and another orgasm was set off, causing her to scream as she once again coated my legs with her nectar. “Please, I want to please you,” she said as she relaxed her body over my lap, “Your orgasms please me Maggie,” I told her and she looked at me like there was nothing she wouldn’t give me and I relented. “Have you ever bobbed for apples Maggie?” I asked her and she looked at me a little funny, “Yes, when I was a kid,” and I brought out some Velcro straps I had brought along and stood her up and secured her wrists behind her back and pushed her down to her knees between my legs.

I grabbed my cock and held it to her, “This is your apple Maggie,” and she smiled as she leaned forward to capture it with her mouth and sucked it in, she was fantastic! Her mouth felt like a warm glove as she swallowed me into it and I watched as she bobbed on my cock, striving to take even more into her mouth as I stared into her pretty blue eyes. I scooted to the end of the bed and spread my legs wide so that she could have plenty of room and my hands moved around her head to capture her beautiful tits once more as I felt her moans vibrate through my cock.

I watched as my cock kept disappearing into her mouth and I felt her nipples gyrate in my hands and I watched her wrists fight against her bindings, wanting to be free to help her mouth. That was what was so erotic about it, she was helpless, she wanted this, but I wanted her to feel helpless while she did it. I liked to control, but she liked being controlled as well and we made a perfect couple. Her mouth was feeling so fantastic and I grabbed her head with one hand as I shoved myself into her throat and she groaned as I did, loving that as well and I soon couldn’t take any more as I shot into her mouth and she gurgled as she swallowed my hot jism down and cleaned me up, drinking my cock like a straw to get every last drop. The look on her face was so delicious, and seeing her all restrained I couldn’t help but to give her another dose of hands on love as I pulled her to her feet and pushed her face down on the bed, her cute, slightly rosy cheeks looking up at me.

Once again she writhed at her bindings, uncertain of my intentions, but as my hand slapped her cheek once more and her flesh resounded, she began to squirm, knowing that she had met her match. illegal bahis siteleri I grasped her around the waist and raised her up and pushed two pillows beneath her stomach, to project that luscious ass up in the air as I went back to administering her spanking, her crimson cheeks and her deep moans let me know that I was getting all the right responses. She was steadily moaning as I stopped and put my head to her gorgeous ass and began to lick her wounds, as her moans turned to gasps and my tongue worked to soothe her heated flesh. I spread her delicate cheeks with my hands as my tongue made a path from her backbone all the way around to her hard little clit, which made her groan as I flicked my tongue over it and I watched as her hands fought to be free.

I pushed my thumb into her wet pussy and my finger danced on her clit as my tongue now concentrated on her perfect little rosebud that presented itself to me. It twitched as my tongue bore down on it, and I could feel her body pushing back to meet my hand and my tongue as her moans got louder and her hands worked frantically to get free. Many, many times when I had talked to her, we had discussed the fact that she was a squirter, and now I would get to see for myself as I felt the first squirt on my hand. Her voice was getting hoarse as her moans dried her mouth and throat and my tongue now moved to capture the sweet nectar I was forcing out of her with my actions.

It was highly erotic and my cock jumped as I marveled at her squirts and moved in with my mouth so that I could catch some. She tasted wonderful, her nectar was sweet and sexy and I drank her in, letting my tongue lap up and down her dreamy pussy as she fought to hold out as long as she could. I increased the movements of my fingers and tongue and soon she could hold back no longer as her sweet nectar poured into my mouth and I moved my hand to cover her wet pussy completely with my mouth. After my tongue had completely lapped her nectar up, I closed my mouth on her and began to suck on her pussy, drawing her outer lips into my mouth as she squealed at the feeling and I received one final squirt as my reward. I reached up and removed her strap and now her hands moved to stroke my head as I teased at her still moist pussy with my tongue. I moved my tongue upwards to her pink little rosebud once more and began to tongue it, watching it twitch at my tongue’s manipulation. “Oh please, fuck me, take me, I’m yours. Anyway you want me, use me to please us both,” and I moved onto the bed as I positioned my stiff cock at her rosebud and she let out a gasp as I pushed the head inside.

Her sweet ass swallowed me up and I soon felt my balls touch her naked pussy lips as I stopped and felt the warmth and tightness of her beautiful ass. Being up on the pillows presented quite an appealing angle and as I slowly pulled out and then pushed back in, her hips began to meet my thrusts and her hands began to pull at her nipples as she moaned an approval. Her ass was exquisite, I hadn’t done this sort of thing a lot, mainly because I had experienced pain in the past, but she was causing only pleasure as I rammed into her and felt my balls slap her pussy, much to her delight. “Oh yes, fuck my ass baby, stick it all in me, I want it, I need it so bad!!” she screamed out as I picked up my pace, knowing that my cock couldn’t take very much of this velvet ass before I exploded.

I grabbed two handfuls of her ass cheeks as I plowed into her and both of us were moaning nonstop now as our mutual orgasms approached and just like perfect timing, we came at the same time, both of us screaming out as her nectar coated my balls and my jism flooded her sweet ass and as we relaxed, I slumped down on top of her, my cock still buried in her wonderful ass. I gently canlı bahis siteleri eased out of that wonderful ass and we lay together facing each other as our hands caressed each other and our lips met. We lay there, enjoying the comforts of each other, knowing that there was only one more part of her body I needed to fill to have totally had her and my hand began to rub the lips of her sweet pussy as our mouths once again locked together in a soulful kiss, oblivious to our surroundings.

I had heard so many times about her hard clit and how much it loved attention, so my finger played with it as we kissed and I could feel its hardness pressing back, it was just like I had imagined as I rubbed it and felt her begin to ooze. I cupped a tit with my free hand and felt a small squirt as I gently pinched her nipple and then I pulled her body on top of me as she moved her hand to guide me between her wet pussy lips and she slowly let her weight carry me deep inside of her and I watched the look of delight on her face as she looked back at me with those blue eyes.

Her hands rested on my chest as she began to move up and down and her hands grasped my nipples as she did and I in turn took both of her beautiful tits in my hand and kneaded the soft, supple flesh as we began another journey to ecstasy. Watching her ride me was so incredibly sexy and I loved when she bumped her pelvis against mine and my cock felt like it was bordering on the entrance to her womb as both of us began to moan and pant, feeling yet another orgasm coming. Her pussy felt every bit as wonderful as her mouth and ass had and soon I couldn’t help myself as squirts of jism erupted inside of her triggering her own flood of juices as I felt it run down my balls and towards the cheeks of my ass as she kept on riding as long as her strength held out and then collapsed on my chest, her talented pussy milking the remnants of my jism from me as she smiled and we kissed.

She lay there on top of me until my cock softened and exited and then rolled beside me as I looked at her flushed face, knowing I had pleased her so much and in turn, she had pleased me as well. We took a shower and afterwards I rubbed some of the hotel lotion on her slightly pink cheeks before she stepped into her panties and pulled them up. I turned her around and planted sweet kisses on her still erect nipples as she rubbed my head and confessed that she had to go, but she didn’t want to. Not wanting to cause her any troubles at home, I reluctantly let her beautiful tits go and watched as she put her bra on and teasingly offered her cupped tits to me before she pulled her jeans on and her blouse and sat down to put her shoes back on.

“One more for the road,” she said as she knelt between my legs and fed her wonderful mouth my hard cock and I cupped her head as she rocked back and forth, sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I teased her hard nipples through their restraints as Maggie gobbled me up, her wonderful mouth pulling me back to her throat as her moans vibrated through the length of my shaft. Her hand cupped and rubbed my balls as my cock filled her mouth over and over again and I could feel her sucking action I watched her cheeks suck in and felt the wonder of her mouth.

Her hands now grasped my ass cheeks as she jerked me hard into her mouth and the feeling made me explode as my cum ran into her mouth and she groaned at its hot saltiness as she swallowed it down. She held my cock in her hand as she licked the sides, making sure she left no spot untouched, and slowly looked up at me, a very contented look on her face. I stood up and kissed her, tasting my own saltiness in her mouth and I held her tight, so glad that I had the opportunity to realize my dreams with her. We made plans for another rendezvous, but changes in the weather caused me to cut my little vacation short and I had to go back to the fires. They packed us off back home as soon as everything was under control, so Maggie and I went back to our online love affair and the occasional phone sex.

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