The First Time


The First Time(This was taken from a story I began in text messages on a smart phone. I have included it here as it was written) *Maybe just a light finger ran down your neck?I let my left hand move up the base of your neck, my fingers sliding into your silky hair, while my right hand is sliding down your back with just the slightest touch on your smooth skin.As my whole left hand is moving through your hair, you give a slight shudder and in that moment I lock my hand with a fistful of hair and pull hard snapping your head back. You cry out as my right hand now at your lower back thrusts you forward where you get pushed hard to the wall chest first…I keep you pinned there while I pull at my belt buckle to extricate it from it place. I keep my hand knotted in your hair while I take a single step back and draw my right arm back. You can hear the swoosh as the belt goes through the air. You hold your breath waiting, anticipating the moment…Your body is like a taught spring, loaded with energy, it feels like you might actually explode. Your mind races with all the things that went into this moment. The coy messages, the playful hitting, the long looks and pleading requests. In this instant you’re not sure your ready for this, but you have so longed for it. For this moment when you will give up complete control, when you will let yourself be plied and molded by you superior, your Master, your Dom. As you finish that thought it happens, the belt comes crashing into the flesh just below your buttocks. The sting lights the fuse that starts the explosion through your body and you cry out…The belt comes kocasinan escort crashing down again. The skin is on fire where it lands. You begin softly at first then building louder,” Please, please, please.” but it does slow the wwhhack from the belt. You try and turn your head to see your new masters face, but your head is held tight in the iron grip of their hand. You can’t help it tears softly roll down your face, you are having trouble standing. You begin to beg for it to be over, but he continues silently without so much as acknowledgement of your pain.Finally when you believe you will not be able to hold onto your sanity a minute longer. You hear the belt go slack and fall to the floor. Your still against the wall but he untangles his hand from your hair. He turns you slowly and lays soft kisses on your tear laden cheeks as he guides you down to the bed….He slowly lifts your arms above your head bringing your shirt with them. He deftly un fastens your bra letting the weight of your breast fall hard. He drags his nails down your chest, down your stomach where he quickly pulls your pants and panties down hard and fast. The material scr****g across your enflamed thighs reminds you that you are his…You lay there exposed on this cold bed in unfamiliar surroundings, it is dark and he remains in the shadows. You question your decision, how far will he take it. How much can I take of this keeps running through your mind and you let out a gasp as you feel the ice cold metal latch around both wrists.What do you say, what can you do. “You wanted this,” you say to yourself nearly accusatorily. Your wrists are bound above your head to the wall with a single chain. He moves now to your ankles, instinctually you move you ankles away from his grasp. He grabs hard and pulls you to him by your ankle this drags your thighs across the bed sending an overload to your brain. You relax your leg and feel the metal close tight around it. He moves and does the same to the other ankle. Your legs are bound twenty or so inches apart, all of your body is exposed to this man you thought you knew. You feel his weight leave the bed. You see him walk to a table across the room and loose sight of him, you hear rustling, but damn it you can’t see anything from this position. It is several long moments till you see his silhouette again and feel his weight next to you…You are dying with anticipation, questioning yourself, your decisions. You gasp as you feel cold metal on your nipple first on then the other. It pinches them firm but not painful per se. Their is a chain connecting the two clamps and you feel him give a sharp tug on it and you moan deep as you feel it instantly on the tips of both your tits.You feel his hot breath on your neck as he traces his tongue up your neck to your ear and he softly asks you “Are ready, ready to take this further and become mine.”You feel rough stiff leather being slid between your breasts over your stomach across the mound to your little private box. You feel his other hand slide down over your mound and his two middle fingers part the folds of your outer lips exposing your clitoris to the open air. It is engorged and begging to be touched….You are not prepared as you feel the leather riding crop come down sharply on your clit and mound you cry out loud and feel the thwack again. Your body tries to save you and you faint. You come to and there is cold shudders running wild through your body. It is a second till to you figure out that your master is tracing an ice cube over your sore, swollen clit. He asks you who your body belongs to. And you manage to stammer, ” Yours Sir.” He whispers, ” Good Girl,” and pops the ice cube in his mouth and brings his wet mouth down covering your clit and lips with it. You feel his tongue drag from just below your opening parting your lips and finishing up with firm, cold pressure right on your clit….You struggle against the restraints, all you want to do is grab his head and pull his mouth into you forever. His tongue has you at the precipice and your body is pulled tight everywhere, muscles you never knew existed are clenched as he continues to minister to your sex. You feel him wrap his lips around your clit and suckle at it as two of his fingers penetrate you for the first time and that is it. Every cell in your body screams at once and you just release. You cum for the first time you feel the walls of your sex contract and pulse and you gush flow after flow of girl come. He keeps his face mated to your pussy and rides with the involuntary convulsions of your hips. He drinks your come as if you were a fountain till you finally feel your body settle and relax…As he pulls his mouth away the cool air just adds to the euphoria you feel. You feel his weight leave the bed and he silently slips away. It causes a longing in your groin, one you realize can only be fulfilled by him, by your Master.

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