The First Time Ch. 02


I woke up to the sun shining weakly through the curtains. I could feel him behind me. I knew he wasn’t sleeping because his hands were wandering lightly over my body.

I turned over and smiled up at him. He leaned down and kissed me. His fingers slipped between my legs to play with my already wet pussy.

I gasped as his fingers circled my clit and his teeth nibbled my neck. His fingers stilled and he sat up to look at me.

“I think we both could use a shower,” he said.

He pulled me up along with him and we padded over to the bathroom. We made out as the water warmed up.

The warm water felt good on our sore bodies. I pulled my hair up and stepped under the water. Once I was wet I traded places with him.

I grabbed the soap and with my hands I started to scrub his back. I traced his shoulder blades and down to the top of his ass. I bent down and scrubbed each cheek and leg.

He turned around and I made my way back up, cleaning everything but his rock hard cock. I smiled at him as I grasped it between each soapy hand and cleaned every crevice of it.

He stepped further into the shower to rinse off as I kept my hand on his dick. I lightly pulled him out, leaned my head up into the water to fill my mouth.

I knelt in front of him and poured the water from my mouth escort bayan onto his cock. I massaged it with my hands to make sure the soap rinsed completely off. When I was certain it was clean, I closed my mouth around it.

He moaned and grabbed my head. I bobbed up and down, my tongue swirling around the shaft. I massaged his balls as I sucked. My mouth begged for his cum.

I felt him shudder and opened my mouth wider in anticipation. Instead he pulled out of my mouth. My eyes sprang up to meet his grin.

He pulled me up and pushed me under the water. He grabbed the soap and started to run his hands all over my front, paying special attention to my breasts.

He turned me around, pushed me against the wall and soaped all over my back. He reached down each leg, washing thoroughly. He circled my ass with his hands, cleaning every dip.

As he poured water over my cheeks, his hand slide in between. His fingers bumped against my clit. I arched back and groaned as I was so turned on.

I laid my heated face against the cool tile. His fingers probed at my swollen nub. My legs opened giving him better access.

He leaned into me and said in my ear, “Are you a dirty girl?”

All I could do was whimper as he thrust his fingers inside, slamming into my escort g spot. He rubbed it as he whispered how much he wanted me, how much he loved the sounds I made when he touched me and how sexy I was when I cum. I writhed against him, getting more and more turned on by his words and his touch.

His fingers slipped out only to be replaced by his cock. I gasped, arched my back and tried to grab onto the wall.

He pushed into me as he thrust, biting my ear. He thrust slowly as first then faster, pounding me into the tile.

I felt his hands wrap around and play with my tits. I bent backwards into him, encouraging his touch. His hands slid lower to my hips where he pushed, leaning backwards.

He continued to fuck me as his hands pulled my cheeks apart. Water slid down my crack and I moaned at the coolness. His finger followed the water and circled my little bud. Instinctively it puckered a little tighter while I groaned.

He teased it by lightly circling it as he slowed his thrusts. I moaned over and over, eagerly anticipating. I wasn’t disappointed. He pushed his finger in as he thrust hard, causing me to cry out.

He worked my hole as he fucked my pussy. Soon he had inserted two. I’d never felt so filled in my life and I was loving it.

I thrust back into bayan escort him, feeling his fingers slipping almost out. His cock kept hitting that perfect spot and I was worried that I was going to cum. Until he pulled his fingers and cock out.

I whimpered at the shock of being empty. He answered back with the tip of his cock pushing against my tight hole. Because he had stretched me open he had very little resistance as he slid partway in.

I gasped as he entered me. He stopped for a second to let me adjust and rubbed my nipples between his fingers as he kissed the back of my neck.

I whimpered, anxious for him to move. He leaned forward and bit my earlobe just as he thrust hard.

I cried out in pleasure, and pain, as he hit deep inside of me. He moaned in response and slid part way out. He shoved his cock back in and I bit my lip to keep from groaning.

He fucked me relentlessly against the wall. Within just a few minutes I could feel myself tensing up, ready to explode.

He could feel I was close and reached down to grab my hips, leaned back and fucked me deeper. I came hard, writhing and moaning against the tile. My ass squeezed around his cock.

This triggered his orgasm. He groaned, arched his back and emptied his balls into my ass.

He laid his head on my shoulder as we both tried to calm our racing hearts. As our breathing slowed he turned my head towards him and kissed me deeply.

We washed again, giggling and flirting. After drying off we laid back in bed. We talked lightly before drifting off again.

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