The First Time I Saw You


The first time I saw you my heart pounded and I could not keep my eyes off of you. You walked into the bar alone. I had already undressed you before you sat down. Your hair fell just above your shoulders, when you walked it moved enough to uncover your ears and neck. I had already tasted your neck and sucked on your ears before you had your first drink. There was just enough light in the bar that I noticed your nipples were hard, you had decided to leave the extra hardware in your room tonight. Your breast are firm and delicious, I have already licked and sucked them.

The dress you have on clings well to your curves, its very short with your smooth silky legs protruding. You sit lady like with your legs crossed, this pulls your dress higher on your thigh. I love the taste of your legs as I have already kissed them. You play with the cherry in your drink, dipping it in and then licking it off. I see the cherry touch your lips and your tongue swirl around it, I love the alluring taste of your lips as my tongue also swirls around the cherry.

I have to met you, I can’t stand it anymore. My cock is throbbing on every heart beat. I get up and come to your table, introducing myself and offering you my company. Lucky escort bayan for me you seem interested and agree. God I’m on fire for you now. I order us both another round of drinks. I start telling you a little about me and ask about you. It’s small talk for a while. I find out she’s staying at the hotel across the street for a couple days, amazingly so am I. I get bolder and start telling you about when I saw you enter the bar. You seem to like it and respond by asking me to tell you more.

I tell you about your hair, neck and ears. Entice you with your nipples and breast. Adore you with my desire for your legs and your tongue wrapped around your cherry. I tell you I would love to taste your cherry. You slide over close to me, uncross your legs, drip your cherry in your drink then you lick it off, then you offer me your cherry, I to lick it off. We smile and laugh a little at that. I’ve noticed your hand on my leg rubbing it gently. My cock it stretching for your touch. I want to taste your lips, I lean over meeting your lips in a long luscious kiss, it was better then I had imagined. The wet warmth of your lips heightens my desire. Our tongues dart in each others mouth, I’m in heaven.

The escort bar is almost empty now, we have a corner to ourselves. She gets adventurous and slides her hand over my cock, I thought I was gona shoot it off right then. She smiled at me and moved my hand up her leg, I reached under her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing panties and she was shaved. My hand immediately found her wet pussy. I stroked it while giving her a deep wet kiss. She tasted better each time I kissed her.

We decided a little more privacy was needed, so we paid our check and headed off to the hotel room. I can’t wait to reach the room.

As we exit the bar and head to the hotel room we step in the elevator. As soon as the door closes we grab each other and kiss long and deep. My hands feel your warm breast and oh so hard nipples protruding out through your blouse. I feel your hands rubbing over my body. Our elevator reaches our floor and the doors open, we run down the hall to our room stripping as the door closes.

The shower in the room is big with glass all around so we can see each other in the bathroom mirrors from any direction. The water flows down your body over your nips pass your belly button and down bayan escort your legs. I grab the soap and lather you up good, making your body very slippery. I spend some extra time on your nipples making them firm and delicious. Leaning over I suck on them as the water flows around my mouth. I hear you moan, my hands have grabbed your butt and pulled you toward me. I push you against the glass walls as you spread your legs. My hand reaches between your legs and strokes your hot wet pussy. You arch with pleasure as your feel the excitement rising within you.

The shower head is the removable kind so you take it and run it over your breast. I kneel now and start licking and sucking your sweetness. I feel your body tremble as you peak and climax, moaning sexy sounds. You slide down on the floor with me and start the play with my penis. Rubbing soap on it and around my balls. You take the shower head and direct it over me going up and down. You feel me getting harder with each stroke.

Wanting more for yourself you straddle me and plunge me deeper inside you. Tightening your muscles on every motion, this feels so great. You rock in rhythm with me and tense more and more, finally you draw me to the edge and I cum in you, grabbing your body and holding you tight against me as I fill you. You can’t hold back anymore and you explode around me again. As the excitement settles there’s only you and me with the water still dripping over our bodies.

Wet and wild now??

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