The First time I sucked a dick.


The First time I sucked a dick.I was 25, Had been looking online for awhile, Before this I had only recieved head twice. One amazing time in high school from a lovely girl who later became a psycho… Well not really, but at the time I thought so.Then a second time when I was on a drive home from visiting family and drove past a roadside adult video store, I had been reading the Squirt pages about the place for awhile and knew they had booths and there were usually guys looking to give head in there, I was horny so I figured I’d give it a try, I had realized my bisexuality in college, but never came out, So I went into this place, bought some tokens and started jerking it with my door cracked open. Eventually a man came by and asked if I wanted him to suck it. So i invited him in, It was exhilarating, and he was so much better than my high school experience, deep throating my dick, licking the balls, and he seemed to be enjoying it so much. I grabbed the back of his head after about 5 minutes and started thrusting fairly hard into his mouth, he just moaned louder so I fucked his face for about another minute, and then I came, He sucked me dry, licking it all up and then stood up, said “Thank you” and left.I remember feeling a little creepy by his response, and I instantly çankaya escort became worried about std’s Luckily When I got checked about 5 months later it was clear, and i’ve had nothing to this day.So back to when I was 25. I had been on squirt again and checking out the local guys, along with craigslist. but I usually had a roommate, so unless the other guy seemed super normal or safe and could host, I was S.O.L. Well My roommy was out of town for the weekend, and I had been drinking Rum and Pepsi’s. So I’m on craigslist and this guy responds to my post, he is close to my age, and we pretty quickly exchanged numbers and sent the required face pics through text. He says he can be over in 15 minutes, So I tell him to come on over.He is a black man, a little overweight, but carried it well, He came into the apartment and my heart was racing, I think he realized how inexperienced I was, So he took over, he leaned in and kissed me, And then lightly pushed me down onto the couch. he pulled my shirt off and started licking my nipples, (I’m getting hard just recounting it here) I started feeling around his body, He was fully shaved, I pulled his shirt off, and as he worked his way down my stomach past my bellybutton and then pulled balgat escort my shorts down but started licking the outside of my boxer-briefs. I stop him for a second and kiss him deeply this time, we play in each others mouths for a little bit as he pulls down my underwear. He tells me to lay back and starts kissing and licking around my dick. maintaining eye contact the whole time, it was just so sexy… He starts sucking it, I thought for a second I would burst immediatly, But I managed to hold on as he went up and down slowly, taking my dick all the way into his mouth and throat. This was where the experience differed, he didn’t have much more than that, So after about a minute of repetative (But appreciated) motion, I pull him up, have him stand as I undo his belt and pull down his pants. out pops his perfectly smooth, 7 inch But thin dick, with a slight curve to the left… I started kissing the tip and jerking it with my hand, I then slid it into my mouth for the first time, and it just felt SO right… i sucked and licked, and put both arms around his ass to pull him in deeper, I wanted to see how far I could take him, To my surprise, (Possibly benefiting fromt he alcohol) I didn’t really have a problem going past my usual gag-reflex, elvankent escort I took him all the way down to where I was rubbing my nose in the small tuft of pubic hair he had so expertly manscaped. He then pulled me off stating he would cum if I didn’t stop for a second, So I then licked and sucked his balls, Popping one in and out of my mouth just wanting to say fuck it and deep throat him till he shot it down my throat, But I also didn’t want him to leave right now, I was really enjoying myself.So I stood up and he started going down on me a second time, He stated he wanted me to cum in his mouth, But either he wasn’t that good at head, or I was too drunk, Either way it wasn’t happening. So I just said you sit down, and just enjoy this… I sucked and bobbed and slobbered all over that tasty chocolate dick for about another 5 minutes before he gripped the back of my head and pulled me as far down as I could go… I could feel his heart pounding in the veins on his dick as he shot hot cum down my throat. I still don’t remember really tasting it much, it wasn’t a huge load, and I swallowed pretty quickly for fear of disliking the taste.then I got him a towel to dry off with, he put his pants back on and he left, I sat naked on the couch jerking my hard dick with all the slobber I had dripped all over myself and watched a dirty movie I had DVR’d from late night movie chanels, I sat and did that just satisfied and happy for about 45 minutes before I got a shower and went to bed. and I never saw him again, a year later I moved away from the area…

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