The First Vacation Pt. 01-02


NOTES: Another change of direction and style.

This story is a fantasy based on suggestions from an online chat partner in Latin America.

Whilst many of the situations have been discussed between us, it remains a chaste, unrealised relationship, or if you prefer, a dream.

This story is the first two parts of that dream which I may or may not continue with, depending on feedback.


Day 1

The aeroplane hits the runway and we knew that we had arrived on our vacation. It was the first time in many years that either of us had been able to visit overseas and we had chosen Mexico. This meant that I could fly to meet with you and we could travel together.

I was excited when I gripped your hand. Being close to you and being able to touch you continues to surprise me. Each time our bodies touch, however briefly or however tiny, my heart quickens and my thoughts commit each second to my memory. I am afraid that these moments may never repeat or return and that every one may be the last.

You had been seated next to the window and therefore I sat up first to retrieve some of our bags from the lockers above our heads. I was stood in the aisle, reaching up and you moved closer. For the flight, you had chosen to wear a short, denim skirt that had five metal buttons at the front and a three inch, v-shaped gap from the bottom and a red cami blouse made from a thin fabric with narrow straps that stretched over shoulders and down to your bust.

When you moved closer, I could smell your shampoo and perfume that remained strong despite the recycled air conditioning. When I looked down, I could see your bosom and your smooth, sweet skin across your thighs and arms.

Without thinking, the image of you made me harden a little and my cotton shorts became more tight as your face turned towards them. Your eyes looked up at mine.

“Hooo, mi amor. You are getting hot for me? You should have done this sooner, then we could have used the time on our plane to have some fun, yes?” and your beautiful, sweet lips kissed the bulging fabric.

“Yes Maria. Once more, I am a stupid English man. There are many things that we could have done for fun but we have ten days together and we can do anything that you can think of. And also, if your love has not exhausted me, we have the flight back to continue our fun and more.”

With smiles on both of our faces, I move myself into the aisle of the plane to allow you space to leave your seat. I collect our hand luggage and follow you towards the exit doors. We walk slowly but I walk more quickly than you. This allows me to repeatedly bump into you. My groin presses into your buttocks. My erection has not subsided and rubbing against you makes it harder.

“What are you doing? You are being naughty with me?” When you realise that I am playing with you, you walk more slowly and sometimes you step backwards and rub against me. Now my penis is fully hard and it is becoming wet also.

I groan with disappointment when we are at the exit door and our little game must conclude. You turn your face towards me.

“Until later mi amor. We can continue our game later.” And you kiss my cheek with a naughty wink.

We continue to laugh and to enjoy being with each other whilst we collect our luggage and proceed through Customs and Passport Control. Once completed, we leave the airport in a limousine provided by our hotel.

The drives speaks Spanish and I do not understand everything that he says but you open a drawer in the rear of the compartment and remove two glasses and a small bottle of champagne.

“This is with the compliments of the hotel Mark. They hope that we enjoy our vacation with them. I think that we will. Yes?”

I open the bottle and pour the champagne into one glass.

“You do not want to drink? Or you do not want me to drink?” Your face appears confused.

“No Maria. I think that we will both drink but to begin, I thought that we could share our first glass.” I give you the glass and ask that you do not swallow. Then, when you have a mouth full of champagne, I kiss you. Your eyes widen and when my tongue enters your mouth, the champagne flows into my mouth.

We kiss for many moments but it feels like an eternity. There is passion, fizzy bubbles, cold, dry liquid and hot, wet mouths. My left hand touches your right thigh. I stroke your leg and my hand moves into the gap of your skirt. You gasp and swallow the remaining champagne. You relax into the leather seat of the limousine and permit my hand to explore.

“You can keep that glass. I will pour another for myself.” I relax also but my fingers have now found the fabric of your panties and I gently stroke you.

When I have poured my glass, I lean towards you again. I hold my arm in the air in the traditional pose for lovers to share a drink. You entwine your arm in mine and we drink. You ask me not to swallow and kiss me.

We repeat our kiss of passion that exchanges champagne and tongues. escort bayan Your eyes shine with lust and you are breathing deeply. My finger pushes into your panties and between the lips of your vagina. You gasp again and your eyes open wide.

The limousine slows to a stop and we hear the driver open his door and then your door. He speaks in Spanish again and you reply. When the driver opens my door, I leave the car and look at you, my beautiful, sexy Latina goddess.

“He apologises for interrupting our fun. When our vacation is complete and he drives us to the airport again, he will arrive 30 minutes early and use a longer route. He likes to watch couples enjoy the privacy of his limousine and the freedom of being on vacation.”

I laugh a little, “That does not sound like it would be completely private but perhaps we can give him an exhibition of how much we love each other and how naughty you can be.”

We obtain our room key from reception and a porter carries our luggage to our villa. Our accommodation has its own swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on a secluded patio and the biggest bed that I have ever seen.

“Hoooo!! Wow!! I do not believe this. This is all ours for this week?”

“This is the first time in many years that we can share the same room. I wanted to make this time memorable.”

“Awww, I have remembered every second since I saw you at the airport. And I will remember all of the seconds until you must leave me there again.” And you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around my waist. I wrap my arms around you and you hold my head in your hands so that we can kiss.

There is no audience, no restrictions on where we can go and what we can do. Our kiss has the urgency of anticipation. Your lips are soft and sweet and your breath sweet also. Your scent engulfs me and my senses are overwhelmed.

There is no room, there is no resort, there is no you, there is no me. There is only us. We have merged and become one. My mouth in your mouth. Your mouth in my mouth. Your thighs grip my thighs. My thighs fill your thighs. I kiss your neck and ear. Your eyes close and you permit your senses to feel everything.

Our hearts beat faster and more strongly. I can feel yours and you can feel mine. I squeeze your buttocks with my hand and you squeeze me with your thighs. Your skirt has gathered at your waist and exposed your panties.

No one can see them but my hands feel your naked buttocks and I know that you are wearing a tanga. I grip you with one hand and my other hand holds the fabric of your tanga. I pull the fabric higher and it rubs between your legs. Between the lips of your vagina. Against your clitoris.

Your body rises and falls against me. The energy from your movements has caused the straps of your camiseta to fall from your shoulders. When I kiss your neck, I can kiss lower and lower on your shoulder, following the edge of your camiseta as it falls from you.

Eventually, the swollen mound of your breast is at my lips and I kiss and suck and lick it. I savour its taste and feel in my mouth. A mixture of both saltiness and sweetness. I walk towards a wall and press you against it. I throw your body up slightly and your legs are now wrapped around my stomach and my head is against your breasts.

You pull your camiseta off and I kiss all of your naked torso. Your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your breasts, your dark, large areola and your firm, swollen nipples. You rub your vagina against my stomach and I can feel that your arousal is making you wet.

My arousal is hard and throbbing. I unbutton my shorts and push them down, with my underwear. My penis is released and knows what to do. It pushes up and touches your naked buttocks. It is wet and slides on your skin, searching for your own wetness.

My fingers claw at the gusset of your tanga and pull it away from you. Now my fingers rub between your buttocks, trying to find your vagina. It is very wet here as we slide together. The tip of my penis slides between my fingers and I guide it towards your hidden folds.

You tense your body and hold my head in your hands. We look at each other. There is love in your eyes that is reflected from my eyes.

“We have waited for many years for this moment. I thought that we could never be together. And now, we are here. My dream becomes a reality. You know that I love you but I will understand if this is not what you wished for our first lovemaking.” My heart is pounding loudly in my chest as I await your reply.

“Mi amor, mi papi. I want you. I want all of you. I want you to make love with me. I want you to fill me with your milk and give me a baby. I want you to make me pregnant with our love.” And I smile and relax.

“But now. At this moment, I want you to fuck me. Push your cock deep in me and make me cum. I need it. I want it. I want it all.” And you thrust yourself down onto my penis. You are tight but you are very wet and I slide easily into you.

“Hooooooooooooooooooo. escort Mi amor. You are inside me. So deep. So good. So much. I love it.” Years of anticipation culminate in the heavenly caress of my angel’s vagina.”

“Maria. I want you more than anything. We have waited too long but we can still be tender and passionate.” I hold you to me and walk towards the bedroom. I climb upon the bed and lay you beneath me.

“Yes, mi amor. Mi papi. Make love to me now, here on this bed. Give me your cum and make our child. Fill my belly with your sperm so that our baby can grow in me.” You are laying on your back and you have opened your legs to me. You are holding your knees and lifting your legs high into the air.

We kiss, slowly, deeply and with love. I begin to make love with you and I move up and down slowly. I can feel each inch of my penis stroked by you. The feeling is indescribable. So soft and also so tight. So wet and also so tender.

You move your hips around me. Our bodies are joined and they are one. Again, there is no me, there is no you. There is only us and we are together and we are one.

Your fingers scratch my back and grip my buttocks. There is a little pain but the ecstasy of the pleasure that I feel conquers the pain. I place my hand between our bodies. My fingers touch your wet skin and they slide down until they find your clit. I squeeze and stroke your clit and your body shivers. You are trembling as your pleasure increases and you are closer to your climax.

“Yes. Yes papi. Rub me there. Make me cum. Make me cum on your cock. I want it. I want it all!!” Your head is moving left and right and your hair sticks to your forehead and neck. Your breath is becoming hoarse.

You lower your legs and your feet press into the mattress of the bed to lift your body up to mine. We are thrusting into each other now. I can feel your body tremble again. I push my thumb onto your clit and kiss your lips, sucking the life from your body as I prepare to pump my life into your body.

I move lower and suck your swollen breast. The round areola and nipple fill my mouth. My teeth gently bite you and graze your skin. My tongue licks you and then I bite you again with more aggression.

“Yes. More. More. I’m cumming. O papi!!” You thrust up and collapse underneath me. Your legs wrap around me again and pull me deeper into you. “Give me you cum. Fill me with your milk.”

Your words and the knowledge that there is nothing between my penis and your womb excite me. There is no condom, there is no diaphragm, there is nothing to stop your impregnation. I thrust deep into you and my climax begins. I can feel your climax squeezing and milking my penis and then my seed is pumping into you.

“O yes. I can feel it. I can feel you inside me. I can feel your sperm. I feel wonderful. I feel special. I love you mi amor. Hug me now.”

We relax and I manoeuvre us until we are laying side by side. My penis remains inside you and tiny pulses squeeze me as I squeeze inside you. I place my arm around your shoulders and hug you.

“I think that our vacation has started really well. Don’t you? But now, I think that all of the travelling has made us tired. Come, let us sleep together. This will be another first for us. I have dreamed so many times of sleeping with you and watching you dream. Now here we are for real and I do not need to dream because you are here and we can dream together.”

“Yes, mi amor. I will sleep now. You can watch me, my protector.”

End of part one

Day 2

I awoke early because I had not adjusted to the different time or it would be more correct to say that my penis woke hard and early. This was because it was laying against your warm body. I was laying behind you and I could smell the scent of your hair and your skin. This and the memories of our first night together cause the blood to pump hot and hard.

There is a slight glisten to your body as the cool of the morning and your heat create a sheen of sweat. Pressing my body more closely to yours, my lips kiss your shoulder. There is a tingle of sensations as I taste your skin. Warm, salty, sweet and intoxicating.

I must repeat the kiss and taste you again and again. My kisses are along the breadth of your shoulder, from your neck to the top of your arm. Again and again, I repeatedly kiss you but occasionally lick to taste more of you.

Then I kiss higher on your neck. My nose nuzzles into your hair to search for your concealed skin at the base of your ear. Once exposed, I kiss and lick at your ear and I detect a change in your breathing. It is less relaxed and peaceful and more sensual. You are not moaning because you are not awake but there is desire in the sound of your breaths.

I slide my fingers along the side of your stomach and hip, slippery with your sweat. As my fingers feel the bone of your hip, I grasp your body and pull you towards me. As we press closer, my penis finds the gap bayan escort between your buttocks and because your skin is slick with sweat and my penis is wet, it slides in.

The sensations cause me to groan with pleasure and I am worried that you may awaken. I am enjoying the extra time that I have with you and I am in no rush to end it. There is no penetration and my assault on you has not led to an invasion but your labia peel apart and caress the girth of my penis.

I can feel how moist you are as the ridges and veins in my shaft are captured within the folds of your sex. It is very difficult to maintain stillness. I want to thrust and pump and redirect my cock into your waiting pussy. I want to take you, to fill you, to complete you and force our bodies to become one. To surrender all sense of self to achieve the ecstasy of union.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I ignore all sights, sounds, feelings, smells and sensations that are not caused by my intimate entwining of our bodies. The smell of your hair, your skin, the warmth of your body. The image of your naked body at peace, laying next to me. Every curve, crest, swell and valley is etched into my memory, never to be forgotten. The gentle ebb and flow of your breaths as you inhale and exhale and the undulations in your body shape with each respiration. The warm desire that spreads along my body and against and into yours. The exquisite feeling of my pulse as it counts time. My heart beating against my chest, beating against your back. The blood in my engorging flesh and veins in rhythmic cadence. Each beat a countdown to lift-off. No rocket launch has been more desperately wished for completion. No race more earnestly anticipated to start.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is hard.

My sensory bubble is burst with the intrusion of sounds from the outside. Something smashes in the world beyond our room and the noise explodes into our sanctuary. There are curses and swearing that follow and I hear and understand only a few words of what must be Spanish. In other circumstances, I would ask if you can translate for me to improve my education.

But this is not the time. I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting harder.

Your beautiful face briefly appears agitated. Your pretty nose arches in displeasure at the interruption of your dreams. I wish that I could see your dreams and know what they are. You wriggle and the face that was briefly agitated now appears curious. Your memory reminds you where you are and with whom and the smile that I have seen in my computer monitor so many, many times curls around your lips and sparkles in your eyes.

“Mmmm, hoooo, mi amor. You are happy to be here. No?” as you speak, your hips move back and forth and my prick, which was trapped between your legs and against your labia slips effortlessly back and forth also.

I groan my reply. Drowning in desire and pleasure. Unable to believe this is reality.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting more hard.

“Mi protector. Why you not wake me if you have this hardness to share with me? Why you keep me asleep?” Your hips move faster but not fast and move further backwards and forwards. With each forward thrust, the tip of my cock slides against the top of your slit and searches for your clitoris.

I am unable to talk. There are no words that I can remember that can explain my actions. There is nothing on my mind except the delicious sensation of my flesh moving on your flesh. Your rich, sweet flesh. I want to dominate you. Penetrate you. Violate you. Impregnate you. Inseminate you.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is so very, very hard.

“Hooo. Mark, you no speak to me. If you no speak, how can I know what you want? What you want papi? Tell me. Tell me what you want of me. You want again what we do last night? You want fuck with me. You want fill me with your cum. You want make baby. You want your Maria pregnant with our child. You want squirt your hot milk in me. Tell me baby. Tell me what you want.”

I want. I want it all. I want everything that you say. Heaven would be the smallest part of what you say.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I am so very, very, very hard.

We are beyond words now. Our movements explain our desire. Our need. Our love. And what our movements say is yes. Yes. YES. YES!!

I push your shoulder and hip towards the bed and follow you. Now that you are laying on your stomach, your left hand grasps the sheet. The cotton bunches up in your grip and your knuckles become pale as you prepare to be loved.

Your right hand grasps your right buttock and creates more space for me to press down onto you. Your hips raise from the bed and your hand now slides underneath you. Nimble fingers search for your labia, wet with excitement and ready to receive me. You stroke yourself and rub your clitoris. The moan that results is deeper, more visceral, more primal now. More sensual.

We are ready. I press down and the tip of my penis touches the palm of your hand, wet with desire. Your fingers push and guide me and finally, finally my swollen length touches your swollen vagina. My sex with your sex.

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