The Fox and the Tiger

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I step off the plane and the first thing I notice is the beautiful southern California sunset. I admire it for a minute or two before I rush inside to the baggage claim area to get my other bag. It only takes a couple of minutes for that familiar navy blue suitcase to come around the corner, so I pick it up and pull out the handle to roll it. I pull my phone out so I can find out where I need to meet you at. You tell me to meet you outside the front entrance, so I make my way to it.

I immediately notice you through the glass doors. I can’t help but to drink in your beauty from this distance, and wonder what it will be like once I’m right in front of you. You’re turned facing to the right of the doors, so I’m able to see every amazing curve of your body. I can feel my dick jumping in my pants, but I tell him to settle down. There will be time for that later. You turn your head, then begin to turn it back, but quickly turn back and look at me. Your eyes lock onto mine, neither of us turning our eyes elsewhere. I finally get through the door, and I walk up to you and drop my bags.

I grab your hips and pull you close to me as our lips crash together in a passionate kiss that’s been waiting for almost a year now. We almost get carried away with each other, but someone clears his throat, which pulls us back to reality. I slowly pull my lips from yours, and look deep into your eyes. I see the longing in your eyes, and know it’s reflected in mine. I wrap my arms around you and hold you tightly to me. We both need this.

I say “Hello, my Fox.”

You smile and say “Hey, Tiger. I’ve missed you.”

I turn and pick up my bags and ask where you parked. You tell me to follow you. I grab your hand while we’re walking, and you squeeze my hand lightly to show your joy. We finally get to your car, and I put my bags in the trunk. We get into the car and buckle up. You start the car and pull away from the airport. I lay my hand in the middle between us, and you entwine your fingers in mine once more. Both of us smile. We sit quietly for a few minutes. Then I say that I’m hungry, which makes you laugh and tell me that I’m always hungry.

I laugh and say “I know, and it sucks!” You ask me where I want to eat, and I tell you that I really don’t care much, as long as it isn’t sea food. You take me to a local steakhouse.

We canlı bahis walk into the restaurant, and find ourselves a little table in the corner, away from every one else. We peruse the menu for a moment before a waitress appears and asks us what we’d like to drink. I order a Corona with a lime, and you get a soda. By the time our drinks arrive, we’ve decided what we want to eat, so we order. I take a swig of my drink and sit it down. I turn to you and once again am taken aback by your beauty. You feel my eyes on you, so you turn to me. I stare into your eyes again.

“I can’t believe I’m actually here. We’re finally together. After all this time.”

You smile, nod your head slowly, and say “Me neither. I’ve often wondered what you’d look like in person.”

“Am I what you expected?”

“Better.” you say.

I lean over and kiss you once more. “I’ve waited a long time to be able to do that.”

Our food arrives several minutes later. We eat rather quickly, knowing what’s to come when we arrive at your place. I pay the tab, and leave the tip on the table for our server. I grab your hand and we walk out the door to your car. Our stomachs full, we drive to your place, hand in hand. It’s nightfall by the time we get to your house. I look up and admire the California night sky.

“Tiger!” you yell to get my attention. I quickly look to where your voice came from from behind the car. I tell you to go ahead and go in, that I’ll get my bags. You plant a short kiss on my lips before walking into the house. I grab my bags and shut the trunk.

I walk through the door and yell out your name to figure out where you went. You tell me to follow your voice into the bedroom. A smirk crosses my face as I find my way to the bedroom. You’ve already got things moved around to accommodate my things. I set my bags down in the floor before trying to find where you’ve gone off to. I hear the toilet flush through a door leading from the bedroom, so I turn to begin to put my things away.

I hear the door open, but I hear no footsteps. So I look over to you, and my jaw drops. You’ve changed into some very sexy lingerie. It’s a short, black and pink, lace one-piece neglige that barely comes down to your ass. I bite my lip as you slowly walk towards me. You get to me and plant your lips onto mine once more, but with a fiery bahis siteleri passion to match the California heat. You reach down and lift my shirt up. I break our kiss to remove both shirts.

You bring your nails to my chest as we resume our passionate kiss. I moan into your mouth as you dig your nails into my chest and drag them down to my stomach. You repeat this over and over on different parts of my chest until a low growl replaces the moans. I feel your lips form a smirk at this. Then you move your scratching to my back, where you know it will have an even greater effect. After a few scratches down my back, I arch my head back and bring my mouth down onto your neck and dig my teeth into the meat of your neck. This makes you dig your nails even deeper into my skin.

You pull yourself from my teeth, and your nails from my back. I still feel the growl in my throat as I see the mark I’ve left on your neck. You reach down and undo my belt, unbutton and unzip my shorts, and pull them down, along with my boxers. My rock hard cock bounces up to meet your face. You see a hint of pre cum on the tip, and decide to lick it off. The feel of your tongue on my dick makes me moan a little. You take my cock into your mouth and proceed to give me the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever had. Working your tongue around my cock as you pull it in and out of your mouth.

I have to stop you after a few minutes so that I don’t cum too quickly. I pull you back up to me, and kiss you once more. I reach down and pull the lingerie over your head and off of you. I lean down and pick you up in my arms, and lay you down softly in the bed. I climb on top of you and start kissing you all over. Starting with your lips, moving to your neck, down your chest, between your breasts, down your stomach, to your waiting pussy. I can smell your arousal as your juices leak out of your pussy. It’s an intoxicating scent. I lick once up your slit, licking up as much of your juice as I can. It’s delicious.

I spread your pussy lips with my fingers and find your clit. That sensitive little bud that will have you screaming my name in a matter of minutes. I slowly slide two fingers inside your wet little pussy as I close my mouth around your clit. You grab a hold of my hair and force my face harder into your pussy as I slowly finger fuck you and suck your clit bahis şirketleri at the same time. It’s not long before I feel your pussy tighten around my fingers as you cum. I feel and taste the juices flowing from your orgasm, and begin to lick them up. Keeping your orgasm rolling for another minute or so as I lick your over-sensitive pussy for all your juices.

When you come down from your orgasm, I look at you again. I then make my way back up to you and kiss you, allowing you to taste your own juices. You lick my lips clean. You move over and push me into the spot you were just in. Now I’m laying on my back with you straddling me. You’ve suspended yourself right above my cock. You grab my dick, and slide it along your slit, teasing both of us.

You slowly lower yourself onto me, your pussy welcoming my dick into its velvet warmth. You start to rock yourself back and forth on my cock. You do this for a minute or two, which massages my cock without it leaving your pussy. You then raise yourself off of me, but not completely. You keep the head of my dick inside you. Then you slam yourself back down onto me, causing you to moan. You lean up on the balls of your feet, and then bounce yourself quickly up and down on my dick. I thrust up to meet you every time you come down, increasing the force with which we meet.

I stop you, pull you off of me, push you onto your hands on knees on the bed, and re-enter your pussy from behind you. I grab your hips and ram into your pussy with all of my strength. I pound your pussy as hard as I can, using your hips to give me extra force. You start to scream from the pleasure. I reach out, grab your hair, and yank it backwards. This gives me a little extra force, and makes you scream even louder. I keep this up until I feel your pussy tighten around my cock as your body rocks with another orgasm. This one more powerful than the last. But it’s too much for me to handle, and your pussy starts milking my cock for its cum. I unload my warm sticky jizz inside your pussy, but you don’t complain. It only adds to the intimacy of the situation.

My dick falls out of your pussy as it softens. I fall backwards onto the bed, exhausted from our first of many “moments” during my visit. You fall backwards into my arms. I lean over and kiss you softly, but passionately. This consummation of the passion we’ve both felt for what seems like forever feels too good to be true. So I kiss you once more, then pull your body close to mine. It is at that point that I decide that I never want to leave your arms from then on.

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