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THE FUN family TRADITIONJeff sighed disgustedly as his dad swung onto the dirt path that led to their family summer cabin. He saw his father glance over when he sighed and he really didn’t care if he heard him or not. He knew it wouldn’t do any good to, once again, voice his dislike at spending his eighteenth birthday the whole damn weekend of it, down here at the lake. He had argued strongly with his mother and father about this but it hadn’t worked. They had insisted that he do as they wanted and that he would probably enjoy himself. Fat chance on that he wanted to tell them. There was absolutely nothing, repeat and underline nothing, to do at the lake. Other then swimming or maybe taking the boat out there was nothing else. At least nothing else he’d like to do. He and his buddies had planned how they were going to celebrate his birthday. Since he was or would be old enough to buy beer he was going to buy a case for him and his friends and start partying. Unfortunately all of his plans went down the tube when his parents informed him of their decision on how he was going to celebrate his birthday. Hell this was when he was suppose to be an adult or at least pretty well an adult and his parents were treating him like some fifth grader, He told himself that he might as well try and suffer through it and make sure he never failed to remind them how stupid it was. He and his buddies could party next weekend.Jeff’s mother’s car was already parked in front of the log cabin; she had come on ahead to make sure there was enough food for them while they were there. He was a little puzzled why they hadn’t brought his younger brother along. He figured that since they had decided to ruin his birthday weekend by making him come down there they would just add to his misery by bringing him along too.Sue walked out of the cabin and waved at them as they parked next to her car. Gruffly Jeff shoved his door open and crawled out as she hurried over towards them. He was a little surprised and ticked when she tossed her arms around his neck and gave him a quick kiss, saying cheerfully, “Happy birthday honey.”“Thanks,” Jeff muttered glad that none of his friends were there; he could just imagine the ribbing he would have gotten from them about his Mom giving him a birthday kiss.Surprisingly she kept her arms around him as she asked, “So you feel any older?”“Nah,” he answered with a quick shake of his head. Every damn birthday she asked him that. He bowed his head as she continued to gaze at him. He was glad he had experienced a late growing spurt, he was now standing five eight, the same height as her.Martin was opening the trunk to remove the luggage they had brought. He was glad that his dad had insisted on loading the car, maybe he knew that it would be one less thing for him to bitch about. “So you ready to celebrate your eighteenth birthday?” Sue asked as she moved next to him and casually slipped her arm around his waist. Jeff was surprised by her move; she had never been this…well friendly with him. She hadn’t been cold or uncaring but now she almost seemed to be acting like some girl at school. As they walked towards the back of the car he was surprised again when he saw that his father had only removed one small over night bag from the trunk before he slammed the lid shut. Maybe Mom had brought their stuff with her, he assumed.“Well I got a cake for us to enjoy after dinner,” Sue said cheerfully as they started towards the front door of the cabin. Jeff grimaced slightly as he imagined the stupid ritual of having to blow out the candles and having them sing Happy Birthday.“And I had her pick up a six pack of beer,” Martin said. With a quick laugh he added, “So you can have your first legal beer.”Jeff wasn’t sure if that was a hint that they were aware that he had already been drinking beer. Hell the only thing that now being eighteen did was allowed him to legally buy and drink beer. No more having someone’s older brother or sister getting it for them or hoping the clerk at the store wouldn’t ask for ID. Now he hoped the clerk would ask for one, just so he could smile and waved it right in front of his face.Still having her arm around his waist when they reached the cabin door Sue smiled softly and leaned forward to open the door for him. Frowning slightly in confusion Jeff hesitated wondering what to do. Sue nodded towards the inside of the cabin as she held the door open and he shook his head and walked in. As he stepped away he jerked and looked back over his shoulder when as Sue pulled her arm from around his waist her hand slid quickly and lightly over the upper part of his butt. She continued to hold the door open so Martin could follow inside with the overnight bag. As he passed Sue he paused to give her a long, hot kiss. Jeff groaned softly and continued on inside; how disgusting, his parents being so…so passionate.Jeff assumed they still fooled around; hell they were both in their late thirties, but did they have to be so lovey dovey in front of him. Especially with him being stuck there all weekend. If it wasn’t his parents he might have liked watching them fool around; at least a little bit. He knew and his friends often told him that Sue was a nice looking lady. Sue was thirty eight but really looked as if she was ten years younger. She had dark blonde shoulder length hair and a soft almost sexy sounding voice, except when she was mad. Jeff wouldn’t admit it, at least out loud, but he would agree that she had a nice figure, for a lady her age. He had seen her wearing a bathing suit on more than a few occasions and could see she had a slender figure. Her breasts appeared to be the right size for her figure, not too big and definitely not too small. Her one piece bathing suit did show that she had a small pouch on her lower belly, the result of having two c***dren and her butt was just a little large but not fat by any means. Her long, slender thighs supported her nicely. He grunted softly telling himself that that might be his only pleasure this weekend, seeing her in her bathing suit. He instantly told himself that that was disgusting; this was his Mom he was thinking about.Walking into the main room of the cabin Jeff decided that if there was any consolation it was the fact that last year his Dad had installed a satellite dish so at least he could have some TV to watch while he was trapped there. He inhaled deeply pleased to note that Sue was preparing his favorite meal; he was glad for that but it wouldn’t change his feelings about this weekend. Martin put the over night bag in the guest bedroom as Sue went out to the kitchen to check the food. They both came out into the family room a short time later. Jeff didn’t know why but his Mom’s continuous smile was beginning to both annoy him and also intrigue him. It was like she knew something and as amused by this knowledge. He hoped it wasn’t that she had some idiotic birthday surprise cooked up. Damn he was an adult he wished they’d treat him like one.Martin sat down in the easy chair near the couch where Jeff was. Sue paused near the couch and glanced at the two before saying, “Well if you two will excuse me I’m going to go change into something else.”“Sure honey, no problem,” Martin said lightly.Jeff simply snorted; like it mattered. He was puzzled why she was going to change; what she had on didn’t seem that inappropriate; A casual pull over top and jeans. Why did she need to change, it wasn’t like they were going out to some kind of fancy restaurant for dinner. Hell they were just going to have dinner here at the cabin.After Sue had left the room Martin rose and started for the kitchen, saying, “Since you’re old enough to drink wanna have a beer?”“Sure…I guess so,” Jeff said his eyebrows shooting up in surprise. He knew that his Dad drank but he had never seen him drink alone, well he wouldn’t be drinking alone, he corrected himself. He had just never kicked back and popped a beer open; at least not that he had ever seen.A few seconds later Martin came out of the kitchen with two cans of beer. Grinning he tossed one to Jeff and walked back over to the easy chair. Jeff looked at his Dad more than a little surprised by his action. He was almost acting like he was trying to be buddies with him. Now his Dad hadn’t been real distant but they had never been real close either. He wondered if this was all some kind of bullshit act; now that you’re a man lets be pals.Martin opened his can and raised it towards Jeff saying, “Happy Birthday son.”“Uh thanks Dad,” Jeff said quickly as he opened his can and raised it in response to his Father’s toast. He took a drink of his beer glad to see that his Dad had bought real beer and not some watered-down cheap beer.“You know when I turned eighteen my Uncle took me out and got me a hooker,” Martin said casually as he settled back in his seat.“Oh really,” Jeff said not really sure how to respond. He hoped that he wasn’t about to launch into some story about how it was when he was young.“Yeah he said that since I was now a man I should get a chance to have some manly pleasures,” Martin said with a laugh.“Okay,” Jeff answered with a quick chuckle, he decided that that was the proper thing to do. He still wondered why his Dad was sharing this with him; he really didn’t care and he really saw no need to know this. But he figured he had better just sit there and listen maybe there was a reason. He gritted his teeth lightly as he wondered if maybe his Dad was going to get him a hooker to celebrate his birthday. He decided that that would be a real nice present.“Well I know you’ve done some dating already,” Martin said as he took another sip of his beer.“Yeah,” Jeff said with a quick nod. He hoped he wasn’t trying to give him a fatherly talk about the facts of life. Hell he knew all about the birds and the bees, he just wished he could try it out.Jeff had dated a couple of girls and wasn’t completely ignorant to sex even though he was still a virgin. Technically at least. He had never had sex with a girl but he had been involved in some heavy petting with one of the girls he had dated. They had on more than a couple occasions gotten quite intimate. She had allowed him to slip his hand inside her top and play with her breasts and a couple of times let him stick his hand in her panties and finger her. But that was as far as it had gone; she refused to have sex with him or anyone for that matter until she was married.It was more than a little embarrassing to think that he was the only one in his group of friends that was still a virgin. He wasn’t sure if all of his buddies had scored with a girl yet, despite what they bragged. It just galled him to know that he hadn’t had sex with a girl yet; other than in his mind.“Well to be honest I did think about doing what your Uncle did for me but your Mom said no,” Martin said with a shake of his head. He nodded at him saying, “We discussed it and she had other plans.”“Okay,” Jeff said with an understanding nod. Great instead of letting him at least have a date with a hooker and the chance to pop his cheery she decided to drag him down there for the weekend; thanks Mom.“Oh don’t act so glum,” Martin said with a chuckle. He nodded at him and gave him a quick wink saying, “You just might enjoy her plan.”“Okay,” Jeff said in a not too confident tone. He raised his beer to his lips and took a drink. He could just imagine how fun this was going to be; trapped here all weekend with his parents while they ruined his plans on how he wanted to celebrate.“Now that you’re eighteen you’re for all intents and purposes a man,” Martin said. He lightly swirled the contents of his can as he said, “And, well, we decided to let you enjoy this milestone. Your Mom and I agreed to let you be a man for the weekend. You’ll be in charge. Do whatever you want while you’re down here.”Jeff stopped the urge to tell him grandbetting yeni giriş that what he wanted to do was go back home and hangout with his buddies. Instinctively he glanced over towards the opening bedroom door. He couldn’t stop the surprised look that crossed his face when he saw his Mom coming out of the bedroom.Sue was dressed in a light summer dress. Despite it being his Mom Jeff swept his eyes over her as she walked into the family area. The dress fell to near mid-thigh on her and the neckline dipped down below her breasts, that and the backless design of the dress clearly revealed that she was not wearing a bra. A little clumsily Jeff took a swig of his beer in an effort to hide his surprise but he kept his eyes on her as she walked over and sat down near him on the sofa.Casually Sue crossed her legs at the knees after she had sat down and flashed a nice bit of her thigh when she did. She settled back and asked Martin, “So have you told him about this weekend?”“Yes,” Martin said with a definite nod. He gestured at Jeff, saying, “I told him that for this weekend he’s in charge. That whatever he wants to do he can.”“You understand honey?” Sue asked looking at Jeff. She raised an eyebrow ever so slightly as she asked, “Whatever you want you can do. You’re the man of the house for this weekend.”“Okay,” Jeff said slowly. He wasn’t sure what exactly they meant by being totally in charge. Maybe that meant he could select what they watched on TV or something lame like that.“Now we want you to understand that this is only for this weekend,” Martin said slowly. He looked closely at Jeff as he said, “But come next week it’s back to the way things have been.”“Okay,” Jeff said with a slow nod. He was confused as hell but decided to try and act nonchalant about it until he could figure just what the hell was going on.“Well I’d better get going,” Martin said suddenly and stood up. “You’re leaving?” Jeff asked glancing at his parents in confusion.“Yeah I want to get home before it gets too late,” Martin said glancing at his watch. He took one last drink of his beer and said, “I need to pickup your brother. Well have fun.”To his mounting confusion he watched as his Dad started for the door and his Mom popped up off the couch, following him towards the door. Was this their plan; bring him down here, say he’s in charge and then leave? He slumped back on the sofa and took a long drink of his beer. This birthday was quickly going from wasted to a total disaster he ruefully decided.Glaring at his parents he watched as they stopped at the door and to his surprise they kissed; a long, somewhat heated kiss. To his further surprise his Dad reached down and gave Sue’s ass a quick squeeze. Damn were they wanting to tease him with this display, he wondered. Leaving him here all alone for the whole damn weekend.“Well I’ll see you Monday night,” Martin said after he had broken his embrace with Sue.Jeff’s eyes widened and his jaw sagged when Martin opened the door and stepped out and Sue calmly closed the door behind him but stayed inside. Smiling broadly she turned and walked back towards the couch. There almost seemed to be a light bounce in her step as she walked. He clearly heard the car door open and then slam shut a second later. “Are…aren’t you going with Dad?” Jeff asked shaking his head in confusion when he heard the engine start.“No silly I’m gonna stay here and help you celebrate your birthday,” Sue said lightly as she sat back down near him. Jeff closed his eyes and quickly shook his head; this has got to be some kind of a trick, he told himself. He frowned sharply and glanced towards the door when he heard the car backing up and then drive away.Jeff swallowed heavily when Sue shifted closer to him and placed her hand on his thigh. She smiled at him and asked, “So what would you like to do to begin celebrating your birthday?”“I…I don’t know,” he stammered.“Well dinner’s ready,” she asked gently rubbing his leg. She cocked her head to one side, saying, “Are you hungry?”“Uh yeah,” Jeff said nodding his head quickly. “Well come on lets eat,” Sue said cheerfully as she rose. She turned to face him once she had and held a hand out to him. Shaking his head he took it and allowed her to help him to his feet.Jeff was puzzled once he had stood up Sue remained standing there. He nervously cleared his throat and nodded towards the kitchen saying, “You said dinner was ready.”“Yes,” Sue said with a quick nod. She tilted her head to one side as she gazed at him and then said in a soft voice, “I haven’t given you a birthday kiss.”“Okay,” Jeff said with a quick shrug. Might as well, again he was glad his friends weren’t there; he could just imagine the ribbing he would have gotten. He again cleared his throat and licked his strangely dry lips before he leaned towards her and quickly kissed her on the cheek.“Oh come on you’re a man now,” Sue protested as he started to pull back. She reached out and placed her hand on the side of his face saying, “That wasn’t a kiss. Forget I’m your mother and give me a good kiss. Remember you’re in charge for the weekend.”Startled Jeff simply nodded his head; he looked closely at his Mom for a long moment. He could see by the look in her eyes that she was serious. He took a breath and then again leaned towards her. To his surprise Sue leaned towards him, a little clumsily their lips bumped. His eyes widened as he lightly pressed his lips against hers. Sue’s lips were partly opened and she moved her hand from the side of his head to around behind, holding him still. He frowned when he felt her tongue lightly brush against his lips; quickly it swept along his pursed lips. He tried to pull his head back but she held him steady. He wondered if maybe she had been drinking a few beers before they had arrivedFinally she broke their kiss but kept her hand behind his head. She blinked a few times as she gazed at him. In a soft almost husky tone she asked, “That wasn’t so bad now was it?”“N…no,” he admitted.“It was kind of nice,” she said as she began to lightly toy with some of his hair at the base of his skull. Nervously he simply mumbled a response and nodded. Sue smiled and told him, “Relax honey. I’m not going to bite you.”“Okay,” Jeff said with another quick nod.“Come on lets eat,” Sue said and then stepped away. She reached down and took hold of his hand and quietly led him out to the kitchen.Groaning longingly Jeff pushed his plate away saying, “I’m stuffed. That was great Mom.”“I’m glad you liked it,” Sue said as she rose from her chair. She picked up her plate and then Jeff’s saying, “There’s plenty left so we can have this for leftovers if you want.”Jeff watched as she took the plates over and put them in the sink. He wondered if she would insist he help with the dishes. Whenever they were there that tended to be his and his brother’s responsibility, washing the dishes. Instead she just turned away and came back to the table. She sat down and asked, “Anything else you’d like?”“Not right now,” Jeff said shaking his head. He sighed and patted his gut saying, “Like I said I’m stuffed.”“Well if it’s that bad you can always do like your Father would do when he had ate too much,” Sue said.“What’s that?”“Well he’d usually unsnap his pants,” she said with a shrug.Jeff simply grunted recalling how embarrassing it was when his Dad would do that. Luckily he would only do that when they were at home; it had been funny when he was younger but now it was just stupid. Carefully he got up wondering what to do to amuse himself. Sue stood up and took his hand, asking, “Well now that you’ve had dinner is there anything you’d like to do?”“I dunno,” Jeff said with a shrug of his shoulders. He thought for a second and then said, “Maybe watch some TV.”“Okay,” Sue said. She stepped next to him and slipped her arm around his waist. She nodded towards the living room and said, “If that’s what you want to do.”They walked out to the living room where Sue led him over to the sofa and made him sit down. She then walked over and grabbed the remote from on top of the TV. Smiling she walked back over and then leaned forward and held the remote out to him. Jeff couldn’t stop from letting his eyes dart down and glimpse at Sue’s chest. His heart pounded faster as he got a nice view down the front of her dress. He had been right, she wasn’t wearing a bra. He could see her boobs, her mounds were totally exposed; he could clearly see her full boobs and her nipples. He wanted to look away but he couldn’t. He knew he should be repulsed, this was his own Mom he was looking at but damn she had a nice pair. Sensing that he had been staring too long and expecting her to be angry he looked up at her and found her just smiling at him. Either she must not be aware of the view she was providing or hadn’t noticed where his eyes had been, he decided as he took the remote from her.“Are you comfortable?” Sue asked still standing there bent forward.Struggling to not let his eyes drop back down to stare down her dress, which wasn’t easy, he mumbled, “Uh yeah.”“Is there anything you’d like me to do?” She asked.Allowing his eyes to dart down to look at her boobs quickly, he wanted to say she was doing enough. Looking back up at her face he said, “N…no I’m fine.”“Okay,” Sue said. She straightened and then sat down next to him on the sofa.Jeff was surprised at how close she was sitting next to him. She wasn’t right next to him; there were a couple of inches between them but still. He wished that she would leave, at least for a few seconds; his cock thanks to her brief show was stiffening. Unfortunately he needed to reposition it for comfort sake but he couldn’t really do that with her sitting right there.“So I hope this hasn’t messed up too many of your plans,” Sue said as she drew her feet up underneath her. Too late now, Jeff wanted to say but decided against it. He shrugged and said, “That’s okay. I really didn’t have anything planned.”“You didn’t, have a date or anything like that planned did you?” Sue asked.“Not quite,” Jeff assured her with a quick shake of his head.”I’m sorry,” Sue said reaching out and placing her hand on his thigh. Jeff glanced down at her hand and then over at her. She left her hand resting there as she asked, “Whatever happened between you and Kate?”“Uh nothing,” Jeff said, clearing his throat as he did. She was the girl he had come the closest to on having sex with. He wasn’t really sure what Sue had meant by her question.“She seemed like a nice girl,” Sue said casually. “Yeah she was,” he answered wondering if he should turn on the TV or if she wanted to talk. He tensed slightly when she began to rub his leg.“So did the two of you ever fool around?” Sue asked quietly almost matter-of-factly.“Wha…what?” Jeff stammered, he had heard her clearly he was just shocked by her question.“Did you and Kate ever fool around?” She repeated with an amused tone. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she added, “You know get it on, do it?”“Mom…I…well…” he blurted not knowing how to answer it. He wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know or if she was hoping he would still be her sweet innocent little boy.“It’s okay if you did honey. It’s normal for k**s your age to be interested in sex,” she assured him. She cocked her head slightly to one side as she asked, “So did you and her do it?”“N…no. Not really,” he said in a breathless rush.“Not really?” She said with a quick easy laugh, “Either you did or you didn’t.”“Well no we never had sex. She wanted to wait until she was married,” he confessed.“Oh I see,” Sue said. She continued to lightly rub his leg as she sat there. After a brief pause she asked, “But I guess you two fooled around a little. Some heavy kissing and petting then?”“Uh yeah,” he said with a quick nod.“I see,” Sue said with an understanding nod. In a slightly lighter tone she asked, “Have you fooled around grandbetting giriş with any other girls?”“N…no,” he said quickly, wondering why she was so damn interested in his sex life or lack of. Was she glad that here he was a high school senior and still a virgin or was she disappointed? “Well that will change,” she assured him, lightly patting his thigh.“I hope,” Jeff said without thinking.“It will honey, it will,” Sue told him. She reached up and made him look over at her and then said, “It’s up to you. If you want it.”“Okay,” Jeff mumbled not sure what she meant or how to answer.To his surprise Sue stretched out and lightly kissed him square on the lips and again he felt her tongue brush against his partly opened lips. He was shocked by her kiss and before he could react she pulled back. She ran a hand through her hair and then said, “You know we use to spank you on your birthday.”“Yeah I remember.”“Towards the end we really had to wrestle you down,” Sue said with a laugh. She ran her finger along the edge of his ear and said, “I guess you’re way too big for me to try and give you a birthday spanking.”Jeff simply laughed in agreement and if she thought he would willing let her give him a birthday spanking she was crazy, even if no one would know of it. She ran the tip of her finger along the side of his neck as she said, “Since I can’t spank you would you want to spank me?”“What?” Jeff gasped turning his head to look at her and knowing his shock was quite evident on his face.“Maybe you would want to spank me,” she said lightly, a playful smile crossing her lips. She bobbed her eyebrows as she said, “A chance to pay me back for all the spankings I gave you. Or if you want it could be my birthday spanking, a little early. To be honest your Dad always gives me a spanking on my birthday. I thought that since you’re a man now maybe you’d like to.”“Uh…I…I really don’t know,” he said slowly, looking closely at her. He couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. He was a little surprised by her telling him that Dad spanked her on her birthday. He figured it was done when they were alone because he knew he had never seen him do it. He was both amused and surprised by the information. Surprised in that she told him about it and amused to learn that they weren’t some old stick in the muds; that they still messed around. At least he assumed they did.Sue suddenly got off the sofa and stepped in front of him, keeping her back to him. She looked over her shoulder at him and leaned forward slightly sticking her round bottom out towards him. Playfully she asked, “You sure? Like I said it’s your chance to get even if you want for all the times I spanked you.”“Uh no…thanks but,” Jeff stammered alternating his eyes between her face and quickly down to her shapely ass that was just a short distance from him. He let his eyes rest for a long moment on her bottom thinking about doing what she was suggesting. It was a little tempting, the memories of the times he had been spanked when he was a little k** flashed through his mind and the thought of paying her back for some of those spankings, the few he hadn’t deserved, intrigued him.“You sure honey?” She asked giving her ass a nice little, inviting wiggle. It almost seemed like she wanted him to spank her. She smiled softly saying, “You can.”“Naw that’s okay,” he said with a quick shake of his head. Really he wanted to but the fact that it was his Mom caused him to decline.“Well okay,” Sue said as she turned back around and sat down next to him. As she did she told, “But if you change your mind you can. Like I said you’re in charge this weekend so whatever you want to do.”It was close to ten and Jeff vainly flipped through the TV stations with mounting frustration. There was absolutely nothing on any of the channels. At least nothing he wanted to watch. Maybe he should just get ready and go to bed. What a birthday celebration, going to bed at ten in the evening. Might as well nothing else to do, he told himself.Sue was sitting next to him on the couch flipping through a magazine. Setting the remote down on the arm rest of the sofa Jeff said, “Well I think I’m gonna get ready and go to bed.”“So early?” Sue asked as she laid her magazine down.“Yeah I’m feeling a little tired,” he said with a somewhat forced yawn. It was more boredom then fatigue.“Well where do you want sleep tonight?’ Sue asked causally.“In my bed,” Jeff said with a puzzled laugh. He waved his hand towards the room where he and his brother normally slept when they were there, saying, “In there.”“Oh okay,” Sue said as she swung her feet off of the couch and scooted to the edge of the sofa. She paused to slowly stretch and then said, “I was just curious since you’re in charge. Whatever you wanted.”Just what did she mean, he wanted to ask. He always slept in there, unless they had some other visitors and then he and his brother would end up sleeping out here on the fold-out couch. Did she mean that he could sleep in the bed that his brother normally slept in or what?Staggering a little when he stood up he stretched longingly hoping that he could fall asleep quickly so he could escape from this boring place for a little bit. Sue stood up next to him, saying, “Think I’ll turn in too.”Jeff simply grunted and turned to grab the remote so he could turn off the TV. He was a little surprised that she had been sitting there with him all evening, except for when she went to get him something to drink. She had left the dishes in the sink and hadn’t even called his Dad to make sure he had gotten home okay. Sue was standing there when he turned back after putting the remote back on the arm rest. She stepped to him and placed her hands on the side of his face. Tenderly she said, “I just want to wish you a very happy birthday.”“Thanks Mom,” he said quickly.“How about one last birthday kiss?” She suggested as she slid closer. She raised an eyebrow ever so slightly as she added, “And don’t be bashful. You’re a man now. Okay?”“Okay,” he replied with a quick nod.Smiling softly Sue leaned towards him, her lips opening a little. Jeff hastily swallowed and then leaned towards her letting his lips open. She sighed softly when their lips touched. Instinctively he spread his lips when he felt hers part wider. At the same time she slid her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. Automatically he moved his hands to her hips and let them rest there not sure what else to do. He tensed when he felt her tongue snake into his mouth, his eyes opening wide. There was no doubt; his Mom was French kissing him. He hesitated for a moment and then pressed his tongue hard against hers. He closed his eyes as their tongues swirled around the other and he heard her moan softly deep in her throat. This was crazy, he told himself, here he was French-kissing his Mom and he was rather liking it and it seemed that she was liking it too.After a few wonderful seconds she broke their wet, open-mouthed kiss. She remained standing close to him, her arms around his neck. She began to toy with some of the hair on the back of his head, gazing with her soft dark brown eyes at him. Oddly Jeff made no effort to back away but remained standing there with his hands resting on her hips.“That was better,” she said in a whisper like voice.“Uh yeah,” he said with a sheepish grin. He hoped she didn’t move too much closer, he wasn’t sure how she would react or for that much how he would if she found out that he developed a raging hard-on. But he enjoyed the feel of her body so close to him; her boobs were lightly pressing against his chest.“So are you ready for bed?” She asked in that soft sexy voice.“I…I guess so,” he mumbled.“Okay,” she said. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then told him, “You go get ready and I’ll come in and say goodnight.”Dumbly he nodded and she coyly smiled and lightly tapped the end of his nose with her index finger. He stood there and watched as she walked away going into her bedroom. After she had gone into the room but left the door open, he shook his head as if he was just waking up. He scratched his head and slowly headed for his room, puzzled as hell. He told himself that she must have had something to drink and that was why she was acting the way she was. He wondered if she would be real embarrassed and deny it all tomorrow. And why was she going to tell him good night, he wondered. Hell he was a big boy now he didn’t need her tucking him into bed.Nudging the door part way shut after he had stepped into his room he pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto the bed that his brother usually slept in. The room was small, just enough room for the two beds and a small set of drawers and a small table with a lamp between the beds. He left the ceiling light on as he walked over to his bed and sat down, kicking his shoes off after he had. As he undid his jeans he was glad that his brother wasn’t there; as soon as he was in bed he was planning to take care of his raging hard-on. If his younger brother was there he would have had to wait until he was asleep before he could take care of his problem. And damn he didn’t think he could wait, his cock was so hard right now.Standing up he shoved his jeans down to around his ankles. He pulled one foot free and then balancing on that foot he kicked the jeans off and onto the other bed. As he normally did he was going to sleep in his under shorts.There was a light tap on the partly closed door and before he could respond Sue walked in, saying cheerfully, “You ready yet?”“Mom!” He exclaimed as he stood there clad only in his under shorts. He didn’t know if he was more upset at her just coming in, well she did knock, or if it was because he was standing there in his underwear and with a raging hard-on or a little of both.Jeff’s annoyance and shock was instantly replaced when he saw how she was clad and his cock strained even harder. Sue was wearing a sheer black nightie that ended just below her hips. While the part that covered her breast was slightly thicker the rest of it was very sheer, he could clearly see her slender figure through it. He could also see the matching bikini cut panties she was wearing. Open mouthed he watched as she walked over towards him.“What honey?” She asked playfully as she approached him. She nodded at him as she said, “It isn’t like I haven’t seen a man in his shorts before.”“Yeah…but,” was the best that he could mutter as she reached him. He wanted to remind her that he was a man and not a little k** that she could just walk right into his room. He wanted to ask her to respect his privacy but wasn’t able to find the words or nerve.“And it isn’t like I haven’t seen you in your shorts before,” she said with a playful smile. He shifted uneasily when he saw her eyes drop down and then back up to his face as she reached him. Still smiling softly she added, “And I’ve even seen you with a lot less on.”“Uh yeah…” he mumbled.Sue reached out took hold of his wrists and pulled him closer, guiding his arms around her waist. She then put her arms around his neck. Jeff tensed slightly when he felt her crotch lightly pressed against his. His already stiff cock throbbed mightily against his shorts. He wondered if she could feel his hard-on. She leaned back slightly, causing her crotch to push against him a little firmer and he knew that she had to feel his throbbing cock.“I remember when we first got this place you hated sleeping in here,” Sue said. She smiled and shook her head saying, “You always wanted to sleep with us in our room.”“Yeah,” Jeff answered glancing away briefly. He was a little embarrassed by her recollection and hoped she wasn’t planning to bring up all those cute incidents from his c***dhood.“You use to come into our room and want to crawl into bed with us,” Sue said with a chuckle. She gazed closely at him as she said, “I guess if you would want to do grandbetting güvenilirmi that now it wouldn’t be as crowded now like it was back then. Seeing that it would be just the two of us in the bed. And it’s a nice sized bed.”“Okay,” Jeff said with a slow nod.“You could if you want to. Since you’re a man now and you’re in charge for the weekend,” Sue said softly. She leaned towards him slightly, saying in a softer tone, “Anything you want is okay. You don’t have to be worried, if you want it just say so.”“Okay,” Jeff said in a rush. He was puzzled by what she meant. She was acting really strange. She had to have had a little too much to drink, he told himself.Suddenly she pulled him full against her and hugged him tightly. She whispered into his ear, “You’ve turned into such a nice looking young man honey. Any girl would probably love having you.”Jeff didn’t know what to say. Without thinking he had hugged her firmly in return and continued to hold her when she made no move to step back. He closed his eyes and savored the feel of her body pressing snugly against his. He turned his face towards her when he felt her lightly kiss the side of his neck and covered her mouth with his. He didn’t pause jamming his tongue full into her mouth. She groaned deep in her throat as their tongues wrapped around the other. After a few seconds he felt her beginning to slowly grind her crotch against his. He groaned as she slowly, firmly rubbed herself against his hard cock. It was both shocking and exciting to realize that she was dry-humping his cock; if she kept it up she would get him off too. He wondered how she would react about that and decided that at the moment he really didn’t care.Breaking their wet kiss Sue laid her head on his shoulder, breathing heavily and continued to grind her crotch against him. She turned her face towards him and licked his ear. She then whispered, “Anything you want you can have. You don’t have to ask, this weekend it’s yours.”Right now all he wanted was to get off and she was driving him crazy. Slowly he moved his hands down from the small of her back onto her round bottom. She giggled softly when he cupped his hands to the cheeks of her ass and gave them a quick squeeze. Firmly he began to rub her ass cheeks through the silky panties she was wearing.Again Sue drew he head back and they nearly bumped their mouths together as they leaned towards the other to kiss. Eagerly they shoved their tongues against the other. As they kissed Jeff moved his hands up to the waistband of her skimpy panties and began to work them down. He half expected her to suddenly change her mind, snap out of her state of mind and end the whole thing but she didn’t. She allowed him to work her panties down off her ass, groaning as he rubbed the smooth skin of her butt cheeks.“Do you want it?” Sue asked in a throaty voice when she broke their kiss. Jeff simply grunted and nodded his head. She gave him a hard squeeze and told him, “You don’t have to ask. It’s yours. This weekend you’re in charge. Whatever you want you can have.”Jeff broke their embrace, stepping back quickly. Sue let her arms drop to her sides as she stood there. She let a startled giggle when he half pushed and half picked her up to drop her on the bed. A little ungainly she dropped onto the bed, her feet flying up part way as she landed. Jeff paused as he looked at her, lying across the bed with her legs dangling off the side. With an amused look on her face she raised herself up on her elbows as she lay there. Jeff swept his eyes quickly over her as she laid there; the night gown had opened, from her breasts down revealing her flat belly. Her black, lacy panties were low across her pelvis; he could see the upper part of her neatly trimmed thin strip of pubic hair peeking out. A small part of his brain pointed out that this was his mother he was about to have but his roaring cock quickly over rode it. Excitedly he stepped forward and rather roughly jammed his fingers inside the waistband of her panties. Sue let out a startled little gasp as he tugged them down her legs, clear to her knees with one hard pull. Clumsily she lifted her feet to help him get them off of her as he shoved them down her legs. After he had literally torn them off of her he grabbed her arm and made her sit up.Once Sue was sitting up on the edge of the bed Jeff grabbed her nightie and roughly pulled it up, not letting her the chance to even loosen the draw strings between her breasts. Sue simply tossed her arms up as he forced her nightie up over her head. She shook her head and pulled her arms free as he tugged it down them. He tossed the night gown to one side after he had pulled it off of her, letting his eyes sweep over her nude figure. Excitedly he jammed his thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts and shoved them down past his hips. His hard cock popped free as he did and slapped against his lower belly. As he stumbled out of his shorts Sue crawled onto the bed, lying on her side watching him. Kicking the shorts off of the one foot they were bunched around he literally dove onto the bed, snuggling up to Sue.Throwing her arms around him after he had made her slide to the middle of the bed and he had crawled on top of her, she begged in a husky voice, “Show me what a man you are honey. Give it to me. Let me be your first.”Jeff simply grunted as he moved between her spread legs. She obligingly reached down and took hold of his hard shaft and guided him to her pussy. She moaned longingly when the end of his cock touched her wet pussy slit and she firmly rubbed it along her slit. Jeff placed his hands on the mattress to support himself as Sue rubbed his cock along her slit. Quickly he felt the end of his cock pushing against her pussy and with one hard thrust drove his entire length into her warm wet depths, causing her to moan loudly.Pausing for a heartbeat to savor the wonderful feel of his first pussy wrapped around his hard shaft. Sue wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, hooking her heels behind his knees. She gazed up at him and whispered, “Let me make you a man now honey.”Grinning thinly Jeff pulled his hips back until just the end of his cock remained in her pussy and then without any real delay he shoved it back into her. Completely inexperienced to try and go slow, at least for her pleasure and even if he wasn’t he was too damn horny to go slow he immediately pulled his hips back and began to fuck her with a hard, almost frantic pace. With each hard pounding thrust Sue would gasp loudly which only tended to increase his arousal and pace. Within a real quick time he could feel his balls beginning to tighten and he knew he was getting ready to come.Ramming his cock deep into Sue’s pussy once more he held it there, arching his back sharply and tensing bodily. He didn’t know exactly how much jism he actually pumped into his Mom’s pussy but it felt enormous, it seemed like his dick just kept squirting jism into her. He shuddered and relaxed as his juices finally stopped.Slowly he lowered himself down on top of Sue. She threw her arms around him and held him tightly as he lay there trying to catch his breath. Dimly he was aware of her still grinding her crotch against him even though his cock wasn’t anywhere as hard as it had just been.As he lay there, enjoying the feel of her boobs pressed against his chest and of her humping herself against him he wondered how soon he could get hard again. He definitely wanted to repeat this, as often as possible. Well maybe this surprise birthday celebration wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Jeff groaned softly and snuggled down under the covers as sleep slowly retreated from his mind. Slowly the events of last night filtered through his foggy thoughts. He told himself that it had to have been a really vivid dream. When he felt the very wet spot in the middle of the bed as he rolled over he instantly knew that it had not been a dream. Fully awake now Jeff sat up and gazed about the quiet room, the events of last night and early this morning clearly replaying themselves. He saw Sue’s night gown still lying on the other bed. Laying back down he slowly rubbed his face.Not ever having been with a woman he didn’t know how spectacular last night was, having nothing to compare it with. They had made love a number of times throughout the night and into the early morning hours. It seemed as if he had just closed his eyes. Damn his Mom was a…well horny woman. His cock stirred as he recalled how she had straddled his hips and rode his cock, bouncing up and down wildly.Jeff wondered how she would be acting today. He wondered if she would be deep into some kind of guilt trip or deny the whole thing happened, claiming she was drunk or something like that. Maybe she would say they needed to leave and that was it. He could hear her moving about he almost dreaded getting up and facing her.“Well good morning sleepy head,” Sue said cheerfully as she walked into the room. Smiling broadly she walked over towards the bed, asking, “sleep good?”“Uh yeah,” he said with a quick nod.It was obvious that he had been wrong on how she might be acting he could see. She was wearing a loose, sleeveless T-shirt, her beautiful breasts clearly visible from the sides and a baby blue pair of panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed. She then leaned over and gave him a hard, open mouthed kiss which he happily responded to by jamming his tongue into her mouth.Breaking their kiss after a few seconds Sue leaned over placing her hand on the bed near his far hip and laid her other hand on his abdomen, making his stirring cock twitch. She glanced down at his semi-erect cock and smiled softly.“I guess you’re not totally awake yet,” she said with a playful nod down at his crotch. She then gently moved her hand to his cock and began to caress it, saying, “But it was a rather late night, wasn’t it?”“Oh yeah,” Jeff said with a shaky laugh.“You understand that after this weekend…well this won’t go on,” she said slowly.“Yeah,” he said his eyes resting on her barely concealed breasts.“But like I said, anything you want this weekend you just say so,” she told him.“Like if I wanted you to take off your top?” He asked with a quick nod at her.“Is that what you want me to do?”“Oh yeah.”“Okay,” she said with a quick nod. She pulled her hand from his cock and sat up. Quickly she pulled the T-shirt up and off over her head, casually tossing it over to the other bed. She resumed lightly playing with his cock, asking, “How’s that?”“Great,” he said reaching out to place his hand on her boob. He frowned slightly, his hand resting on her boob and asked, “So are you gonna do this for Danny’s eighteenth birthday too?”“Probably,” she answered with a quick shrug. She looked at him and said in stern tone, “Now don’t you tell him about this. We want it to be a surprise like it was for you.”“Okay,” he said. He had to admit it had been a real surprise. “So any chance of this being a birthday gift from now on?” He asked as he began to rub her boob firmly. He smiled at her, adding, “I really wouldn’t want anything else.”“We’ll see honey, we’ll see,” Sue said with a warm smile. His cock had stiffened nicely through her gently fondling, she cocked her head to one side, saying, “Let’s not worry about next year, let’s just enjoy this weekend.”“Sounds great,” he said with a quick nod. He inhaled slowly and deeply, saying, “Think I’ll jump in the shower.”“Okay,” Sue said with a nod as she continued to toy with his now erect cock.“And I want you to be with me,” he added.“Sounds great,” she said with a quick bob of her eyebrows.“But there’s something I want before that,” he said.Before Sue could ask what it was he partly raised his shoulders up off the bed and reached out with his other hand. He slipped his hand behind Sue’s head and slowly, firmly pulled her head down as he laid back. Obediently she allowed him to pull her head down to his crotch. He groaned loudly when her lips wrapped around his shaft. Once she had she began to slide his shaft into her mouth. Jeff again groaned as his shaft slowly slid between her wet lips.This most certainly was a great birthday; fucking great, he decided.

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