The Game Pt. 02

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Contains many different themes including gay, cuckold, exhibitionism, and more. No characters described are minors / under the age of 18, and the events described are fictional despite any events they may be based on.


Jay was asleep lying on his back naked as I crawled up from the foot of his bed crawling across his feet towards his hips. His cock was visible from the moon light making it’s light through a crack in the curtains. It was lying limp across his balls and looked peaceful hiding within it’s skin covering its head. As I get closer to his cock, I could smell the odor of stale sex on his cock which made my own cock quiver in anticipation. I licked his ball sack nudging his cock to the side with my nose which caused Jay to moan. I sucked in one ball and then the other which caused his cock to start to harden. I pushed his balls up with my nose sliding my tongue down the under side of his balls eventually touching his asshole. Once there, I felt Jays hands on each side of my head as he pulled my head and tongue deeper into his ass. I forced my tongue into his hole which caused Jay to begin to moan even louder. I then began to push my tongue in and out of his ass which caused his cock to continue to grow with the head of his cock sliding out from under the foreskin, illegal bahis growing until fully engorged.

I then moved back up and took his engorged cock in my mouth attempting to get it all in. My free hand went to his asshole in which I inserted a finger. It slid in without any resistance, and once my finger was fully in, his cock would jump in my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his cock with a string of precum connecting my mouth and his cock. Jay pushed my mouth back down on his cock forcing his cock deep into my throat. He let up in which I pulled off his cock trying to catch my breath, then he quickly shoved my face back down, this time with my chin coming to a stop resting on his balls. Jay then began to move my head up and down as I kept his cock in my mouth, my face being his pussy, and my mouth as just a cum receptacle. Jay suddenly pushed my face down hard onto his cock and his back stiffened. His cock grew as I knew what was next.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…! Damn it! I muttered as I reach over and shut off the alarm clock looking over at Jay as he tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. My cock is hard and as I reach down grope it. I find a small amount of precum on the tip which I smear around the head. I so much wanted to go back to my dream, but knew that I wouldn’t illegal bahis siteleri be able to return to it. As I look at Jay, the sunlight is making it’s way through a crack in the curtain lighting up where Jay lie sleeping. He is partially uncovered with his back to me, and his small tight butt is exposed. I didn’t know until last night that he slept naked, and now found this very erotic. As I looked at his ass, my hand tightened its grip on my own cock. I began to stroke it and began to imagine that I was fucking Jay’s cute little ass. I imagined my cock pushing into his ass as I continued to stroke it, faster and faster. He suddenly moved sliding his leg up causing the cheeks of his ass to separate exposing his tight little hairless asshole and balls. Seeing this, my cock erupted with cum filling my hand and coating the underside of my sheets.

“Good morning hot stuff” Jay says. I was again busted and not knowing what to say, I meekly responded “Good morning. Jay rolls over facing me allowing the blanket to slide off his hips giving me a view of his flaccid cock. It wasn’t hard, yet it hung across his pelvis about three inches long with his foreskin covering the tip. His balls were visible and seemed to be hanging loose.

“We need to get this out in the open” Jay canlı bahis siteleri says as I caught myself staring. Jay then comments “Look, I like everything about sex. I’m not gay, but I like everything about sex and fucking. I’ll fuck a woman as quick as a man. I’ll eat out a girl that was just fucked by another guy because it’s hot. And, I’ll take a man in my ass if I think it’s going to be fun just as quickly. To me, it’s all about just having fun, and fetishes are mostly fun. I’m not looking for a relationship, as when I want that, I will most likely have that with a woman. But right now, I just want to have fun with whoever wants to have fun as well. I’m hoping you feel the same way?”

Lying there, I was astonished to what I was hearing. Last night, and even today, I was questioning my own sexuality, yet Jay’s way of thinking was quite appealing. I’ve had girlfriends in the past which kind of became a pain. Mostly, all I wanted was sex, but they always just wanted to go out with friends, or talk about goofy stuff that I really wasn’t interested in. Typically, all I was doing, was trying to earn a blowjob, or get in their pussy before the night was over.

Jay then says “Look man, it’s up to you? I’m game and I have some really fun things we can do, but it all fall on what you’re comfortable with?” Jay then got up, grabbed his towel, wash cloth, toiletries, threw on his robe and headed to the showers down the hall. As he opened the door, he looked back and commented “you coming…again?” then walked out the door.

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