The Gift

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Fucking, Shagging, Boning

Whatever you call it, it’s what John wanted to do to Sally. Sally was the girl that everyone wanted, and it seems that everyone had had, bar him. The chat in the staffroom often wandered around to Sally’s ass. Richard talked of little else, the way that her trousers squeezed her cheeks together like two spaniels in a sack, how he wanted to lick her crack from her spine to her pubes and back again, make her squirm.

John could never believe that he would actually get the chance, Sally was “top-class totty”. The sort of girl who expected gifts, flowers and dinner, not fish and chips and a bit of how’s-your-father.

The Christmas office party was two weeks away, and the gift lists were coming out. Every year the boss put all their names in a pot and pulled them out two at a time. Whoever you got, you had to get a present. £5 max. Last year John got paired with Colleen in accounts, the last woman he wanted to be near, let alone have to buy something for. Buck teeth, glasses, freckles and only saved by the fact that her tits were huge compared to the rest of her body.

What do you buy for less than a fiver for the woman who seems to have everything?

The two weeks were almost up, and he was wandering through the shops when he came accross something that may just be perfect. He would love to see her wearing those, wouldn’t he? But he would get slapped for sure. Ah well, at least it would give him something to talk about in the office that would link him with Sally.

Walking into the store and up to the counter he decides he should buy her the smallest pair of panties possible, bright red and frilled. Although the limit was £5 he spent £20, and got the bra to go with it, £75. Bollocks to it, he thought. If I’m gonna get slapped at least make it worth it. The clerk wrapped the underwear in a pink box with a huge red bow. Another £10

He wandered from the shop, his mind thining of what the guys would say when they saw her pull these briefest of knick-knacks from the box, the look on her face, and the hand print on his.

The night of the party rolls around and he has dressed in his finest. Jeans and a blue tee. Never was a snappy dresser. His stomach lurches as he walks into the office, everyone is there laughing and joking, and here he is with a big pink box, a huge red bow on top, and his mates know who it is for.

Choruses of “What did you get?” follow him around the room as he hunts for his present-mate, and his eyes fall on her in the corner with her boss, Doreen. Doreen looked like his gran, old, grey haired and bespectacled. He couldn’t imagine Sally opening her present with Doreen hanging around, so he tried to catch Sally’s eye, without success.

It wasn’t until he was stood directly behind her and coughed loudly that Sally even looked at him. Mumbling, he asked if they could go somewhere private for this and she agreed hesitantly, seeming to not want to be seen in canlı bahis the same room as this guy, let alone walking out of the door with him.

As they entered an empty office and shut the door he turned round and looked at her properly for the first time. Her dress clung to her every curve, her breasts perfectly framed within the red silk, her hips causing the fabric to fall down over her thighs in a cascade of flowing material.

The box was held clumsily in front of him, but as her eyes fell on it they flashed, widening momentarily, her pupils dilating. Taking the profered box in trembling hands her voice was shallow as she breathed thanks, muttering that she never expected something as grand as what the box looked like.

The bow is pulled and Sally lifts the underwear set from within the box. “It’s lovely” she breathes. John sighs, feeling that as he has gotten this far, that he isn’t likely to be slapped. Sally’s eyes arre still wandering all over the bra and panties set, and finally fllings her arms around him, thanking him utterly for such a wonderful gift. Maybe it was worth coming to this hole of a party after all. John is speechless. He has just been hugged by the best looking woman in the office, and she has the skimpiest pair of panties in her hand.

Sally profers her present to him, a keyring, probably worth less than a quid. “Sorry” she mumbles. Jokingly he replies that it’s fine, so long as he gets to see her in those, pointing at the underwear. “Maybe” she replies, putting them back in the box and, taking his hand, walks back with him into the main room.

To John the evening passes swiftly, in a hailstorm of furious or quizzical looks from the men in the room, and surprised looks from the women to Sally. They cannot believe that she has gone with him, cannot believe that she is spending time in his company, let alone touching him on such a frequent basis.

At the end of the night John and Sally leave together, but as Sally climbs into the taxi she says “Call me.” and passes John a card with her mobile number on it. As John arrives home he considers calling her, but cannot seem to pluck up the balls to do so. After an hour of wandering around his flat, looking for courage he rings the number on the card, only getting an answering service.

He stutters through saying how wonderful she looked tonight, and how much better it was spending the time with her than his mates. He says he was only joking about seeing her in that underwear and that he would see her in the office after the holidays. He didn’t even think to leave a number.

The holidays passed in the usual family visits, cold turkey and horrid aunties, and it wasn’t until after Boxing Day that he even bothered logging into the work system to check his email. Besides the boring messages from his boss about how much work there was to go back to there was one from Sally! It said that she wanted to speak to him, and if he wanted to see her then bahis siteleri he was to ring her, tonight.

Trembling he picked up the card and rang her once more. She answered after three rings and after a couple of reminiscences about the party she asked if he was going to come over. He managed to gasp out a yes before he fell over in shock, and managed to keep himself together until she said that she wanted him there in an hour. He noted down the address.

Sinking to the sofa, phone still in hand, he couldn’t believe his luck. He was going to the house of the most gorgeous woman he knew, and he was on a promise to see some underwear. With her in it!

A quick bath, his best aftershave, brushing his hair just so. Climbing back into his best jeans, but with a different shirt, his mind started imagining those breasts caught in the cups of that bra, the red contrasting against her skin. His thoughts wandered down to the redness of those panties framed in the Vee of her thighs, her treasure hidden within.

Suddenly he was at her door. He didn’t even remember the drive there. His hand was on the bell and pressing before he even thought. The wash of her perfume hit him even as the door was opening; he found it intoxicating. Beckoning him in, Sally only popped her head around the door, but as the door shut John could see that she wore a silken nightgown that came down to just above her knees.

Following her down the hall his eyes followed those buttocks, seemly flowing under the fabric, and again his mind saw through that to the underwear underneath, but he would get to see it for real soon enough.

Sally has had a lonely Christmas, she has been lonely for the last two months since her fiancé left her. She thought that they had been good together, good for each other. She had done everything she could to make him happy, making sure that the flat was kept looking good, keeping herself in trim and always dressing nicely.

Sally had also worked on her sexual technique. She had been with other guys before Dan, but had never felt so secure with them, especially in the bedroom. Her abandon with Dan was new to her, but she revelled in it showing a side of herself she never knew she had, but now loved and knew she could use on other men.

Sally pushed John onto the sofa and padded over to the stereo, putting on some music, not too low, but loud enough to add atmosphere to the occasion. She twirled, her hair flying out and feeling freer than she had since Dan had fucked his boss. Her hands went to the belt of her gown, and she pulled it aside.

John’s eyes were on stalks. The red framed all of her womanly parts beautifully, and he told her so. The gown dropped to the floor and she walked to him, his eyes never leaving her breasts as they swayed under their weight.

Taking his hands, Sally lifted them to her bra, covering his with her own and squeezing. John got the idea and continued stimulating her, feeling bahis şirketleri the nipples firm under his touch. His dick was getting harder than it had ever been in his life, his eyes locked onto hers as her hand dragged his lower, drifting onto her belly, then further over the top of her panties. His hand rested there as she let go saying that he could do whatever he wanted to.

He slides his hand down into her cleft, touching her through her panties and feeling the warmth there. She parts her legs to allow him to touch her deeper, and he feels the moisture there, the scent of her sex reaching his nostrils as his fingers probe the fold of her panties over her nether lips.

His face is only a foot or so away and she pulls him to her, his lips kissing her stomach and her hands twine in his hair as she pushes him down toward his hand. He kisses all over the front of her panties before she pushes him back on the sofa, straddling his face with her thighs, guiding him between her legs. He kisses the crotch of the proffered knickers before starting to lick, the musk of her filling his nose as her taste fills his mouth, even through the fabric.

Her hands are at his trousers, pulling the zip down and releasing his member from it’s entrapment, her hand pumping up and down over him.

His life is complete, his dream woman is pulling him off and his face is buried in her pants. What could be better than this? Seeming to answer his thoughts Sally rises from the sofa, pulls her knickers off and straddles his member, her hand guiding him into her cleft. He almost chokes at this, this sight before him unimaginable two weeks ago, the thought that he would be fucking Sally in less than a minute was mind-blowing.

As her lips parted and the head of his dick sank into her Sally breathed a sigh that matched his almost-choke in depth. Both of them grunted as she settled onto him, buried to the balls. Moving her hips she ground herself onto him, the pleasure building for them both as her clit rubbed his pelvis, causing her to shudder and grind faster, harder, more pleasure coming to her.

With a final gasp he pumps his seed into her, his swelling cock causing her to moan and come herself, her own, more powerful spasms run through her, and she collapses onto him, the feelings subsiding gradually.

Standing off him she sees that he is going down already, but she crouches over his dick and takes it gently into her mouth, sucking it, licking it, nibbling it until it comes back to life.

Leading him to the bedroom by his dick she discards her bra. She lays back on the bed, pulling him onto her and into her. His dick plies into her, making her gasp once more and his thrusts are immediately urgent, as though he has never had sex before and wanting to get into it as soon as possible.

The sex that night was wonderful for John. He had not been with a woman as seemingly insatiable as Sally, but now it was time to go back to work. Time to be “normal” again. How could he be normal after last night? How could he face the guys?

The answer was on his desktop when he got in that morning. An email, from her.

Would you like to go again tonight?

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