The Gift of Vulnerability Ch. 01


When first chatting with someone online, there is always that hope the chemistry is there when you meet. The first meeting Tracey and I had included a really wonderful discussion that allowed me to get some insight into where my new friend was coming from. Yes, I let someone talk about themselves. What a great way to make a new friend.

Tracey had a pretty high visibility job. She had to interact often with the public as well as with several female colleagues and her supervisor. There was always the pressure and constraint of operating within a fixed set of rules. She liked to think that she was nice and well deported. Apparently, some people felt like she was also intimidating. I asked her if it was her or the rules that caused that and she wasn’t sure. Maybe it was her enforcing the rules, I suggested. You want to be nice, but you can’t always be. And, you take your responsibilities seriously. Tracey agreed, but also said that this was often a burden as well.

Tracey was born and raised in the Bible belt. As a child she was raised to believe that only “sluts” enjoy sex. I suggested that sexual hedonism under restraint up is a way to avoid the guilt that has been ingrained from a young age. She asked if that meant ropes and wondered if it would seem too threatening. I told her it depended on her partner, and on trust, safe words, and always having a way to obtain quick release if she became claustrophobic or came under distress. Under the right circumstances, the vulnerability of playing under restraint actually becomes liberating. You get to shed one thing to achieve another. There was a small Mona Lisa smile as she thought about it.

She mentioned that she had a strong dedication to duty and doing a good job, whether it be at work or at home. Raising a child had brought other responsibilities. I asked her if she felt oppressed by responsibility sometimes. She acted a bit surprised and said, “yes and no”. On one hand, it would be nice to be able to take the weight off her shoulders every so often and relax, but there never seemed to be a right time or set of circumstances. On yet another hand, Tracey commented that she was tired of always being the responsible girl, the dependable girl, and the good girl in every circumstance or social occasion. Maybe, she would like to be able to be the good girl by being the bad girl for a change.

We had chatted quite a bit, had connected well, and I was sure we had many similar tastes. We agreed mutually that our next encounter would be the one where discoveries were made. Thus was created a heightened sense of curiosity and sensual tension.

I told her that I wanted her to do us both a favor and consider a list of thoughts and maybe guidance and ground rules that I would email her first and she agreed. I thanked her for that and had promise to read them all with an open mind and without judgement, whether they applied to her in specific or not. She had to be open to them as a concept to explore.

They included:

Being in charge is exhausting. When a woman has control over seemingly over every facet of her entire life 24/7 365, it can wear her out. It creates a need to not be in charge at all.

People need to pass off some of the reigns on occasion. Women in 24/7 responsibility cycles need a break sometimes, and it can feel good to have someone else make decisions. She gets to bossed around in the bedroom because she is the boss everywhere else. Sometimes being used thoroughly makes the role sexier and more believable.

Being completely open will allow you to revel in making yourself vulnerable. Don’t be ashamed of anything and have no reservations at all about where they take you. Be confident that no matter what direction your mind takes you in, and no matter your role is in the bedroom, it will not change the way you are outside the bedroom.

Be prudent when you choose your partner and then be confident in your. You run the show in many parts of your life, conform well when required, and are adept at making responsible decisions on an ongoing basis. Choose well and don’t hesitate to let them take control because you did choose well and you know they can handle it. Given that, you can let go completely and put the experience in someone else’s hands because you trust those hands to honor your decision to do so.

Vulnerability does not equal weakness. Letting someone else be in charge does not make you weak weak. It is a testament to your strength. A strong woman knows that instinctively. Who would tell a passenger they’re not a strong driver because someone else is behind the wheel?

Be willing to take it and be willing to give it as well. There’s nothing wrong with disliking certain kinks such as rough sex as an example, but the woman is constrained by her roles 24/7, and has an opportunity to let it go and who enters the situation knowing she can handle it is at a great advantage, especially when she holds all of the cards anyway. You can say red yellow and especially green at any time and it will be honored. You like pushing Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir the limits and seeing how much you can take, just like in the rest of your life. You like the challenge and unpredictability of someone else being in charge. You also like having the option to reciprocate anything he asks you to agree to try, because you know that will keep him within bounds if he is wise. Payback is a bitch…literally in some cases.

Be appreciative that he can grant you your wishes, and be willing to reciprocate by granting him his wishes, if he so desires. You never know, he may like to top from the bottom and it might be a way to try things you might not have otherwise considered. Plus, when he tops from the bottom, you are not in control. You are not in charge. You are obedient and happily so.

Similarly, try new things confidently. Because you are usually in charge or are always the responsible one you know instinctively that change is often great if it’s positive and you are open-minded to it. Whatever her partner is into, the smart woman is willing to explore because it could be her new favorite thing. With someone else in charge, it’s almost like getting a fresh perspective by letting someone else dominate the situation.

Letting your hair down, or putting it up, doesn’t have to be full-time. You want your partner to take the reigns sometimes and provide you the release you need, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck on the bottom. You might have the opportunity to top in the bedroom sometimes, too. You can also incorporate your bottoming tendencies into her your routine without being a full-time bottom. You can top sometimes when it is agreed to, or switch. Why? Because you know you have options, so in a way, you can still be in control without having the burden of responsibility.

The bottom gets to run the traffic signal – Red Green or Yellow. Remember that the bottom holds all of the cards in a safe and respectful dynamic. Period. However, the top is obligated to use extra “restraint” in the use of those words during times of reciprocity. A deal is a deal, after all. The lucky bottom with extra kink may get to enjoy this if the top is not careful.

Tracey wrote back. She mentioned that she wouldn’t be at all satisfied with someone dominating her, telling her to do things and then not making her come. She asked, “It’s not all one sided, is it?” My response was, “Definitely not.” I went on to say that her need set required her to risk that. It was part and parcel to giving up the control and to letting go completely. It was up to her partner to then take her places she would not go on her own. She wrote back that not only did she agree, but it sounded hot to her in an edgy sort of way.

We had developed a good connection with each other at an instinctive level, and it there was an underlying sexual tension in the previously unexplored but very understood concept that we both loved role play and fantasy games. Tonight, we decided her name would be Tracey, and Tracey needed to be used well. Tracey was a very attractive woman, in her early forties. Her breasts which turned out to have pink pencil eraser nipples were to die for. She sported a lovely luscious bare pussy as it turned out. She was curvy and all woman, a MILF. She was not some vapid waif by any means. Tracey was also quite kinky, she had mentioned that she loved having her nipples teased, and it turns out she had some other not so secret kinks that she wanted to have tried out on her.

So, we made arrangements to kick off the reality of playing out our fantasy at the same bar where we had discussed the idea of her underlying kink and needs in the first place. I was at the bar and saw Tracey arrive. She looked very attractive in a dark green outfit that showed of her curves and her breasts as well as complimenting her light brownish shoulder length hair and her green eyes. I caught her eye as she arrived and gave a polite wave from the bar as I stood up to escort her back. We greeted each other with a hug. She was wearing a perfume I couldn’t quite identify and just took the light fragrance of it in. I complimented her on looking very nice. Tracey noticed me glimpsing at her breasts, the breasts that I had previously seen exposed in photos. It was certainly better to see them in real life, and better yet to know that this evening I would be getting my hands on them, to be having my way with them, and to be totally having my way with her.

She said. “I hope that I really do look good for you.”

“Indeed you do, Tracey, you have the gift of hitting it on the mark, and I am very pleased.”

We had a light meal, and both of us commented it was so much better when we met face to face, rather than chat online. I added that online is like reading the menu and pondering the outcome of the meal; and Tracey quipped that she hoped she was the main course. I assured her she was the signature dish in my menu plans. We flirted with each other shamelessly. There was chemistry İstanbul Escort between us, we both oozed sexual tension. We both were keenly aware of the dark side as well, lurking just on the edge of the scene.

When my gaze again moved purposefully to Tracey’s boobs, she offered,” I hope you are going to do more than look at them.”

I responded, “That is the definite plan Tracey, as is doing things with the rest of you. Let’s wrap up now so that we can play, shall we?”

Tracey laughed and feigned coyness.

We quickly finished our meal, and I took Tracey’s hand and led her out. She asked where we were going and what were my plans. “I am going take you and find the first room I can find.” I had prepared for the encounter and was very happy that it had played out well so far. “Then I am going to let you have the treat you need.” She asked what that was. You are going to relax and let it all go, like you need to. You are not going to have to responsible for anything. You are not going to have to be a proper lady. You are going to be my nasty slut, my Princess, my wanton dirty little Princess. And you are going to enjoy being used like a barnyard animal.”

She started to say something but I continued on to explain the ground rules we had covered before – red green yellow etc. “Tracey, you will always have the final say on red, except when you aren’t using it. I will always have the evil and final say on green, even if you ask it, even though I get to be in charge of encouraging that. You might even find yourself asking me to make you come at some point when I sensually torture with denial of your release. I may tell you not to presume to tell me how to fuck you depending on where I think your head-space is. Sounds terrible, right?”

Tracey just looked back me and nodded her consent. We were both knew instinctively what the other wanted and needed. We both wanted a wanton kinky time.

We arrived and got settled in. “Let it all go and enjoy,” I said as I took Tracey in my arms and kissed her sweetly. Her body responded and the room was electric with lust.

“I need to be taken, please, and use me hard,” whispered Tracey in between kisses and I promised I would, warning Tracey playfully to be careful of what she wished for. I then reminded her how to address tonight me during play. Tracey is the perfect lady in public, and can be the dirtiest slut imaginable in private.

“Get on your knees, and hands behind your back,” I told her.

“Yes, Sir,” She responded properly. She complied and looked up. Our eyes locked.

“Good, there will no constraints on eye contact,” said I. “Agreed?” She nodded yes.

After letting her think she would get to service my cock, I just gave her a tease and a taste. Standing her up, my hands worked their way over Tracey’s back and the side of her tits. I gave her neck a love bite as my fingers worked their way to her nipple and I gave it a hard tweak through the fabric. We were both breathing heavily, overtaken with pent-up lust. I threw Tracey playfully on the bed and straddled her.

Squeezing and groping her tits through the fabric, before I unbuttoned the blouse to reveal the balance of the exquisitely sexy bra I had suspected earlier. I fondled Tracey’s tits through the bra, staring in to her eyes as I did, before taking one and then the other breast out of their lacy confines.

“I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on these,” I offered.

I continued to fondle and squeeze them, paying particular attention to her succulent nipples. I knew she liked nipple play. She knew I liked to give it. I went about teasing and tormenting her nipples with unbridled lust. Seeing how far I could twist them, pulling her tits up by the nipples as far as they would go and then shaking her tits vigorously as my fingers clamped harshly on her nipples. Tracey reveled in the rough treatment.

“I think I have nicely warmed up your tits Tracey, but let me assure you, your pussy and rear will not be neglected.”

Tracey virtually purred in response and I directed her to strip down to just her panties, enjoying the sight of her firm tits swinging free as she did and then the lovely sight of her just in her panties. I reached into my luggage and pulled out a Sharpie marker. I had Tracey cup her breasts and push them upwards as I wrote “My Tits are Yours” across them.

I asked Tracey to put her hands on her head and close her eyes, and to spread her legs slightly as she stood there. I spanked her covered cheeks with my hand, before adjusting her panties to partly expose the flesh beneath.

“Keep your hands on your head Tracey. Keep them there while I warm up your buns.”

A half dozen solid slaps with my hand were then followed up with a pause as I selected the right flogger, not too stingy but not too soft either. Some light flogging follows until Tracey’s lovely buns glowed a nice pin. I encouraged her to stand still and keep her hands on her head, but for the most part she did so and did so quite Escort İstanbul well. I told Tracey spread her legs slightly further, and then I teased the inside of her thighs, traced my fingers gently upwards and then running them along the edge of her now very wet panties. I could smell Tracey’s beautiful arousal, her hot wet pussy. I teased her inner thighs for what no doubt seemed like an eternity, slowly increasing the teasing stimulation of her pussy, pushing my fingers against it through the fabric. Tracey’s moans increased in frequency and intensity.

“Please, Sir,” Tracey was heard to beg breathlessly.

I asked her to spread her legs slightly more and I promised I would up the ante a bit. I reached around from behind her until my forearm rested across Tracey’s stomach. With a short flogger in my other hand, I then teased and flogged her thighs starting lightly and then more firmly on her pantie covered vulva. I held her steady and insisted she keep her hands on her head as I continued to play her. The magic wand was put to liberal use along the way, and it did seem to have worked work it’s magic.

“Do you want to cum Tracey?” It was a silly question and Tracey moaned the obvious yes.

I released Tracey from my grip and stopped the flogging of her pale creamy thighs and sopping wet pussy. She removed her panties, finally exposing her hot wet pussy. I took of my own pants and shirt, exposing my hard cock that had been oozing pre-cum for a long time, the purple head glistened. I told Tracey to kneel on all fours on the bed and she did so without hesitation. I put a nice collar around her neck and then a pair of breast clamps on her. Tracey whimpered in pain and pleasure, begging me to make her cum. I went round behind Tracey and teased her slit and clit with the engorged head of my now suited up cock, before relenting and burying it into her sodden snatch. I spanked Tracey’s rear and fucked her hard. It was a short fuck. With her nipples clamped wickedly, her rear being spanked, and my cock acting like a piston in her vagina, Tracey squirted and came hard, her hands clawing at the bed sheets as she did. My cock soon exploded deep into her convulsing pussy, pulse after pulse of sperm shooting from my cock into the cover that kept it from mingling with Tracey’s abundant pussy juice.

We broke off our frenzied fucking as Tracey collapsed forward and my cock slipped out of Tracey’s muscular sopping sheath. She had creamed and squirted and the juices bubbled out of her now vacant hole and ran on to the bed. We hugged as we both recovered from our high. There would be more. I got up and poured both of us a drink. Tracey took the light clamps off her nipples; the teeth of the clamps had left a slight mark on her soft flesh. I took the marker again and wrote more on Tracey. On her stomach I wrote “Fist my pussy”, with an arrow obviously pointed down. On one inner thigh I wrote “Cum Here” and the other “Fuck my Hole”.

I had plenty more in store for Tracey. We playfully kissed for a while, before my fingers found their way to Tracey’s nipples again. I traced the writing on her tits with my finger tip. Tracey had grasped my cock which was hard again, and worked my balls over with her fingers. Pulling, tugging and twisting at them nicely. Squeezing my cock as she did so; getting it wonderfully hard again. I finally pushed Tracey’s face down to my cock, and she gobbled it greedily, as her hands continued to work my balls like she was Captain Queeg. Tracey’s mouth danced over my cock, and she paid special attention to the head that was again oozing pre-cum. My toes curled uncontrollably. It took an effort on my part, but I removed Tracey’s bobbing mouth from my cock and I whispered that I had a nice little surprise for her.

The hotel room had a nice big bathroom. I directed Tracey to go in there. In it I had placed two ice buckets, each with a bottle of champagne. I directed Tracey to put her hands on the uncluttered vanity area and she looked directly into the all-encompassing mirror. The light was brighter than it was in the bedroom itself and the pinkness around her nipples and the teeth marks from the clamp were more vivid.

“I am going to play with your pussy for a while Tracey. I want you to keep looking into the mirror. Your job is to guess the object that I am fucking you with.”

Tracey queried what I was writing on her rear cheeks, and smiled when I said, “Insert objects here”, and I joked that I had to follow the instructions as well. Before I commenced the insertions, I put a clamp on each nipple and hung a good sized pyramid shaped weight from them. This had the desired effect of pulling Tracey’s nipples down and would swing furiously when I fucked her pussy.

“I will fuck you with the object until you guess what it is, or until you cum. Every time you answer incorrectly You are going to be spanked with this paddle,” I said, lifting up the paddle so that Tracey could see it reflected in the mirror.

“Please fuck me,” replied Tracey obscenely.

I put some lubricant on the first item and slipped it into Tracey’s pussy. She yelped that it was cold and her first response that it was metal. I jabbed the first item into her pussy rapidly and deeply. Watching Tracey’s face in the mirror and seeing her weighted tits swing. Since it was the first item, I gave Tracey some hints.

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