The Gift – Our First Cuckold Experience

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The Gift – Our First Cuckold ExperienceJohn is amazing. He knew going in to our relationship that I desired big cocks. I worried that while the IDEA of being cuckolded was something he found exciting, that when it came down to brass tacks, he’d freak and bolt. I couldn’t have been more wrong.We received a message from a very well hung man. He was around our age, and said he was going to be in the area on vacation if we’d be interested in hooking up. He included a picture of his face (very handsome) and his cock ( fucking beautiful). I discussed the idea with John, to feel him out, and he assured me that he was in. After a couple of emails, several text messages and a phone call, the wheels were set in motion. We made arrangements to meet at a local motel at 8ish. I would arrive early, meeting John there, so I could shower and so he could get me ready to meet Pete.Once John registered, we went up to our room. I quickly showered, and laid down on the bed with him to talk kaçak iddaa about our upcoming plans. I was afraid he’d freak when it all became reality, and reassured him that Pete was merely a vessel; a means to an end. We kissed passionately, and he began working my pussy. I love when he palms my clit. I don’t know what it is, but the pressure he puts on my clit while slightly entering my pussy with his fingertips makes me climb the walls. The only thing you could hear in the room, aside from the air conditioner, was my laborered breathing and the sloppy, slurping sounds of his machinations on my cunt. I told him I wouldn’t cum before Pete fucked me, so he slowed down, and we began kissing some more. While we waited for him, I told John to eat my pussy, which he did willingly. I pushed his head between my thighs and ground my cunt against his five o’clock shadow. My clit was hard and throbbing. I couldn’t wait to be fucked. About that time, Pete texted to let me know he was illegal bahis on his way. I let him know at that time that I had no interest in John being degraded as some sub cucks require. I explained that I considered this a gift, and wanted him treated with respect. He said he understood; that it was about me and what I wanted. Shortly after, we heard a knock at the door. John got up and let Pete into the room. They shook hands, and Pete peeked around the corner to see me on the bed. I stood up to kiss him hello as we made some very brief small talk. Within two minutes, I was bent over the bed, and he was fucking me with his long, thick cock. I moaned as he pistoned in and out of me, looking up at John’s face, telling him how amazing Pete’s cock felt inside me. He was smiling at me; I knew he was happy that I was getting what I wanted and needed. My worried evaporated in that moment. Pete stayed for about 45 minutes. I told him to cum inside me, and after he told me he’d bahis siteleri saved it for me for three days, he did. I immediately wanted him to leave; not because I had a bad time, but because I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings, and cummy pussy, with John. He leaned down as I laid on the bed and kissed me deeply. I told him to slide his finger inside me; I wanted him to feel Pete’s load inside me. He immediately complied. He knew what was coming, and I knew he was very nervous about it. He was hard as hell, and I told him to fuck me. I knew he was so horny that he wouldn’t last long, so he slid his cock into my well fucked and sore pussy. He came in under a minute, shooting his huge load inside me. After he pulled out, I told him to eat my pussy and make me cum. He put his face between my thighs, and slurped up his load and Pete’s. Knowing that he was willing to clean up another man’s cum just to please me put me over the edge and I came hard on his face. We laid in bed together and talked about the events of the evening. Pete had been a perfect gentleman, and fantastic fuck. It was one of the most incredible nights of my life. And I thank Lamont for allowing it to happen.

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