The Girl and the Garden


Nothing better than running around naked in the garden on a sunny morning.

She left her clothes on the back porch and ran free in her backyard.

Water droplets tickling her feet, the sun caressing her body.

She was instantly horny when she did that, snapping away selfies with her phone.

Those would be wonderful to add to her collection.

The garden behind her house was great, nobody could actually see her and the neighboring gardens were abandoned. The one on the right was regularly mowed by an old gardner who came once a month.

The one on the left was a complete wilderness, she loved it.

In the back behind the bushes there was a old swing and some old metal garden chairs. Nobody could see her there but the sun. In the afternoon it would shine on the chairs, making it her favourite spot.

She had created a path through this jungle so she could come and go as she pleased. She snapped away some dirty shots and found herself on her way to the garden.

She sat down on the metal lawn chair. The shock after her body made contact with the cold metal was intense. Shivers ran down her spine, goosebumps arose and her nipples became hard.

She started to squeeze her nips gently, rubbing them warm again. She got wet and felt an urge to quickly finish herself of in the sun. It was still early so no one was going to be able to hear her…

He went to take a look at his new place downtown. It was early and he wasn’t even wide awake yet.

His dad inherited the house a while ago from an aunt and now that he’d finished college his dad insisted on him moving there to find a job in the city.

He wasn’t feeling the urge to go and live alone but he went to look anyway.

The house was empty and smelled Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir funny. It was old fashioned but with a little bit of work it would be great. The garden was a different story. Overgrown bushes, plants and wild flowers had taken over.

It would take a lot of work to get that jungle straightened out again. Looking out into the garden, something caught his eye. He was certain he saw something but the sight immediately made him blink and frown.

He thought there was a naked girl in the garden. He could have sworn he saw it, but the image was gone now. Curious, he sneaked outside. Slowly sneaking closer he entered the jungle in search of his daydream.

Upon one of the old rusty lawn chairs a curvy girl was lying completely naked, rubbing her pussy while sucking her nipples. Her tits were big and heavy. He couldn’t control himself. He was wide awake now and watching. He had never peeked in at a girl touching her self. She moaned softly, unaware of his presence. He put his hands in his pant to greet his awakened cock. It was rock hard already and while he watched that girl get off on whatever she was thinking he started to stroke his lid slowly.

He wanted to get just a little closer. He took his dick out of his pants and started to wank it slowly, moving closer to girl.

She didn’t seem to notice, continuing to rub her glistening pussy and sucking those wonderful tits. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. He closed his as well stroking his cock and moving closer still. As he moved in, a small twig snapped underneath his feet. He didn’t think she would hear it, and gave his manhood another stroke, his eyes still closed.

He opened his eyes and was looking straight into hers. İstanbul Escort She heard noises previously but wasn’t worried, there was nobody living next door and it probably was an animal.

But the snap was different. She stopped, opened her eyes and looked around. To her surprise she saw a young man standing behind a bush with a firm specimen of a cock in his hands, stroking it with his eyes closed.

As he opened his eyes he stopped. She looked at him and said “Continue, I want to see the action, you probably already saw enough.” “Come closer!” She ordered. He stood there with his cock in his hands only a yard or two in between them. “Closer and stroke that thing bad boy!” Excitement was in her voice.

He now stroked his dick like before as the naked girl watched his every movement. All of a sudden she reached for his cock and pulled him by his manhood closer to the chair. He murmured and protested at first but when she took his dick in her mouth he just gasped. She sucked his manhood in and started to bob her head gently but firmly over his cock. She started to rub her pussy again while she was sucking his dick and he massaged her big breasts.

This was incredible he could hear her moan and he could even feel those moans in his balls. He wasn’t going to last long if she continued like that. She felt his hands fondle her tits and nipples, as his firm cock started to spasm in her mouth. She felt his cock twitching, pushing her to the edge. It was so hot she was about to come. She sucked in his piece as far as she could.

Rubbing her pussy to climax, she felt him come down her throat. Instead of gagging she pushed her head into him and felt his warm cum run down the back of her throat. She swallowed Escort İstanbul it all, finally releasing his still hard throbbing cock.

“Hi” she smiled. “I’m Rebecca and I live next door.” He was baffled of what this creature had done to him. She didn’t even spit out his semen. His dick was still rock hard.

“Do you want some more?” She asked.

He couldn’t bring out a word and nodded.

She took him by the dick and led him to the swing. She laid down on her belly on the wooden seat and pushed her ass high up in the air. Her glistening pussy showed the way and in less than a second he rubbed his dick against her pussy lips. He parted them gently and shoved his rod inside her slowly, the whole time she rocked the swing gently to get his cock deeper inside her. He just stood still as she lowered herself upon him.

They rocked harder and harder and she started to pant again. He bent over her and grabbed her tits. He pinched her nipples hard and started to move in hard against her steady rocking movements. She moaned and panted and hoped he wasn’t going to go any harder. She thought wrong. He slapped her ass and furiously rammed her pussy, she was only moments away from her second orgasm. She couldn’t hold on and started to cum. She got wetter and hotter and that made his cock shoot a second load, he pulled his dick out of her and started to cum all over her ass. Her orgasm still wasn’t finished and the hot squirts of cum made her moan harder. After that everything got silent for a few minutes.

While he was recovering from his orgasm he Stammered: “I’m the new owner.”and pointed at the house.

“Nice to meet you, you’ve got a wonderful garden, when are you moving in?” She was also out of breath, struggling to speak.

“Soon” was his answer.

“Make sure to drop by and say hello” she replied, a naughty smile crossed her lips. With that she took off through the wild garden back to her side.

When he came back home it was almost noon and his dad asked if he liked the house.”I love the garden” he replied with lights in his eyes.

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