The Girl at the Bar

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She was standing by the bar.

Elbows rested on the wooden bar-top, she gazed at the inverted bottles hanging across from her, with the tacky strip-lighting illuminating her shoulder length dark brown hair (which I had the overpowering urge to run my fingers through) and the ceiling fan making her hair wisp up at the ends like it was coursing with a quiet electricity.

I slowly looked her over from where I sat, across from her. My heart stopped several times, I’m sure. For being as short as she was (I’d say around 5″5) she had long legs, which were subtly curving up into a pleasing.. how can I put this succinctly.. ‘peach,’ which was covered by one of those short, punk-ish little tartan skirts. A white shirt, with some sort of tie-dyed looking painting emblazoned on its front, was hung across her frame. She was pretty, with deep brown eyes, and a mouth that you hoped would any second tilt up into a smile. She was nice to look at, to say the least.

I had noticed her maybe twice earlier, passing through from door to door like a curious tourist, but this time she stayed. I couldn’t see why. There was nobody by the bar (at least nobody younger than 30), and the bartender didn’t have the most accommodating of faces. Yet there she was.

She glanced at me.

I gave a quick smile. I felt awkward. I was dressed in these skinny black jeans, and this black turtle-neck. I looked like a cat-burglar. But she didn’t seem to mind, if the open eyed, smiling look she gave me was anything to go by. I quickly necked my Captain Morgan’s and coke and walked over. The bar was nice and sparsely populated, and the music was quiet (a strokes song, if you must know). I guess I couldn’t have asked for a better setting, but I still felt awkward.

I ordered another Captain Morgan’s and coke, though it was Morgan’s ‘spiced’ this time (I was feeling fruity), and she followed the bartender and I throughout with her pretty little eyes. I went to pull out a barstool from the other end of the bar, as they had been grouped together over there very unsociably as there were none where we were standing.

..’do you want a stool?’ I asked in an overly questioning voice.


In my eyes this was going great. I have to say I’ve never been the chat-up type, but you know, special circumstances here. I brought the stools over, and placed one by where I was standing, and one to the left of it, strategically closer to my barstool than she was standing. I sat down, as did she.

I spoke up.

‘So.. an art fan huh?’ I said, looking at her t-shirt.

‘Not really,’ she innocently replied, ‘it was a gift’

‘Oh. You look like an art type’

She looked slightly confused.

‘How so?’

‘Well you have short hair, which I’ve always seen as a sign of independent thought’

She smiled, like I had looked straight through her.

‘I’m Tanya,’ she said, still smiling, ‘I’m a writer’

The relief, i thought, oh the relief! Here we go.

‘Nice to meet you, Tanya, I’m Paul. See, knew it, artsy! Had anything published?’ I said, with an intrigued look on my face.

‘No, not yet, I’m just a creative writing student at the college next door’

Ah, that’s why she was walking through earlier. I suppose it was a shortcut.


‘Not really, the guidelines we get are so rigid’

And so the conversation began. We talked for a long time. From student life, to films, to comics, to philosophy (or the lack of how much we knew about it), to our families. I had bought her three drinks before we started giving each other looks.

‘So’ she said ‘Do you live around here?’

I wasn’t sure whether this was innocent or not.

‘Yeah, just down the road on Peel street. Opposite Blockbuster?’

‘Oh, I know the place, my parents don’t live far from there, it’s where I’m staying until I can find somewhere’

Now you know where she lives, I thought to myself. Its stalker-esque thoughts like that that keep me single.


‘Well canlı bahis I had better be getting back’ she said.

I panicked. Had I said something wrong? She had only been here maybe forty minutes, was she too drunk? Was I coming on too strong?

Wait, I said to myself, she lives right near you, don’t you get it?

‘So..,’ I said, ‘want me to walk you home?’

She had a big smile, and she blinked while tilting her head slightly and pushing her empty glass toward the bar.

‘I’d like that,’ she replied.

The roads were nice and quiet (I think the football was on) and the air was nice and cool. The sky was jet black, but yet so bright in its sleek darkness that the starlight seemed to overpower the street-lights. It was nice.

We walked, my arm linked with hers very gentlemanly, and made light conversation as we went, punctuated by the sounds of the cars that passed.

We reached my house, which was three streets from her parents’ house.

‘Would you like me to walk you the rest of the way?,’ I asked.

She looked undecided. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I don’t mind walking the rest of the way’

I didn’t know how to reply. ‘um, alright,’ I said, ‘maybe see you later’

‘Yeah, um, sure..’ she said, speaking quickly, like she was making room in the air for me to say whatever it was I was supposed to say.

‘Bye then’


She started walking up the street toward the main road. No way, I thought to myself, I did not just let that perfect girl walk away. I took another look at her walking. Yep, i thought, seems that you did. I felt the warmth of her company slip away. She turned as she was walking. I nervously smiled. She smiled politely, then turned back again. She was maybe 15 feet away now. You have to think fast. Say something! Anything! Throw something at her, for Christ’s sake, whatever gets her attention! Go! Now! GO!!


She turned.

There was a short silence.

She looked pretty damn confused.

‘um,’ I stuttered, ‘you said, earlier, when we were talking, that you hadn’t seen it. I thought maybe you’d like to come in and watch it? ..if you’re not busy’

She smiled, knowingly, seemingly telling me I had found whatever it was I was supposed to say.

‘Yeah,’ she said, with a raised voice, being so far away, ‘alright.’

I unlocked the door, and led her inside. I switched the lights on, and left her to sit in my lounge while i got some things from the kitchen. She seemed very interested in my DVD collection, as opposed to my ‘mantelpiece of oddities,’ as I like to call it, which most people usually question. She called through to me.

‘I didn’t know you liked kids movies!’

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘You mean Willy Wonka?’

‘Yeah, I thought you liked the darker humour’

‘You’ve obviously never seen it!,’ I paused as I heard her laugh quietly, ‘Do you want a glass of red?’

‘Sure, if you’re pouring some’

I brought in the drinks, along with a can of pringles.

‘Hope you like cheese and chive’

‘Nothing but the best here, eh?’

I laughed.

I put the DVD in, and pressed play. I sat down. Now we were sat at opposite ends of the sofa as we watched the opening credits.

‘Penelope Cruz is amazing in this,’ I said.

‘Yeah, she’s a great actress.’

She shifted across to get some pringles. While she was leaned forward I shifted toward her a little, very sneakily. I’m not usually sneaky, but as I already said, special circumstances. She sat back and ate her pringles. Sensing the quiet atmosphere that needed filling, she turned toward me.

‘Why do you have a Mr.Tickle toy on your mantelpiece?’

I smiled, ‘An ex-girlfriend bought it for me one christmas, she liked to tickle me’

‘Oh..’ she said, with a grin, ..’really’

I grinned and leant back a little, ‘Don’t even think abut it’

She pounced and grabbed my sides with both hands, squeezing and wiggling her fingers. I collapsed into bahis siteleri a heap of laughter.

‘Haha, I didn’t think ANYONE was THIS ticklish!’

I let out a semi-coherent noise amid the ticklish laughter, and she sat back with a big smile.

‘Oh,’ I said, composing myself, ‘You’re DEAD!!’

I jumped on her, and she rolled backwards, laid on the sofa, laughing like an idiot, just like I did. We laid on top of each other, tickling, laughing, and having a little flirty mini-war. We stopped, and the laughing slowed down to a light chuckling. We both relaxed a bit. Now I was laying on her as she was looking up from being flat out on the sofa.

‘Paul’ she said, quietly.


Her smile faded, and she leant toward my face slowly. Lifting a hand to my cheek, she kissed me on the lips. Her lips were tender and soft, and she pulled me toward her when I started to kiss her too. I ran my fingers through her hair, and it felt as nice as I had imagined, as we indented ourselves into the red plush of the sofa. I ran a hand up her body, caressing her side and touching her supple, firm skin lightly as I went. She kissed me more slowly now, so I knew she liked it.

With a grip of my hand onto her hip, I drifted my lips slightly down and kissed her neck. She tilted her head up, eyes closed, and smiled in ecstasy, as I moved down with each kiss. The kisses progressed down, as I laid kiss after soft kiss on her neck, then her collarbone, then her shoulder..

Knowing I had reached her shirt, she shifted beneath me, and lifted her top up and over her head. I slinked down her a little as she maneuvered, and undid her bra-strap with a free hand, lifting the strapless white piece of lingerie off her swiftly, dropping it off the side of the sofa, and set about pleasuring her.

She ran her fingers through my hair, and I looked up at her with a wide smile before closing my eyes and guiding myself toward her pert, uncovered breasts, and gripped her bum with one hand as I kissed her left nipple, taking it into my mouth and sucking gently, massaging it inside my mouth with my tongue, gripping around it firmly, and cupping her other breast with my free hand.

‘mmm, paul…,’ she moaned under the heavy breathing.

I rubbed, squeezing softly, massaging it as I used my mouth to keep the other in a state of pleasure. I leaned across, quickly looking up at her as I went, to find her laid just as I left her, just smiling a little more now, with her hands meeting, held together at the back of my neck. I licked a circle around her other erect, dark nipple, flicking the end with my tongue, licking across her breasts with broad tongue-strokes. She placed a hand on the top of my head, resting it so it would push my head slightly lower down. I got the picture, and looked up at her and smiled as I took off my top, throwing it across the room and having it land on the other armchair, and slinked down her, licking a trail as I went with my tongue. It led down through the ridge of her stomach, and I circled her belly button, before licking down until I could get no further. I sat up and undid the zip on her skirt.

She sat up suddenly, leaning on me, running her hands down my chest, and kissed me firmly on the lips as she felt the shape of my bare abs and chest. Leaning toward me until I was laid down, she laid on me, kissing me as I had her. The film carried on playing in the background as she moved down me until she was at my waist. She undid me, hooking my boxer shorts with her fingers as she gripped the rim of my jeans, and slid them down, laying me out naked and hard beneath her. She seemed pleased, and looked up at me. Needless to say I had a smile also.

She swept her hair to the side with one hand, and gripped me with the other. I felt a rush of pleasure flow up as she licked her tongue up my penis slowly, giving the head more, with kissing, when she reached it. Opening her mouth wide, she guided me in, and I closed my eyes and ran my bahis şirketleri fingers through her hair as her wet, gentle mouth swept across me, sucking. She started to move me in and out, gripping my hips. I groaned as she tended to me, with each suck letting out an ‘mmm’ sound, and I laid there nude and deep in ecstasy.

After some almost poetic fellatio, she sat up, and laid back. I knew what she wanted. Quickly I finished undoing her skirt, and pulled it down. I observed her flimsy white panties, and how wet she had become, before pulling them down past her ankles, kissing her leg as I went. I moved in straight away, and pushed my face into her. Lapping softly at her pussy lips, I slid my hands under her bum and pulled her toward me from the hip, licking her more gently, and listening to the moans of pleasure from each one. I licked her in long strokes, flicking and teasing her clit with my tongue at the end of each, and with one strong tongue-stroke I wrapped my mouth around her wet pussy and sunk my tongue deep inside her. Swirling my tongue around the inside, I made her wetter and wetter, kissing the outside as my tongue caressed in and out, and inside and outside. With some more clitoral licking she climaxed hard, her body arching up and tensing as she cried out with pleasure. I wiped my mouth, and took our socks off, realizing that we hadn’t removed them yet.

‘Mmm,’ she said, ‘thank you’

‘No problem,’ I replied, harder than ever now and more turned on than I’ve ever been, ‘anything else?’

‘Take me..’ she replied, gasping out the words as she fell back onto the sofa, naked and at my mercy.

I ran a finger up the inside of her leg, moving toward her as I went, and ran it across her wet, hot opening. I smiled at her, and she winked back. Moving across her like a rain-cloud in fast wind, I spread her legs.

..’here we go,’ I said with a sly smile, to which she just smiled and nodded.

I poised myself, body sat up and waist tilted downward, and sunk my long, hard cock in past her lips, feeling her jolt beneath me as I went in. She felt like heaven. She was so moist and soft inside that I felt like coming straight away, but I steadied myself, and plunged in deeper. At this point she was breathing hard and gripping my shoulders tightly. I had sunk in all the way, and now, as we joined at the hip, I started to move in and out of her, looking into her eyes as I pumped rhythmically in and out. Kissing her neck, I went faster, sending shockwaves up her with each thrust, slapping against her very audibly, groaning on every other pump. I called out her name, which was followed by a faint ‘Paul,’ which was interrupted by heavy breathing and moaning.

I slid out quickly and laid back, letting her climb on top of me and lower herself down until I was inside her, enveloped by the warmth and moisture of her pussy. She placed her hands on my stomach as she sat up and down, her breasts bouncing with each impact. She leaned forward, hair sweeping in front of her eyes, and ran her fingers across my chest, feeling every contour as she slid up and down on my hard cock, crying out when I pushed my waist toward hers as she slid down me.

We laid there, each feeling the others frantic passion, until I laid her back and with a few final thrusts came hard inside her as she climaxed a second time.

We lay there, in each others arms, breathing rapidly and slowly calming down, and eventually calmed down to normal. The film was about halfway through, and she took the remote and switched the TV off. She laid back down with me.

‘That was amazing,’ I said.

‘Mmm, it was.,’ she said, with a smile, ‘Have you got a duvet?’

‘Yep,’ I said, as I picked one up from the floor at the other end of the sofa, as I had slept on the sofa the night before when I decided to wash my bed-sheets.

I laid it down on us, and she snuggled up close to me, my arms around her and her head rested on my chest. We laid there until we fell asleep, as by now it was about midnight.

The next day we exchanged phone numbers, and now we’re dating. We don’t go to the bar anymore, but on anniversaries we go there, and, adding bits here and there, re-enact that night.

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