The Girl? Next Door


The Girl? Next DoorA knock at the door, it was her of course! She came in and look a little drunk too, we sat and talked for a short time. I was wearing shorts and she noticed that my dick was slowly get a semi just checking her out. Thats when i noticed her hands go down on to my shorts where my dick is, she looked at me licked her lips knowing that i wasn’t very experianced told me tonight she would be boss, i eagarily agreed. She took my pants down and while kisses me was rubbing my cock up and down, wow this felt amazing the way she moved on my cock was almost as good as me, she wet her finger and while looking into my eyes moistened the tip of my cock, she went down kadıköy escort my cock with her hand and with her nails tickled my balls, she noticed i wasn’t fully erect, so she got down and told me to put my hand behind my back, as i did so her tongue touched the tip of my cock a very slowly she went all the way down with her toungue and she then put her mouth in and told me to stay very still, as she got back up she noticed my cock still wasnt fully erect, i was having the most pleasure i had ever had and yet i too noticed my cock wasnt fully erect.she lay me down on my bed, üsküdar escort she was now on her knees on tp of me, her skirt was direct above my mouth area, she started to take her shirt off, i could smell a sweet sensation coming from her skirt, as she was attempting to take her shirt off she lay down on the bed. i quickly responded in getting up and going to open the skirt for her she looked at me and said, i am boss, will you do anything i say or do, i replied yes boss anything. She started to ropen her skirt i could see she had white panties underneath, she quickly turned over, showing me her ass, then slowly she removed tuzla escort her panties. As she turned back over my heart started racing rapidly, she had a cock not only a cock a massive cock it had to be at least 9″ alot bigger than my one, she looked at me and said, you said you would do anything, i want you to suck my cock, never having thought i would ever suck a cock, for some reason my hand just went and started touching her cock, i couldnt understand why, it was maybe beacuse i have always craved for a cock but never thought i would ever do anything like this. I now held her cock in my mouth, this is all new, I could see she had precumed a little and it was on her cock dripping down, she told me it taste good, and then ask me to taste her, the first thing i did was with my toungue taste her pre cum, the taste gave me a sensation i had never felt, straight away it got to me i wanted more of the same the taste was to incredible, i started to put her cock into my mouth..please comment if u would like me to continue

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