Subject: The Girls from the Office: 4 of 4 This story contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual activity and is not suitable for reading by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone offended by reading such material. Feedback is greatly appreciated, critical or otherwise. Hate will be deleted. Did reading this make you cum? Feel free to write and tell me all about it. That’s my favorite feedback of all. 🙂 Enjoy, friends. The Girls from the Office: Part 4 (F/F/F/TF, watersports, pantyhose, exhib, anal) By Ana Thema About three weeks later, a couple things happened at once: there was an announcement at the office that the administrative department would be getting new carpet, and right before that day arrived, a new girl came to work in the same department as Betsy. The new girl was tall, thin, possibly of Scandinavian descent, and had cornsilk blonde hair. She wore dresses or stylish pantsuits with stiletto heels, which made her look downright statuesque. She appeared to be a good 5-7 years younger than Big Betsy and the gang, all of whom were in their mid-30s. Betsy’s boss brought the new girl around the department and introduced her to Betsy last, since she would be shadowing her for the day and possibly throughout her whole first week on the job. She introduced herself with a shy smile and a gentle handshake, saying her name was Dianne “with two Ns.” She blushed and smiled again when Betsy complimented her shoes, and her manner became slightly flirtatious. As Betsy watched Dianne more closely, several of her physical characteristics — her height, which was at least 2 inches taller than Betsy’s, and her elegant, cut jawline — made her wonder if Dianne might be trans. Betsy had to curb her sexual play with Jess and Marlene during that week, since she spent so much of it teaching Dianne the ins and outs of administrative work. This was Dianne’s first job since college, and she had never actually worked full-time. After spending so much time together, the ladies got to know each other rather well, and Betsy drew Dianne out of her shell and encouraged her to laugh. They confided in each other somewhat too, and when Betsy mentioned being a lesbian, Dianne confirmed that she was indeed trans and pansexual. They found out that they liked a lot of the same music and movies and had a similar sense of humor, so naturally, they started becoming mutually attracted to each other — although neither woman would outright admit it. On the last day of Dianne’s training, Marlene and Jess came to see Betsy after Dianne left for the day. She had kissed Betsy on the cheek to thank her for her time before leaving, so naturally Betsy was feeling both romantically giddy as well as horny when the other women showed up. The carpet had been partially pulled up already and was due to be removed completely the next work day, right after the weekend. “Hey girl, what are you grinning about?” asked Jess, as she and Marlene approached, also smiling. “Where’s your mug? I gotta piss bad!” Jess did a little pee-pee dance as she said this, grabbing her crotch a few times and squirming. “Oh dammit, I took my mug home to wash and left it there!” said Betsy. Marlene giggled. “Looks like Jess is out of luck!” she said. Jess held her legs together, pressing her hand between them. “I’ll try to hold it!” she announced. “Was that the new girl I just saw in the parking lot?” asked Marlene. “She’s hot!” “I think so too,” said Betsy, blushing. “We’ve been hanging out all week since I had to show her the ropes. She’s actually really nice too, and funny. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to kiss her. She was kinda flirting with me, though, so I might have a chance!” The other girls grinned. “Wow! A real girlfriend!” exclaimed Jess. “We might have to keep playing without you if that happens, but hey, if you’re happy, were happy — aren’t we Mar?” “That’s right, Easy Jess,” said Marlene, teasing her friend. “Not everybody sleeps around like you do!” The girls laughed. “I’m a proud slut, it’s true!” said Jess. She shifted her weight a few times and squeezed her crotch some more through her blue pants. “Wow, I didn’t know you wouldn’t have your mug here, Betsy. I don’t know where I’m going to be able to pee.” Betsy wheeled her office chair closer to the other girls and beckoned Jess to her. “Come sit on my lap,” she said. “I’ll help you hold it. I’m horny as hell after a long day and need some relief.” Jess settled her considerable body into Betsy’s lap, and the chair groaned under their collective majestic weight but held. Betsy cupped Jess’s sex in her hand and squeezed firmly as Jess humped. “You two are so sexy,” Marlene said. “I love big girls so much, and watching you two sit together like that is making my pussy wet.” Marlene lifted the front of her skirt to reveal her tiny, soaked pussy, since she wore neither pantyhose nor even panties that day. Jess reached out and started lightly stroking Marlene’s lips, slipping her finger between them. Marlene moaned. As Jessica continued moving her hips, Betsy reached up with her other hand and undid Jessica’s buttons, revealing her giant, soft breasts in a see-through bra made of gauzy white material. Together Betsy and Marlene tweaked and pulled Jessica’s nipples, and Marlene came on Jess’s fingers, her pussy lips glistening. As Betsy squeezed and squeezed Jessica’s crotch, encouraging her aloud to hold in her piss, Jess came explosively inside her pants, wetting her underwear with sticky pussy juice. Then she abruptly stood up and started pressing her legs together earnestly. “My bladder is so full!” she almost yelled. Betsy, still seated, hiked her skirt to her hips and spread her legs wide, displaying her fully erect clit. bursa escort bayan “Girls, can you help me with this?” she asked. Marlene took a look and smiled. “Looks like Big Betsy needs to get off! Just look at the size of that hardon!” she said. She got down on her knees in front of the other woman and with no teasing or foreplay, sucked the big organ into her mouth right through Betsy’s pantyhose. And then two things happened at once: as Betsy moaned, Jess suddenly flooded her blue pants all over the soon-to-be-replaced carpet, and the department door opened to reveal Dianne. “Oh shit!” yelled Jess, trying to stop her piss to no avail. She splattered everywhere, all down her legs and over the tops of her black shoes, soaking the carpet beneath her. Marlene, face glazed from eating Betsy, turned and stared at the door in disbelief. “Oh my god!” yelled Dianne. “I’m so sorry! I — I won’t tell, I promise!” She frantically turned on her heel and started to run out but dropped her purse, scattering its contents all over the floor. “Shit!” she yelled, bending down to scramble after lipstick tubes, cough drops, and her wallet. “Shit shit shit!” She turned and faced the girl’s without looking them in the eye and said, “I swear I won’t say anything. Let me just get my stuff and get out.” But Betsy, Marlene, and Jessica had all noticed that Dianne was carrying more than her purse: she had a very impressive erection in her tailored white pants, jutting out obscenely in the thin material, forming a wet spot at the tip. “Well now,” said Jess, still dripping pee. “What do we have here?” She walked slowly toward the other woman and nodded toward Dianne’s pants. “Someone looks excited!” Dianne slowly got to her feet and looked down, blushing and flustered. “I just — I came in and saw you and — well I just got surprised. And a little — well. A little turned on. Okay, well, really turned on.. I just — well, when I saw you peeing like that . . .” She trailed off. Betsy stood up, pulled her skirt down, and also walked over. “Girls, I know this is a weird time to make introductions, but this is Dianne. She’s new in the admin department and shadowed me this week. Dianne, this is Jessica and Marlene. They’re in claims, and we’re all . . . uh, friends. I guess you’d call us friends with benefits!” Everyone giggled, and Jess and Marlene both said “nice to meet you,” which made everyone giggle more. Dianne then started shifting her weight from leg to leg, and when Marlene cocked an eyebrow at her, Dianne blushed and explained that seeing Jessica pee had made her need to pee too. “Well,” Marlene said, exchanging meaningful glances with the others, “I guess that means you have a choice. You can go to the bathroom in the hallway by accounting, or . . . I guess you can just piss right here. Jessica’s already done it, and the carpets are being replaced Monday anyway. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re welcome to stay here and . . . well, get to know us better. If you’re so inclined, that is. No pressure, just know that you’re invited!” Jess and Betsy nodded. Dianne perked up. “Really?” she asked. “You don’t mind that I’m — I mean, you realize I’m –” She gestured at her pants, where her erection had deflated slightly but was still prominent. “I mean, you’re all gorgeous, and I’m so excited right now. But surely you realize I’m trans?” The other girls nodded enthusiastically. “I think you’re really hot,” Betsy confessed. “You know I’m a lesbian. I love all types of girls,” she said. Dianne smiled and blushed. “Well in that case . . .” she said, and instead of finishing her sentence, she reached inside her pants and pulled out a thick member of at least ten inches. When everyone gasped, Dianne said, “I don’t take hormones because I didn’t want to change my body. I just always knew I was a girl, so I had my boobs done, and I like my giant cock just the way it is. I love showing it off.” She waved it around, and in response, Betsy sat back down in her chair and spread her legs again, revealing her large lips and long clit. “That’s a big one!” Betsy exclaimed. “And to think that before you showed up, my erection was the biggest in the room!” Dianne, staring in frank amazement, walked closer to Betsy as the other girls watched. “Holy shit,” she said. “I’ve never seen a cis woman with a clit like that before! It’s incredible! Can I touch it?” Betsy smiled and nodded. “Jess asked me that just like you did the first time, too,” she said. With her erection still out of her pants, Dianne squatted down in front of Betsy and reached out to get familiar with her genitals — and as she did so, a stream of piss was squeezed out of her long dick. Betsy moaned softly and dribbled pee into Dianne’s hand in response. Dianne looked up, stopping her flow. “Sorry, I had a little accident, but I take it that you don’t mind?” she asked. Betsy grinned again and said, “I’m just happy we have so much in common.” Dianne smiled too, and as she stood back up, she took a minute to lean down and kiss Betsy long and slow, parting Betsy’s lips with her tongue, brushing her fingers along Betsy’s jaw and trailing them downward to flick lightly against the other woman’s left nipple. Jessica and Marlene looked on happily, and Jess practically squealed in delight. Then as she stood up, Dianne hauled her large testicles out of her pants too, and without warning, she began pissing a heavy stream on the carpet near where Jessica had lost her own battle, pee drumming loudly over the floor. She stretched upward and arched her back, spraying her piss hands free. “Ahhhh,” she groaned. “That feels so much better!” Both Jess and Marlene came over then, and with a “may I?” look, answered by an enthusiastic görükle escort “go ahead!” from Dianne, they both started feeling her big balls and still pissing cock with their hands. Betsy rose from her chair and came up behind Dianne. “Sweetie, how do you feel about anal?” she asked, stroking Dianne’s ass cheek through her pants. “Mmmm,” moaned Dianne, “I love it! If you try to play with my hole, you’ll find a surprise.” Intrigued, Betsy slid her fingers inside Dianne’s pants and into her butt crack, ready to start fingering her friend — and instead, she found a familiar shape. “No way!” exclaimed Betsy. “Dianne, I think you and Marlene have the same butt plug!” Marlene looked surprised. “Really?” she asked. She bent over and aimed her ass at the other girls, lifting her skirt as she did so. The faceted crystal knob winked in the fluorescent office light. “That’s totally the same one!” Dianne said in disbelief. Betsy and Jess stopped playing with her so she could pull her pants down and bend over too. When she did so, an identical crystal knob came into view, and Marlene tugged it softly. “Did you get this at Get Your Groove On out by the turnpike?” Dianne laughed. “Yes! Oh my god, that place is the best! I love how queer friendly they are!” Betsy and Jess exchanged interested glances. “I used to love anal,” said Jess. “I haven’t done it in a long time, though.” Dianne straightened up and fully removed her pants, her dick jutting out harder and straighter than ever. “Well,” she said, “if anyone’s interested in exploring . . .” She rifled through her purse for a moment, then came out with a small bottle of anal lube.. “Ohhh, yes please!” said Jess enthusiastically. Marlene and Betsy watched, cupping each other’s pussies, Betsy pissing in little bursts on Marlene’s hand, as Dianne lubed her fingers and bent Jessica forward slightly. Jess grabbed onto Betsy’s desk for support. Slowly Dianne pushed one finger, then two, into Jessica’s rosebud. Jess moaned loudly and backed up, humping lazily. “It’s been way too long,” she said. “I forgot how much I love this.” She practically purred as Dianne continued massaging. Marlene reached behind her back and played with her own plug while stroking her own clit with her other hand. Betsy sat back down and spread her legs, then started to feel up her own lips and clit as she watched the show. “Please,” Jess moaned. “Please, Dianne, I need you to fuck me in the ass.” Dianne smiled, then looked over at Betsy. “She says she needs my dick in her ass,” she said, and Betsy rubbed faster, turned on by Dianne’s sexy talk. “You should probably give it to her then,” said Betsy. “You have lube, but you might also want to stick it in her pussy first to help you slide it in her ass easier.” Jess groaned again. “God yes, please,” she begged. Dianne nodded then, and as Marlene turned her attention to Betsy by getting on her knees to lap at Betsy’s giant clit, Dianne began shoving her long, soda-can thick girl cock right between Jessica’s wet pussy lips and into her easy hole. She pounded the other woman furiously for about ten seconds, making Jessica yelp, then pulled out and immediately inserted the mushroom head into Jessica’s opened asshole. “God yes!” Jess screamed. And as Dianne sank her big tool home, she looked into Betsy’s eyes, her expression promising similar thrills yet to come. Betsy blushed and spread her legs further, returning Dianne’s gaze as Marlene sucked and licked her pussy. Since the girls were all so close together, Dianne was able to lean down and give Betsy a sloppy French kiss. When they disengaged, Betsy said, “I really like this. I like fucking the other girls together.” Dianne grinned. “Me too,” she said. “We should all get together more often.” Betsy moaned as Marlene switched to sucking her big clit like a cock. “How about alone sometime?” she asked Dianne. “Wanna go see a movie Friday night?” They both giggled at the weirdness of asking for a date while simultaneously having sex with other people. “I’d love to,” said Dianne, and she kissed Betsy again. Before she could cum, Dianne pulled out of Jess, and Marlene stopped her oral attentions on Betsy. “I don’t wanna cum yet,” said Dianne, “because you’re next.” She nodded at Betsy. “She’s amazing,” said Jess, still panting. “You need to take a spin on that thing. And anyway, I need to sit down!” Betsy and Jess switched spots, and when Jess sat, Marlene got into her lap, spread her legs over Jessica’s, and started playing with her own tiny clit. Jessica helped by tweaking Marlene’s nipples, and Marlene came again suddenly, drenching her own hand. Betsy blushed. “Believe it or not, I’ve never done anal,” she said. “In fact, I’ve never had a penis inside me at all. But . . . I really want you.” She bit her lip. “Wow, I didn’t realize,” said Dianne. “Would you be okay with this? I mean, I’m pretty big, and I wouldn’t want to fuck you unless you’re completely cool with it.” As Dianne reached out to fondle Betsy’s prominent clit, Betsy looked down at Dianne’s pulsing, wet, hard cock and knew she had to have it inside her in every way possible. “Yes please,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like. Your penis is just so big, and I’ve never even had a dildo as big as you. I’m so horny right now, and all I can think of is how good it’s gonna feel when you stretch out my holes.” Dianne grinned and pulled away. “In that case,” she said, “I’m gonna go wash off really quick in the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” When she left, Betsy, Marlene, and Jess looked at each other. Betsy looked a tiny bit panicked. “Quick, what’s it like to get butt fucked?” she asked. Marlene and Jessica both giggled. “I love it,” said Marlene. “I can’t bursa escort bayan describe it. But look at it this way: I wouldn’t wear my plug almost every day if I hated it!” Dianne wasn’t gone long, and when she came back, her clean, wet cock led the way. Even though she was a little nervous, Betsy was mostly excited and immediately assumed the position Jessica had been in a few moments before. As she bent forward, Dianne cake up behind her and licked her ear sensually while rubbing the head of her dick against Betsy’s slippery pussy lips. “This is probably a good time to tell you I had a vasectomy a few years ago,” she said. “I figured you probably aren’t on birth control, so I thought I should tell you before I blow my load inside you.” Betsy gasped and moaned, humping her hips up and down. “I mean, I hope to be up your ass by the time I lose it, but I cum a lot, and it’s definitely going to drip,” she promised. Betsy nodded and humped more frantically as she felt her clit twitch. “Are you ready for your first cock?” asked Dianne. “Girls, are you watching?” Jessica and Marlene had moved the chair closer in order to get an intimate look at Betsy losing her cock-virginity. As Betsy looked over and confirmed that her friends could see, she said, “Will you fuck me, Dianne? Will you stretch my pussy with your big dick?” Dianne’s cock jumped in anticipation, then she aimed carefully, popped the head in, and began sliding her full length into Betsy between her long, slick labia. Betsy let out a low moan. “Girls,” she panted, “this is incredible. She’s so big. I feel so full.” Once Betsy was all the way in, she started gently humping against Betsy, who could only grip the desk helplessly. Marlene stood then and reached out to unbutton Betsy’s blouse, and together, she and Jess played with Betsy’s huge nipples as she and Dianne fucked for the first time. They stroked her hips and said encouraging things to her, occasionally kissing her neck or licking her ear, while she took her first deep dicking. And when Dianne pulled out to enter Betsy’s ass, they helped part her cheeks and guide Dianne’s cock to her anal entrance, then Jess pushed on Dianne’s hips to help out. “Oh!” cried Betsy. “It almost hurts, but it feels so good!” Once fully inserted, Dianne stayed buried inside Betsy’s butt to the hilt, letting the former cock-virgin get used to the invasion. She could feel Betsy’s ass muscles twitching and constricting and had to fight hard not to cum then and there. Slowly she pulled out, then once only the head was inside Betsy’s hole, she pushed back in firmly. Betsy gave another sexy moan and pushed back, ass cheeks in the air. “She likes it!” gasped Dianne. “Her ass is so tight!” Marlene reached down and stroked Betsy’s big clit with her right hand. At one point while Dianne was long-dicking her, Betsy said, “Wait a sec.” Dianne paused while pulled almost all the way out, and with a look of intense concentration on her face, Betsy let her full bladder loose and pissed all over both their thighs. “Oh god!” Dianne exclaimed, then gave three more firm strokes before announcing, “I’m cumming! I’m filling Betsy’s ass!” With her ass plugged full and her friend’s fingers playing with her clit, Betsy came too, ejaculating forcefully as Dianne pumped squirt after squirt of hot girl sperm into Betsy’s tight asshole. Jess reached back to tug on Dianne’s balls as they contracted over and over. Dianne and Betsy stayed connected for as long as possible. Marlene and Jessica had sunk to the floor in a 69, dribbling piss and making each other cum, by the time Dianne’s dick softened enough to pop out of Betsy’s ass, releasing a flood of thick semen all over Betsy’s lips. Betsy’s clit deflated too, and although they took each other’s most private organs in hand afterward, they knew they were pretty much done for the night. The two girls fondled each other lightly, Betsy leaning against her desk, and they made out softly with satisfied moans. Everyone pissed at least once more — Jess and Marlene leaked constantly for probably their last half hour in the office; Betsy didn’t even bother to lift her hips but simply let her bladder go over the edge of the desk and onto the carpet; and Dianne, who had put her pants back on, was briefly horny enough again to piss herself, her long hose getting hard in the process, which she rubbed and squeezed through the fabric of her trousers before making them sticky with another large load of semen. The girls spent almost all their time together from there on out. Even though Betsy and Dianne soon became girlfriends and eventually got married, they still shared their bodies with Jess, Marlene, and occasionally a few other women. Shortly after Dianne starting working with them, the ladies went out to the adult store where Marlene and Dianne had bought their butt plugs, and Betsy and Jess bought their own plugs to match; they loved wearing them together and enjoying them as a group. Jess loved piss play the best of all the girls and would occasionally have sex with a man or two, usually in a group where the men also loved pee and weren’t shy about man-on-man action. Marlene and Dianne were both movie buffs and would sometimes go to the theater together, Dianne coming back home with a big wet spot on her pants to show where Marlene had made her jizz her pants multiple times throughout the evening, much to Dianne’s delight. And of course the four of them loved showing off their bodies in semi-public, so they would sometimes all get together and go out, pulling up each other’s skirts and lifting each other’s shirts, sometimes marking their territories around town by lifting a leg and a hemline before squirting unashamed piss in a parking lot or right on the sidewalk, as long as the coast was mostly clear. And of course they always had work, and they continued to be coworkers for years — and although they continued to piss and lick and finger and fuck after hours, their bosses never suspected a thing!

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