The Granddaughter

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Wearing only her bra and skimpy panties she watches from her upstairs bedroom window as her grandmother struggles unloading her groceries from the back of her car. Grandma opens the hatch and tries to gather all the plastic bags by looping her fingers through the flimsy handles of the bags. Something slips and two cans roll out of the bags onto the driveway. Grandma reaches to grab the cans before they roll off the drive way and half of another bag spills onto the concrete.

“Grandma must realize that she can’t get everything into the house in one trip,” she thinks to herself, as her grandmother puts all the bags back into the car and begins to pick up the spilled items.

Something else catches her eye. Across the street she sees a construction worker standing up holding some big tool and watching her grandmother. She sees him put down the tool, unbuckle his tool belt, and drop it onto the ground. He picks up a rag and wipes his hands and his face, and then rubs the rag a couple of times across his bare chest. He drops the rag and begins walking across the street toward her grandmother.

She notices the sheen of sweat on the muscles of his upper arms and his lower abdomen, the sharp features of his tanned face, his work boots, and the noticeable bulge at the front of his tight jeans. A tingle goes from her brain straight to her pussy. She rubs the front of her legs and steps closer to the window.

He’s says something now as he crosses the street. Grandma stops picking up items and looks at him. She says something back to him. He smiles and says something else. She stands up as he approaches the car and begins to pick up the spilled items. They continue talking to each other and smiling as he puts the spilled items back into the bags. Grandma steps back and he hands her a bag for each hand, gathers up the rest of the bags, and deftly closes the hatch of the car. He follows her grandmother up the driveway toward the house and she looks down on his black hair and the glare shining off the sweat on his shoulders. She feels her pussy getting wet and she crosses her arms under her breasts to stifle a shudder.

“I can’t tell you how much of a help this is,” Grandma says as she opens the front door.

“It’s not a problem at all, ma’am,” he replies as he holds the storm door open and follows her into the house. He gently kicks the front door closed and follows her into the kitchen.

“Just put those on the table,” Grandma says. They place the bags of groceries on the kitchen table.

“Thank you so much! I was having a time out there,” Grandma says. “Can I get you something to drink – some iced tea perhaps?”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. I was glad to help,” he says.

“Nonsense,” Grandma says. “I’ll get us some iced tea.” She turns toward the refrigerator to get some cold tea and some ice from the freezer.

“Sure, that’ll be fine. It is kind of hot out there and it’s time for a break anyway,” he replies.

Grandma fills some glasses with ice, pours tea into them, and hands him a glass.

“Thanks, ma’am.” He takes a sip.

“Can I have some tea, too, Grandma?”

They both turn and see her standing at the entrance to the kitchen. She has slipped some shorts on, but is still only wearing her bra on top.

“It’s really hot in here, too,” she adds.

Grandma tilts her head slightly and raises her eyebrows a tad as she sees the way her granddaughter is dressed.

“Oh, this is my granddaughter, Madelene. We call her Maddie,” Grandma says.

“Maddie, this fine gentleman helped me in with the groceries – Oh, I don’t illegal bahis even know your name!”

“Axle, ma’am. Everybody calls me Ax.” He puts his hand out to Grandma and she shakes it.

“Pleased to meet you, Ax. I’m Mrs. Danridge. I’ll get you some tea, Maddie.” She turns back to the refrigerator.

Ax puts out his hand to Maddie. “Hello, Maddie. I’m Ax.”

She grasps his hand and its size and firmness overwhelms her hand. He stares at her chest and his gaze drops to her tight shorts, then down her legs to her feet. Her pussy gushes some more.

“No shoes, huh?”

“Yeah. Like I said, it’s really hot in here.”

“Here’s some tea, Maddie,” Grandma says as she hands Maddie a glass full of ice cubes and tea. “I’ve got to put these groceries away.”

“Can I help you, Grandma?” asks Maddie.

“No, I’ll do it and make sure everything is put away in its right place.” She begins working on the groceries.

Ax and Maddie stare at each other holding their glass of iced tea.

“You wanna see my room?” Maddie asks.

“Ah, sure. I guess so,” Ax replies as he glances over at Grandma. Grandma ignores them as she puts items into the cupboard.

“Okay, c’mon,” Maddie says as she turns, giving Ax a profile of her chest, then the narrow strap holding her bra up, and her butt contained within those tight shorts.

Ax licks his lips, sucks his work-hardened gut in and follows her down the hall, up the stairs, and down the hall to her room. She opens it, steps in, and leaves the door open. He follows her into the room.

“Close the door,” she says.

“Okay.” He closes the door firmly and turns and stands in front of it. She stands in the middle of the room and looks back at him.

She sips at her tea, then rubs the glass on the side of her left breast.

“It’s really hot in here, don’t you think, Ax?”

Ax ignores her question and looks around the room – a desk with a chair, a computer, and some books and papers; a pink chest of drawers with a bunch of stuff on top of it; what looks like running gear – shoes, shorts, a tank top, and a sports bra – piled in the corner; a closet with the door open; and a hamper with clothes, underwear, and a bra spilling over the top; a full length mirror; another dresser with some of the drawers open; a double bed with pink and yellow sheets with the covers turned down.

He looks at her and asks, “Do you usually invite men you’ve just met into your bedroom?”

“Only when they’re nice to my Grandma … and they’re already half-naked … and it’s really hot out.”

“I see. Nice room. What will your grandmother think? How old are you, anyway?”

“I’m nineteen, I go to college, and I work. In fact, I have to leave in a little while for work. And Grandma’s cool. How old are you?”

“Older than that.”

“Yeah, how much older?”

“I’m twenty six. Probably an old man to you.”

“Not necessarily. Don’t you think it’s hot in here?” She dips her fingers into her iced tea and drips the cold liquid on her chest between her breasts.

“I think it’s fucking hot.” She emphasizes the word FUCKING.

“You could open your window.”

“Yeah, I could.” She pauses then asks coyly, “What else could I do?”

“I guess you could take some more of your clothes off.” He pauses. “Would you like me to help you?”

She smiles and walks up next to him.

“Turn around.” She turns around with her back to him.

He unsnaps her bra strap.

“Turn around.” She turns around with her front to him.

He reaches up and pulls her bra off and over her arms. He illegal bahis siteleri drops it onto the floor. She pushes her chest out. His cock hardens.

He looks down at her breasts. “Nice tits.”

“Are you cooler yet?” he asks.

“Not much.”

He reaches into his glass, takes an ice cube out, and touches it to her left nipple.

“How about now?” he asks as he rubs the ice cube around her hardening nipple. Melted ice drips down her belly.

“Mmmmmmm…” She shivers. “A little better.” Her pussy tingles and surges some more.

He moves the ice cube to her other nipple. It hardens, too. More melted ice drips down her belly.

“Cooler now?”

“Fuck…” she says as her breathing increases.

“How about this?” He leans down and sucks on one nipple while he presses the ice against her other nipple. Her pussy leaks some more. More cold water on her belly.

“Oh, yeah, that’s good.” She puts her hand on the back of his head and moves her tit closer to get more of his mouth. “Mmmmmmm…”

He switches his mouth and the ice. More cold water on her belly.

“Yeah, that’s real good, but it’s making me hotter.” Her cunt gushes.

He pulls away, takes her glass from her, and puts both glasses on the nearest dresser. He leans forward and kisses her. She puts her arms around him, opens her mouth freely and their tongues press against each other. He sucks her tongue into his mouth and she moans.

She rubs her hands across the muscles of his back. He breaks the kiss and his mouth traces kisses across her chin, her cheek, her ear lobe, down to her neck while his hands cup her tits. He pinches and rolls her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

“You’re still hot,” he whispers into her ear.

“I know. You’re hot, too.”

“I guess we both need to cool off some.”

She reaches over to one of the glasses, takes out an ice cube, and rubs it on his chest. She leans in and licks the melted ice off his chest. She melts the ice on his nipples and licks it off. He squeezes her tits and pinches her nipples harder. She traces the ice cube down his belly, licking off the melted ice as she goes. She kneels down and puts the ice cube into her mouth.

She unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his fly, pulls his work jeans open and down past his knees to his ankles. His boxers can hardly contain his hard cock. She reaches to the top of his boxers and pulls them down. His cock snaps free. She grabs hold of it with both hands and puts it into her mouth along with what’s left of the ice cube. She swirls her cold tongue around the head of his cock, then starts to take more of it into her mouth.

“Oh, that’s good, Maddie!”

“Mmmmmmm…” she sounds as she pumps his cock and gently massages his balls.

After a bit she stops, pulls her mouth off, and stands up.

“The ice’s all melted,” she says.

“Lie down on the bed.”

She walks over to the bed and lies down on her back. He unties his shoes, removes them with his socks, kicks off his clothes, and walks over to the bed. She’s rubbing her tits with both hands. He reaches in, unsnaps her shorts, and pulls both her shorts and panties off with one smooth motion.

She looks at him.

He looks at her and says, “You should be cooler now.”

“I’m hotter than ever! I’m so fucking hot! You better get down her and fuck me before I explode.” She spreads her legs, reaches down, and plays with her pussy. It glistens and shines with her wetness as she pumps her hips up toward him.

He looks at her shameless display, smiles, reaches back, and pulls canlı bahis siteleri an ice cube out of a glass. He steps over to the bed and holds his hand above her as the melting ice drip, drip, drips on her tits, her belly, her legs, and, finally, her cunt.

“Cooler now, Maddie?” he asks.

She squirms and writhes on the bed as the ice cold drips hit her body.

“Please…you bastard. Please…” she whimpers.

He drops the ice cube onto the bed and gently probes her soaking cunt with a cold finger. She moans, grabs his hand, and pulls his finger hard into her cunt. He finger fucks her as she pants and matches his thrusts with her hips.

“Ax,” she begs. “I’m on fire! Fuck me! Please! Fuck me now! Please!” she pleads.

He pulls his finger out, leans down, and kisses her cunt. He licks the juices from her slit, sucks on her lips, and tongues her clit.

“Oh, god! You’re killin’ me!” She grabs his head and pulls it to her body. He slides kisses from her cunt up her belly to her tits, sucks and bites each nipple, then kisses her full on the lips.

He lowers himself onto her. She feels his cock at her entrance, moves just right, and his cock slides in effortlessly.

He continues kissing her sucking her breath away as he pushes in all the way.

She pulls away from his kiss and says breathlessly, “I need to breathe…”

“Oh, my god!” she pants as she tries to get more air.

He pulls back then shoves into her once, twice, three times.

“Oh, yeah! That’s it! Fuck me good!” she says as she tries to get her breath.

He rhythmically fucks her as she matches his thrusts. His cock fills her cunt, touching places that have been neglected for too long.

“Uhhhh… Yeah, good! I’m so hot! I love your cock!” she encourages him as she pulls her legs back and up to get more of his cock.

He holds himself up above her and pumps her wet cunt over and over.

Suddenly what is left of the ice cube slides down and touches his hand. He grabs it, reaches back, and rubs the ice on her asshole.

“What? Oh, fuck! I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh, god! Yeah! Uhh… Uhh…” she says between pants and wraps her legs around him, squeezes her cunt, and stiffens and jerks her body. “Oh, god! Yes! Yes!”

“Ugh!” he grunts, slams his cock in, pushes his finger into her ass, and dumps spurt after spurt deep in her cunt. She rotates her ass on his finger as she continues to try to get her breath.

He feels her cunt muscles milk the last of his cum from his softening cock. He pulls out, rolls over, and lies on the bed next to her.

“I’m cooler now,” she says.

“How so?”

“You put out the fire by empting that fire hose in me.”

She looks up at the clock on her dresser.

“Oh, my god! I’ve got to go to work. I have to get dressed.”

They both get up and as he puts his clothes on, he watches cum drip out of her cunt as she slides her panties on.

“What?” she asks as she sees him watching her. “This’ll just keep my fire out while I’m at work.”

They finish getting dressed, pick up their iced tea glasses, and go down stairs into the kitchen. A strange woman is sitting at the table.

“Oh. Hi, Mom. This is Axle, Ax for short. I was just showing him my room. Ax, this is Brenda, my mom. Oh, my god, I’m gonna be late for work. I gotta go. Bye, mom. See you later!”

She runs out of the kitchen and they hear the front door slam.

“Hello, Ax.”

“Hi, Brenda.”

“Iced tea, huh?” Brenda says as she looks approvingly at Ax’s bare chest.

“Yeah, I helped Maddie’s grandma in with some groceries and she made me some iced tea.”

“That was nice of you.”

Then, “Don’t you think it’s hot in here? I think it’s really hot. Looks like you need a refill, too. Let me get you some more ice,” says Brenda.

(To be continued)

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