The Greatest Desire:Part 3


In the past few years I have been sleeping with my aunt Debbie. it has been one of the most amazing times of my life. Every sexual encounter with her I have been writing down for those who have the same dream as I have. That is having a releationship with a aunt or cousin. Here is the nest chapter of this great saga of sex and pleasure.

Not to long ago I wrote about having sex with my aunt Debbie in the back of her car at school. Well we had such a great time fucking each other that we had to get it on again. I got a phone call early in the morning, it was Debbie asking me what I was planning on doing that day. I told her I was not planning on doing much and asked if she wanted to get it on. Well I was thrilled when she said yes. Of course we have slept together before but still every time was exciting as the first/

We agreed to meet at a motel that was some what out of the way. We both figure that we would not be noticed by anyone. Well I walked in the room and there was my aunt Debbie standing in red lingerie smoking her new ports. We hugged each other, the feeling was unlike any other pleasure, just to hold my aunt Debbie was such a thrill. Well I got cozy on the bed and she got on the bed with me. Her red lingerie was getting me hard and izmit rus escort her wonderful tits were so firm.

As I laid on the bed I ask her if everything was alright, she looked at me with her new port hanging out of her mouth and said “Yes, I have a surprise for you”. Well not a minute later my sexy cousin Erica came out of the bathroom wearing a black silk bra with black silk panties. Those who have read my first story know that Erica has very large tits, larger than her mothers. To give and example she has tits about the size of porn star Jesse Jane.

Well Erica is a smoker too and she took one of her mothers new ports and began smoking. Erica already has a kid but is not married. Erica laid down beside me and we began laughing and talking. Then Erica kissed me and then Debbie kissed me. I grabbed both of them together and began to kiss both of them. The best way I can describe it was like the scene in the movie wild things with Matt Dillion, Dense Richards and Neve Campbell.

First Debbie got on top of me and i ripped her red bra off and sucked on her tits as Erica ripped my pants off and began sucking my dick. I could not believe the pleasure I was in. To feel Erica’s lips on my dick and Debbie amazing tits was unlike izmit escort anything I could ever imagine. Then Debbie got off and it was Ericas turn to take her black bra off and I sucked on those big tits as my aunt Debbie sucked my dick.

Then they both hot off the bed, there big tits hanging down and trying to figure out where to go next. They wanted to suck my cock some more. First Erica began sucking then Debbie told her to stop. Mother wanted to give daughter tips on how to suck dick. After she sucked my cock it was Debbie’s turn, however Erica wanted more so they shared my cock and they slobberd all over it like dogs on a bone. Then it was time for some intercourse.

Debbie got the bed and she put her legs over my shoulder, then Erica got behind me and grabbed me. Then I thrust my cock deep in my aunt Debbie’s wet pussy. The sensation was amazing and only enhance by my cousin Erica’s big tits on my back. As I thrust in she thrust with me in and out and in and out. Then I pulled out and got into Erica’s pussy. Erica laid on the bed and Debbie began to coach her as I thrust. They both held each others hand as Erica moaned in pleasure. Debbie than kissed me with her tongue as I drilled her daughter.

Well the pleasure was getting to much for me to kocaeli escort handle, so I needed to cum.I pulled out and told then I want to cum on there face. Debbie told Erica she could take my cum on her face cause she had my cum inside her already. Then in happened Erica opened her mouth and then I cumed hard. I did more than cum, I mean I blew such a white load on her face that it looked like a Burkkate scene.

Then after I cummed on her face the backed away and then Debbie laid down and opened her mouth and spit my loud into her mothers mouth. i could not believe it. Then they kissed each other real quick. Then they wiped there mouths off and we began to put on our clothes.After we had our clothes on Debbie and Erica lite up there new ports and we laid on the bed talking and cuddling. Then it was time to go, we all hugged and planned for the next time.

Before we went out the door we all shared a long sloppy kiss with each other and we went our seperate ways. I returned home and showered and thought about the sex I had. Ever since I began this affair with my aunt Debbie I wondered if this was all really happening. It just seemed so unlikley.I never thought that my cousin Erica and my aunt Debbie could make me feel so good and they have.It is nice to have a fling, it gives me something to really enjoy. I do not care that it is with my aunt and my cousins, I can not wait for more sex with my cousin Erica and my aunt Debbie

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