The Groom’s Sister

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The wedding was a delight for everyone; the bride, Janine, looked radiant in her ivory, lacy wedding dress that accentuated her gorgeous curvy, youthful body. The groom, Paul, glowed in pride and the bridesmaids made the pictures perfect. The best man stole a heart or two with his wit and good looks. That it happened to be me is by the by.

All good things have to come to an end and following the reception and departure of the bride and groom to their honeymoon, people remained chatting while the empty champagne glasses and remains of the celebration were cleared way. There was a sense of anti-climax after such a wonderful day.

I wandered over to Paul’s uncle and aunt, with whom I was staying that night, to express my thanks and to get ready to go with them to the house. As we were chatting, we became conscious of Sue, Paul’s sister, standing quietly beside us so we turned to her and smiled. She blushed and in a soft voice asked the aunt if she happened to have a spare room for the night.

I was surprised at Sue’s last minute planning but privately welcomed her enquiry. She was petite, dark eyed and had short, mousey hair. I caught a whiff of her musky perfume. Until then, I had only known her as Paul’s younger school-age sister and hadn’t thought more about her; but here she was, güvenilir bahis now at university and I assumed we might have the opportunity the next morning to get to know her better.

We both needed a lift, so we tucked ourselves into the uncle’s car; I noted Sue had no suitcase! We were squeezed close and I didn’t mind our thighs touching; then I thought more clearly, it was a pleasure! We had time for a nightcap and then headed to our rooms, tired after the day’s excitement. It was with great relief that I fell into bed, switched off the lights and started drifting to sleep when I became conscious that light briefly shone from the door, then I felt someone slipping into my bed! “Shhh!” said Sue, realising my surprise. Imagine the situation; here was my best friend’s sister, with whom I was not familiar, in my bed, clearly wanting more than just a hug!

I woke quickly and welcomed her by wrapping my arms around and pulling her against my body. It was one of those wonderful, surprising, arousing and thrilling moments. All my senses absorbed her. I could smell her perfume, which would remind me forever more of this moment. I could feel her body, lithe and naked. Sne had dared to come from her room to mine completely naked.

I could taste her lips as we kissed urgently. Her hands türkçe bahis went immediately to my now very hard cock and she felt my balls and my phallus. She stroked my cock and smeared the pre-come over my head. Her hand left my balls and started squeezing my buttocks as we lay side-by-side. My hands savoured her small, pointed breasts, the nipples of which were long and needed to be in my mouth.

I bent my head down and sucked her nipples hungrily; long nipples excite me hugely. My sucking of her nipples didn’t last long as she twisted her body and lay on top of me so that while I couldn’t see her in the darkness, I could smell her pussy right above my face and I could feel her mouth and hands sucking my cock. I had never met anybody as voracious as her; she was taking the lead and I was letting her. She pressed her hairless cunt down on my face and slipped back and forth as I licked her.

She was taking my hard, curved 6 inch cock deep in her mouth and I could feel her swallowing against my cock head, while her lips pressed my balls. I was happy for this to go on forever, but eventually she turned again, lay on her back on a couple of pillows and told me to fuck her. I felt my way into her body, my cock slipping easily into her wet pussy. I was fit, I was horny and I started to gently pleasure güvenilir bahis siteleri her. Every time I felt she was getting close to orgasm, I slowed the pace and brought her back down again, her disappointed moans enthused me to do this time and again in the hope that she was building up to an enormous orgasm.

However, something happened then which has made me never forget our meeting that night. She dug her nails in around my kidneys as I was thrusting and she scratched me hard, hurting me and as I would see in the morning, leaving red marks on my back. My immediate reaction was one of anger and I channelled that anger into fucking her as hard as I possibly could. I found myself gripping her shoulders and forcing my hips back and forth, impaling her with my cock. I didn’t stop, I went on and on until together, we exploded in the most momentous orgasm I have ever had.

As I slowed I realised what she had done. She had controlled me in every sense and had a hard fuck that she wouldn’t otherwise have got. I submitted to her that night without a word and she sucked me, rode me and took everything she wanted from me.

in the morning we lay against one another, near strangers, now joined in lust. She kissed me, whispered thank you and then slipped out of my bed.

We enjoyed family breakfast a couple of hours later but there was tension, which I could only assume was caused by our noisy fucking during the night. Sue and I bid farewell to them and headed off together, hand-in-hand, to further adventures…

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