The Guitar Lesson

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I hated working in these “gated” communities, but lately times had been harder with lesson requests coming less frequently. My band was working a regular gig at a club in Fort Lauderdale, but the revenue from this wasn’t much of a living by the time we divided the money three ways. I knew that if things didn’t start improving soon financially, I would have to get a regular day job. This thought made me cringe, so I left no request for lessons unanswered, as frustrating as they could be.

I had been at home, practicing a new jazz tune that we had been trying to fit into our set when the phone rang. I picked up the receiver half expecting it to be one of those obnoxious phone solicitors.

“Hello?” I said.

“Is this Patrick Stephens?” a female voice inquired.

“Yes, it is.”

“Good! My name is Renee Tompkins, and I am interested in taking guitar lessons.”

“Really. Why is that?” I said.

She paused for a moment, temporarily taken aback.

“Well, to learn how to play like Melissa Etheridge!”

She followed this response with a trite, girlish laughter that immediately piqued my interest. She sounded sexy. I had always loved the sound of a female voice, and hers had an almost musical quality. We talked for a while, agreed on a price, and set up a time for the first lesson.

Coming in, I got mildly irritated at the security guard posted at the entry gate. As I approached the guard shack, he had inspected my old station wagon, a look of mild, head shaking disgust on his face.

“Where you headed, son?” he said in a southern drawl.

“The Tompkins residence, Sir.”

“Sam and Renee? What business you have there?”

I immediately felt my anger rise at this unexpected inquisition.

“What the hell business is it of yours?”

However, thinking better, I replied in the most congenial tone I could muster.

“I’m giving a guitar lesson there today.”

He then looked at my loose fitting, slightly discolored T-shirt, my faded jeans, the array of guitar cases and sheet music haphazardly thrown into the backseat, and suspiciously returned his squinting gaze to my eyes. He looked at me sternly, raising his hand to his cocked, green hat, and had pushed it back a little, revealing the line of sweat on his forehead. I noticed large rings of sweat under his arms showing through his white shirt. He was an older man, probably retired military, and had no patience for the likes of me, especially on this very hot, South Florida summer day. I was just an annoyance in his life, and I obviously deserved a little harder scrutiny than the average visitor to this “privileged” development did.

I was lost in these thoughts as the guard came back out of the shack. He gave me a disinterested look.

“Ok. She is expecting you. Third left, then the fourth house on the right. Watch your speed.”

“Yeah, right. Thanks.”

I rolled my window up, and, I muttered “Asshole.”

The pivoting rail opened, and I guided my beat station wagon into the development.

I stood on the edge of the paved street, my old, worn guitar case in one hand, and my lesson folder in the other. I looked up at the well-kept, single story, sprawling house with my usual cynical admiration.

“Yep, she’s got money.”

The house, painted a light peach color, had the white tile roof that was so common to these South Florida homes. The lawn was immaculate, as if someone had spent hours trimming it. I made my way up the concrete walkway to the front door. My eyes scanned the area around the door in search of the bell button. There it was, almost hidden behind a potted palm tree. I set my case down, and pushed the button. I heard the almost inaudible ring from somewhere inside of the house. The scent of a jasmine plant caught my nostrils as I waited, and I drew my breath in, enjoying its sweet aroma. I closed my eyes, and transported myself to a tropical island with the sound of a steel drum playing quietly in the background. Just as I was admiring the huge fronds of a palm tree swaying in a southern breeze, the metallic sound of someone releasing a deadbolt on the other side of the door snapped me back to reality.

The door swung open, and I found myself gazing into the soft, brown eyes of Renee Tompkins.

“Patrick? How are you? I’m Renee.”

I was at a loss for words. The first thing that hit me was her smile. She had one of those disarming ones that immediately seem to put me at ease, and I felt myself almost involuntarily returning it with my own. She looked Hispanic, with a dark complexion and almost black, shoulder-length hair pulled back and tied into a girlish ponytail. It reminded me of all of the high school crushes I had endured over girls that resembled her. She had retained a youthful, cheerleader radiance despite the fact that she was now at least in her mid- thirties. She wore blue jeans, a little on the tight side, and a loose fitting, white blouse that tucked into them. She was not petite, but very well proportioned, and my eyes fell first to the gentle slope of her large breasts, and then to her narrow waist. I quickly canlı bahis şirketleri caught myself, and brought them up to meet her gaze.

“Nice to meet you, Renee. Had a little trouble at the guard shack.”

“Yes, everyone says that! I guess it’s a good thing, though, security wise.”

“Yes, I think so.” I lied.

“Royal pain in the ass is what it is.”

Her eyes looked into mine, and then dropped, perusing my casual dress, and finally resting on my battered guitar case.

“Come on in. We’ll work on the back porch.”

I picked up the case and followed her into the house. I always thought that it was interesting checking out people’s ‘stuff.’ You could tell a lot about a person by their dwelling. This one was strictly upper class fare with the contemporary furnishings of Florida’s wealthy. The matching living room furniture, the fake plants, a fireplace that was never used, the sliding glass doors covered by ornate, heavy curtains. I heard the sound of my boots clacking on the white marble tile as I followed her through the living room and into the kitchen.

“Mmmm, nice ass.”

I pushed these thoughts away and tried to stay in ‘professional’ mode, looking away from the soft curves of her rear end as she walked. She made her way around a large ‘island’ in the center of what appeared to me to be a commercial sized kitchen, to a set of sliding glass doors on the far side. She pulled it open, and stepped out onto what appeared to be a pool deck. I followed her through it, and immediately smelled the chlorine mixed with the heavy humidity. It was a ‘figure eight’ pool surrounded by a very large screened in enclosure. Outside of it was the back lawn of the house, which only consisted of about five feet of grass on each side and the back, which surrounded a very high wooden fence.

“Geez! You’ve certainly got privacy here, Renee!” I exclaimed.

There was a large bar on the far side of it adorned with various nautical decorations. I immediately liked this room, and felt comfortable in the surroundings. Renee walked to a comfortable looking couch, sat at one end of it, and almost in the same motion reached down the side of it. I watched as she pulled a brand new looking hard shell case out from its place by the couch.

“My husband bought this for me about a month ago. I’m not even sure how to tune it.”

I walked to the couch as she laid the case down on its side and unsnapped the latches. She opened it, and I looked inside.

“Mmm. This is a nice guitar. A Yamaha. You’re husband is good to you.”

At this, she just looked up at me with a thoughtful, half smile on her face.

“Yes, I suppose he is, in his own way. He’s almost never here. He has one of those high stress sales jobs, you know, always traveling.”

I immediately detected a tone of sadness in her voice, and decided that this was probably not a good topic of discussion.

I sat down on the other end of the couch and opened my own case, pulling out the old Takamine guitar that had been my faithful companion through many years. I strummed it softly, checking the tuning. Renee held her guitar and looked on, trying to mimic my movements. She strummed it awkwardly, and it wasn’t very long before I realized that it was badly out of tune. I looked into her eyes, and we both broke into childish laughter.

“I guess I have a long way to go. “

“Geez,” I said, “this is your first lesson, for God’s sake!”

Something happened at that moment. You might say that we had a certain connection, or that we recognized a common understanding of each other, or whatever. All I knew was that I instantly felt comfortable with this woman. For the next two hours, I tried to show her the basics of tuning, strumming, and the finger positions of the four or five basic chords. I would play a part of a popular song, at the same time singing it softly, and she would look at me with those large brown eyes, mouthing the words along with me, too shy to sing aloud. She seemed to have a certain affinity for music, and picked things up quickly. I really enjoyed myself, and I found myself ‘showing off’ to her all of the songs that I knew. In between songs she would talk about the artists that she admired and the concerts that she had been to. I found myself talking about my life in the music business, and the famous people that I had met. We laughed often; I was very pleased to find that she had a very sharp sense of humor. It wasn’t long before we were gazing into each other’s eyes like old friends. Eventually, I looked at my watch, and realized that my time had been up over an hour ago!

“Ok. I have to go now, Renee. Same time next week?”

“Oh yes!” She said in a cheerful voice.

“Don’t forget the tuning, and the three songs I showed you! I’ll have you ‘in concert” somewhere before you know it!”

As she laughed and smiled, I came to the realization that I felt a bit flushed. I was aroused!

I gathered my things, and she escorted me out. On the way home, I thought of her smile, her soft skin, her scent, and the soft, smooth curves of her body. canlı kaçak iddaa I started to conjure a fantasy in my head. As I drove, I reached down and slowly caressed my stirring cock through my jeans as I thought of her warm body against mine.

That night, as I lie in bed, I found myself thinking of her again, and getting very aroused. I slowly stroked my hard cock, envisioning her soft, pliable lips pursed over the head of it. It wasn’t long before I felt the waves of a strong orgasm, and the familiar feeling of the warm fluid flowing down over my hand.

“God, she’s hot. But she’s also very married, and a valued customer, so hands off, dude!”

I chuckled to myself, and fell asleep.

The week went by fast, and I found myself looking forward to our next lesson. I even thought of it while my band was playing over the weekend. I had never had any problem getting women, and I ended up going home with a very pretty and petite blonde, Kim, that I knew from the club. She was nice, and I liked her, but I found myself comparing her slow responses to my cultural inferences and jokes to the sharp, witty ones that I knew that Renee would make. Later that night I slowly made love to Kim, gently caressing her smooth, tanned body, and tasting her musky womanhood. The strange part was that I kept seeing Renee’s smiling face in my mind! I felt like a teenager with a crush, and I couldn’t wait until the next lesson.

The time finally came, and I found myself driving down her street again toward the house. As I approached, I noticed a large, jet black and shiny SUV in the driveway. I parked my station wagon next to it, got out, and walked to the front door, guitar case in hand. I rang the doorbell, and soon heard the sound of the deadbolt. The door pulled open, and instead of seeing the smiling face of Renee, I found myself face to face with an older man in a business suit. My first impression was that he resembled an actor that I had seen in some show, but I couldn’t place the name. He appeared to be around sixty years of age, and bald-headed. He looked to be in good physical condition, and he was what most women would consider attractive in a fatherly sort of way. At first, he glared at me with suspicious eyes, but as he noticed my casual apparel and guitar case, softened his gaze, replacing it with an expression of mild disgust.

Without addressing me at all, he turned his head toward the kitchen and called out,

“Renee! Your guitar instructor is here!”

He gave me one quick glance and brusquely turned away, striding into the other room.

“Okay. This is one friendly son of a bitch.”

“Patrick! Come in, please!”

She was standing in the kitchen entryway, that wonderful smile on her face, her body wrapped in a flowery bathrobe. I felt my face flush as my eyes met hers.

“She’s so beautiful. How could she be married to this rude asshole?”

I smiled back, and she signaled me to follow her. I walked out to the pool deck and over to the couch. I couldn’t help admiring the curves of her body as she walked in front of me. She took her place on it, and I took mine on the other side. She placed her hands in her lap and looked at me.

“I see you’ve met Sam.”

“Yes. Is he in a bad mood or something?”

She looked down, breaking our gaze.

“No, he is just like that sometimes. He has to spend his whole day pretending to like everyone, so when he’s home, he doesn’t feel that he has to be polite.”

I just looked at her blankly.

“Okay. I guess I understand that.”

“I’m not asking you too. I don’t like it either. All I can do is apologize for him.”

“No, you don’t have to. I don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry; I deal with complete assholes all the time.”

I smiled at her. She seemed to loosen up, and returned it with a bright one of her own.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s get started!”

We got our guitars out, and began to tune them. She struggled with the small electronic tuner that I had given her the week before.

“Okay, Patrick, I’m good.”

“Great! Let’s play “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane.”

“I’ll try. I practiced all week!”

I started the song, strumming softly.

Suddenly, the porch door opened.

“Renee! I’ve got to go! My plane leaves in an hour!”

She placed the guitar on the couch, and got up from the couch.

“I’ll be right back, Patrick.”

“No problem.”

I looked at Sam Tompkins.

“Have a nice trip!” I said cheerfully, using my best phony smile.

He looked at me blankly.

“Yeah, Thanks.”

He turned and followed his wife into the house.

After about ten minutes, I heard the SUV start from around the side of the house. I heard it back down the driveway, and pull away sharply, the tires squealing a little at the rapid acceleration.

Renee returned, and I could almost swear that she seemed a little different for some reason.


She sat back down, and picked up her guitar. I thought it better to not mention the awkward exchange with her husband.

We began our lesson, and the warm rapport between canlı kaçak bahis us picked up right where it had left off the week before. It was uncanny to me, almost as if there were no other place on earth that I would rather be. In between my instructions we would talk about music, and our common interests. I found her personality enchanting; she was so clever, witty, and knowledgeable. I rarely met women like this in the club circuit, and I found myself challenging her intellect with my own, testing her with my wit, and trying to one up her, in a friendly way. I didn’t care about how much time had passed, or what I was doing that night, or next week, or next month. I was just enjoying this time with this very special woman.

After a while, we took a break. She stretched her arms over her head, and gave out a little moan. She gave me a pensive expression, and began to talk.

“Patrick, I just want to tell you that I think you are wonderful. I really mean it.”

“Well, thank ya there, little lady!” I said in a deep, comic voice. She giggled like a schoolgirl, which I thought was very sexy.

“I just want you to know that I do love my husband very much, even though he can be difficult.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“Why is she telling me this?”

“Patrick? Do you mind if I go for a swim?”

I just looked at her.

“Umm, no, not at all.”

I leaned back on the couch, my guitar still in my lap, my fingers gently plucking at the strings. She stood up, her back to me, and I saw her elbows move as she untied the waistband of her robe. She then opened it, and it fell to the floor at her feet.

My eyes took her body in. She had darkish skin, which contrasted sharply with an orange, thong style bikini. She had the delicately muscled thighs of a female athlete, the same thighs that had been the source of so many adolescent orgasms when I was young. She stretched her arms out, raising herself up on her toes, and I watched the sinewy muscles of her lower legs flex. My eyes moved to her ass cheeks, so plump and firm, and the yellow string of the bikini that disappeared between them. I felt it suddenly, the stirring of my cock inside my shorts.

“God, I don’t believe it. She’s so hot.”

I watched as she walked toward the pool. She approached the edge of it, gracefully extended on foot to the water, breaking its smooth surface with her toe, sending small, circling ripples in all directions. She turned to me and smiled.

“The water’s so warm, Patrick! Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”

I saw her bikini top for the first time. She had slightly larger than average, perfectly formed sized breasts. The yellow cups of the garment suspended their ample weight clingingly, and the tips of her large nipples made two visible bumps in their surface. I became conscious of the fact that I was staring at them, and raised my eyes quickly to hers.

“Umm, I didn’t bring a suit, Renee’.”

She looked at me for a moment, not saying anything, but I would have sworn that there was a devilish little smile on her lips. After a moment, she shrugged her shoulders resignedly, and quickly dove into the water, making almost no splash. I watched her smooth body glide through the water, my eyes drinking in her sinewy curves. She came up for air at the deep end of the pool.

“Aww, your no fun! Little Patrick afraid to get wet?”

She followed this with a splash of water in my direction.

“Hey! Not on the guitars!” I laughed.

I felt warm and flushed all over.

“Is she coming on to me?”

She made her way over to the ladder on my side of the pool, grabbing the rungs with her hands, and pulling herself up. She walked toward me, the water running in rivulets down her smooth, dark body.

” Patrick, there is something that I want to ask you.”

I looked up at her, still plucking at the strings of my old guitar.

“Yes?” I asked, trying hard not to stare at her nipples, now visible through the thin, wet material of the bikini top.

“Do you find me attractive?”

I was sweating now.

“Yes,” I replied in a shaky voice.


She smiled down at me.

“Put the guitar down, Patrick.”

I obeyed, setting the instrument down into the case on the floor.

“Stand up, please, Patrick.”

I did my face now inches from hers.

“You know, Patrick, I really looked forward to our lesson this week. I get so lonely here sometimes. My husband is gone so often.”

As she said this, her eyes dropped again. She continued talking.

“He loves me, I know he does, but sometimes he is so cold and distant. He shuts me out.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just shook my head sympathetically.

“He’s not like you, Patrick. You’re so warm and open. I feel like I can tell you anything. I love our time together.”

I looked into her eyes. I saw the loneliness, and immediately I understood. It now became apparent to me what she wanted.

I slowly bent my head, and pressed my lips to hers. She pushed against me lightly. I became flushed; I felt all of the blood in my body rushing to my face at once. I placed my hands on the smooth skin of her arms and gently stroked up and down, softly caressing her. The kiss lingered, and, for a moment, all time stopped. All I could feel was the bliss of this wonderful new connection.

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