The guy who face fucked me cums back!


The guy who face fucked me cums back!Id met him once before, about three nights ago we had met at my hotel room and he’d left me dripping sweat and other things while I gasped through exhaustion. Id agreed to meet again that night and when he sent me another message on A4A I jump at the chance. He asked me if I had limits and I explained the few I had to his satisfaction. “once this starts no turning back, you know that right” my heart skip a beat as I read that and decided so long as he respected my limits in for a penny in for a pound. “ same as before, be ready and blindfolded when I knock”. With that we set the date for the following night. I could feel the butterflies in my gut when I was showering and cleaning out before he showed and when he finally knocked I jumped and hurriedly pulled the blindfold down before opening the door a crack and turning to face away. Like before he grab my neck and guided me wordlessly into the room, back the footstool head used to his advantage the other night. This time like before he guided me over it till I lay on my back with my head hang off the edge. I thought I knew what to expect, another night of rough face fucking and having him edge him self in my ass only to stop and feed me his cock down my throat but I was wrong. He started by binding my wrists to the feet of the stool, then came my knees drawn back and tied into place and spread wide, next my ankles tied to my thighs to hold them from swinging and finally a band that held my head down and pinned against the foot stool. I was blindfolded and tied completely open. “we’ll see how you enjoy tonight”, I heard him talking to someone and then begin to strip. His cock found my mouth and he slide all the way into my throat with out preamble. I was still raw from the last time and my gag reflex returned with a vengeance causing me to dry heave as he humped away at my mouth. I almost missed the knock on the door but he didn’t and I panicked when he pulled out and I heard him head to the door. Someone must have heard us was all I could think and was desperately hoping türbanlı batman escort he would handle the situation as I was a little tied up. My stomach knotted when I heard him say “here he is guys just like a promise all tied up and paid for” I had no idea how many men had just entered the room but I knew it was more then one, before I could even question though his cock returned to my mouth and turned my question into muffled chokes and gags as he continued to use my mouth. I felt at least four hands on my body, one found my own rock hard cock while another guided me to his and still another began working his fingers in and out of my exposed hole. “damn that’s some tight pussy, damn this is gonna feel good” I heard one say “ wait till you feel this throat “ was a response form my new owner. “fuck him like I paid for it” he laughed and pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved back. I don’t know who replaced him but the hand on my cock never stopped and the fingers were replaced by a cock tat was not too long but very thick. I moaned like a bitch in heat as he stretched open my ass with his member “that’s it bitch, enjoy this cock cause its gonna enjoy you” I was plugged at both ends gagging around an unfamiliar cock with a huge set of balls slapping into my face and covering my nose when he decided to press into my face and hold. Still the head stroked my cock and I could feel him spit on it every so often to lube me up, never faster or slower just a steady pace that had me screaming for release in no time. The guy in my ass moaned and pulled out quick, “not yet slut, not gonna finish just yet” the cock in my hand pulled away and I quickly felt someone move between my bound legs, this cock was thinner then the last but no slacker and longer, he took no time pressing into my ass and then began to drive into me for all he was worth. This just pushed me deeper on to the cock in my mouth and I thought the two of them might meet in the middle of me somewhere. The guy in my mouth finally had enough and moved türbanlı batman escort bayan aside to let someone else have a turn. The hand on my own cock vanished and a new cock slide into my dripping face. This one took his time and slow fucked me so I could feel the head of his cock stretch open my throat and disappear down it only to slide back out leaving all but my mouth empty, when I tried to move my head to the side to gasp for air strong hands grabbed my face on both sides and his onslaught continued. Just like his hand job he went the same pace enjoying the feeling of my open throat and the gagging noises I made. Finally the guy in my ass must have gotten close cause he too pulled out and yet another cock filled my ass, this one had to be the guy Id already fucked because like before I could feel him hitting the bottom of my ass like a punch with every inward thrust of his hips. When the guy at my mouth stopped and pulled out I was presented with what I think was the fist cock from my ass, just long enough for the thick head to pass my tonsils and go down into my throat and so wide my already sore jaw was stretched even wider to accommodate his girth. I could taste his precum and my now well-used ass on his cock while he pushed it in and out of my face and his hands held me firmly in place. The hand returned to my cock and began its slow deliberate storkes that I thought would drive me insane. He seemed to know exactly how close I was because as soon as I could feel myself building to orgasm he would stop and take a turn in my mouth or ass which ever was open at the time. They took turns in each of my holes for I don’t know how long, the guy who liked to fuck me hard and fast was much slower in my mouth thankfully and finished first dumping his load across my aching cock and stomach then feeding me his spent cock while another took his place in my ass. Next to come I don’t know but he was in my mouth and chose to pull out and dump his hot load which felt like gallons ont my waiting face so that türbanlı escort batman it dripped down my cheeks and sprayed into my open mouth, he to then stuffed his cock back down my throat and rocked away inside my mouth as his cock softened. One after another they deposited their load onto my body with the short thick cock last emptying his balls directly into my throat causing me to gag and cough out cum all over my face and his groin. He wiped his spent cock on my cheek them stood away from me. “damn good piece of ass man, we got your money’s worth for sure” with that they left. Alone with just the guy who’d used me the first time I felt him kneel between my legs and enter my now well-lubed and well fucked ass. His cock slide into the hilt and he started to slide in and out of me slow but with a deliberate pace. I had no idea how long I’d been tied to the footstool and really didn’t care as I felt the head of his cock rub my prostate while he fucked me. Like before he pulled out and moved to my mouth so that he could finish into my face, but unlike that last time this time he pulled out till just the tip was in my mouth and emptied a huge load into my mouth. “don’t swallow bitch hold it till I tell you” I could taste him hot and salty and musky in my mouth while I lay there with the head of his cock between my lips and his hand milking every drop into my mouth. When he was done he pulled out and reaching over untied my right hand. “let me see you finish slut” was all the encouragement I need to grab my own raging cock while he pressed the head of his soft cock into my mouth again. I screamed around him while I exploded splashing cum all the way to my chin. My chest was heaving as I milked my own cock, “swallow me now slut” which I did with relish and opened wide to show him, he used his hand to swipe up my cum and possible some others from my stomach and chest and fed me his fingers to lick clean. “That was a hell of a fuck slut, you’re a good piece of ass. Let me know if your gonna be in town again.” That’s the last thing he said, he showered while I was still tied to the footstool and after releasing my other hand he just left. I did get a message later that night saying he had a good time and that he would love to hook back up if I get back that way. Don’t know when Ill be back but Ill definitely let him know. It was so worth the scratchy voice and the feeling I was walking weird for the next two days!

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