The Hairdresser


The HairdresserHe walked into the New Horizons Hair Salon. It was a unisex salon but the majority of the clientele were female, mostly middle aged and upper class. He had stumbled upon this place when in desperate need of a haircut some two years ago. He was to be the best man at a wedding at the time and thought he ought to make more of an effort with his grooming.He had been shown to a seat by Paula, a tall brunette. She was late twenties and very attractive. Long hair held back in a ponytail, beautiful brown eyes, full breasts, long athletic legs and a very spankable big sexy ass. He had been smitten with her ever since and often used Paula as a fantasy when having a wank. He had returned to the salon every couple of months, only coming if he could see Paula. Today he had deliberately asked for an appointment late on to get him in the mood before he went out for a few drinks. Paula met him at the desk. She looked incredible. She had cut her hair into a bob which really suited her. She had a white blouse which was unbuttoned showing a nice bit of cleavage. She was wearing tight formal black trousers that hugged her ass. She was wearing light blue high heels, which meant that she had that incredible feminine walk swaying her hips as she moved. “Well hello stranger!” she said smiling at him, “haven’t seen you for a while”.“No I’ve been overseas”, he muttered, lying to make himself sound more interesting. Shit he told himself, what are you doing? don’t lie.She escorted him upstairs to the salon where most of the younger women and men were taken (under forties). He was the only one in there. She asked him if he wanted a drink. In New horizons you could order alcohol so he ordered a lager. She put the gown on him and he sat down, she then walked over to the fridge which was just adjacent to his chair. She bent from the waist down and he couldn’t help but stare lustfully at her ass. “What do you fancy?” She said,“errr, what you got?” he replied, knowing full well what he fancied.“We…ve got….” She said slowly as she waggled her ass a little, “Bud, Carlsberg, Singha or… no that’s it, just those three.”“Carlsberg,” he said, thinking of the add.: If Carlsberg did haircuts he’d get a blow job and a blow dry, he chuckled to himself.“What you chuckling about?” she said, smiling as she walked back. She opened his beer and placed it in front of him. He just shook his head and smiled back. He had been hitting the gym a lot again lately and had been taking more care in his appearance. Women had been noticing and therefore his self-confidence had increased. He was in his late thirties now and had finally felt like a new man after a long difficult break up six months ago.“Oh not telling me hey? Suit yourself. Right what we doing today?” She asked immediately plunging her fingers into his hair and massaging his head. It felt great and he couldn’t help but take in a big breath through his nose.Paula, although younger than him, seemed very confident in herself. She was very sexy but much of that sexiness came from this confidence. She knew men and she knew how to talk to them.“Just a trim” he said casually,” bit of length left in and just messed up a bit, you know; the usual”.“O.K Mr. we will have you looking great in no time, you out tonight? She asked, which is probably the generic line she gives to everyone he thought.“Might go for a couple.” He said, “if you do a good enough job.”“oo Pressure,” she said, “I like it!”She grabbed a water bottle and sprayed his hair to make it damp. She then started to cut away. He stared at her figure in the mirror. Her breasts looked full in her blouse and as she moved he could often get a glimpse of a pink bra. He wondered if her panties were the same colour. He wondered if they were thongs or briefs. They made small chit chat as you do in hair dressers. What he loved about the whole process was the intimacy. He could smell her perfume, he could feel her soft touch in his hair and occasionally he felt her breast brush against him.The phone rang and she went the wall directly behind him to answer it. He watched her as she talked. Her left hand was on her hip and she placed one foot on a bar along the ground. canlı bahis This made her bum cheek tense, looking so shapely. In that moment he wanted her more than he realized. “Is it that time?” she said, “well no worries I will lock up and then come and meet you guys at Smithies, O.K, Love you babes, see you in a bit, mine’s a vodka and cranberry juice, ha ha, BYE” She put the phone back and walked back over to him.“Is it closing time?” he asked.“Yeah, I’m the only one who has a late appointment so there all of to the pub (Smithies Tavern), they said they would weight but that’s just silly,” she said.“More drinking time for them,” he stated.“EXACTLY,” she shouted, raising her hands above her head.She went back to cutting his hair, humming a little to the tune on the radio.“What would your boss say about you being alone in the salon, you know… with a guy?” He quizzed.She looked at him a little suspiciously, or so he thought. “Well she said, I am officially over my sex addiction… So I think you’ll be ok.” He looked at her for a while, then they both started laughing. They chatted a little more, just the usual stuff then he paid, said the usual things: see you next time and all that and left. She shouted bye as she locked the door behind them and headed to the bar. He didn’t think he would see her again that night, but he was wrong.He met his buddies at the bar, they drank and played pool. They were all attached and so went home after the pub. He decided he would try the club; the alcohol on top of his sexy hairdresser experience had made him horny.He ordered his drink and sat at a small table next to some sofas. Everyone in the club seemed so young and he was beginning to regret his decision to go in. I’ll have a couple then I‘ll go home he thought.He was sipping his beer and watching a group of guys desperately trying to chat up a group of girls when he felt someone sit down next to him.He turned to see Paula sitting cross legged on the stool across from him, his eyes drifted first to her breasts, another button had been undone and he could see the join in between the cups of her bra. His eyes then drifted to her tight trousers that hugged her legs all the way to her ass cheek. He then met her gaze. She looked at him with an eye brow raised. She looked very sexy.“Wanna drink?” He asked matter of factly. She nodded. “Vodka and Cranberry? He offered.“No,” she said, “Get me a shot, something fun but strong”.He was surprised at her blunt directness, but he liked it. He walked to the bar and ordered four slippery nipples. He placed the drinks on the table and sat down opposite her. She raised one shot then tipped it slowly down her neck, she then raised the second and did exactly the same. She placed the last glass down and then just stared at him. He followed her lead and did the same with his two drinks. “You’re friends not…” he started.“Shut up,” she said but not aggressively, “How about you walk me across that road and into that salon, march me up those stairs and fuck my slutty little brains out?” she said as if she was ordering a sandwich.He hoped the surprise wasn’t showing on his face, “after you,” he said trying to sound confident. She stood, turned and walked towards the exit, he followed focusing on her ass as she walked. He felt his cock stiffen, he couldn’t help but grin like a school boy as he followed her. They left the club and walked across the street, him following behind all the time. She took out her keys, opened the door, punched a 4 digit code into the alarm system and then hung her keys on the wall. She walked over to him, took his hand and started to lead him up the stairs to the room she had cut his hair in earlier. His eyes were now inches from her bum, she walked slowly her ass tensing and relaxing with each step. His cock hardened and he felt it strain against his left trouser leg. She opened the door and turned on the light.“Stand there,” she told him pointing to where he currently was. She walked over to the barbers chair and wheeled it over to the centre of the room. “Come here,” she commanded. “Now take your fucking clothes off.”He removed his shoes whilst staring her in the face and kicked them bahis siteleri over to the side. He pulled his socks off and threw them over to the shoes. Paula walked over to the table and perched against it just watching him. He undid his shirt slowly, removed it and dropped it on the floor. All those months in the gym: the relentless squat thrusts, lunges, dead lifts, not to mention all the upper body work he had put in had left him confident. He had also had followed a strict core workout and now sported a six pack for the first time since his late teens. He thought she seemed to look impressed. He undid his belt, the slowly unbuttoned and then unzipped his fly. He let his trousers fall to the floor. He stood in his tight white briefs, his cock was now only semi erect but he knew his manhood still offered a bulge. “I said, EVERYTHING!” she said looking his body up and down.“You’re going to take these down,” he said flicking the elastic on his pants.She walked over to him and just stood in front of him, looking him straight in the eye she put her fingers in both sides of his briefs and pulled them down to his ankles. She stood, still looking him in the eye. He kicked his underwear away and he stared back at her. Slowly she took one step away, moved her head down and took a good long look at his cock. His cock was hard, it twitched up and down like a prize fighter, desperate for her touch. She just stared at it, then slowly looked back into his eyes.“You gonna teach me a lesson with that big cock?” she asked cheekily.“You’re goddam fucking right I am!” he replied.“Sit in the chair,” she told him.He sat on the cold leather his dick not quite as proud as it was after the sudden cold but still twitching slightly. She knelt down in front of him, put both hands on his knees then opened his legs. She took his cock in her right hand then started to lick his balls. She ran her tongue all over them and then put a whole ball in her mouth giving each one a long suck. It hurt a little as she did but his cock was back to full hardness. She then tongued his arse hole whilst wanking him off slowly. Jesus he thought, what a dirty bitch. She moved her mouth to his shaft and started to give it long hard licks from his balls to his swollen helmet. She did this a number of times staring him in the eye as she did it. Moving her tongue to his bell end, she started to circle it slowly. She then stopped and moved her head away slightly. It was at this point he took in the position she was kneeling in. Her elbows were on his knees and her arse was sticking out, proud and pert. He could make out the line of her thong in between her ass cheeks. His cock bounced and twitched untouched by her as he basked in the moment knowing he was going to fuck this woman. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed his cock all the way to his balls. She moved her head from side to side as she deep throated him before slowly moving her head all the way back and off his cock. She looked him in the eye again and then started to suck him in a frenzy. Her mouth slurped as she throated his big cock as quickly as she could. He watched her soft red lips sliding up and down his shaft. He then turned his gaze to her ass as it rocked forwards and backwards, her high heels sticking out horizontally along the floor. She sucked him for a long time, occasionally she would lick his shaft and then deepthroat his entire cock before settling back in to her expert cock sucking rhythm. He felt good and he knew he wasn’t going to come any time soon. She stood up, looked down at him and wiped the saliva away from her mouth. She undid her shirt and dropped it on the floor. Next she undid her fly and then slowly edged the tight trousers over her hips. She dropped the trousers to the floor and then stepped out of them. The bra came off quickly and two beautiful big natural breasts hung free. She then walked close to him, her crotch inches from his face. “take em off, big boy?” she said.He pulled her panties down slowly then raised his head to look at her shaven pussy lips. He took a long sniff of her women hood and the familiar smell of pussy excited him. She backed up to the table hopped up güvenilir bahis on to it then opened her legs wide. He walked over and knelt in front of her. He put a hand on each of the spread legs and pulled them further apart so he could inspect her pussy. He gazed at her tight little pink arse hole, slowly tracked along the small piece of skin that separated both holes then focused on her pussy. Two fleshy pink lips surrounded some smaller neat and flower like inner lips. As she had done earlier with his cock he gave a long slow and hard lick along her pussy lips from bottom to top. He did this several times before parting her lips slightly and using his tongue to seek out her clitoris. He found the familiar tic tac shape flesh and started to flick it with his tongue. She moaned as he circled the area and then lapped at her whole pussy before resuming the clitoral stimulation. She moaned and became very wet. He then went lower and started to tongue at her arse hole. He pushed his tongue as deep into her ass as he could reach. He resumed lapping at her cunt whilst he placed his index finger into her tight little pink arse hole. He then placed his thumb into her pussy and his middle finger in her arse in a lobster claw style and started to frig her off. He did this for a while before pulling her pussy lips apart with both his thumbs and sinking his tongue into her clitoris again. He stood took his swollen cock in his hand and started to spank her fleshy pink pussy with it. “You ready to get fucked?” he asked.She looked at him opened mouthed and just nodded her head. He put his bell end into her pussy entrance then sank his weight behind it. He watched as his long thick cock disappeared inside the late twenty year olds pussy. Her lips stretched wide around his girth. He watched her pussy as he slowly slid his cock in and out. His cock was so wet from her pussy juice. He would then lift his cock all the way out leaving a little gape before plunging back in all the way to his balls. He enjoyed watching this spectacle for some time, her flat tummy would bulge slightly as his cock found its way inside her. He was ready to fuck her hard now. He withdrew and threw all the products that were on the table onto the floor, this gave him more room to work. He dragged her into a more favourable positon, her back was flat on the table and her arse hung slightly over the end. He opened her legs wide with his hands and then firmly sank his cock in her. She let out a moan. He started with long slow strokes each one deep and probing. After time he built to a steady engine like pace his dick behaving like a piston. He gazed down at her pussy, watching it work hard to take every inch he was giving it. She would either look him in the eye or also look down at the meat sword that was finding its way easily inside her. He quickened again and now his balls were slamming against her as he fucked harder and harder. Sweat ran down his neck and back and he could feel it running down to his own arse hole. The thought of their sweat and juices mixing together as they fucked sent him crazy. He quickened still, his dick really pumping into her now. She grit her teeth, “Come on, come on, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, come on!” she cried.“Oh you sexy little bitch!” he replied as he watched and felt that perfect pink pussy devour his cock.“Oh, You fucking stallion, come on, come on, I want it! I want that fucking cum!” she hollered at him.Sweat was pouring from his head now and he thought he may collapse wih the sustained effort.“Come on!” she said, “Shoot that thick fucking cum right up my pussy, come on, empty those balls, I want that fucking cum!”He felt the first sensations of cumming and he let go, “oh I’m gonna cum,” he gasped.She leaned forward and stared at him has he felt the first pulses of cum leave his cock. He thrust with each stream and felt his balls tightening and then releasing as he emptied his load inside her. He came for a long time before collapsing back into the chair. Paula sat up against the mirror still spread eagle, she stared at him panting. His eyes fell to her pussy and he watched as his cum started to ooze out between the fleshy lips, it ran over her arse hole and then pooled on the table below. She looked at him red faced and exhausted. He would keep the image of her strewn over a table, well fucked with his cum dripping out of her pussy for ever.

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