Subject: The Hansons – Chapter 4 This is a work of fiction, and includes stories of sex between family members. If this is illegal in your area, please do not read. This is my first story to fty after reading it for many years. A big thank you to Bill Drake, a4f101, Marc Tremaine and FD Campbell (Peterbilt) for their ball-busting contributions and inspiration. Feedback welcome to a.pearce.stories@, and let me know if you want this story to keep going. Please consider donating to fty to help keep this free service going. Copyright held by Andrew Pearce ail) __________________________ The Hansons – Chapter Four: __________________________ Steve parked the car out on the street in front of the house, knowing he’d be driving Andy back. They walked through the house, which was clearly empty. Steve suggested that the boys might be working out in the gym, but as they walked out towards the back door, Andy caught sight of the two boys out by the pool. “Ah, bro? Think we might be interrupting something….” Andy said. “Man, these two just don’t stop” Steve murmured, his eyes transfixed. Andy sucked in some air, and said “man, that is fucking hot!” He was transfixed, watching his nephew as he pushed back onto Skip’s cock as he took his buddy doggy-style. They were both perspiring heavily under the sun, but defitely not slowed down by its heat. Skip was throwing a fast-paced fuck, his ass cheeks clenching each time his balls hit bottom. His muscled arms were holding tightly onto Brad’s sweat-slicked hips, while Brad, eyes closed, looked to be totally blissed out. The guys might be new to dick, but they looked like naturals, thought Andy. Just like his uncle, he thought proudly. Stunned for a minute at the sight, Steve snapped to and admoshed his brother. “Is that all you have to fucking say?! Really? Jesus, Andy.” “What? They’re friends, they’re having a good time – and don’t tell me you can’t see that they’re both studs. What do you want me to say?” Steve was a little flushed with anger at his brother’s insensitivity to seeing his own 18 year old nephew being spiked by the family pool. But, he was also a little confused – again. Fuck, the kids were hot, sweating and grinding and moang. It didn’t help that his stacked brother, himself fresh from a hot fuck that Steve had heard from the living room, was standing right next to him. It was just this morng that he’d seen his brother with what looked like Simon’s cum on his face, a sight that at the time he’d needed to really focus to avoid, to pretend he wasn’t seeing it. Andy forced himself to look away and turned to reassure his brother. “Steve – he’s good. He’s a good kid. You know that. And so is Skip. It’s hot out – and you know what the heat does to Hanson men. Does Brad look upset to you? No, he looks like he’s in fucking kocaeli escort heaven. Now, let `em fish, and we can talk with them after they’ve fished.” While talking, Andy had become aware that his cock had become hard at the sight of his nephew and Skip screwing their brains out. Now that they were clearly nearing two ball-busting orgasms, he could feel his tip leaking at the thought of what his nephew was going to look like as he came. Furtively, he looked down at Steve’s crotch. And surprisingly (maybe?) he noticed that Steve’s own shorts, already tight to begin with, now had a noticeable bulge. Andy was curious, but decided to play it safe. “Skip’s a hot kid, no doubt.” “Sure is. Look at that fucker go. Can you believe they’re new to this?” Steve replied. “Sure, but when you’re a natural, that’s how it is. Look, I reckon they’re about to cum.” The brothers continued to look at the boys by the pool as Skip’s thrusting unbelievably increased in speed. The kid was really pumping away now, every muscle straing as he long-dicked his new fuck buddy from tip to balls, each time shoving it in as far as it would go. Suddenly, Brad tensed up and the brothers both watched as his body trembled and then his dick convulsed. Then, without being touched, it started shooting out white jets of teen ball juice. His cock was hard and pointing upwards, so it hit him under the chin, on his chest and his upper arms, eventually settling onto the brickwork. The stuff was flying everywhere, making the kid moan and shake uncontrollably, all while his body rocked at the hard pounding that Skip was giving him. “Oh, fuck, fuck! Ugh, Jesus, fuck, keep fucking my ass, dude” said Brad, his head thrown back, his cock still shooting. Skip didn’t need to be told. And soon, his own orgasm hit, his balls blowing Grade A jock juice straight up Brad’s hole. He couldn’t believe how hard his cock felt as it shot and shot and shot. He just couldn’t stop as his hips kept thrusting, although with shallower and less co-ordinated strokes now. The sweat was pouring off the guy, down his face, chest and back, dripping onto Brad’s already slick back as his hips mashed against Brad’s ass cheeks. Eventually, his orgasm subsided. And then he opened his eyes and looked down at his cock and his friend’s ass, noticing that a huge amount of cum had started to dribble out, the sticky strings hanging from his balls. After a moment, still breathless, he asked “Want some of this?” Brad slowly came to his senses and, responding to his friend’s request, turned around on his hands and knees and took his friend’s still hard, cum-slicked cock into his mouth. The taste of it drove him wild. While he rubbed his own cock with one hand he milked Skip’s cock for the last few drops with the other. Then, he moved down and lapped up darıca escort all the cum from his Skip’s balls and thighs. By now, Steve and Andy were both sporting hardons that would have been noticeable from the International Space Station, let alone by the boys if they walked out. At Andy’s suggestion, they walked back to the lounge at the front of the house and waited for the boys to come back in. Both men tried hard to make their hard dicks go down. Minutes later they heard the splash of the boys diving into the pool, needing to come down, cool off and clean up after their afternoon fuck session. It was only a few minutes after that when Steve and Andy heard them walking through the back door and into the kitchen. The brothers were re-composed, and headed out to join them. “Hey boys, how’s it going?” Steve asked. The boys were a little caught unawares, and looked unsettled, both now wondering if anything had been seen. They were both in their swimming shorts, but both still had slight semis that could be seen through even their baggy shorts. “Ah, hey dad, Uncle Andy” Brad said nervously. “When did you guys get back?” Skip was looking freshly fucked but also nervous. He noticed Andy wearing a muscle T that was cut low on the sides, showing hard-cut pecs and deeply muscular arms. Skip had seen this stud in the pool before, and had always lusted after him. Meanwhile, Brad’s dad was in a regular tank, but one that showed off his equally hot body. Despite having just cum, both of the seor Hanson men could easily make Skip pop a stiff one, so he quickly sat down lest he spring another boner. “Ah, about half an hour ago. We almost made it out to the pool to meet you, but then we saw that you were both a little busy” Steve said. The boys both looked nervous, neither quite sure about what to say or do. “Look, dad…..” Brad started. “No, don’t say anything. Look, it’s ok, there’s nothing to worry about. I get it. And, I want you both to know that I’m totally fine with it.” “Yeah, that’s true. He said he wanted to talk to me about the two of you, because he cares, and wanted to make sure that talking with you both went well. He’s a good dad, Brad.” Brad felt a sudden rush of happiness and love for his father and uncle. Things were just turng out so, so well. Better than expected. “Thanks, dad, this is amazing. You’ve always been a great dad, I’m just so grateful. And you, too Uncle Andy.” “Brad, I love you” said Steve, genuinely proud that his boy was dealing with this so well. Steve and Brad both stood up, temporarily forgetting that they both still had slight hardons. They hugged each other closely, genuinely feeling the tender moment, but also the stirring cocks. Both a little embarrassed, they sat down. Steve relieved, but Brad with slight confusion. gölcük escort They all talked, seemingly at once, eager to assure Skip that he was welcome in this new capacity, working through if Brad and Skip were more than just friends or fuckbuddies, and what the new house rules might need to be. “Well, you’re both 18 and you’ve just fished high school. You’ve got the summer ahead of you before college, and the run of the house. Look, so long as you’re respectful and careful, I think you should spend this time seeing where this things goes. But, maybe check the crazy outdoor sex in the middle of the day. We’ve still got neighbours.” “Thanks, dad. Really – this is great. I, uh, we don’t know where this is going” said Brad as he looked nervously at Skip “but it’s ce to know you’re cool with it. And, that, you know, we can see where things go.” “Ah, yeah. Same here, Mr Hanson. This is all pretty new. I, uh, really like Brad. Kinda have for a long time, so can’t pretend I’m not over the moon about this, but yeah, it’s still all new. Thanks for being so cool about it.” “Skip, I’d say you can probably start calling me Steve. I mean, I figure after what I’ve seen of you, the least I can let you do is let you drop the formalities.” Skip blushed deeply, but also acknowledged the shift in their relationship with an appreciative nod. “Dad, there’s just one thing I’m not sure about” Brad asked. “What’s that, son?” “Well, you went over to Uncle Andy’s this morng to talk about us. But, if that’s the case, how did you know something was going on between me and Skip when you only saw us just now?” “Ah, about that. Well, I saw you both yesterday, out back in the gym. Didn’t want to say anything – was a little confused. Which is why I went to Andy’s.” Brad absorbed this, a little mortified. So, his dad had seen them twice. He wondered what his dad had thought, seeing the two friends really going at it. He thought back on the things that he could have seen, which must have been pretty intense to watch. He wondered if there was some part of this that maybe aroused him, because he couldn’t help but think about the fact that both his dad and Uncle Andy looked like they were bulging slightly in their shorts. He knew that his dad and Andy were both mega hung, but this defitely looked like arousal. He also knew that his dad wasn’t completely straight, but he’d also not seen any evidence of his gay side. And, he couldn’t figure out exactly what was different, but his dad was looking at him and Skip in a slightly different way. And, so was Uncle Andy, for that matter. In fact, he’d swear that his Uncle Andy was checking out Skip in the same way he himself had been doing for a long time now – lustily, but carefully. But, with all the sharing and excitement going on, that’s as far or as ordered as his thoughts got. “Hey, how about we all swim?” Brad asked. And with that, they all went out by the pool, all looking discreetly, but defitely looking, at the now dried cum stains on the poolside brickwork as they neared the water.

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