The Hike


Imagine – you – alone in the woods on a grand hiking trail. Up early (awake early) and on the path at least a mile in already – when you reach the first break in the trees towards the south. You stop on a boulder to watch. Not any activity, really – just watch for the sake of watching.

A rustling in the brush gets your attention for a brief moment but the rising sun blares into your eyes and you ignore the potential for seeing the source of the noise.

Eventually, rustling starts again. To your amazement and sheer pleasure, I come out from behind a nearby boulder and stand before you smiling. Wearing little more than a few straps of clothing, you turn to give me full attention, while I see through your wafting shorts that ALL of you is at full attention.

Encouraging motions on your part lured me closer so you could see what was behind my fig leaves. Unsure of which area to expose first, you chose to close your eyes and reach my way until you felt flesh. I bent my knees to be sure you’d grab a girl first. You held it as if you were palming a basketball and pulled on me as though a fruit from a tree. With no option, I walked toward you as you pulled with the pressure of your strong fingertips on the base of my Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir tit. We arranged ourselves with me between your knees, facing you.

The leaves were removed eventually, after you had enough playtime with them. Sucking them while you reached around for my ass pulled me close enough that I figured my next surprise was going to be revealed too soon. Once your slurping and licking ended – mmmm your hot wet mouth on my nipples~ mmm – you sat up straighter and pushed me back a bit by my bare shoulders. Ready now, for the reveal. I hesitantly released your cock from my grip. I even slipped my pinky off your balls and out from within your pant leg. You were so hard, there was not much shift of your shaft when I let go. Straight up, balls snug, I placed your hand on the outside of your shorts to hold my place and keep him warm. Besides that, i thoroughly enjoyed seeing you hold yourself! It was a tremendous turn on.

Slowly and methodically I peeled my lower leaf off to show you my newness. Keeping my eyes on yours, I could still see you squirm on the rock and tighten your grip with one adjusting stroke that followed. The leaf was torn away completely. Just me and my İstanbul Escort strap on stood before you. Immediately and without a spoken word you stood, kissed me hard and turned around. As you bent forward, I grabbed hold of your hips.

Getting you into position at just the right distance from me, I pulled up on your shoulders to stand you upright again – seems you were ready to take it with your clothes still on. there was little option for me to drive my manhood deep into you with a layer of shorts between our skin.

Your shorts came off simply enough.

Knowing I was the only one naturally wet enough to make this happen, I redistributed my nectar upon your ass and even slathered my own with it a bit to be sure gliding into you would not incur any hesitation or too much friction. I grabbed your shoulders and returned you to your intended position in front of me.

Teasing your nice little asshole with the tip of my cock excited us both that I needed to modify the intensity with which I actually wanted to go at you. If I were to push into you too quickly, it would be over too soon and you needed to have this day of a hike pay off more than that. Holding by the shaft, I tapped Escort İstanbul my cock on your ass, glided it up and down that sexy crack of yours and eased it between your legs playfully as you reached through and touched it while cupping your balls – much like I used to do when you gave it to me from behind.

You were given permission to dip your fingers into my wet dripping pussy – but only one time. You gathered enough nectar to wet your balls and still have enough to eat from your fingers. When you were told to brace yourself, I could still see the glistening wetness on your three fingers.

I took the additional wet handful created when I saw that and slathered my strap on with it. Your ass was going to be filled. Easing, inch by inch until I could see my trimmed pussy press against your cheeks…your moans and begging asked me to fill you. They asked me to make you beg for more…A firm spanking landed on your right cheek. Your head tipped back towards me. “Yes, mistress” you screamed in muffled glory as I pulled your hair.

My cock glided out of you almost completely until I could barely see the rim of my head and I went right back in, not pausing at all along the way this time…

The next gasps of pleasure were full of more begging and pleading for more and to not stop – until…being the good little boy I know you can be…that you were about to cum. Gentle stroking of your soft golden hair that became a hard pull, paired with a slap on the ass and driving and pumping into you completed your orgasm with a bang.

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